YOU are the product

If your industry has been negatively impacted by this crisis or 2008 financial crisis it may be wise to look around and pay attention to the industries that are/were thriving in the midst of these and consider making a switch.

Sure there are no guarantees that there won’t be an unexpected crisis in the future that will affect a different set of industries but overall these last 2 situations are good indicators.

Changing industries can be a daunting task. It’s overwhelming and let’s be honest – scary.

How does my skill set transition? Is my background valuable? Where do I even begin?

Here is a first step:

Start thinking of yourself as a product. The goals is to “sell” this product to the new industry.


All your skills; experiences; abilities are products – start by listing them. All of them.

Don’t judge if they are valuable or not – this is an exercise in brainstorming. Everything works!

Once you have the list you will need to “package it” in a way that will be aligned with your new industry of choice and specific to the particular job posting you are applying for.

I will speak more on how to “package them” in another post. 



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