“The Right Kind of Loud” is a book by Kim A. Page, who is a communication trainer, speaker & vocal coach. Kim is a trained singer, actress and utilizes her decades of knowledge in these fields to help regular joes like us find our communication voice. I had the pleasure of sharing the screen with Kim on an episode of Revenue HACKS and I was instantly drawn to her energy and knowledge. “The Right Kind of Loud” is a great summary of her extensive experience in the communication field, and is an easy read! I was particularly impressed with the level of detail that Kim shares with the readers.


For example, we all know body language is a huge part of our impressions of people, but Kim takes it a step further. Discussing the speed at which we speak will impact how our messages are received by others. Why? Well, people who are in the position of control have no reason to speak quickly. Their messages are important and they have no need to rush. Slowing down your speech in situations where a leadership presence is required will infinitely improve how your message is received.

“The Right Kind of Loud” is full of tips like this! It is a great book to keep handy as a notebook and refer to when preparing for that big presentation!

Grab your copy of “The Right Kind of Loud” and be sure to watch my interview with Kim on “The Growth Spot!”




Photo by steffen wienberg on Unsplash