Calvin 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steve and Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t mix our alcohol on a night out, you know?We’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about. and knowing us we’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry, if you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. If you don’t know what CDs are… You’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving. Or just sitting around wondering why your back hurts. But let’s get this show on the road. Hello and welcome to midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin. Here, as always, with my boys Steve and Mikko, bringing that flavor to your ear on a weekly basis. On today’s episode, we’ll be discussing women in the workplace, the issues they have to deal with from the lesser evolved male species and how distinguished men like ourselves can be better allies to them, we’ll always of course, bring you our Chris Rock quote of the week and get off my lawn. But for starters, how was your week fellas?

Steve 1:27
Fantastic week, painted my garage. Saw movie. Killer week.

Calvin 1:33
Nice Nice. What you watch?

Steve 1:35
tenant tenant that new Christopher Nolan movie with Denzel his kid? Yeah. Robert Pattinson can’t recommend it enough.

Calvin 1:43
Nice. How do you think he’s gonna be as the new Batman isn’t he the new Batman? Robert Pattinson?

Steve 1:48
He is.

Calvin 1:49
What do you think about that?

Steve 1:50
I think it’s gonna be fine. Yeah, look, the low point was reached when Val Kilmer popped out. And I think George Clooney did too. In nipples. taken seriously, I can’t get much lower. Yeah, his like nut sack was down by his knees. It’s just silly. So, I mean, fucking Bozo the Clown could come in there as Batman and knock it out of the park. But I think Robert Pattinson is gonna be a killer Batman. the trailer looks badass.

Calvin 2:25
Yeah, actually, I haven’t seen it. I did back in the day. I did watch one of the Twilight movies. Did you guys watch those? No, no. I had to. I needed to see. I had to see what the fuss was about. I was like, What the fuck like, Oh, you could hear about Twilight Twilight. So I finally watched it. And I was like, this is probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen. The acting is terrible. absolutely terrible. And if you know was bad when a straight man like me can notice makeup. In a movie. Yeah. Yeah. Like you could tell from the neck to the face was two different shades on basically every character. I was like, yo, y’all didn’t even bother. Shit is a horrible. Oh, man. It’s I mean, I guess he got to give it to him that his name is still out there because we don’t really hear about most of the others. I guess every now and then you hear about Kristen Stewart.

Steve 3:21
She has one speed pissed off. Even when she’s happy. She’s pissed off. Yeah, I’ve seen her in a bunch of movies. All she is is like, different degrees of pissed off.

Right Robert Pattinson? he’s killed it. He’s absolutely gotten out of that whole vampire shit.

Calvin 3:36
I dohave to be fair, Kristen Stewart on SNL was actually pretty good.

Steve 3:39
I missed that. Yeah, she actually was pretty good.

Calvin 3:42
I gotta give it to her cuz, obviously I wasn’t a fan after seeing the movie. But when you watch that episode, it was like she fit in with the cast and everything. You could have seen her just as being part of the show every week. So I was like, Okay, I gotta give it to you might have find your lane here.

Steve 3:56
That’s a big endorsement. Okay.

Calvin 3:58
Yeah, she was decent.

Mikko 3:59
Kristen Stewart is like the human form being of Grumpy Cat. Like, yes, that’s what she reminds. Yes, that face.

Yes. Grumpy Cat, right?

Calvin 4:10
That is apt. Hell yeah. That’s the next meme for the Instagram account. So you guys listening to this? Stay tuned. Right after caulking Steve.

Mikko 4:25
by laying pipe Steve.

Calvin 4:30
Oh, man, how about you Mikko how’s the week bro?

Mikko 4:34
Our week was chill. Like we just did a lot of going out and trying out some of the restaurants that had reopened throughout COVID a lot of these small restaurants that we used to go to our favorite mom and pop restaurants really shut down and when they opened back up outdoor seating and all that good stuff. So we went in and just really like showed some small business support. You know, they really needed it. So you know you go from 30 or 40 table To like 12 I mean, it’s a big hit to your business pockets. So we just went in and tried to support as much as we can.

Calvin 5:06
Nice, nice, nice.

Steve 5:07
So Mikko, like you I frequent a lot of restaurants in my neighborhood. But if you dine in and you get shitty service, for whatever reason, are you as inclined to tip, maybe, as you did, pre COVID as you do post COVID.

Mikko 5:26
So when I eat out, and I get shit, you’re asking me if I provide a tip?

Steve 5:33
It’s not if you provide it tip, but like, if you get shitty service while you’re eating out, do you leave the same tip you did before?

Mikko 5:39
I do Only because of COVID I tend to leave the typical 15% actually post COVID I’ve been leaving 20 to 25 to a lot of the places that I frequent we frequently eat at. If the service is shitty, I’ll still do 10 to 15 I really tried to just still leave a tip because I know how hard the times are. But yeah, I probably wouldn’t come back. Okay. Hmm. The

Steve 6:06
reason I ask is, I was out to dinner recently, it was only my first client dinner since locked down started. You know, we’re in this normal restaurant, and the waitress was a complete dick. Sorry, the waiter was was a complete dick. And the conversation sparked amongst us like, what do we leave this guy as a tip because he’s just like an absolute dick. Poor service forgot orders multiple times. And

Mikko 6:33
the worst thing is not coming back.

Calvin 6:36
Yeah, yeah, that’s probably the best you can do. But actually, sometimes just leaving a small tip is more insulting than anything else. So I remember, back in the day, when I was working at Fridays, and one of our servers, he lost his mind one time he chased the customers outside. Because they left them like a quarter. And the fucking threw the quarter at them outside, like right in front of the store. I was like, yo, he’s wiling. It would have been better to leave nothing, you know? Yeah. Yeah. He must have been pretty bad though. I don’t know why you would do that to somebody unless they earned it, you know?

Mikko 7:14
Yeah. Yeah. That’s funny.

Calvin 7:17
But yeah, so let’s jump into the topic. This we’ll talking about things that women deal with in the workplace. And this stemmed from an article I saw on Twitter, written by Alex Flanagan, who’s a sideline reporter for Fox Sports. And she retaliated against Jason Whitlock, who is, I guess, like an anchor or sports anchor on one of these Fox shows. And he has a long track record of just talking a lot of bullshit about many different topics. But recently, he’s targeted women in his same industry. So a lot of these ESPN personalities and sports women personalities. Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor, in particular, who are on ESPN, Alex Flanagan is on Fox. And basically, to summarize, he said that they only have their jobs because they’re beautiful, and completely ignoring the fact that they’ve worked their ass off to be where they are, and have I mean, I’ve worked hard. We’re not talking about local news here, right? This ESPN and Fox, they have their pick of probably millions of people who want to be in those positions. So for these women to have achieved that, they got to be pretty good at their jobs. So wanted to bring that to the table, because we’ve all worked in corporate America and in different places in different capacities. So I know I’ve seen some things in my career. And I’m sure you guys have some interesting stories as well. So kind of wanted to bring this to the table, because part of the vision for this podcast was to talk about things that men typically won’t talk about, right? You don’t hear a lot of men coming out in defense of women like this and talking about how to do the right thing. So I wanted to put that on the table and see where it goes.

Steve 8:53
So I’m in software sales. And I was fortunate enough in my early in my career to be in management, and just get to experience that and I managed a team of all women, and it’s because my VP hired only female account executives. And it was a mixed bag of why he did it this way. He hired these women because they were former teachers, and we were selling into the education field. So his rationale was teachers would make an easier inroads, which wasn’t true. I did the job I did well, I got moved up, blah, blah, blah. So you’re in these situations and you know, you’re working with IT professionals, which is by and large, a male dominated field. And I get into situations often with my rep, where they’d come to me with a how to handle a situation how to handle a guy who they thought was flirting with them. It never ever sat right with me, because it was my first time managing anybody. I always consulted a ton of people, my mom included about how to handle certain situations and one of them most egregious was, I was with an account executive named Kelly, Kelly was five foot, maybe 90 pounds, very small person. And we’re going into like a final negotiation with this district IT leader. And we’re right across the table from the guy and he continues to talk to me instead of Kelly, to the point where I had to interrupt the conversation, let them know that you’re dealing with her, not me, you know, she knows where she’s supposed to be. From a pricing standpoint, I’m here to really just shake your hand at the end of this whole thing. And even after that, even after me clearly explaining to this guy that he’s negotiating with this account executive, he’s still just talking to me, you see this kind of stuff. And like we would go to conferences, and Kelly would be not just Kelly, but like a number of the account, executives will be giving demonstrations and there’s like, again, it’s a lot of guys. And they would just stare at them. Or they’re staring at their butts or something. And so I’d be walking around and you’d like grab the guy by the elbow and like walk them around the booth and then just walk them the hell out of the booth. Because, you know, he’s just looking at people leering, jeez. And you see how that hardens people, which is always really unfortunate. You know, you, I’m sure you both have come across this. You meet someone and they’re just a little more on edge a little more. Ready. You know, there’s a lot of things that you can attribute that to I’m sure that part of that is a contributing factor to that is them having had to deal with some jerk off at some point

Calvin 11:31
no, it’s true. It definitely makes women more guarded. And it’s funny because I met my wife at work. And I actually met her on her first day. I didn’t realize that at the time, but I met her on her first day at work. And we as we were chatting, I found that out. And obviously I was like, Oh, she’s cute. You know what I had? I enjoy talking to her and everything. But because it was her first day, I said to myself, you know what, I’m not going to talk to her again for a while because I didn’t want to be perceived as like a shark in the water. Right? Oh, here’s the new girl. And let me let me go after her. So I took some time. And even then, when we finally did strike up a friendship and I wanted to take it further, I needed to ask her out like three separate times before she finally said yes. And it goes because you know, again, if you’ve got your guard, yeah, you know, playing hard to get like if it ain’t me, you know, saying, Oh, you know, how many lining up? Come on. Better take a number.

Mikko 12:29
Better recognize

Steve 12:33
This is all being said until she hears the podcast.

Calvin 12:37
You know, what, when would they go about me? I talked directly to her. I mean, she’ll be rolling her eyes all the time. She don’t She don’t buy none of it. But I do say it. So

Steve 12:50
I’ve seen the eye roll.

Calvin 12:51
Right, right, you know, so I do I do talk this crap at home. But no, it is true. You know, and I guess rightfully so. I mean, I’ve seen women in the workplace that wear rings, and they’re not engaged or anything, but they wear them just so guys won’t approach them. And it’s crazy that you’d have to do that. Just to exist in the workplace. That sucks.

Steve 13:16
It sucks. It sucks. Because I you know, I think my daughter and it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, you know, something bad in the workplace, but just one

Mikko 13:25
will, it will in this just, that’s just how though. And which is kind of crazy. And when even going to say two stupid sentence, but that’s just kind of like how it is in the work environment, isn’t it? You know, a girl attractive, semi attractive, sexy, semi sexy. I mean, she’s just gonna be like that. I don’t want to say sex pot. But she’s just kind of like the eye candy at the office and guys just gonna be like staring at her wanting to talk to her wanting to brush up on her somehow. And it just happens in a workplace. And it’s not right. But I mean, it happens all the time. It’s not a case of like Steve said, it’s not. If it’s just when,

Calvin 14:00
right? People are going to recognize other people, right? I mean, if you see a female that you find attractive, you will notice her, you know, let’s just be real. But that’s not all she should be noticed for. The reason she’s in a position or she has a job is because she’s qualified for that job. Or if she’s unqualified just like anybody else. It’s not because she’s female is because some people just sometimes get jobs they shouldn’t have. And we’ve all worked with a lot of people like that, you know. And I remember there was this guy I worked with, and I think he had kind of a Napoleon complex, where he was a short guy. I mean, he was five four tops, you know, and taking direction from females was a real problem for him. We had a director of finance, who was female, and every time she’d email him or you know, for a deadline or something he needs to do, it was always an attitude. And my VP was female at the time, and she had the same issues with him at different properties, but when we work together, we had No problems. I mean, this kid was super cool with me. And that came up in conversation with my VP some months down the road. And she was like, really like that kid, I was like, I have no problems with him. And she started telling me the stories. And then I kind of put everything together from what I saw on the property. And with her, I was like, it’s just women. He doesn’t want to take it from you guys. That makes him feel even smaller than he is, for some reason, which, to me is just dumb. I mean, you’ve got to be really insecure, to not be able to take direction from the person just simply because she’s female. She’s your superior. So yeah, I mean, you have a mother, don’t you? You didn’t listen to your mom growing up?

Unknown Speaker 15:34
I wish I was a little bit taller

Mikko 15:40
Calm down Skee-lo.

I wish I had a girl I wouldcall her unless she was my boss.

I got a question for you guys, though. Yeah, we’re talking about misogny, right? Is it misogny if it’s another woman that does it to another woman? Or is it that just hate haterade?

Calvin 16:06
Well, well, you know, let’s, let’s go to Google. We got Google right here. Let’s see. Yeah, misogny meaning, dislike of or contempt for an ingrained prejudice against women. So I guess it could be it doesn’t specify where that hate or prejudice is coming from. So I guess if you’re a woman that hates on other women, you can still be misogynistic by the dictionary definition.

Steve 16:30
So I’m going to throw something out there. I know that all three of us have experienced this. There’s always a woman in a group who’s hated by the other women instantly no matter what the hell it is. Hmm. Is that what would that be considered?

Mikko 16:44

Calvin 16:45
Yeah, that just sounds like hatin, I think you have that competition between the sexes. You know, I think women do compete with other women and men compete with men in in the workplace. And in a lot of situations, I’ve run into that a bunch of times with my superiors who were male GMs, and didn’t like the fact that I would maybe get more attention from just the general population of the building. I’m a very personable person, I’m very social, I get along with everybody. And some of these guys were real sticks in the mud, you know, and I guess they didn’t like that, because it took attention away from them, because they’re the big, bad GM, and they’re supposed to be center of the world. And they weren’t, and they got really uncomfortable around me. But, you know, the way I would tell him to step your game up that aint my problem. You know, I, I’m not gonna not be who I am. Because it makes you feel some kind of way. The fuck out of here. You know, but I know women who deal with that, too, you know, a lot of people and I guess with the example I just gave with a GM, that’s insecurity, right? So that’s him being insecure about something he wish he was better at. You see it in another person. And now you hate that person. And all people deal with some level of insecurity. And maybe some of these women feel like this woman shines an attention on something they’re deficient at. So now they hate them. You know?

Mikko 17:59
Yeah, it’s, you know, an example of that is when one of my managers, she was like looking for three or four people to hire in our department, and she would just not hire women that were attractive, whatsoever. And, again, most qualified, the best grades, the best experiences, and she just called them a distraction. And she didn’t even consider the qualifications, and they were just a distraction in the workplace. And she would not hire them, because they were too attractive or too sexy. And, you know, it went beyond haterade. I mean, that’s just straight. misogynistic right there. Because, yeah, to not give an attractive woman an opportunity in a workplace to even come in and set her foot in and step in the door, just because she’s attractive. That’s misogyny. I think at its core right there.

Calvin 18:55
Mm hmm. Yeah. I mean, that’s, that’s just messed up. You know, I think, again, this person probably just didn’t she wanted to be the only female or the best looking female so she can keep command of whatever attention power she had.

Mikko 19:09
She wasn’t.

Calvin 19:14
Yeah, it’s crazy. I mean, so some of the things you see. And one of the things that I’ve seen in my career, I deal with a lot of entry level positions, you know, for coordinators and revenue analysts. They’re typically people that are right out of school, or just maybe a couple of years out and a lot of people my employees over the past have been female. And one hotel I was working at, we were undergoing a renovation at the time. So you had these construction guys in and out of the building for months, and actually, no, some of them were staying in the building for three or four months while this renovation took place. And this young lady that was reporting to me one time she was in her early 20s, you know, young, good looking girl and you know how construction guys Right, I mean, you know, to generalize it. So it’s still the cat calling and this kind of stuff. And it’s like you’re doing that in a hotel and a place of business, you’re not on the street, you know, having lunch, not that it’s acceptable there. But it’s like, you would think you might have some level, but nope, these guys don’t have any level whatsoever. They’re in the building and catcalling, whatever. And one day, he took it a step further, and approached her and started asking questions, and, you know, trying to flirt, I guess, or whatever. And it got to a point where he invited her to his room. And she said, No, yeah, yeah. Because he was staying there. And he’s like, Oh, you want to come have a drink in my room? And it’s like, dude, you’re working here, right? Now you get that? Right. I mean, forget about every other red flag, about the situation. This is now your place of employment, you’re propositioning another employee, in your place of business to do something in your place of business. I mean, yeah, dude’s really aint bright. But she told me this story. And as she was telling me, she was even apprehensive about telling the story. And and she’s like, No, well, don’t say anything. I don’t want to get anybody in trouble or whatever. And I think that right, there is a problem, where, you know, a lot of these women feel like they’re gonna get some sort of retaliation by speaking out like this. And that’s where people like us need to speak up and do it. And I told her, listen, I’m sorry, if it makes you uncomfortable, but I need to take this to human resources. And I explained to her, I said, God forbid, the next time, he doesn’t take no for an answer. What if he puts his hands on you? What if he grabbed you or, or something like that, then me having this knowledge and us not taking advantage of the situation to make it known. Maybe we can get him to stop now before he does something else? Because God forbid, he takes that next step. And I think she was relieved that I actually said it. And I mean, it’s like, if it didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t have told me the story. Right? Yeah. And, you know, I think that’s where us as the more evolved the male species who have all of our functioning DNA and brain cells, dignified men like us on this podcast, we need to do those kind of things.

Steve 22:09
You do though, you got to set an example. You know, you got to be able to set an example and be comfortable doing that. I can tell you, since my daughters come along, I’m much more I’m acutely aware of, of anything like that, or I really trick. And man, there were a couple times where, you know, at my last company that I was at, I was at a big software company in Chicago. Hmm. You name it, and it went on. I mean, from every angle. And you just try to, if you let everybody know, you know, I always let people know my position. Like, look, not cool. Not into it. You and I don’t think about things the same way. And that’s just the end of it. But there’s some hard headed motherfuckers Yeah.

Calvin 22:56
And that’s the worst is like when you try to drag you into it, you know, the turn like a to egg it on and like Yeah, right, right. And I’m like,

Steve 23:02
No, man, I’m gonna shut the shit down. I’m gonna be a Debbie Downer real quick on you.

Mikko 23:07
Yeah, just walk away. Just walk away, you know, and shame on me. Because at the time when I was talking about like, that boss of mine that did that. Shame on me for not speaking up and saying anything, but I wasn’t in a position of power to do anything. Because again, it was either, you know, you rat out your boss. And and now that’s your ass, you know? Mm hmm. You know, it’s my career. It’s my job. And at that time, I was just a fledgling human. I don’t even think I put in two or three years into the company at that time. You know, right now. Now, I don’t tolerate that shit. from any of my employees. I don’t tolerate anything like that cat calling like Calvin said, I mean, what are you a construction worker? You know, you work at a frickin hospital building. You’re a professional. You’re gonna go cat call people. Well, like that’s just you know, so now

Calvin 23:57
Yeah. And tolerated. Yeah. Yeah. And I always wonder again, like, I think we need to do a poll on the Instagram page. Just like how many times does that work, bro? Like, how many women respond to yo yo, ma? Hey, ma drops like does that work? I’m gonna guess no,

Mikko 24:14
It worked for Cam’ron, worked for dipset

Calvin 24:17
Hey ma, what’s up? Well, listen, I mean, if you Cam’ron and you know, you got some celebrity, you got some money, whatever. You know, you might be able to attract a certain kind of woman with that, you know, but they know who you are. You know what I mean? You’re not

Steve 24:37
It’s also gonna be 1999 man. I mean, that’s

Calvin 24:40
exactly why it might not work for Cameron today.

Mikko 24:53
Shout to Juelz Santana, Jim Jones

Calvin 25:04
Mikko, you definitely brought up a good point about being in a position to do something like that. And you know, my example that I gave earlier, I was the director of the Department and I was on the executive committee of the hotel, so people would listen to what I had to say. And I think if I wasn’t in that position, I wouldn’t have been able to say anything, I would have been afraid to say something, you know, especially in a situation like yours, where that person is your boss. And I did have a similar situation, but my boss was female. And I think this is where I started to truly understand the whole dynamics between me too, and some of these women not speaking up for a long time. So I started at this company, and I was hired by a female VP, and went through the interview process with her from start to finish. She basically was like the final word on everything. And so she was everybody’s boss in this role I was at. So maybe a month or so into the job. We had a snowstorm here, and I decided as working in revenue, I can do this from anywhere, right? We’ve always had that flexibility of being able to work remotely in those type of a situation, plus the office I was going to was not at the hotel. So we’re already working remotely. So what does it matter if I’m at home or in that office? Why am I going to risk driving on the streets in a snowstorm when I can just get my job done? So stayed home called in, told him I was going to work from home. The next day, I come into work next day we see each other. She’s like, why didn’t you come to work? Or how come you didn’t come to the office that day? And I said, Oh, it was snowing. And she was like, What? What are you a pussy?And I’m like,

Mikko 26:40
oh, whoa, whoa,

Calvin 26:42
yeah, I was like, excuse me. For starters, number one, you’re the VP of operations, right? You’re the boss of this entire thing. This is how you conduct yourself? That’s actually what went through my mind at the time. And it’s like, number two, you’re taking advantage of your position now. Because had you been any other female on the street talking to a guy, I bet you you don’t mouth off like that. Right? You’re not going to do that. But you’ll do it because you have the position of power now and you know that I can’t really retaliate. And that’s the same dynamic that a lot of women deal with in these situations where you talk about your Bill Cosby’s, or your Weinstein’s it’s this position of power and of like, Hey, listen, if you don’t do what I want you to do, or I’m going to be able to do whatever I want, because you can’t really retaliate. It’s like, Who’s gonna believe you? And then your career is over? I can’t say anything. Who am I going to complain to? She’s the boss of everything. Right? Yeah. And then what’s my other option not be employed? if I speak up and want to say something? So it’s this whole abuse of power that I think it’s not just women, but I think it happens more to women. And, you know, like, some of those situations I just referenced, and we see in the news.

Mikko 27:56
Yeah, for sure. For sure. And people need to just understand that whole mindset of Oh, you’re a pussy because you’re a guy you didn’t come in because it was snowing, stupid. It’s kind of like going to a work party and just saying, hey, Susie, are you gonna bring the brownies? I can bake too you can hold on, right. But I, I really can’t but I’m just saying.

Calvin 28:22
I mean, I could read the box, we could do some Duncan Hines

Mikko 28:26
Like, why would we just assume that it’s gonna be the woman that’s gonna cook or bring the dessert or bring the bacon? I mean, it’s to a smaller scale. It’s like we do that on a normal basis. And I think a lot of people don’t even understand or comprehend that they’re doing that because they’re just so used to doing it.

Calvin 28:41
Yeah, what crosses my mind about something like that a comment like that is so that’s what makes me a man? like that’s what is the definition of manhood risking my life in a snowstorm so I can get to work? Really? That’s mainly? okay sorry, I didn’t realize that’s all it took to impress you. I give me a break here.

Mikko 29:01
Yes, like the whole I gotta go change my clutch and whatever and guys looking at me like the mechanic like Oh, you don’t know how to do that. No, I don’t know how to fucking do that. Oh, you know I worked hard so I can pay people like you to do it.

Calvin 29:12
Exactly. Count these rocks biatch

Mikko 29:18
You my master now? Exactly.

Calvin 29:27
Shit, man. Just do this shit. So I can go you know get my manicure and look good.

Mikko 29:33
Just give me my invoice and get the fuck out here.

Calvin 29:40
Oh shit.

Mikko 29:42
silly, silly, silly.

Calvin 29:44
You know, another thing that has happened in the past and somebody shared this with me on Instagram because I did actually pull my audience to see who have dealt with these kinds of things. And it not surprisingly, but still kind of startling is 69% of the women on my page said that they dealt with similar situations at work of being just objectified for the beauty and not anything to do with their work. And 65% of the men said that they witnessed things like that in the workplace. And someone shared a story with me about rumors that she was sleeping around in order to get ahead. And she had just been promoted to front office manager position. And the other people around the other women who didn’t get the job. Were saying that, Oh, well, she must be sleeping with the boss or whatever. And she’s like, I was working 19 hour days, for months when you guys did your eight hour shift and went home. Right? I was doing all this work behind the scenes working six days a week to get the position. And you’re just gonna sit there and be like, Oh, well, that’s the only reason you know, she must be sleeping around. because how else do people get promoted? I think it just comes down to hate.

Mikko 30:50
Yeah. How common is that? People say that everywhere. We see that in movies, right? We see that in everyday life is like, Ah, she’s running the company now because she did so and so act with the boss or, female boss, male boss, it doesn’t matter. I guess, you know, she did favors for them. And it reminds me that Boomerang movie when he wanted to, what was it that he wanted? And he had to sleep with? What’s her name?

Calvin 31:14
Lady Eloise?

No, well, yeah, the thing was that Robin Givens character was made head of marketing and he thought he was going to get that position.

Mikko 31:34
Yeah, that’s right. that’s right.

Calvin 31:36
And then when he found out he wasn’t getting it, he went out to dinner with Lady elouise. Thinking I you know, knock this out and then I’m gonna get that promotion. didn’t work out though.

Mikko 31:46
Mm hmm.

Steve 31:49
Robin Givens face when she realizes what he did

Calvin 31:59
Just because somebody not wearing drawers don’t mean I did something

Steve 32:05
God when she whispers in his ear, but yeah.

Calvin 32:14
But I think at the end of the day, you know, shit, like that just comes down to people hating and like, people don’t want to put in the work. And I think it’s, you know, going back to the top with Jason Whitlock. I think that’s what it comes down to people barely know who the fuck this guy is. And I think the only reason he stays in anybody’s kind of conversation is by making comments like this and taking shots at women who are doing a hell of a lot better than he is. But you know, he’s got to dumb it down to the fact that oh, well, it’s because they look good. You know, I’m just as good as they are just because they look good. That’s why they’re successful. No, it’s because you suck.

Steve 32:47
And you qualify him as a troll in that respect?

Calvin 32:51
I think so i think he’s approaching that level, because this is just one of a few things. I’ve seen him have really strong and stupid, in my opinion, opinions about, you know, like he’s talked about from the beginning with Colin Kaepernick, and just everything about him. Everything he said about that situation was negative. And, you know, I have my opinions about that situation. I feel he could have maybe done things differently. But you don’t come out and call him all kinds of names for what he’s trying to do. I think anybody can agree what Colin Kaepernick was attempting to do was positive whether he went about it the right way, whether you agree with his approach is up for debate, but he wasn’t trying to insult anybody. He was trying to do some positive. And Jason Whitlock was consistently just kind of bashing him. And I think he kind of jumps on these topics to just troll and get his name in the conversation. So maybe I’m kind of feeding into it by even bringing this up. But I just thought it was a good topic for us to kind of tackle and guys like us just gotta kind of stomp these guys out. You know? So, when this podcast is on Fox, we’re gonna tell him to eat a dick to his face.

Mikko 34:03
Yeah, you non sports playin mofo his name sounds familiar, but I just don’t know enough about Jason Whitlock other than him trying to be a troll or polarizing is the more I guess politically correct way to say it, but I don’t know any guy other than he says a bunch of dumb shit on TV sometimes.

Calvin 34:23
Yeah. And I jumped on his Wikipedia page real quick. He’s always been in journalism. He’s never actually played a sport, which you could tell. You could tell. He looks like a melted Milk dud. You know?

Mikko 34:36
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Calvin 34:37
Like a poop emoji come to life.

Steve 34:39
You think he’s one of those guys who who’s doing what he does? Because he was always picked last or he got his, you know, atomic wedgies and shit like that

Mikko 34:48
he didn’t get picked I guarantee you. Yes. He was left, left out.

Calvin 34:54
Probably just, you know, he’s probably never even seen, or much less spoken to women. that look like Alex Ryan again. Or Katie Nolan or Maria Taylor. So he’s just trying to get their attention in one way or another

Steve 35:06
without paying for them.

Calvin 35:07
Yeah, he’s like, like fifth grade love like, oh, if I punch her then she’ll know I like her. Talk about not having game.

Mikko 35:18
Screw you. Screw you Jason Whitlock.

Calvin 35:21
Exactly. Eat a dick Bro

Mikko 35:27
that’s the second episode. Now we’ve told someone to eat a dick.

Calvin 35:30
Exactly. Exactly. We might have to make a whole segment.

Mikko 35:35
Whos the other guy? David?

Calvin 35:37
Oh, Danny. Yeah, Danny.

Mikko 35:39
Yeah. Danny.

Calvin 35:41
He can still eat a dick, yeah, yeah.

Mikko 35:45
The veiny ones.

Steve 35:50
I wasn’t gonna take it there.

Calvin 35:58
Oh, shit, boy. Yeah, I’m glad we had this talk. Hopefully, you lady listeners out there know that we got your back. We’re not taking this kind of shit lying down. You know, some of us have fully formed DNA and brain cells. And we just not gonna let these dudes get away with this kind of bullshit. No more. Right.

Steve 36:16
We were raised right.

Calvin 36:17
Exactly right, raised. Right.

Mikko 36:19
Right, right.

Calvin 36:20
All right. So now it’s time for everybody’s favorite segment, get off my lawn.

Mikko 36:26
I can go let me just get mine out the way mine is simple and quick. I’ve recently witnessed on Instagram, someone purposely fucking with a small business owner, the small business owner had a launching of a product set amount of like 1000 let’s just say 1000 pairs of shoes. And this guy would go in and order two or three or four shoes, wait till the next day. And then cancel them on purpose. Just to fuck with the business owner, because he didn’t like the shoes that the guy released or whatever. And it’s like that’s a dick move. And these kids that are doing and I’m calling them kids, because I know for a fact that this kid is like 1516 years old. He thinks it’s funny because he’s posting in our lower stories like, haha, look, I’m going to order these three shoes and we’re going to cancel it the next day. One that takes away from people like me and other people that wanted to get those shoes because it’s such a limited supply. You’re going to order three and then cancel it just to be a dick and intuitive that business owner who thought hey, I got an extra thousand dollars from these three shoes to go pay for my employees on materials or you know sourcing stuff. Now, yes, like refund this stupid kid. Just because the kid wants to play a joke and thinking that he’s like doing it quote unquote, just for fun. You know what? beat your dick for fun. Don’t fuck up somebody’s livelihood.

Calvin 37:49
Yeah. That’s just Stupid. Stupid. Dumb. It’s like It’s like the online. Ding Dong ditch right?

Mikko 37:57
yes, yes.

Calvin 38:02
And you would think, think back in the day, you’d say our kids gotta have something better to do. But you know, there was no Instagram or whatever. Now you’re just doing shit online. I mean, get a life man. Fuck.

Mikko 38:15
Again, beat your dick for fun.

Calvin 38:16
That’s what you’re supposed to be doing at 15 anyway

Mikko 38:23
exactly what I’m saying don’t fuck up somebody’s livelihood.

Calvin 38:27
That’s what you’re going to internet for? I’m order products. But Mikko similar to you this week, I tried to you know, support some local business and there’s a sandwich place right across the street from my house. So I go to place an order, place it online for me to go pick it up. Then I get a call within like a minute of placing the order them telling me Hey, we don’t have the shrimp that you ordered I was ordering a sandwich wanted to put the shrimp in it. So they Okay, fine. No problem. Let me just get the burger instead. Oh, we don’t have the burger either. Okay, that’s fine. Well, what do you have? So I go back online now. And I’ve got to look through the menu. I reorder something else, boom, fine, no problem. Then it says they’re supposed to notify you when it’s ready. I didn’t get the notification. But I know the place closes at three. And I was heading out somewhere. So I get there like 250 The door is locked. So I’m like, What the fuck? Girl comes over to the door. She’s struggling finally gets it open, grabbed my bag off the shelf where there was like three or four other orders also, and hands it to me. So I’m like, Hey, I’m gonna grab a bag of chips to go with this. And she’s like, No, well, we already closed up the cashier. And I just looked at her and I’m like, it’s 250 you close at three. Why is the cashier closed? And of course thinking like a business owner. I’m like, does your boss know that you’re turning down money now because Cuz you just decided you want to close up 10 minutes early. So I’m like, Well, listen, I got a couple bucks in my pocket, can I just give you two bucks? I’m just gonna, you know, do whatever you want Keep the change, I’ll just grab my chips. No, no, no, everything’s closed up already. And I just was like, you know what I’m out of here. And I don’t typically leave reviews, like on Yelp and that kind of shit. But I got an email from the place where I ordered. And I actually left it in a review, because if I owned that business, I would want to know, that these people a close 10 minutes early, turn down money, just so they could walk out at 3 on the dot the store closes at three you don’t leave at three.

Mikko 40:39
Okay, right. Right. Like, I hate that

Calvin 40:42
annoying. Do your fucking job, man. And you wrap up sandwiches is this isn’t difficult.

Mikko 40:49
I mean, what the fuck,

Calvin 40:50
it’s not brain surgery here all due respect, we’re not asking you to do something complicated, where an extra 10 minutes of doing it is just going to be so exhausting for you. And what really kills me about it, though, is the fact that the businesses are in the situation we’re in now, right? You’re going out of your way to support small businesses. during COVID, and stuff like that. And these people who don’t even realize that, hey, you’re fortunate your stores even open. You’re fortunate You were the one who was called into work to get the hours. And you still here with this bullshit mentality of I’m gonna do as little as possible and just go home. You know? Yeah. I’m im that owner. Hopefully they see the review. I’d rather give that shift to somebody else who actually wants to work.

Steve 41:31

Mikko 41:31
facts, facts,

Steve 41:33
that kind of shit, that really does suck, because then, you know, to the point that Mikko you made earlier, I don’t go back to that restaurant, when really, it’s just this shit head employee.

Mikko 41:46
you know, and I chalked it up to maybe that guy or That girl is having a bad day, those thoughts do run through my head. You know, I know not every business can be at a 10 out of 10. Every single time. You know, I’m reasonable. I’ve eaten out at so many places that I understand that that shit happens but shity shity shity service. I just don’t have the tolerance for Yeah, bad service. One shitty service is cool, but shity shity shity. Yeah, I’m not coming back. And that sucks. Because I’m a frequent flyer.

Calvin 42:19
Yeah, is one thing is like shitty service. But you know, you’re making an attempt. I mean, we’ve been to restaurants where they just don’t got it going that night. But this is lazy. And to me lazy is worse than bad service when you’re actually just trying, you know, and you might be swamped, or whatever. This is just being lazy. And quite frankly, nobody in the world has that luxury right now. I mean, you’re lucky your business is even open you get to collect a paycheck, man do the fucking job. Somebody else is dying for that shift for them hours. Yep. You know,

Steve 42:49
what doesn’t make sense to me about that situation? Is that clearly she doesn’t really give a shit about the job. Right?

Mikko 42:57

Steve 42:58
Because she doesn’t care about the job. What does she care if you get a bag of chips?

Calvin 43:03
Exactly. Exactly.

Mikko 43:07
She didn’t just put that straight to her pocket. That’s my tip for the day. Chips. Here you go. Here’s a bag of chips.

Calvin 43:13
That’s how lazy she is.

Steve 43:14
It’s funny with a lack of fucks has a line in the sand. Yeah, I don’t give a fuck about this. I don’t give a fuck about this job, but I give a fuck about giving this guy a bag of chips.

Calvin 43:26
Remember that Chris Rock line with george bush? He’s like, you know george bush. don’t give a fuck. Like if you were hanging off a cliff and all you needed was a fuck to live. George Bush would be like oh you know I don’t give a fuck

Mikko 43:39
I’m all out.

Calvin 43:49
Alright what you got Steve

Steve 43:51
presidential debate is coming up and taking place in my hometown. The town I’m in now. And the Cheeto in charge. And Joe Biden can get off my lawn with all the fucking traffic.

Calvin 44:07
Oh, yeah,

Steve 44:08
it’s a bitch. It is cool. It’s like seeing like the helicopters flying by and shit like that. The traffic can eat a dick. Oh, and like there’s not a lot of traffic to begin with. But if you go anywhere like you can’t, you know just all the exits are blocked off and I get it, but yeah, yeah,

Calvin 44:28
yeah, that’s that’s annoying. That’s annoying. It’s annoying to share. Yeah. That happens anytime he’s in New York and or any president but yeah, I mean, you know it affects the whole city. And I should follow up your day quick because it adds an extra 30 minutes to your commute. God because the streets blocked he can’t get on this subway or get off on that stop it’s it’s annoying

Steve 44:50
yea so that shit get can get the hell off my lawn.

Calvin 44:53
hells yeah,

Mikko 44:54
man that sucks.

Steve 44:57
I will say though, like seeing the motorcade Go. I haven’t seen it recently, but when I lived in Chicago I saw the motorcade go down Lakeshore drive. That’s pretty badass. Just knowing what’s in those in those trucks. Like there’s like a Gatling gun in those trucks and stuff.

Calvin 45:12
Shit seriously?

Steve 45:13
Yeah, yeah.

Mikko 45:15
Theres a goddamn Rambo gun in that shit?

Steve 45:20
fuckers in there man Yeah, it’s bananas

Mikko 45:24
Really? Wow,

Calvin 45:26
that’s insane.

Mikko 45:27
Yeah, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that at all.

Calvin 45:30
Who do you think is coming after him Robocop? Shit

Steve 45:37
Real news

Mikko 45:38
Yeah The more you know

Calvin 45:48
stop the media’s there!

Mikko 45:57
I aint looking out for the media!

Calvin 46:01
mike wallace run!!oh shit as you guys could probably guess that’s our favorite Chris Rock. Yes sir. So we gave y’all a couple freebies but we’re gonna go into our official Chris Rock quotes of the week. Women don’t want you to talk talk. They want you to listen, listen. You know how was your day is like a 45 minute conversation for a woman.

Mikko 46:37
That’s so true. It’s so true. Steve, you got one?

Steve 46:42
Just because I had the same thing happen to me this morning. Over breakfast with my daughter. Hmm. One of my daughters told me the other day Kevin Hart is funnier than you, Daddy. I told her does Kevin Hart make you pancakes? Talking about something mommy doesn’t better. Is she here now?

Mikko 47:11
I’m picturing Chris Rock makes when he says that. And I think that’s what makes it funny. His face and his hand gestures. That’s what makes it funny for me. His arthritic hands Love you, Chris. But yeah. Oh, man. I switched it up because we were having a conversation about Trump and taxes and stuff earlier. And it’s one of the quote what Chris said about uh, you don’t pay taxes. They take tax. You get your paycheck. They take out the taxes. That’s not a payment. That’s a jack.

That’s not a payment. That’s a JACK. His face is all scrunched up when he says it like this. Classic.

Calvin 48:05
Oh, yeah, that’s a classic like classic line right there. But yeah, yeah. I’ve got a lot of Chris Rock quotes this week. Hope you writing them down. Yeah. Alrighty, into the final segment. Shout outs. Shout out this week, to our boy Nepy who is our biggest fan of midlife crisis podcast. And he says that he loves all the episodes and makes him want to have a drink with us. So we’re gonna make that happen Nepy. guarantee you one of these days, we’re going to do that. Take the show on the road, probably to Vegas, grab some drinks, talk some shit. You know we do. So we appreciate the love.

Steve 48:43
Really appreciate that. That’s badass. Thank you, Nepy.

Calvin 48:47
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. And for you guys who are loyal listeners. You may know if you were listening from the beginning that we had done a giveaway to launch the podcast and the unfortunate soul who won has not claimed it yet. So this is reopen. It’s reopen. And by the time you hear this episode, it’ll be live on Instagram. So go on there. Follow the Instagram page at midlife crisis tag a friend to enter to win a Google nest hub, Max and mini courtesy of midlife crisis podcast and time for the outros. This is Calvin. As always, if you know me, you know who I am. You can find me on Instagram at Revparblems and all my related brands. If not check out my website www.revparblems.com and get familiar with everything we got going on.

Mikko 49:42
And this is Mikko the Filipino on Instagram. You can find me at Mikko underscore eats. Come check me out see some good food like and comment. I’ll see you on there. Peace.

Steve 49:54
Hey, everybody, this is Steve. You can catch me every week on the mid life podcast. Yeah

Calvin 49:59
You know we had to hit em with the remix, right?

Yes sir. Thank you for joining us on another episode of midlife crisis podcast. If you’ve enjoyed today’s episode, please leave us a review on iTunes and tell a friend, don’t laugh by yourself makes you look nuts. See what we’re up to in between episodes on Instagram at midlife crisis podcast. Show Notes for this and all episodes are available on our website midlife crisis podcast.com where you can also sign up for the mailing list. Send us a note you may inspire the next episode and our conversation. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you on the next one. Let’s go