Calvin Tilokee 0:22
Hello and welcome to midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, here, as always, with the homie Mikko bringing that flavor to do on a weekly basis. We’re coming to you live on YouTube and Facebook. So send in your comments if they’re any good. we’ll respond and show. If they’re shit. We will respond to that, too. We got all your favorite segments here today, the Chris Rock code of the week. I don’t know that shit. I don’t like that jerk. And as always get off my law. But first, that was the week homie.

Mikko Miller 0:53
Good week. can’t lie. I was looking forward to Friday, because it’s a long weekend. I’m sure most everyone in America was did a lot of Netflix and chilling, which is kind of fucked up on my part, because I’m one of those people that watches an episode. And if it’s not one of the ones that have like, all the episodes done, I won’t watch it. But my problem is, all the episodes are done in the seasons done. I’ll binge watch the whole shit and sacrifice sleep. And so I’ve been sleeping like two, three hours a night trying to catch up with some shows. I got into watching was that? Who killed Sarah?

Calvin Tilokee 1:31
Okay, okay, I haven’t watched it yet. But I’ve seen it up there is a good,

Mikko Miller 1:35
it’s good. There’s a lot of twist. They do a lot of flashbacks, which kind of fucks me up in the beginning. Like, you know, they’ll get a story and they’ll flashback in a story and you’re like, wait, I thought she was dead. I thought she was hidden like, Oh, this is like a memory. Like, does that kind of Okay, um, but yeah, binge watch session finished it in like three days.

Calvin Tilokee 1:55
So that’s that’s that’s not the kind of should you go watch when you hide him?

Mikko Miller 2:04
Why she looked like that. Yeah. Oh, man watching stuff on your highs. Funny.

Calvin Tilokee 2:11
Man, you

Mikko Miller 2:12
notice so much. Back in the day. I’m not now back in the day. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 2:17
it was clarify. I don’t know if you remember what I remember in college when we would. We are trying to figure out hard knock life. Remember that chorus It was like, you know, the high pitch chorus and shit. And nobody knew for months, like what the hell they were saying. And this is for those yummy. I know we have a younger audience OCL listening. There was no Google, you can just go with lyrics and shit like this. This is back in you know, the AOL Instant Messenger days. That was about as tech forward as it got Napster days. Right.

Mikko Miller 2:54
I think there was one there was one. It was a bhula original hip hop lyrics archive. I think it was only what the head?

Calvin Tilokee 3:02
Yes. Yeah, it was only I don’t know, maybe we just didn’t know about it. Or if he may not have been out yet at this point. But nobody knew what the hell we kept would listen to it. One day, one night we get we get high. And you know, we’re all sitting in the room, you know, doing our thing. Got the song playing. And then all of a sudden, somebody got it. And they were like, whoa, whoa. And they did the lyrics. Like instead of treated we get tricked.

Mikko Miller 3:34
like mad at some high tech took a while and remember that episode of that episode half baked. And we started noticing shit like the wheelchair with like all big.

Calvin Tilokee 3:52
Samsung smarty pants.

That’s right.

Mikko Miller 3:57
Did mama

Calvin Tilokee 3:59
remember we used to prank call people with that shit? Yeah, we used to dial random extensions on campus. just random extension says Be like, what did you get my message? Exactly. We were like what the fuck? This is Samsung smarty pants.

Mikko Miller 4:20
Yeah, there’s no no Star 69 or none of that shit back in the day. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 4:26
And we went up. We got the cafeteria. We heard somebody talking about that shit. The next day. They were like, yo, somebody called my room talk about Samson. Oh, man. You were fucking crazy, bro. How’s your week, bro? Because good man. Got a handle. You saw on the idea got inspired to hit the courts again. I saw that. Yeah, yeah, man. I go. I’ve been pretty good. Pretty good. So I mean, I drive by that court. Every weekend we go to the farmers market and like I’ll drive by my guy, you know, I’m gonna get out there one day and get there one day. And then this weekend, it just hit me. I’m like, yo, just go now like, What the fuck are you waiting on? You know, and I kept saying, I gotta get in better shape and this and that, but I don’t really like running. Right? So the only thing to do to get in shape for ball is like running a lot, but I’m like, why don’t I just go play basketball? Play as much as I can right now. And then eventually I’ll play more and more, but that’s the least fun for me running is not fun for me. You know? So, I was like, yeah, so I got inspired yesterday, I went out, went to the mall, grabbing some kicks. Sneakers expensive now, bro. Fuck. I mean, well, you know, you want to sneak you in a sneaker game. So you know. Yeah. I haven’t bought basketball sneakers in a long time. So ended up you know, researching the the ones I got the best ankle support. You know, you gotta be smart at this age. One with the carries. So, okay, okay, attraction, you know? Yeah, yeah. It’s it actually felt like an ankle brace that I used to wear. I was like, Okay, I like these. You know, he a little nuts. He thinks the earth is flat and shit, but he makes a good sneaker. That’s not good. Yeah, but, but yeah, man. So yesterday, I was just like, shooting around by myself. And And today, I was like, fuck it. I’m gonna get in the game. You know, I still got a little something, man. A That was impressive myself. You know, I ain’t gonna sit here and try to you know, I’m not gonna do the Al Bundy. You know, try to act like it was all that I had, you know, had a couple of CES couple head up rebounds. Put back. You know, the guy was garden had one point over two games. So you know, just trying to trying to play my role. You know, but I did. I did hit a big shot at it. Hit it. Nice. Yeah, we wanted two games we wanted so we want two in a row. The second game we were up like 10 to two. And we were playing the 13 they came all the way back 1010 everybody was just missing. And then I got the kick out a topic key. A 1210. And then then we finished it off. So I was like, that’s your felt good. I had done that.

Mikko Miller 7:10
Vintage Calvin right there.

Calvin Tilokee 7:12
Yeah, man. Yeah, what do you know, just just to keep it just to keep it on. Just let everybody know. It wasn’t all pretty. I got a nice I did a flash lay and I got a pass. I was wide open. But I was like right under the rim. I tried to follow English on on the reverse. That should hit the top of the backboard. I went over so it I don’t want nobody thinking like oh, yeah, he gets it Adobe track. Like you’re like, you know, there was some good stuff and it was a bad stuff. But that’s fair. That’s fair.

Mikko Miller 7:42
Yeah. You know,

Calvin Tilokee 7:43
I haven’t played ball in a long time. I don’t even know. 678 years, maybe. Since I even shot basketball. It’s been a long time. Yeah, a long time, man. But yeah, but that felt good man. felt good to get back out. This is gonna be my exercise. So y’all following on the ag I’ll keep you posted. I must have posted on my stats after each game. Well, Jelena was one of those guys keep track while the stats right I Oh, What’s the score? Okay.

Mikko Miller 8:14
I got four assists, right four assists not Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. forces.

Calvin Tilokee 8:24
You know, Larry. Yeah, but since this week, we go in a little bit different. We’ve got got a rapper in the house. We got rap in a man cave today. We’ve got bourse who is a Canadian born rapper. I’ll let you guys decide who he sounds like when you when you hear him. You know, of course we’ll link to everything up in the show. But we are welcoming to the man cave. My Guy boerse Yo, yo, did I miss the beautiful theme so you might have my wife I got fucked. Yeah, this is Oh good. There you go see it on the replay. You see what’s going on my guy? Not a man just you know, hoping the Wi Fi doesn’t get fucked up again. Yeah, well, yeah, we’ll cross our fingers are crossed fingers. Good. Looking good. Right now with AC with the mic at the studio. So with so for the for the people at home. Let us let them know who you are, and where you come from.

Borse 9:24
Hey, Yo, what up? My name is Boris. My actual name is Daniel borsalino. I’m pretty sure you guys got the hit by my name is Boris now Boris borsalino. But uh, I’m from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been making music for a while now. I’ve been kind of wanting to take a step back from music and get more into acting, you know, just to expand my horizons and shit. But like, for the most part, I’ve been rapping since like, you know, way back like, oh six but I started taking this serious and like 2015 ish.

Mikko Miller 9:53
How old are you if you don’t mind me asking you say way back way back. Oh 2006 How old are you though? 24 Oh, man,

Borse 10:05

Calvin Tilokee 10:08
Now we Oh, that’s all we Oh my god. Yeah. Well, how do you guys? I’m 41 Okay.

Mikko Miller 10:16
43 All right, all right.

Calvin Tilokee 10:19
Yeah, so we were just talking about college like you. You might you were like to when we were in college? Yeah. No, no, like, no joke. No, we were in college like 20 years ago. So you were you were you were a young buck, young young buck back then. Yeah, no, that’s good, man. It’s all good. So, um, yeah, tell us a little bit more about your background is is Hamilton, Ontario, where you grew up?

Borse 10:43
The inner city? Well, like the weird thing is like, my neighborhood, it was always like, it was European, but it was also very urban. So like, you had your crack houses, you had your you know, like, like crimes and no hookers and shit like that. But like you also had, like, a lot of European stuff too, like, like bakeries. And so like fuckin you had that but like, you also had to street crimes too and shit like that, which I never got involved in, but like growing up around in the area, you know, I wasn’t allowed to go outside as much because frickin what was going on in my neighborhood a lot. It wasn’t really the best neighborhood growing up, but like, we kind of pull some strides now like like like my area is still a little fucked up but like nothing to like, compared to the early 2000s in like late 90s So you guys are in LA

Mikko Miller 11:36
Yeah, man. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 11:37
yeah. Yeah, man. Yeah, I just moved out here but six weeks ago I envy that man that’s awesome. Yeah, come through man. You know you won’t be an actor you know I’ll probably end up here you end up at some point

Mikko Miller 11:51
yeah, yeah

Calvin Tilokee 11:53
Yeah, well Yeah, we got to tease it come through we got to put it that screen like these back in the day Oh TV like this just fucking color bars we gotta get some Verizon up in up in Canada mountain with they got up there got a couple beavers oh no on a treadmill. got they got like a moose with some antenna and shit. You gotta get jelsa you bully

Mikko Miller 12:23
Hey, jogging on a wheel?

Calvin Tilokee 12:35
Yeah, yeah, but yeah, so we do your weight on boards to get back on the live stream here. Looks like he’s having some some Wi Fi issues trying to get back in a game but there is no hope yet. Trying to make a reappearance see what’s up. But yeah, we’re gonna have to we have to get him at the live show. Man. He might have to beat open it. opening act. There you go. The live show. Get him out to LA. There he is. Yeah, yeah, we back we back. Back. Maybe back. Got you. Alright, so let’s let’s get into the next question. Well, well, what do you got some good service right now? Um, so how did you get into rap? Like, what what inspired you to get into into rap music and become a rapper yourself?

Borse 13:23
Mainly my cousin because like, well, I used to go to my Nana’s house all the time back in like, back in the day on Friday, every Friday I sent it for the weekend mostly. And my cousin he he lives there so he would always listen to rap. And when you’re younger, you will look up to your oldest family member right so like it’s always been kind of like that. So like I got more more into rap going over my daughter’s house every Friday pretty much but like, I remember listening to it even like on my own time like like as a kid and she like that but like what I’d go to my known as I would like to frickin get more like, interested in it like, oh, Who’s this guy? Who’s this guy? Who’s this person with this? You know? Okay,

Calvin Tilokee 14:03
and now what what kind of artists? Was he playing? Like, what? What type of music?

Borse 14:07
He was? 50 cent fan? He’s a huge 50 cent. Unit. 50 cent? Mmm. You know the game? A lot. You know, cats.

Calvin Tilokee 14:17
Okay, okay. Okay. All right. No, who was your favorite out of that? Favorite? Mmm.

Mikko Miller 14:25
Yeah, I can see that. I can see that. Yeah, when I listen to your songs, I get that vibe. Yeah. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 14:35
so would you would you say would you say m inspired you the most? Oh, yeah. Without a doubt. Yeah, it’s funny. I was um, I told the story. A few episodes ago. Were like when I first really got into rap was was onyx. I don’t even know if you ever heard this album. The name of the album is called up. Back the fuck up. Oh, that’s like, Oh, yeah. Yeah, so That for me. That was the first album and tell you again, you know, we like twice a year that was on a cassette, right? Yeah. That was on a fucking cassette ad to listen to that shit on my Walkman. And I started listening to it because obviously slam came out and I was like, oh shit What the fuck is this? I’d never really heard music like that until that point. So I go to coconuts. Remember if you remember coconuts? I go Yeah, West Coast too. You may or may not have had it, but that was before FYI he, I don’t know if he had FYI for you. Yeah, yeah, I remember. Yeah. So like coconuts was like, before that. Anyway, I go pick up the tape, pop it in my walk when I’m listening to shit. And this shit is raw. I mean, they will talk about every, you know, aggressive raw, I mean, talking about, you know, drugs, sex killing. I used to go in the garage, because I don’t want my parents to catch me listen to that shit. And I just rock out to that. And just just, you know, onyx, so, but I never I never aspired to be an actual rapper. I haven’t got the linguistic skills for that. When did you realize you’re good enough to do it and actually start doing music yourself?

Borse 16:14
Maybe like, I guess like, in the 2000s it was kind of more from just, you know, for fun and shit like that, you know, just being a kid. But like, so I probably say around High School. But like, even in high school, I was still kind of trash. Like, like, I wasn’t horrible, but like, compared to like how I am now. So it’s like, I don’t know if, but like, even back then when I was trash, I thought it was really good. So you know, I didn’t have that confidence. So probably around then like 2015. You know, I was like, um, I should really just keep at this.

Calvin Tilokee 16:42
Okay, okay. I mean, that’s good. It’s all about the confidence. I mean, there’s a lot a lot of trash rappers out there saying, fuck all, but they seem to have a confidence that they sell on record. So

Borse 16:53
yeah. It’s not about being good in the game, then. Really? Not? Like, yeah, that’s

Calvin Tilokee 17:01
true. What do you what are your thoughts on that? Because I feel the same way.

Borse 17:04
It’s kind of heartbreaking. You know, because like, I love the fucking craft and is and so just to see the game, it’s just like, nobody really gives a shit even like, if you’re good, like, even like the a lot of the lyrical motherfuckers to man. It’s just like, it’s though fuck with you. If there’s money involved, you know, for the most part, I’m not. I’m not saying everybody but like I’m saying for the most part, that’s what it is. And it’s like, you know, people, like, there’s times I noticed when I play something, and like, you know, there’ll be like, catch will be like, they won’t pay much mind to it, but like, oh, bro, you got fire, man that and then they’ll go straight to business like yo frickin I got this. I got this. I got this man. I’ll offer this much in this, like, fucking. I know. It’s just business at the end of the day, but it’s like wondering, do you guys even hear what I was saying on the track? But like, right, so like, I noticed that a lot, man like, like, music is more business than it is. People caring about the art and all that. Mm

Calvin Tilokee 17:55
hmm. So I mean, is is the million dollar question. Do you do you write all your own lyrics? Oh, yeah. Without a doubt. Okay. Okay. So how do you feel about people? You know, we’ve had this debate many times on this show, let’s say Drake, right? Yeah, well, I know you know, he he’s your biggest representative of your country. But I’m, I’m not I’m not a fan. I’m not a fan because number one people set me up the wrong way. They were like, oh, Drake is like the next Jay Z. And I’m okay. And I start listening to him I’m like, really? And then the rumors come out about him not even writing his own shit. So I don’t have a whole lot of respect for Drake. You know what’s what’s your feeling on people who don’t write their own lyrics?

Borse 18:37
I mean to each their own like I personally don’t mind it. Because like, you know, people do what they make like like his melodies are out of this world. Right and like he’s not the only one who never wrote like, I think a lot of singers in this industry don’t write their lyrics right but like like he’s the only one who gets flack for it. I’ve noticed enough like Elvis didn’t write his A lot of people have been raised so well me personally, I could never like hire a ghostwriter and ship but I mean like, for like, it depends what you want to do music for right like like some people let like, it depends what kind of artists you are and Drake like like he’s great. Like, with like melodies he knows how to deliver. And I think that’s his musical purpose is like, what somebody else writes. It’s up to him how to express it like elton john. You know, it’s how he hear like, you write lyrics. You show Drake, he figures out how it’s supposed to sound. So I find that artistic as well. Right. So I respect that. But like To each their own, right, like, like, like, you don’t have to like that, but I personally don’t see an issue with it. Okay,

Calvin Tilokee 19:42
okay. Yeah, I mean, you mentioned people like Elvis and you know, but there’s I think that’s where I get messed up is like if we’re looking at Drake is just an artist, just a musical artist. Yeah, then yeah, he’s dope, right? Because this guy can he pretty much as I’ve listened to quite a bit, you know, you hear He’s got you know we you know people joke about you know which Drake Are you gonna get there you go and get Jamaican Drake, you get, you know sad you know Toronto Drake Yeah, he’s done he’s done music kind of like like the the English rap like London South London rap style you know he does a lot of stuff right he’s he’s very versatile that way. Yeah, you know. So I think if you’re looking at it through that lens of him being he’s an artist and like you said turns like he knows how to put the words and make them like he’s an instrument, right he takes the words and makes them sound a certain way. That’s one thing. I think as a rapper that’s I think that’s a different lane. It because for me, it’s my person. Yeah, you know, if you’re talking about rap, then you’ve got to be writing your own shit. It’s because it’s all about storytelling. It’s about telling your story. Right? That’s what what rap is, was built on. And you know, all the best rappers you know, mmm. Right up they lyrically with anybody. You know, I’m in a biggie Park. And, you know, I mean, you go back and listen to some of this stuff. Rock him. I mean, the list goes on. About guys who just I mean, I go back now and I’m just even just listening to some old punk records of Biggie, like, the way they put these words together. Like, it’s such a biggie. It’s crazy. Yeah, yeah. You know, so for me, I mean, again, I grew up in that ever, right? So for me, it’s hard to wear a guy like NAS was kind of like, oh, phenomenal. I mean, he was up there. But it was like he was one of like, eight people that were dope at the time, you know? And Nasca sometimes get lost. And then now I’m looking at this rap game. I’m like, the fuck are y’all talking about? Like I was in I was in footlocker yesterday, getting them sneakers. And you know, every song sounds exactly the fucking same. Yeah, every. Like, y’all just like, Yeah, I got one song on loop, you know. But I’m getting a Mikko.

Mikko Miller 21:56
I, I agree with both of you. I mean, Drake is an artist as an entertainer, like we talked about Nick Cannon.

An actor? Yes. What? He’s, he’s an entertainer, right. Drake’s great at what he does, but as when people put him up as one of the best rappers of all time. Yeah, I take issue with that too, because I’ve never heard that go. Well. No, you don’t hear about it. People say? Yeah, sure. mariemont

Calvin Tilokee 22:29
you hear a lot of people that try to compare him to those people we just mentioned. Like,

Borse 22:34
I don’t in the game right now. But like, I don’t think he’s Yes. You know, like, yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 22:38
yeah, no, like, yeah, you definitely can knock the fact that he’s on top. Yeah, ensemble. What if you versus Fetty web? I mean, yeah, I’ll take

Mikko Miller 22:52
like any walk,

Calvin Tilokee 22:53
if anyone has voices saying that was just the first name.

Mikko Miller 23:00
I like spending a lot man.

Calvin Tilokee 23:05
I was the first thing that came to mind, you know? Um,

Mikko Miller 23:10
but you know, I grew up the same as Calvin. My first album was what the album by red man. I’m a big red man fan. Big on lyrics over beats. I know nowadays is a lot about the music and the beats and being entertaining. catchy, but yet catchy hooks, but I respect like a guy like Hopson. Oh, oh, man. Oh, he didn’t go mainstream. He kept it his way with his people doing his own videos write his own stuff in album, like a lot of respect for that dude. You know, I think his shit is fucking phenomenal. You know? All Black m&m. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Black Slim Shady. Yeah, I mean, you compare him to Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci. Okay, Mama got so annoyed man. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 24:08
And that’s because it’s like that’s what everything’s turned into. Is remix.

Borse 24:12
Dope though, man like Joyner Lucas’s remix that’s gone. Okay, okay. Oh shit phenomenal

Calvin Tilokee 24:20
Yeah, I’ve heard that. I recommend it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m I’m taking notes taking notes because it admittedly I’ve the last few years I haven’t really been into rap. I got more into like alternative music because I’m like, if it’s gonna be just about a beat then then I can listen to anything. Yeah, to me because for me it was you need it. You needed a good beat. Don’t get me wrong, right. You know, but like, again, the way we grew up on rap and had like, the lyrics have to be there. And you know if I’m hearing about, you know, Percocet, Molly, Percocet, Percocet, like that’s just like, you know, right, right. And that’s Cool but like even club bangers back in the day oh you take you take take DMX is party oh god bless his soul man God, actually listen to the lyrics that should have still fire right now but it was a club banger like every Jay Z club banger still got lyrics, you know what I mean? Yeah. But anyway, I wanted to, to kind of get into this one with you, because I’m sure it’ll come up and I’m sure it’s probably come up to you already. You know, what do you say to people who try to accuse you of being of cultural appropriation? You know, get you up in white trying to rap. I say

Borse 25:36
look up the fucking meaning before you just throw that word around the trying to sound sophisticated man, like a lot of people do that shit. Because, like, it’s, it means that like, you don’t care about the culture, you don’t care about it, you just know that there’s money in it. So you’re just using it for that. If you’re white, if you’re Asian, if you’re Hispanic, and like, like you have love for the craft, then you’re not culturally appropriating in LA I actually have love for the craft a lot of people my age they don’t know what the fuck is like Broadcom MF Doom, and fucking, you know, I study a lot of these cats, you know, fucking gangstar and shit. You know, so? I don’t know everybody, but like fucking, I tried to study as much as I can no, Kool Herc. 1973, August 11. That’s when hip hop was born. She my 24 year old. A lot of people don’t know that shit. So like I’ve studied, you know, frickin I clearly got love for the craft is so to say that I’m cultural appropriation because I’m white, just assuming that’s kind of racist itself. So that’s what I got to say to them to those motherfuckers. And if they don’t like that, you know, I got something they can suck on.

Mikko Miller 26:38

Calvin Tilokee 26:39
exactly, exactly. Drop them in a bar, sir. That’s right. Drop in Avada. I know you’re 100% right. I mean, you hear that a lot. And a lot of people like to throw that shit out there without really a knowing the meaning or knowing you know who they’re talking about. Right. I mean, I’ve heard it you hear tossed around a lot about Justin Timberlake. Right? Yeah. Because people are like, you know, oh, well, when he was insane. He was this way. And then now he’s not. And you know, he’s trying to do all this quote, unquote, black music. Like, number one, what the fuck is black music like that? music is music. Right? Like, you made it for everybody. Right? Like you made it for people to hear. So that means if somebody is Asian or white, or whatever, they hear they like it. Why can’t they be inspired by Why can’t they say shit? I like this. I want to do this that, you know. Yeah. And yeah, so yeah, I think that’s a great honor that you were taking a liking? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I mean, you definitely know your shit. You know, it doesn’t. It doesn’t sound like you just do when it’s just to be trying to be something and not basically I think that’s what it really comes down to. Yeah. So what would you say you’re trying to convey through your music? What type of messages will will people hear when you listen to your to your stuff?

Borse 27:57
Well, like a lot of us should I put out lately, it’s just been braggadocious Records but like even all songs kind of kind of come from a real place like through the through its delivery, a lot of anger and aggression. And, you know, I just want people to know that you know, fucking you don’t always have to be serious all the time. It’s just fun just to kick back and you know, showcase your skills and shit like that. And, you know, stand out for who you truly are really?

Mikko Miller 28:22
Right. Yeah, like that. I like that. I like it when I’m especially international rappers are just being true to their craft. Like I listened to. It’s kind of weird, like French rap. I don’t know what the fuck they’re saying. But there’s French rappers out there that are fucking dope. Of course. No. Puerto Rican. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I love that man if you don’t know that song, I was wrong with you man.

Calvin Tilokee 28:58
From rapids No, Montreal. No, my Oh us Canadian. Okay, I think so I could be wrong. I could be wrong okay. I’ll look it up a look at yeah we got the Google I went for the for the audience to see snow

Mikko Miller 29:13
is nothing the islands

Calvin Tilokee 29:17
go find this my friends from like St. Lucia has? Exactly. North York, Toronto, Canada. Okay. Oh, yeah. No, Kennedy. Yeah.

Mikko Miller 29:36
Like, you guys listen to bad bunny at all. I mean, I know he’s kind of like the new trending nowadays, but I love that Buzz off his old shit. Yeah.

This guy, this guy and yeah, bad bunnies though. I like I like his music.

Calvin Tilokee 29:58
I’ve heard like one or two songs, but not Not a lot. Yeah.

Mikko Miller 30:03
You got to listen to the Spanish ones, man. I mean, I know the most of its managed, but it’s just catchy. It’s dope. You know, it’d be great to understand what the fuck he was saying.

Calvin Tilokee 30:14
Sounds good. Exactly. Shit. And that’s what musics all about. Man. If it makes you feel good, then Fuck it. Right? Exactly, exactly. Yeah. So So tell us a little bit more about your new single call. orlin I listened to it like it’s catchy. It’s all about shedding your fears. So what what inspired you to write that song?

Borse 30:37
You know, I just been a chicken shit my whole life, you know, like, you would think like, me talking about, like, my neighborhood that it’ll, it’ll shake me But the thing is, like, I was like, sheltered my whole life. Right? Like, I was barely allowed to leave the house because like, you know, I like my parents are awesome. They they gave a shit, right? So fucking, I’ve just haven’t really been experienced to a lot of things that happen in the real world a lot. So and I and now that I’m in my early 20s, I’ve been noticing things a lot more. And it’s just like frickin the world world scares the shit out of me. So, you know, I’ve been a pushover since the geck of time, you know, like, I’m not gonna lie. There are times I I did stand my ground and shit like that. But like, for a lot of times, you know, I’ve just you know, that my tongue chose to be the bigger person but I’m trying to uninstall that from my head. Because that’s not a very mindful that’s gonna fuck you up. Psychologically, you know, fucking there’s not going to turn the other cheek. I’m not saying break somebody’s arm or anything. But I’m saying, you know, you got to put people in their place when they get into line. But I’m so frickin, I got this book that was written by 50 cent. And this author Robert Greene called the 50th law, it teaches you about fear and how to turn it into your power. Because if you look at 57 he’s one of the most fearless motherfuckers you’ll ever like, see, you know, from what he’s been through, you know, this guy was the kingpin of crack cocaine when he was like, 19. And in this neighborhood, like fucking because he had no other choice from when you’ve been through and shit, right? So like, he’s really teaching like how to turn fear into your power. I haven’t finished the book, you know, kind of slacking on finishing it, but I’ve been reading a lot of it. And fucking it’s just like, I found this. I’ve developed this fascination for fear this interest towards it. And it’s just like, it’s very interesting when like you, you will look at it outside of yourself. Because if you look at it, within inside of yourself, you will be too scared to approach things you will be in your comfort zone too much when you when you pull yourself out and you look at fear for what it is and how you can turn it into a positive. It’s, it’s it’s very powerful and enlightening. I got this beat. And it came with two beats. And then one time I’ll just scrolling down I was like, I need to put on a new fucking song. Because it’s been a minute so then I found this beat that I randomly bought that I you know, say Oh, shit, this one is dope. And then I ended up writing that song. But um, yeah, the whole concept. Like, it’s another braggadocious track, but like, within like bragging ish like that, that the bragging is me coming out there and just, you know, all I’ve been scared to do and to put myself out there just to fucking just just just deliver, you know, my skill set and, you know, to like, the whole one. overcoming fear. It’s a metaphor, really.

Calvin Tilokee 33:25
Right? Okay, okay. Okay, boss him in the mouth. Like like Bernie Mac you said he’s funny in bad Salem. Yeah, pretty bad. What is even the oranges like? He’s fucking on the ash and like the fucking guys like

nice man. I love it. Cool. Cool, bro. Well, you know when the last time you gotta you gotta hit us with some lyrics because oh, yeah, we you know, we’ve been talking for like 40 minutes audiences like I said, He says he’s a rapper, but like, is he any good? to any good, so we’ll try to try to hit you a little beat here. See? Throw a beat on and we’ll see. I’ll see if we can hear it. This is this is a first Yeah,

Mikko Miller 34:18

Borse 34:19
I’m exceeding the beat of best like candidum kalis you feature me you’ll meet your death repossession your spirit with lyrics it really be finesse leaving speakers Blessed is the Reaper with a deceiving pen. A detrimental menace to society. violently striking beats with charisma still, I’m fatigued. Fuck the inspirational quotes these layers preach fake people say they’re really shit so words don’t inspire me. Practical actions to act to fool on any track. I give an S weapon with a passion to laughable rappers who weren’t half as dope and actually dual. Your skill sets not compatible, but I mean, I couldn’t use a warm up session. So go ahead, give borscht your best and He will give you his world. Not even formed some medicine is verse just leave it the way it is and still have you scorched in seconds birth. I’m a warrior coming out to play bounce around in pain snorting gunpowder like it’s a pound of VA. Oh, you’re a powerhouse ROM your power outage got an Appetite for Destruction of fucking chopping down grenades scalpel straight to my scalp. I’m taking out my brain to add some touches to it, stitch it back then walk around like Frankenstein and decide if I found my way The more I tried to fit in, the more I feel I’m out of place. Let’s face it. I’m a misfit being the same as everybody else’s worst and they laughing because I’m different. Oh, I wish they had some sense because that shit is more ironic than a porn star who’s bad in bed? And also trash had had the rapid vet whether at suspensive lack in 10th of it my bars are snapping necks got jeans have smashed and tendons and benches will stack and bread. You take my booth. It’s in the campsite because I wrap in tents,

Calvin Tilokee 35:55
too. Hey, man. Oh, yeah, that was dope, though.

Mikko Miller 36:02
I love Yeah, I like it. I like that. I like the lyrical wordplay. I like the metaphor. I like it. I like that was dope. If I close my eyes. I could I could send some mmm in there for real. I could hear that.

Calvin Tilokee 36:16
For sure. Sure. Yeah. Okay. So I’m just saying when you shoot today’s video me Mikko just want to make a little cameo in the back man. Just do a little ditty dance in the back.

Mikko Miller 36:32
Elena girls awesome.

Calvin Tilokee 36:37
Exactly. Yeah, yeah, good shaker shit. All right. So that was dope. Thanks. So we’re going to go into our into our segments you hang around. Let us know if you want to join in. Yes, yes. Alright, so we’re going to set it off as always with and this is the segment where we just talk about what jerk annoys us. It could be a real person could be a celebrity could be somebody bumped into at the grocery store. You know what what would jerk is getting on your nerves this week? Okay,

Borse 37:13
he’s a piece of shit. She’s a dumb beat on it.

Calvin Tilokee 37:17
There we go. Do you got a lot to say? Go Go ahead and jump on that one.

Borse 37:22
I fucking like like like how to fucking do that the fucking Donnie Brasco. Fucking Captain jack. You know, so? We should do we should do she like she was trying to say that fucking he abused her and shit and fucking make all the all these false accusations. She even stole a fucking rape story from one of her employees who actually got raped and fucking tried to like make it her own. And fucking wow and fuck Amber Heard and fuck all the fucking morons fucking defending her like all fucking that’s somebody’s daughter. Well, Johnny Depp is somebody’s son and he didn’t do shit. Amber Heard somebody’s daughter but she did do shit. So what the fuck? assumption shit. And

Calvin Tilokee 38:06
yeah, I didn’t he had a story. And I heard Oh, yeah, I heard very I knew something was going on between the two of them, but I didn’t real piece of shit, man. Wow. I gotta say I gotta see. Yeah, yeah, exactly that that was the realest. I would like that jerk we got from a guest yet.

Mikko Miller 38:34
Oh, though, mine’s not as aggressive. But mine is actually people that uh, so I manage people, I manage a lot of people. And, you know, when some of my employees asked for work, and they end up having to, you know, volunteer to take on more work. They volunteered and then ask them to do more volunteer to take on more work and then they turn around and then bitch and complain about it. Don’t Don’t do that. Don’t be that guy. Like I didn’t need the work done to begin with. Don’t go and be that person to go ask for work and then complain about how you got too much work. Don’t be that person like that. That’s just like, being a jerk. And we don’t like that. So don’t be that guy. I like that photo by the way.

Calvin Tilokee 39:31
Yeah, you know, as always, that fool got a whole bunch of shit on his desk. Like you

Mikko Miller 39:38
know, play the hero don’t play the hero then bitch about it because you got more work that you can’t they just don’t don’t do that.

Calvin Tilokee 39:43
Exactly. I know a couple people like that too. Yeah, we all do. Alright, so I got I got a line of jerks this week.

Mikko Miller 39:58
Not just Wham that sounds frisky

Calvin Tilokee 40:05
All right. So my mind this week is Vin Diesel. Justin Lin, Samantha Vinson. Jeff kirschenbaum Clayton Townsend, Neil, age something. And Joe Roth. These people are the producers of F nine. We don’t need any more Fast and Furious movies. Okay, we’re fucking done. Two Three. A trilogy is tops. Okay? Who the fuck needs nine movies about driving cars? Yeah. Come on. I mean listen, I know Vin Diesel can do shit else so he ain’t going to get another job. Let’s just make another Fast and Furious movie, but God did what like what could this possibly be talking about now?

Mikko Miller 41:00
What wasn’t his brother supposed to be in this one now john cena supposed to like his brother or something? Right? Oh shit. JOHN CENA. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 41:07
I don’t know. I just producers. You know, let’s see. Let’s see who’s losing this. I mean, like, What What the fuck? Cast?

Mikko Miller 41:15
I think Johnson doesn’t is one they just they’re just casting like some of the biggest buffest motherfuckers on a planet. I don’t see nice.

Calvin Tilokee 41:22
Vin Diesel Michelle Rodriguez Of course, because she also can get any other work apparently. So. Tyrese, we know that motherfucking get no other work. ludicrous.

Mikko Miller 41:33
Yeah, yeah. JOHN CENA. Yeah, you’re

Calvin Tilokee 41:35
right. jordanna Brewster, Natalie Emmanuel wherever these people are Kurt Russell. They found Kurt Russell rush on. Charlie’s Theron, isn’t it? Helen Mirren is in this Yeah, what the fuck? What’s happening? Holy shit. Helen Mirren. Like you know, your everybody got that one job where you’re like, I just did that shit. I don’t know why I ended up doing it. That’s it. That’s for Helen Mirren. Really? Why would she ever be in a fast and furious movie? Like a mom or something? Who knows? Yeah, but listen, all of those people who conspired to keep making these fucking movies. Stop. You guys are all the jerks and you will continue to be a jerk. If I see f 10 which of course is going to come out? Of course. That 13 I ain’t gonna stop until you know Vin Diesel you know departs us you know?

Mikko Miller 42:33
It’s gonna stop at F club dude. On the keys on your keyboard. It only goes to F

Calvin Tilokee 42:40
then they’re gonna have alt f1 start over. All control the second I shit man. For ready, Jesus. Watch once you get in a car crash has a new shit happened to you. Come up with a new concept. Isn’t that fucking hard to come up with a new movie? Really? Hollywood? Come on, man. Keep remaking the same stupid shit. Ah, well, I don’t want to remake Scarface the fucking movie is already a remake. Exactly. Why like no one’s gonna beat up and chinos performance in that like exactly why why why mess with that? Exactly. It’s perfect. Like it’s it is what it is. It’s iconic. movie and roll. Oh, it doesn’t need to be redone. No, I don’t even get me started on coming to America.

Mikko Miller 43:40
He came on and watch it.

Calvin Tilokee 43:44
I just I just had a morbid curiosity. I had to. Just I mean, I was coming to America. It was fucking crash. It was trash. absolute garbage. It’s terrible. Listen, you know, it’s bad when you watch a movie that has Eddie Murphy in it. And the funniest person is Leslie Jones. Okay. He wasn’t he has no funny lines in this movie. There’s not a one line. him. Well, you look back and you’re right. Yeah. No. I mean, Leslie Jones was good. That wasn’t to shit on her. But it’s like she shouldn’t be out shining Eddie Murphy at any point that Eddie Murphy’s fucking I know. The movie was, it was bad. It was bad. It was like they just put a whole bunch of cameos in there. Just to try to make it. I mean, they had matumbo in there. And, you know, everybody makes the, you know, the old joke. Like if you Africa, they just call him a tumbo. So of course they back in Africa. And we’re like, Yo, matumbo got the way and then it’s really him. And it’s still and it wasn’t even funny. It was it was bad. And one of those nights where I could be slowing down the shitter lately.

Borse 44:54
Yeah, I’ve noticed bad old movies are like so much better. I’ve noticed.

Calvin Tilokee 44:59
Yeah, like Because there’s so unoriginal now Yeah, just fucking is

Borse 45:06
the Godfather Goodfellas walk in? Yeah, I was watching the Steven Seagal flick yesterday out for justice. Okay, talking was really good I said Steven Seagal I know Steven Seagal didn’t have a good rap man, but fucking Yeah, that movie is very good. But

Calvin Tilokee 45:26
yeah, yeah, he’s out there. He’s a bad day. Oh yeah, the breakfast was like fucking all these older movies are classics. Yeah, yes. When should they? They had to come up with new shit because everything wasn’t done already. Yes I know. I mean, like people get paid lots of money. You know you got all these writers and producers or whatever. I’m sure they got to have more creativity than this. Yeah, and if not, we need to wipe the slate clean and start with some new people because we don’t need to keep making the same fucking movie over and over. Do you see how like forced family guys now? I haven’t watched Family Guy recently. It’s so hard was never a big fan of it. I was never a big fan of it because I was a Simpsons fan right? Family Guy basically just copied the Simpsons. Yeah, like, I mean, yeah, Listen, don’t get me wrong. It’s it’s funny. I’m not gonna sit here. I was never like a family guy hater. I’m not gonna watch it at all, but I always watched it with the thing is like, okay, you just basically made a R rated Simpsons. Yeah, this is not this is not new. You didn’t like these characters are not original. You know what I mean? It’s like, come on, bro. But Seth MacFarlane is really talented. And I give him a pass on that because he’s, he’s really talented. But yeah. Anyway, now it’s time for us to move into the trivia segment.

So this is our trivia segment. And of course, anytime we have a guest at the man cave, the guests automatically in the hot seat. So we ask you a trivia question. If you know it, you give us the answer. And we compliment you on your big brain. If you don’t know it, you got to look at the camera and say, I don’t know that shit.

Alright, keep in with the hip hop theme of the evening. Who is tattooed on Drake’s left tricep? Block? Nicki Minaj No, but that’s a good guess. I don’t know that shit. keepin it real? Is Lil Wayne. Wow. Yeah, that’s crazy. As the man who signed him to Young Money in 2009, and Kickstarter, his career, it’s easy to see why Drake would want to have a permanent reminder of Lil Wayne next to him at all times.

Borse 48:00
Yeah, I could see that. I personally wouldn’t do it, but like I can see, you know? Yeah, neither would I.

Calvin Tilokee 48:06
Yeah, I mean,

Borse 48:08
I pay all text. No mas. Yeah. Or like shout him out on tracks. And you know, just

Calvin Tilokee 48:13
why would you tattoo another dude on your body? I don’t know. It’s just doesn’t seem like something I would do. I wouldn’t even tattoo a shorty on me or anything like that. Right? Alright, unless it’s your kid or your Exactly. Your dad is somebody that is related to you. Yeah, okay. You know, I mean, it’s this little Wayne and my dad. You’re gonna see him often enough apartment together and share right? Right right just FaceTime if you want to say thanks don’t seem necessary

Mikko Miller 48:49
go on the shoulders good. Exactly. Exactly. Maybe calls him daddy. Yeah. I love da la tree to me though. Alright, so

Calvin Tilokee 49:12
now it’s time for the audience in cast favorite. So to get off my lawn segment is where we just air out our grievances about things like what that rant I just went on about movies that could have been a get off my lawn. But you know it needed it so it’s it’s almost segment this week. f9 is crazy. Anyway, don’t get me started to get a Mikko we got

Mikko Miller 49:47
mine is I we all know, on YouTube, social media, Instagram, Facebook, make a post and someone always makes comments whether it’s related to the Comment or related to the post and not related to the post. What? I’m starting to see a lot lately though, we’re just kind of like getting on my goddamn nerves is on a post that I’ve noticed that has a lot of likes, and a lot of comments, people will just come in and chime in about how Oh, I have depression. I have social anxiety disorder. I have all these things that happen to me. You know, please help send me your likes and your comments or whatever. But it’s on a fucking NBA hoops highlight video. It’s like, comment on a YouTube

exactly, you know, on a depressing song on a phone that has like lyrics about you know, battling through something, I get it, you know, and I’m not I’m not shitting on people with, you know, mental or going through. But if it’s LeBron shoving his nuts in someone’s face, because he dunked on with a windmill, and you’re commenting about how, you know you got depression, or you really got depression, or you’re looking for people to like, like your shit and come on to you to pass and like follow you and whatnot. If we’re help, please get out. If it’s for attention, get off my lawn.

Calvin Tilokee 51:25
Oh, man. All right, so so mine this week is keeping with the NBA the just NBA fans in general. Right? I mean, we’re in the playoffs. You know, everybody’s enjoying the playoffs. Lots of great series with the exception of the Miami Heat. Who decided Fuck it. We’re not showing up. We don’t even need to win one game. You know? But these fans, man, like, you know who somebody threw popcorn on Westbrook? A Knicks fan spit on Trey young. somebody threw a bottle at carries head the other night. What the fuck are you doing? Come on, just like it’s just just stupid. grow the fuck up, man. And it’s like you given everybody a bad name? Right? Like we just I mean, listen, I’m a New Yorker. Right? I talk shit. I didn’t realize how much of a New Yorker I am. until I moved out here. Like we talk shit no matter what. Like I don’t expect the Knicks to win anything. But I’ve been talking big shit everybody. I would I got friends from Philly. I’m like, yo, y’all don’t want to see us we’re down three one I don’t care that’s just what we do. Right so you expect that at the garden you expect expect the fans to go a little crazy and you know champion and Trey young in game one. I mean, he got the upper hand but that’s what makes the game fun. Right? But the shit I mean crossing a line where you want to spit on and dude, or you want to throw something at a play? I mean, these are people man like these are people doing the job. And it’s like what what possesses you to want to do that, you know remind me of you know, I’m a paraphrase of Chris Rock like oh, what kind of ignorant shit is that? This game is so good. I want to throw a bottle up in here cool oh man, like you’ve given fans a bad name you know, especially in days now where like you got to be vaccinated and it’s harder to get take as a shield let somebody who know how to act right get a ticket and watch a game and like stay the fuck home I’ll do that shit throw something to TV get off my lawn with this behavior bro.

Mikko Miller 53:35
Yeah, don’t make me bring run our test out there.

Calvin Tilokee 53:39
Exactly. Exactly this will people on Twitter been saying they were like yo apparently has been too long since the man was in the palace. Sometimes fans he said get asked weapon. Right? Remember how big these dudes are? You realize you realize six three is six three. Yeah, that’s Trey young is towering over you then you gotta you gotta you gotta act Right. Right. That’s true how

Mikko Miller 54:09
it looks on TV. But man, it’s 363 That’s fucking that’s taller shit. Oh, exactly.

Calvin Tilokee 54:14
And that dues playing point. Right. Right, Right right. Would you throw I mean out of all people Westbrook does he look same as what wesbrook ever given you the impression that he’s got it all going right upstairs. He will kill you.

Mikko Miller 54:35
And is built like a fucking GI Joe? Yes. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 54:41
yeah, yeah, dude shit. to y’all gonna do to the wrong guy one day. Right? Just like back in the day. What are on our tests you’re gonna do to the wrong dude. and end up in hospital. Or worse. Exactly. Dude, Duffy, you and I come out looking like robot. Have

you got Boris got anything?

Borse 55:12
I’m not a basketball fan, so it’s not NBA related. So it’s people who think that it’s so wrong to be human. You know, like, a lot A lot of people think that you ought to be positive 24 seven and like they put on this fake image about it, you know, I can’t stand that shit. Like, like, like some fake spirituality shit. I’m not saying spirituality as a whole is fake. I’m saying the mainstream narrative that a lot of people preach it’s just, you know, trendy, bullshit. Like, there are dark sides to every little thing, right? And it’s just the whole you know, frickin all your positive vibes only if, if you feel this way your your, your negative person, you’re a bad person, like they like that itself is fucking negative. You’re You’re, you’re calm people, like that just fulfill in a certain way, you know, having normal human emotions. So shit like that gets on my nerves, you know, people who can’t agree to disagree like they think like, I love people like like fat, the contradictions motherfuckers can see within themselves, like they’ll be like, I’m all for freedom. And we should all be for freedom. Don’t let anyone take your freedom away but like you say something they disagree with, they try to fucking tarnish you for it. I thought you were freedom, right? Like if if if someone they like for example, the vaccines if somebody doesn’t want to get a vaccine they don’t have to get the vaccine no they’re not a fucking conspiracy theorist and if somebody does want to get the vaccine no they’re not a fucking lab rat they’re not an experiment it just like let people choose what they want to do without fucking bashing them for like you know and if if if if people take offense to what I’m saying right now then Get the fuck off my lawn

Unknown Speaker 56:44
you know or

Borse 56:46
cut the grass for me cut the grass for me. I thought you

Calvin Tilokee 56:52
know you said a lot there man. I mean Yeah, everybody can have a good day every day. No, it’s ain’t gonna be every day isn’t gonna you to to focus smilin 24 seven exactly that right that person is so will take my eyes like that. Yeah. Crazy. Yeah, right. Exactly. You know? Yeah.

Oh, man, for sure. For sure. My bathtub. I got the toasters gonna plug right into the wall. Definitely awesome. m&ms. It definitely is revenue share right now people killing themselves. midlife crisis, support suicide.

Borse 57:48
But not another thing where people want to act like you know, I see so many people share posts about mental health awareness day and shit like that. But then at the end I like Oh, if you ever need somebody to talk to then African you can always vent to me so fucking you’re going to take their word for it. They’re the first to fucking bail on you and fucking just ignore you. But then when you make a joke about mental health or suicide or some shit to cope or whatever it is, then they want to get mad because they care about us so much. Get the phone

Calvin Tilokee 58:14
in line. Fuck yeah. II Love it. Love it. Love it. Hi, cool. Now try to time to wrap it up with this crazy beat What you got?

Mikko Miller 58:35
I try to keep it with the rap theme. When he talks about how the government hates rap. And he was talking about a Tupac Shakur. And he said a Tupac was gunned down on the Las Vegas Strip after a mike tyson fight. Now, how many witnesses Do you need to see some shit before you arrest somebody? Shit. More people saw two pockets shot in the last episode of Seinfeld. And you know what’s fucked up? Every year Tupac comes back from the dead and record a new album with clues in it. Every record got a clue if you listen real hard. The brother in the race I mean did right there. Listen,

Calvin Tilokee 59:21
POC is reaching out to us.

Mikko Miller 59:23
It was a brother named Kevin with a Mac 11 right there

Calvin Tilokee 59:34
that’s a go right Actually, I will switch it up the one who he was talking about some about murders. And he’s like he’s like the cops never look into rap murders. He’s like, Oh, this is a rap killing this thorough mixtape it’s a spring some crap going on. Let’s get the fuck out of

Mikko Miller 59:56
rap killing. Rap kill it.

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:00
Oh man, she’s funny.

Borse 1:00:03
I saw one. He’s like, I’m only dumb people try to impress smart people. Smart people just do what they do.

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:11
Yes, sir. That’s right.

Borse 1:00:13
I see a lot of them on Facebook man people were like booking Oh, you you you spell this wrong African and someone like all freaking I saw that. They also spelled this wrong to like oh, I’m glad I’m not the only intellectual. What can you fucking Facebook? You’re an intellect. Right? Facebook

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:31
fucking star sticker on like social media. Zack. I had that one a couple weeks ago. Yeah, exactly. It’s fucking social media. Get a life man. Welcome on. I think I think I might have figured out how to get this audio. Oh, okay. See if we can give this a shot. Anything? Yeah, hearing anything. Says share audio. But no, it’s happening. Nope. bucket. We tried. We tried it. We did next time. Next time next time. All right, cool, man. It’s great. Great show today. boerse Thanks for joining us in the man cave bro. Was was a pleasure. It’s a good time. Yeah. And we will do our outros now so that you can let people know where to where to follow you.

Borse 1:01:27
Yo, you can follow me on Instagram boss music b o R sc music. YouTube is also borst music Bo RSC the music I was gonna say Facebook but I just made a new Facebook account and with that my my page ends up getting took him down too. So but um, yeah, on YouTube and Instagram. You know, Spotify Apple Music boerse b o Ric? I mean, yeah, man. Man, my new album much retro ages out now and all music streaming services. Oh, sure. Sure. Alright. Make sure to go download that folks.

Mikko Miller 1:02:00
urim that shit?

Calvin Tilokee 1:02:02
No, sir. And this is Calvin. As always, you could find me on Instagram at Revparblems. scotch in a suitcase. The G spot if you could find it. Or just good old Revparblems calm.

Mikko Miller 1:02:15
And this is Mikko the Filipino. You can catch me on Instagram at Mikko underscore eats.

Calvin Tilokee 1:02:19
And that’s it. All right. Thank you for joining us on another episode of midlife crisis podcast. Thank you to our live audience. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, please leave us a review on iTunes and you may get a shout out live on air. And speaking of being on air, you can become part of the show by supporting us on Patreon. You got your high life members. You got your midlife members. Yeah, gotcha low life members. For as little as $5 a month you can get early access to episodes extended cuts featuring behind the scenes content, and the ability to send in your own audio for get off my lawn. Hit the link in our show notes to get a life. Keep up with us in between shows on Instagram at midlife crisis podcast show notes for this and all episodes are available on midlife crisis podcast.com where you can sign up for the mailing list and get a discount off the mirch. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you on the next one.

Mikko Miller 1:03:13
Let’s go

Calvin Tilokee 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steven Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol on a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry. If you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. And now keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. We don’t know what CDs are. You’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving, or just sitting around wondering why you’re backwards. But let’s get this show on the road. Hello, and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin. Here as always with my boy Steven Mikko, bringing that flavor to you here on a weekly basis. We have a special treat for you this week. As we’ve uncovered and remastered our first ever podcast episode, you’ll hear us discuss our upbringing, how we propose to our wives, and the first ever get off my lawn. This show begins mid conversation with me talking about getting my ass whipped by my mom. Please enjoy. Oh, man. Yeah, that’s crazy. Yeah, I remember once getting hit with a pain stir. Because I had told you before we moved from Brooklyn to to Westchester. So needless to say life was life is a little different in those two situations, right. So Brooklyn, we had the shower is like the shower doors that are on tracks. Yeah. So you get in the shower, or you close the door so you don’t have to think about it. We moved to Westchester, there’s curtains, the shower curtains. Were sometimes a curtain outside of the tub. Yeah, I’m like, Whoa, you know, I don’t know what to do with this. So I jump in the shower. But that plastic curtain was outside the tub. Hmm.

Steve 2:08
So what are on the floor?

Calvin Tilokee 2:10
Exactly? Yeah. I didn’t know why no. exit plan again.

I’m 12 I’m not exactly responsible for these type of things happening. Like now if that were to happen, like I have those shower curtains in my apartment now. But I know if I forget to do that. I’m had to clean it up afterwards.

Mikko Miller 2:27
Right. Right. Right, right.

Calvin Tilokee 2:29
So you start to remember these things. Also, the asked weapon I got for having the floral wet is probably what makes me Never forget to do that again, at this stage of life. But yeah, that was the paints 30 we got a lot of belts. You got a belt. I remember one time getting hit with a belt or trying to get hit. And it was like, I was jumping on my bed to try to get away. So my daddy was like that. Yeah. And I’m jumping it away. It was like, oh, Western. Jump. Right. Get out of the way. But a smack. So. Yeah, yeah, you know, but listen, we all turned out fine, I think. Yeah. Yes, we did. Yes, we did. So, you know, shout out to all our parents. For the tough love. Tough Love. It was all love.

Steve 3:15
It was love you my parents were never my friends.

Mikko Miller 3:19
I mean, we’re friends.

Steve 3:21
Until I was grown up. Exactly. Thank God. There were parents, not the kind of parents that want to be your friend. Yeah, they’ll be friends with a kid. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 3:33
Michael Jackson. That’s about it. Exactly.

Go have to edit a lot of shit.

Mikko Miller 3:45
If you if your daughter calls you, Mama, Mama, Mama. Pam. She goes. Why are you at the club? It’s Wednesday. Is it your birthday? Is it your birthday? Go home and take care of them. Kids. 20 robbed me in 10 years.

Calvin Tilokee 4:09
Oh, good. So, Steve, you mentioned that you live overseas for a while Mikko knows at some part of your upbringing. You grew up overseas as well.

Mikko Miller 4:18
Yeah, I’m born in the Philippines. Stayed so I was five. My dad joined the military at a later age in his life, stationed in Germany, lived there for seven years. Went back to the Philippines for a year. Went back to Germany for another three and then the rest of my life. I lived in Maryland where I went for high school and college. So that’s army brat. army brat been all over traveled all over Europe. He took advantage of it. And yeah, Maryland is kind of like my, my formative years was in Germany, but a lot of things that I remember was from Maryland, obviously middle school, high school, college. That’s what really like you know, grew went up in the military environment, you’re sheltered on if you guys know we’re in the army base, like, months and days at a time, we don’t venture out as much into the community. So we live with a lot of army brat and a lot of people in the military. But once we came to Maryland, it was like free for all you know, it’s like public school letting go to private school went to public school and it’s like, awesome. This is what it’s like, you know, not everyone’s so well behaved in in the military, your kids misbehave, the parents get punished, the soldier gets punished. Oh, good. So you don’t behave you know, if you’re out past curfew, you don’t get punished. Your dad gets punished and you know, your IDs could be revoked. Lose rank, there’s a lot of things that can happen to you don’t do that shit. You know, so when in Maryland, it was like, Oh, it’s like a free for all. Like, that’s my newfound freedom. And that’s kind of like what I do. I did a lot of growing up in Maryland.

Calvin Tilokee 5:51
Wow. That’s cool. That’s interesting. Interesting. And that’s one of the things I’d say about college and like those years, you know, that’s where you do least for me, that’s where I did my growing up. Really? It’s where you want to become an adult. Yeah, you got to take care of yourself. Clean a bank account?

Mikko Miller 6:13
Yep. Spending you got to spend budget, you know, 2999 for a week, nothing in the last few months, but you might ramen and you know, dollar hams and juices and you know, you don’t buy a mountain dew you buy a What’s that? A lion? mountain lion? What?

Calvin Tilokee 6:31
Cuz Yeah, the local supermarket was called food line. So they’re, they’re at home brand or whatever you want to call it. Their their white label brand was called mountain lion. Yeah. Yeah, it was a tiger and again.

Oh, man, those are good ties. Yeah, good time. So where did you live in Germany?

Mikko Miller 7:02
I lived in a place called schweinfurth. For the first tour duty. I mean, actually, no. freeburg was the first tour of duty. And then the second one was schweinfurth feet, but it was about two hours away from Frankfurt. schweinfurth was about an hour away from Frankfurt. It’s, it’s close to like the worst Berg I don’t know if you guys know that. But if you know Dirk Novitsky I think he’s coming to worse Burg area. So it’s close to where he grew up.

Calvin Tilokee 7:26
Okay. Yeah, I’ve been to Germany one time, went to Boston, Boston. Yes, as I showed where I got engaged. And then we went to Frankfurt for a few days, I think I was there for a week until it I think three or four days in Boston, Boston, then a couple in Frankfurt. And then back home.

Mikko Miller 7:45
Did you guys do those public baths in Boston, Boston, that’s what they’re known for. Right?

Calvin Tilokee 7:50
Well, the hotel we stayed at, had some of that water at the hotel. So the hotel pool and the hot tub had this water. So Boston, Boston is known for these natural thermal bats that just come out of the earth. Similar to I think we have some similar things in Yellowstone here in this country, and Canada has places like that. So that whole town is known for that. And it’s Historically, the kaisers are the kings of Germany would go to this area for vacation to relax and this was their, you know, vacations button or the better way to say it, but like a spa destination, basically. And they have these big public houses where you go in and all the water in the pools and everything is this natural thermal mineral water that’s supposed to be really good for you, you can drink it and it’s supposed to have a lot of health benefits. But mostly you swim in it and just it’s good for your skin and to seep into your pores and all that stuff. So that’s what Mikko is talking about. But this hotel we stayed at which is now a Radisson It was called the what’s called a bottle shut off. That’s that was so sick doesn’t take man

Mikko Miller 9:01
that silly me? Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 9:06
Yeah, this hotel had that running right into the into the property. So they had one of these pools where you could swim from inside outside user of the park. They had a nice little park behind it. So obviously you don’t forget that because that’s that’s where I got engaged that that was a good memories there.

Mikko Miller 9:24
How’d you do it?

Calvin Tilokee 9:27
Oh, that’s it. I have that question on the list. So we Yeah, we will go through that. That was as most things with my relationship as you probably would expect. If anybody he already knows me, it didn’t go according to plan. You know, this. There’s we Anna and I joke that we, you know, we don’t do anything romantic like this traditional romance. It’s just when we try to do things like that things. It just doesn’t work out. It’s and it started from the beginning, I would say so. I went and my wife Parents are Russian. So I needed I went I was very traditional. I wrote a letter to her sister who was bilingual. So she translated the letter for me to give to her parents and get permission, and which I did. So then I went to propose, but that night, we all we all went out to dinner. And my father in law ruin the surprise, because he starts grilling me at dinner, about like, why do you want to marry her and listen, and he doesn’t speak English. So he’s really me through her younger sister, who was maybe about 17 at the time.

Mikko Miller 10:35
Oh, damn.

Calvin Tilokee 10:37
So he starts asking me, so obviously, my wife couldn’t understand that the translation and everything and he sounds good to me like, Well, why do you love her and listen, and why do you want to get married to her? I’m like, how do you answer that question? Like, seriously? How do you answer why do you love this person? Oh, I love her because she’s five foot seven. And I love it cuz I love her. Like who she is. Right? Like, how do you explain something like that? And, anyway, the worst mistake, as if that wasn’t bad enough. I must have been nervous. not thinking straight. Whatever. My dumb ass decides to order curry.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
In German.

Calvin Tilokee 11:15
Oh, not not London. Yeah. Not India. Not even New York City. I’m in Germany. I’m in Barton, Barton, Germany, and I was like, the curry shrimp. Sounds good. So I get this curry shrimp. We go back to the hotel. And I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 11:36
running right through you.

Calvin Tilokee 11:37
Yes. Like, this is gonna be a long night. But I decide. That’s the night like the mood is right? to propose to my girl. That one that night. I figured, yeah, this is the time to do it. All the stars are aligning.

Mikko Miller 11:56
I just couldn’t wait. Oh, my God is talking to me. But

Calvin Tilokee 11:59
like, baby, something my gut was just talking to me just spoke to me that night and said, now’s the time to do it. But in all seriousness, I just couldn’t wait any more. Like I was excited to do it. So my vision was to slip it on her finger while we were sleeping. And then She’d wake up in the morning. And it’d be like the movies where she’s like, oh, teary eyed and I get down on one knee and belay Baby, you know, you want this for the rest of your life. You know, and all that stuff. I like how you put your shoulders into that one. Oh, yeah, you got to you got. You got to romance it

Mikko Miller 12:39

Calvin Tilokee 12:40
So I got the ring in the in the box under the bed. I grab it. And I’m trying to move like real quiet and slow. So I grab it, got it in my hand. She’s not moving. And I finally like slip it on her finger and then like, turn around. And I wait. And wait. Maybe 30 seconds goes by. And then all of a sudden she says you want to say something. And this is when I discovered my wife is a light sleeper. Because I kept getting up and out of bed. And then she felt me put it on her finger. She’s like, you’re gonna say something. So nice. I’m sure I stutter. I’m like, I wasn’t expecting this, right? Oh, yeah, baby, you want to? I love you and you want to like, marry me? I honestly can’t remember what I said. I can’t remember it for the life of me What? What came out after that? But she said yes. And we’re still married after 13 years. So that’s most important.

Mikko Miller 13:44
The rest is history. The rest is history.

Calvin Tilokee 13:45
That’s it. But that pretty much set the tone for our relationship. Anytime we try to do some romantic. That’s pretty much how it goes. So that’s me, I’ll get used to see.

Steve 13:59
That’s a fantastic story. Oh my god, I can just hear her saying that. So. So when. So when I asked Maria to marry me. I did the same thing. I was very traditional asked Marie’s Dad, you know, talk to her mom. I didn’t talk to her sister. And then Marie was taken me to Niagara Falls for my birthday. And so like a day before we leave, she comes down with mana. She’s like, you know, I still want to do it. I still want to take you you’ll drive most of the way. But I’ll, I’ll take it. So um, so we’re going up there and I didn’t want to propose to her on my birthday. So I waited until like, 11 o’clock. We’re both kind of up still. She’s getting kind of tired. I go, hey, what if we went for a walk? And I’m dragging this poor woman around until it’s like after just after midnight. So I don’t propose on my birthday.

Mikko Miller 15:00

Steve 15:02
exactly. And walking around the falls and we’re heading over towards the falls. And as we’re walking, I’m like, I’m holding her tight. And I noticed that there’s a couple ahead of us and they’re full on banging it out on the park that I’m passing them to what I have proposed to my wife, but this romantic, romantic moment. And so

Calvin Tilokee 15:28
romantic butts on the planet.

Steve 15:29
These guys, they they were full on boning. There’s, I mean, in to this day, she’ll say,

Mikko Miller 15:36
I never noticed I never noticed. I don’t either.

Steve 15:40
I don’t either. And so, you know, right when we got there, I looked at my watch was about five past or so. And I dropped to one knee. I asked her I held my hand up and I remember the face she made still to this day. And she her ass was up after that. It was she was calling everybody probably went probably went to bed at like two or three in the morning that night. Yeah, yeah. Had to i, whoever those two people are there forever etched in my memory as you know, as whatever, whatever was going on. It was very passionate. And there was a mon, so pretty clear. What was shaken.

Calvin Tilokee 16:20
You know, you know, we all go to Niagara Falls for for different reasons. So how long have you guys been married now?

Steve 16:28
16 years. 16 years this past July? 13.

Calvin Tilokee 16:32
Nice. Yeah. Wow. I have a feeling those three people to light there.

Mikko Miller 16:38
Yeah. This is good.

Calvin Tilokee 16:43
Yeah, yeah, we’ll make sure that edited. Because as long as you got the gift on the third. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I did that for the first few years of my marriage. Sure. Like I forgot exactly what date you got married. You think it’s a seven but I used to say the sixth? All the time. And then she she’d be looking because people would ask and she’d look at me. I’m like, What? At least I remember. We got anniversary. I mean, I’m doing remember they married.

Mikko Miller 17:13
Exactly. Anyway. Exactly.

Calvin Tilokee 17:16
So but you Mikko you gotta you gotta top those stories.

Mikko Miller 17:20
Unfortunately, I can’t. Mine’s just boring compared to you guys. I don’t have any interesting stories like you guys. We first off, I got laid off at work as I saved up for a ring. And as I saved up for the trip, you know, we live in California. We planned on a three week trip back east. She’s never been so I was gonna take it to like DC, Baltimore, and then up to New York health care pros in New York Times Square. But then I got laid off, but we still went on with a trip. You know, I took my money. We went onto the trip. You go to Times Square. Where you go eat lunch with my mom. My mom brought her sisters along because they all knew cat didn’t know. And just in the middle of Times Square, you know, I try to time it where the camera was right on us, you know, in that big O screen and dropped to one knee? I timed it perfectly. I dropped to one knee. Everyone’s looking and she said yes. I had my aunt, you know with a camera to record a moment. And she was so caught up by the moment. The proposal wasn’t even what I remembered. My aunt was supposed to be recording. And she got so caught up in the moment you put the camera down and got people’s feet. Oh, I love you. If you hear this, sorry.

Calvin Tilokee 18:34
Oh, man, you know what was so And how long have you been married now?

Mikko Miller 18:39
Only five years guys. So I started started kind of late.

Calvin Tilokee 18:43
Dude, that’s that’s that’s still a long time for most people. And I think what would I tell people once you get past the five years, you said like the warranty is expired? Yeah, neither one of you could return it at this point. So you Good.

Mikko Miller 18:57
Good. And as far as anniversaries go, I keep it to the month. It’s June. So that’s the you guys

Calvin Tilokee 19:06
that I see. Yeah, that’s a Yeah, I got set up the same way. Because our our anniversary is April 7, seven. Yeah. My wife’s birthday is the 27th Okay, okay, so April is just shot for me Gosh, like for life like so. It’s the same April I could just get a gift to gifts in the mid week of April and probably be good. There you go. Probably not. I’m probably gonna have to edit that out. But I don’t think that I don’t think it’s gonna work. So she Oh, she got me to early birthday guess but misty and crispy.

Mikko Miller 19:43
Lovely Anna.

Calvin Tilokee 19:45
It was funny. It was funny is that none of us has a normal proposal story.

Mikko Miller 19:50

Calvin Tilokee 19:51
you know, nothing goes the way you expected in the movies.

Mikko Miller 19:56
I wish it did. You know like I said like I had planned out the timing, you know? thing, but it just, it just didn’t work out that way. Like I think more people will either focused on the big screen or on us to actually be recording. So now when I’m like wanting to view how I did it, whatever is like I have to go off a memory like with everyone else. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 20:16
That’s probably for the best. Probably maybe. I mean, we were just talking about this recently, because the hotel where we met, just closed for good. Because of Yeah, because of COVID. You know, I guess they’ve been they’ve been closed for some time and financially realized that it just wasn’t going to make sense. So they’ve closed for good. And that hotel, which is the the Hilton writedown, or the Hilton Westchester is it later became known was Yeah, it’s completely, completely closed. They just closed it last week.

Mikko Miller 20:49

Calvin Tilokee 20:50
on top of that, where we got married, we got married in Hawaii, on Molokai, which is the smallest Hawaiian island. They won’t keep going, right? Yeah, it was called the Molokai ranch that that hotel closed down about a year after we got married. So we were joking the other days, like, you know, if we ever want to go back to our monumental places, like they just don’t exist. I’m not sure if that’s what that’s supposed to mean. But we can’t go back to where we got married. And we can’t go back to where we got met. Neither one of these places exist anymore. It’s not money, right?

Mikko Miller 21:28
That’s small, apocalyptic. Sheer. Yeah.

Steve 21:31
I got to monetize that somehow.

Mikko Miller 21:34
You got it. Right. Exactly.

Calvin Tilokee 21:37
Exactly. So speaking of COVID, since that’s kind of come up in you know, the impact on that particular hotel? How is how has that been for you guys? and I, we didn’t even touch on what we all do for a living at this point. Not that it necessarily matters. But if you want people to know, but how has it impacted? your work life? Have you developed any new habits during this time? What’s up?

Mikko Miller 22:02
I’ll tackle it on let’s see, well, I work for a large HMO health care provider. So we never shut down. My department that I have have 51 people that I’m in charge of, we never shut down. So as the whole country went into lockdown, we stayed open, obviously, we handle like medical records and things like that. So we were considered essential employees. Yeah, so we stayed open, and we’re still open. Now, as certain departments and certain facilities have are shut down and go through like, you know, intermittent shutdowns and intermittent closings, we remained open. We try to stay diligent with, you know, social distancing, and wearing masks and gloves and try to, you know, space each other out as much as we can. But it’s rough because you don’t know what these people do. Even me, they don’t know what I do outside of work at work, we try to be safe, you know, but outside of work, people can take off mask and go wherever the heck they want to do but at work to have this. You know, like a policy where you keep your mask on you stay away, you don’t sneeze in front of other people. But it doesn’t mean you’re not bringing it in. So, but as far as habits that I’ve developed, doing COVID my wife and I, I think you’ve developed the habit of enjoying Uber Eats. food delivery is like, awesome. It’s like, I don’t know why it wasn’t invented before. But that’s kind of like a habit. Not necessarily a good habit that we develop. But you know, we love Postmates Uber Eats us want to sponsor us. Let’s definitely use your services like every day, almost every day. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 23:45
Hey, nothing wrong with that, man.

Mikko Miller 23:46
Got he

Calvin Tilokee 23:47
got restaurants gotta make money.

Mikko Miller 23:50
That’s true. That’s true. Everything’s takeout nowadays, so.

Calvin Tilokee 23:53
Yeah. Yeah.

Steve 23:56
So, I, so I worked for a software company, and I work with, you know, pretty large. I consultants, so that software to pretty large companies, and I’ve always worked out in my house. So you know, when COVID hit, it wasn’t, it wasn’t a big deal for me. workwise um, you know, from my day to day, I mean, it disrupted a lot of my customers and I’ve had to work through that but the only thing that the only thing that’s changed for me from a work life balances. Now I have my daughter and my wife with me all the time. And prior to us moving in to this house where we are now we were doing this out of you know, small to small two bedroom and it was got hairy a couple times but you know, all in all, now that we’re in this house, it’s it’s a lot easier that we can just kind of spread out. Yeah. But from a you know, how it’s you know, a funny way in which it’s in which it’s impacting us is that we are, you’re more, you’re a lot more careful about who you go with, who you see, you know, you’re very upfront about asking them what they do, you know, what they, you know, what do you do? What do you not what you do, but what you what I meant to say was? Um, have you come in contact with or are you wearing a mask? You know, we’re much more diligent about that stuff. And we’ve, you know, a few times we’ve invited some people over then they’ve been they’ve had to back out because they, you know, came in contact with someone, nom and, and we’ve even said, hey, look, I I saw my, you know, I saw so and so yesterday, I’m not, you know, I don’t know what their situation is. Enough. So I’m going to kind of keep to myself for the next two weeks. And I will say I Well, we don’t do a micos food delivery. We do. I have. I have come to really enjoy wine from Costco. And I have zero shaman in in in saying that I really enjoy it.

Calvin Tilokee 26:13

Steve 26:13
So, you know, you know, shoot every, you know, every other night. It’s what kind of wine from Costco Do you want to pop? And that’s, that’s what’s changed with us right now. What

Calvin Tilokee 26:25
kind of wine Do you get at Costco?

Steve 26:27
So, if I, if I point the camera off to my right, you’ll see that there is a name of a vo ha no walbeck and Alexander Valley cab, and I’ll tell you what. It’s so damn good. I mean, it’s just, it’s crazy. Nice. And, and I’ve actually I mean, I like wine I’ve had. I’ve had very, very good wine. I just I know what I like and I know what I’m willing to pay for it. And for the price it’s can’t be

Calvin Tilokee 27:05
Yeah, yeah. I know. A big thing out here is people go to Trader Joe’s for wine. Apparently they have they have cheap wine. It’s supposed to be pretty good. That’s that’s a spot for the for the young kids. Yeah, I don’t do wine anymore. I’ve discovered that me and wine do not agree. How come? I think is the sulfites. Okay, I believe that’s what it is. That messes me up. And Funny enough, I discovered this. When we went to Napa Valley went to wine country last year. And you going around and doing different tastings all day. And I just realized by the end of the day, like I just felt really rundown and weird every single day. And then so I thought I’d have more water, like do a little tasting have more water and I read Okay, maybe with wine, I just need to hydrate more than I do when I drink other types of alcohol. But it’s still, I just wouldn’t feel right. So I think it was our anniversary last year. So we went with the Napa Valley in March. And again, April is our anniversary. So then for our anniversary, we went out and we went to john George, which is like fancy, you know, fine dining. And it was my wife and I think we split two bottles of wine. So I didn’t feel drunk. I just felt very full, like a balloon just like completely, like I was about to pop. And I get home and I’m like, Oh man, I just got to take a shower. I’ll go straight to bed. And I lay there for a while and then realize you know, something got happening. Something is this is not going to work out well. And the best way I could describe it is if you took a full stuff that burrito like from Chipotle, I like to ask and fill it as packet as tight as possible. And then just squeeze it in the middle. It was coming out. That’s Yeah, yeah. And so we’re gonna call episode one. cow’s gastrointestinal issues.

I thought maybe it was something I ate. Yeah, so Oh, man. You know, I had fog rot at night. And I was like, maybe the food was just too rich because I just feel really, really heavy. until October of last year, we went to Barcelona and I had a couple of glasses of Kava, it really wasn’t a lot. And the exact same thing happened. And I said it’s wine. It has to be wine like it just doesn’t agree with me. Now I could drink whiskey all night and be fun. I can drink a lot of different types of alcohol but wine for some reason. It just doesn’t. Doesn’t vibe anymore. So there’s that okay. It’s nothing to do with Coke. By just as far as me with COVID, as you guys know, I’ve worked in hospitality and have for almost 20 years, spent most of that time doing revenue management for hotels. And my the hotel I was at around mid March started to feel the impact of COVID. And you could see people starting to really cancel. And eventually, at first, it was just, Hey, you guys can start working from home because, you know, it’s safer. So we started working from home from about the middle of March, and then late April, my hotel closed. And then it hasn’t reopened to my knowledge. And this is since April. And I don’t know what the impact of that’s going to be market wise and everything. But as far as us haven’t been home since mid March, and just in an apartment for you know, four plus months, we’ve learned to appreciate getting outside. I think that’s been the most important thing. Yeah, what we would do is just kind of end our day with with a walk around the neighborhood. And eventually, it’s all in all is about three miles, but we’d make sure five 530 end of the day, hey, let’s pack up, go for a walk, come back, if we have to work we have to work when we come back, because it was really crazy in the beginning for both of us. But yeah, we really got into walking and we’ve started hiking on the weekends. Now, I had to pay a fresh Tim’s that I never wore, because I go to work like Well, you can’t wait Tim’s to work, right. So now they’re hiking boots, I wear those to go hiking, you know, we’ve done quite a few trails around and discovered things that we didn’t even know, existed around here. So that’s been really good. And I think it really started to appreciate getting out in nature and how much better you feel when you do that. Yeah, just just being out around the trees and fresh air and just walking around for an hour or so every day really, really helps. And that’s been I think the main thing that made them for us is exercise. And I’ve finally got consistent with exercising my gym has been doing virtual classes throughout the whole time. So I’ve been my working out, throw a little yoga mat down in my bedroom and knock out some high intensity workout for you know, 45 minutes. And it’s it’s been the mental effects of that that have had been more most important. You know, I’ve not really changing or losing weight or anything like that. But mentally I realized very early on, if I didn’t work out or go for a walk, I was in a foul mood. I just didn’t feel good. So I’ve realized now the importance people talk about the endorphins and working out makes you feel good and gives you energy now I know what they’re actually talking about, because it really is helped change their mindset. So I’d say that’s the biggest thing for me.

Steve 32:50
That’s fantastic. You know, one of the upsides for me being here is, you know, our daughter’s not going to daycare. And so I get to snipe, you know, a ton of time with her. And and it’s it’s one of the bright spots of the whole thing for me at least.

Calvin Tilokee 33:06
Yeah, well, that’s good. I mean, you get to spend a lot of time with her. Yeah, time you may not otherwise have been able to get.

Steve 33:13
And it’s time that she spends with a stranger who, you know, really spends more time, you know, with her than I do. You know, when when she would go to daycare, right? I hear walking around upstairs, I think she’s going to be a surprise.

Calvin Tilokee 33:30
Surprise, surprise.

Steve 33:33
Yeah. Whenever she surprises me at work, I always just refer refer to her as my intern.

Mikko Miller 33:39

Steve 33:40
I have found that, you know, people have been a lot more accommodating, not accommodating, but just

Mikko Miller 33:47
were something maybe what’s that receptive, now

Steve 33:51
receptive and understanding their overall just more understanding that you know, you’re working from home. So if the dogs barking in the background or some kid, you know, if your interns got to have sliced bananas, you know, you just got to do with

Calvin Tilokee 34:08
the peanut butter.

Mikko Miller 34:09
Yeah, and that’s what I tried some a wife, my wife works from home. She’s a nurse. She used to work in floors, but now she’s working from home. And so it’s a big adjustment for her. So for the first I think four months of COVID I think she went out once and you know, I still go out to work. I still you know, outside so like I don’t feel the effects the same way she does, but she did say the same thing. It’s like going out exactly what Calvin said. Being able to just go out and walk around catch them. sunrays, actually like elevates her mood and the fact that you know, just to be able to just catch fresh air I guess I take advantage of I didn’t realize how much of a disadvantage It was hard to work from home because I mean, you got it easy. You wake up, you know, go straight to work. But just the simple fact of being able to go outside and catch some fresh air and you know see other people and talk to other people intermingle with other people. Like, I just failed to realize that early on that, you know, she probably misses that stuff because you know, she was a bedside nurse for like damn near 20 years. And then now she’s working in it’s like, they do like a telehealth. So it’s all, you know, telephonic. So she does that from home. 24 seven, pretty much.

Steve 35:22

Mikko Miller 35:23
I’m not really but you know, her shifts are long, but you know, he gets up early to prepare and then afterwards he does like the notes and stuff. So she’s just home all day. Then I come home and it’s like, dinner. big piece of chicken, you know. Give me a lot of Chris Rock references. Oh, yeah. Great. Yeah.

Steve 35:45
It’s fair to reference that.

Calvin Tilokee 35:46
That one that was a good one. Yeah, that’s it. They didn’t kiss me who’s Chris Rock? Is he like, Kevin Hart? Doesn’t? You know what?

Mikko Miller 35:54
Let’s not start that discussion, man.

Calvin Tilokee 35:55
What do I know? We got a couple minutes left.

Steve 36:00
If you don’t know who Chris Rock is crawl out from under your rock and go see anything by Chris Rock.

Mikko Miller 36:08
Bigger, blacker bringing the pain what’s the new one? What’s the newest? tambourine? tambourine there’s one more before that though. The one that you saw one. Did you watch one carbon?

Calvin Tilokee 36:23
Chris I saw him live he would think he was filming tambourine.

Mikko Miller 36:27
What was the tambourine? Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 36:28
yeah, that’s what he was doing that with he was funny still funny as hell man. He’s he’s not bring the pain funny, like back in those days. I mean, that is to me is the ultimate like Chris Rock is my favorite. He’s my favorite comedian. I don’t think he’s the best right now. I think Chappelle is by far the best comedian

Chappelle is the best to his his jokes and the way he brings socio economic things together and does it in a way where it’s not really offensive unless you’re just one of those people who gets offended by things. But level he does it Yeah, he does it in such a smooth way that he’s he’s a next level genius. But Chris Rock is just my favorite. This is somebody his delivery and his type of jokes that had always jive with me like he’s always been hilarious.

Mikko Miller 37:17
Yeah, it’s his face. It’s his hands is ready can tell his jokes. Sorry, Chris.

Calvin Tilokee 37:25
I seem you should have killed it. But

Steve 37:31
I like jelly.

Mikko Miller 37:34
Prefer syrup.

Steve 37:35
I don’t think I need to go much more into that one.

Calvin Tilokee 37:42
That was a good segue into our final segment. For tonight. We’re going to start off with something called Get off my lawn. When you young whippersnappers think you got everything figured out. And y’all just need to get off my lawn with that stuff. Oh, so I want to start I’ll start this one. Because I just get tired of people today. Especially these kids that think they invented everything. They think that what they like, has to be the best, like nothing existed before. They started paying attention to stuff. You know, like Drake is the greatest rapper of all time. Don’t get me started. Don’t get me started because we’re going to lose all day for another day.

Mikko Miller 38:23
Because no, yeah. No,

Calvin Tilokee 38:26
you know, LeBron James, best basketball player to ever have existed. Really?

Mikko Miller 38:31
Oh, touchy subject right there. touchy? Oh, no.

Calvin Tilokee 38:36
I mean, we got we got somebody from Ohio on eso. Oh, man, you may have something to say. But

Steve 38:43
you can’t compare their different players they had. It’s just different. It’s like saying Tiger Woods. And jack Nicklaus. You know, from a golf standpoint, you know, there’s just more technology available now that that makes them better athletes, but I think putting the two of them up against each other in their prime.

Mikko Miller 39:01
I don’t know.

Steve 39:04
I’d say Jordan would take him in his prime in his like, UNC days. I think he would he would take LeBron.

Calvin Tilokee 39:11
Let’s see the thing with that is I don’t think it’s not. It’s not a one on one type of thing. Because I know, I know. It’s, well, yeah, I mean, it’s their greatness as to what they’ve accomplished in the game. But, I mean, LeBron is what six nine, like 280, or whatever. I mean, he’s a linebacker, I mean, physically, yes, he’s way more gifted than Jordan. If this was any other player you were talking about who was Jordan sighs you’d say LeBron to take them. But just because of Jordans mentality. I think that’s what separates him from everyone else who’s ever played that sport, and probably most other sports, if you’ve watched the last dance, and you still think LeBron is better. And it’s not even a discussion to you that we can have a conversation like we I mean, as committed As Jordan was to being the best basketball player ever, that’s all he was focused on. Yeah, you know, he did. I just didn’t think about anything else. By comparison, LeBron is involved in a lot of different things, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not saying it’s bad. But Jordan never focus on anything else. But basketball, which is what made him so damn good. And he elevated teams to levels that have never been been seen before. You know, LeBron talks about, you know, people talk about LeBron playing with, you know, boobie Gibson and those guys and bring it up to the finals, which is a ridiculous accomplishment. Yeah, when you think about it, but he never created a Pippin. like nobody thinks Scottie Pippen was going to be top 50 player of all time without Jordan, right? Like, that would have never happened. You know, LeBron hasn’t done that. For anybody, the guys he’s won with have already been stars. Good point, you know, true, true, true. But that’s me, I’m out. I’m gonna go back into house and I let these kids do what they got doing wrong, because my other one

Mikko Miller 41:06
I’m just gonna chime in on that real quick, just real quick chime in on that. I think the closest and this is, I think me and not just because I live in LA, the closest that someone has ever come to that type of killer mentality, in my opinion has always been Kobe Bryant. He may not have been as gifted, he may not have elevated his teams to the level that Michael did, but that mentality of I’m just gonna kill you every single night. I think Kobe had that Kobe had that in them. And, you know, LeBron, Kobe, Mike, I wish I would have a shirt where they’re all three of them were like on like holding each other. I wish it would have wore that shirt. But mentality wise, I think Michael Colby were like, a&b, in my opinion, that’s just, you know,

Calvin Tilokee 41:50
I agree. And I’ll just jump on that point real quick. There’s a book I listened to a couple years ago called relentless by Tim Grover, who was the trainer for he also trained Coby and Wade, and if you listen to that book, he talks about the mentalities of all of these different guys, and how there’s, there’s different levels to it. And he he specifically says that lebrons not quite there. He’s not quite on that level. This is not an insult. Right. I think that’s what people get, get. get it twisted resale. He’s not the greatest of all time, then they get offended. Like you’re somehow insulting LeBron James, to say that he’s not the greatest human being to ever be good in that profession is not an insult. He’s in the conversation. Right? But isn’t we’re not saying Brian is garbage by any means. But to Mikko point about the mentality like that thing, where Jordan was just not going to lose six and o in the finals. He just was not having it. He just was not having any any slack in front from from his teammates, and take take with LeBron and that famous meme now when jr Smith, right with J. Smith wasn’t paying attention to the clock or whatever, that would have never been allowed to do that. That’s not going to happen. You know, you get into a fistfight, like you did with Steve Kerr. But listen to that book, if I would suggest anybody, it’s there’s a great book period for, for your mentality and just how to go about being great at anything. But this is somebody who’s trained some of the greatest basketball players we’ve known. And I think you should take his word for it. Yet, I’ll leave it at that. But yeah, back back to back to you.

Mikko Miller 43:37
on mine, as far as this generation goes, and, you know, I’ve grown accustomed to a lot of millennials living in California and having that type of mindset and that sense of entitlement. I think it kind of piggybacks off of your point, a lot of the millennials that I come across have this sense of entitlement where they just, they felt like everything is deserving. For them, they deserve everything. And, you know, we’ve gone through, I’m pretty sure all three of us, you know, hard work being beat our parent, not beat but you know, being disciplined by our parents, and having to work for what we’ve got and not been given everything that we’ve had. And these people just expect, you know, the whole world of people that come across in the workplace that feel like, Oh, my sick time is my time. You know, it’s for me whenever I want to use it, you know, I’m going to call out and not come to work and give you a call five minutes before my shift and think it’s okay. Because it’s, you know, it’s my right, it’s my time off and it’s like, how do you grew up with that mentality of just thinking everything was meant for you and you’re supposed to take advantage of everything because it’s there. In I think that’s just one of the things that I just can’t stand from millennials and people consider us moving because we’re like, kinda like in between that town that border. Yeah. Yeah, but do you Young uns that come across and just feel like everything is should be there and it belongs to them. And all these rights are for them, and they have to take advantage of it just like, if you can see me just just to see that it’s not work, work for it, show me some respect work for and respect you, but don’t expect things to be given to you.

Calvin Tilokee 45:19
Right? I hear that man.

Steve 45:23
So, you know, in what I prepared for this was was, you know, something similar to what Mikko saying, you know, I work with a lot of younger people who are coming into my profession. And you, it’s easy to say, Oh, he’s, you know, he does, he does this for a living, it’s, it’s, it looks super easy. And then, you know, he, he gets a lot of accolades, or, you know, someone gets accolades, not saying I get accolades, but someone gets accolades. And then oh, I want to go do that. That That just seems, seems easy.

Mikko Miller 46:02

Steve 46:04
you know, I’ve had, I’ve had a couple of people contact me about jobs, and they’re asking me all these questions about these jobs. And I’m like, dude, you are not qualified whatsoever to do this job. Why are you trying to skip steps? A, B, C, D, E, F, go right down the alphabet. You know, to everyone’s point here, you need to put in work. And yeah, that’s so I’m, I’m, I’m really over that. It’s something I would like to see. Just more. Yeah, just more hard work, work put in and then you can always tell when someone’s coming at you. Who has some bike by by, you know, luck or whatever. They’re in a, somewhat of a position similar to you. And they’re like, you didn’t put in any work? Man, you just you just got here. Rather you bump you up in fire you. I’m going to get off my soapbox. I can go on a pretty long tangent of that one. But I see that enough. And it’s a Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 47:06
Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah, we definitely sound like, you know, middle aged men. So yeah, I think I think we’ve, we’ve hit home, the theme of the podcast and Episode One was definitely, yeah, I’m sure we’ll we’ll touch on that topic as we move forward, because that’s something I’ve seen quite a bit of. And I’ve also seen it from people older than us. And that’s the thing. So we’re not here to bash millennials. You know, I think that I think that they get a bad rap. I think and I’ll say this story really quick, as we’re wrapping up, but I went to a conference a few years ago, and they talk about how the millennials are really broken up into two different categories. And the older ones like us, like we’re kind of on the very tail end, depending on what study you look at. But like the the 30, fives and up, Millennials have more of older school mentality of you still need to work for it. It’s the younger half. And of course, this is generalizations, that doesn’t mean anybody under 35 doesn’t work for stuff, but they’re the ones that more had this mentality of Hey, just show up and do it. But I remember a hotel I was working at was taken over a change management companies. And this woman who was 40 at the time, and this is seven years ago, woman’s gonna be close to 50. Now what and she had two kids at the time, was complaining because the new management company made a mistake, and she lost half an hour of PTO time. Half an hour. She went on a rant about this. I was like, are you? Are you serious right now? Oh, and the new companies are giving us Presidents Day Off. We used to have presidents they really would have fuck celebrates Presidents Day,

Mikko Miller 48:48
what do you do? Buy a mattress? What are you so excited by Presidents Day for?

Calvin Tilokee 48:53
Give me a break?

Mikko Miller 48:55

Calvin Tilokee 48:56
So you do see that? Kind of across the board with, you know, the age brackets, but I’m sure we’ll talk about that a lot, because I think we have that in common. And that’s going to be something that we discuss. So I think that’s a great place to wrap up for episode one. Thank you for taking that trip down memory lane with us. We can’t believe it’s been over six months since we recorded that episode. And as you can tell, we were pretty amazing right out of the gate. Since then, we’ve seen over 2000 downloads and that’s thanks to all of you guys. So thank you for your support. And there’s lots more where that came from. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please leave us a review on iTunes and you make it a shout out live on air. Speaking of being on air, you can become part of the show by supporting us on Patreon. You’re gotcha highlights members, you got your mid-life members and you got your low-life members. For as little as $5 a month you can get early access to episodes, extended cuts featuring behind-the-scenes content, and the ability to send in your own audio for get off my lawn. Hit the link in our show notes to get a life keep up with us in between shows on Instagram at midlife crisis podcast, show notes for this, and all episodes are available on midlife crisis podcast comm where you can sign up for our mailing list and get a discount off the merchandise. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you on the next one.

Mikko Miller 50:16
Let’s go