Calvin Tilokee 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steve and Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol and a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry. If you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. If you don’t know what CDs are, you’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving, or just sitting around wondering why a backer so let’s get this show on the road. Hello, and welcome to season two of midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Alvin. As always, with my boy Steve and Mikko, bringing that flavor to ya ear on a weekly basis. On this week’s episode, we’re talking about white chicks. We got beaten up kids pretended to be Spanish molesting children, midlife crisis hate, you know, women say it isn’t so. Of course, we’ll be bringing you a Chris Rock quote of the week. I don’t know that shit. I don’t like that jerk. And as always get off my lawn. But first, that was the weeks the

Steve 1:31
Amen. week was great. Rounding out the year. Did the modified holiday. All good there. And my kid, again, four years old, has zero problems staying up till 12. Nice a credit a monster. No problem staying up to 12. Now she’ll sleep in until like 930. But yeah, man, she’s not going to bed the same way. Got to get her back on that routine. But yeah, all good. I did one of two virtual wine tastings. Nice. Businesses are adapting. And so we did this, this virtual wine tasting. It’s nice. With my wife side of the family. We all just, we’ll just do something. Instead of exchanging presents. Like last year, we made pasta. This year, we decided to do this wine tour or wine tasting and the virtual experience. I appreciate wine. But I am not a fan of listening to the winemakers I just want to get right to it. Right? Tell me about this wine. So that I’m more inclined to buy some or more whatever. But like, you know, you and I talked about this earlier. Almost every wine tasting I’ve been on is some variation of oh well yes the wine Mikko they have always appreciated wine and at a certain point, you know old grapes, new graves note vines in French oak white oak all this shit. Seems you know, it just drives me nuts. I was glad that it was virtual because then I could you know, not pay it any mind and kind of just eat the food that we had because we had some really good food I made lamb chops with mint jelly.

Calvin Tilokee 3:17
Have you ever had that? No. Do not think though.

Steve 3:20
Holy crap. I get it. It was amazing. Nice. Lamb chops and mint jelly. Jesus. That sounded weird again.

Calvin Tilokee 3:31
How do you make a mint jelly?

Steve 3:33
So I bought it. Oh store bought some? But it was you know, it’s like it was lemon. Mint. Sugar. It was delicious. I’d put it on damn near anything

Calvin Tilokee 3:47
like that covered up put that shit on everything.

Steve 3:49
Exactly. Nice. That should on shit. But it was it was. It was incredible. Sounds good. It was a good time. Good week. back at it. How about you?

Calvin Tilokee 4:02
This week was good man. Obviously, you know, New Year’s Eve and, you know, wrapping up the holidays and stuff. We check something off the bucket list for New Year’s Eve. We celebrated in Time Square.

Steve 4:12
You did?

Calvin Tilokee 4:13
Yeah, we did. We weren’t outside. So I’ll say that. Now we you know, we’re still being safe. And following all COVID protocols. We’re not that crazy. But we kind of just got the idea. 10 days or so leading into it. It was like wait a second, you know, I mean, Time Square is gonna be dead. And the hotels are inexpensive. Now nobody’s staying anywhere, right? Nobody’s no business really. So we got a room at a hotel that’s like right in Time Square. And we had a great view of Time Square. We were basically like right behind the building where the ball drop is. And yeah, and the hotel was really nice because since there wasn’t maybe five people staying in the building. Security led us up on the roof. up for the ball drop. So I’ll probably put this video up on Instagram so you guys can see it. But I mean, we were like a stone’s throw from from the ball drop. And we were right there. So the fireworks and everything and it was, it was really cool. Obviously it makes you think, man, how nice would this be if there was a million people down there celebrating and partying, you know? But barring that barring being there for the actual thing, but because at least this way, you’re not dealing with all the craziness, all the people, you know, I’m not standing outside from 4pm, pissing myself in a diaper. And that’s why I’ve never done this. You know, it’s, it’s just not worth it. No, I’ve done it. It’s not worth it. Yeah, you have.

Steve 5:41
I have it. I hated it.

Calvin Tilokee 5:43
Oh, when did you do that? Well, first,

Steve 5:46
that’s awesome. That you got to do that man. That? Yeah, please post the pictures cuz I’d love to see it. But I went down there when I was in college. So for those listening, about 22 years ago, this experience could drink. Technically, that’s how old it is. But we went, we got down there around eight. And we knew I mean, we weren’t expecting to get any close. But we were backed up to like, I think 16th Street. What? Yeah, man. And by the time I turned around, it was back. It was it was backed up into the 70s. easily. And within like five minutes, people were already starting to shove, you know, got into a get the fog away from me kind of a situation. Yeah, with a guy. Um, you know, it was not my scene at all. And then I just left my girlfriend at the time ex girlfriend. She’s like, I want to stay on a date. You know, I’m having a good time. I was like, not getting into a fight over this. And I’ve lost. So

Calvin Tilokee 6:53
the Eddie Murphy shift? Get the fuck out.

Steve 7:01
You wanna stay?

Calvin Tilokee 7:08
Oh, man. Yes. But see, that’s the reason I never did it. You know, throughout high school, or even early college, we talked about it, you talk about Yo, we should do that. And then it gets there. It’s either freezing or you just think about how much drama that is to deal with. I mean, when I was working in the city last year, I went out for lunch on New Year’s Eve. And you know, I was already trying to get out of there at like, you know, three, four o’clock, you just want to get away from the city as early as possible. But I’m out for lunch at like noon, at Brian Park. And they were starting to set up barricades, then at that time. Damn. And it was just, it’s crazy. And then by the time I got back to I was working about 38 Street at that point, they were like, 30 cops on the corner with a sergeant just like giving them the directions and stuff. And this was early. I’m like, Man, you know, you just gotta imagine what kind of nonsense like, like you said, you know, pushing and shoving. And then you saying that cranky people are drinking. They haven’t moved in, you know, eight hours by the time that that ball drops? You know, you’re getting pissed on? Yeah. I think for me, man, I would have lost my mind. Yeah, that infamy. I always said the only way I would do it is if we got a hotel and like, you could see the ball drop from the room. Maybe a few people pitch in, you know, you split that up. It’s not too bad. But this was really cool. And you know, to be able to get up on the rooftop and see it was was pretty awesome. The only thing that could top it if it was regular, non COVID times and you could have a million people out there partying and celebrating. But check that one off the bucket list. So that was really cool.

Steve 8:45
That’s fantastic, man. Good for you.

Calvin Tilokee 8:48
Thank you. Thank you.

Steve 8:49
Good for you. Yeah, we’re

Calvin Tilokee 8:50
about to jump into the topic. But I forgot to say at the top that Mikko is not on this episode with us. You know, we we complete one season is 2021 motherfuckers thing they could take a vacation and shit. You know? So he’s he’s he’s not on this episode. So you know, we’ll see him next week. But a shout out to Mikko

Steve 9:11
do you think Mikko

Calvin Tilokee 9:14
but yet our topic this week is white chicks. And you know why chicks getting crazy. You know, they went out 2020 with a bang. And we got a couple topics here. And the first one is being affectionately called in the media. So Whoa, Karen. And some of you guys may have seen this video. It took place, Soho, New York, there’s a woman at a hotel, it’s the Arlo hotel, there’s no secrets. It’s it’s out there in the news, big New York Times right up and everything but this lady accused the son of Qian Harold and Qian Harold is a 40 year old jazz musician. He’s originally from St. Louis. He’s about as big as a jazz musician can get his work with Jay Z. Rihanna, Mary J. Blige. You name it. One Grammys, but I think he’s moved to Long Island. And we’re staying at the Arlo Soho for a couple of weeks to kind of boost his creativity get out of the house and you know, just kind of work from a different place. And he was staying with his 14 year old son, the video on his Instagram page, you can go and see his over 2 million views at this point. But there’s a young woman accusing him and his son of stealing her phone. And she has an iPhone, and he’s like, Well, do you think he’s the only one iPhone ever made in the world? What are you talking about? So she’s accusing his 14 year old son of having stole her phone. So Steve, you saw the video I wanted to get get your take? What What did you think when you saw this?

Steve 10:46
You know? So I saw, there were two videos that I saw one was from like, it must have been like a CCTV of the video where she tackled the kid. And then the other one where, you know, she’s up in his face. So the woman in question is like, she’s this 26 year old, young woman. I mean, that’s, you know, she’s a guest of the hotel to my first reaction as I’m just watching the video. My reaction is this woman’s freaking out about her phone. She thinks this kid stole her phone. You know? I don’t know. So she found the phone. They found the phone in an Uber, apparently. And I was really going back and forth on this as I was watching it. I mean, why did she single this kid out? Is it just because, you know, it was the first face she saw? And he happened to be black? What was the reason she singled this kid out? Based on the videos I saw? I don’t know. I can’t really? I don’t think I can really pass any kind of judgment based on the videos I saw. You know, because it was if she is doing it, because he’s black woman clearly, she’s an asshole. But I don’t know it. Has there been anything else that’s come out about this. Anything else? Uh, Tom.

Calvin Tilokee 12:09
What I saw today, when I was googling to get ready was she’s back in California. She has not been arrested. And she’s I mean, she’s not showing any remorse. Somebody is like a TMD type of person tried to get her to answer questions. And she’s been very dismissive about it. But yeah, I mean, to your point, we don’t know where it started. Right? The interesting part of it for me is it took me about three times watching the video to actually put two together what was really happening because what was fucking me up is I saw the video from from the actual guys, Mr. Harold’s Instagram. So I’m seeing the background of the lobby. And I’m like, this lobby looks really familiar. So I was really more focused on that the first two times I watched I kept was trying to figure out what hotel this was. And then I figured it out. And I worked from the Arlo Soho a couple of years ago, I had to get my passport renewed. And I went down to the office down there. And this, this hotel is not too far from that office. So I just worked from there for the day. And that’s what that’s the hotel it finally clicked. And then what really clicked for me was, I know the manager and the video. Oh, yeah. I know the guy personally, we worked together. And it wasn’t until I figured out what hotel it was that it clicked because I saw him that day a couple years ago when I was working there. And once I rewatched the whole video, I had a whole new perspective. I was like, Oh, shit. So here’s my issues with with the situation. Obviously, we don’t know what this lady did when she came back into the hotel. Apparently she was a guest this. This happened on the 26th. She had checked out of the hotel on the 23rd. So she was coming back to the hotel, I guess assuming she lost her phone at the hotel. Okay. My assumption is the manager recognized her as a guest obviously recognize Mr. Herold and and his son as a guest and was kind of in the middle trying to defuse the situation. Now, admittedly, I’m going to admit to a little bit of bias, in my opinion, because I do know that I personally, I do not believe him to be racist. I’ve worked with him for a couple of years. I’ve never seen anything like that he has some other hang ups. But racism is not anything I would ever accuse this guy of. So I think when he approached the guy, son, you hear in the video approaching the guy son asking to see like, Hey, what’s the background on your phone? I don’t think he had tended to be accusatory, but he should have shown better judgment than that. Because I think when you have Someone when you see the lady in the state that she was she doesn’t look clear. I think she’s high in that video, she doesn’t look normal. Yeah, that doesn’t look like a normal sane person. So, you know, when you have someone like that, accusing somebody of anything, whatever it is, I think you might want to take that with a grain of salt. And not necessarily, oh, let me see if I can vindicate this

Steve 15:24
very good point, you know, I did a little digging on this person. And I’m not going to give out her name. But it’s not the first time she’s been arrested. At a or, you know, charged with something at a hotel. Apparently, this happened at a peninsula in the Beverly Hills. And her, her and her mom were arrested for drunk and disorderly. So,you know, now that

Calvin Tilokee 15:48
she’s, she’s got a history,

Steve 15:49
she’s got a history. And so now that that’s come to light in the fact that she fled, you know, just, she could have easily. I mean, she clearly, I think it’s pretty clear that this woman’s in the wrong. But let me ask you something, you know, if that was your son, and there’s this crazy woman who’s, you know, getting all riled up? Yeah. Wouldn’t it just be easy? You know, cuz I heard the manager at one point, say, hey, just show her the lock screen on the phone. Right? It’s pressing a button and showing it up. It’s not handing her the phone, or anything? Wouldn’t it have just been easier to de escalate the entire thing? By just showing the screen on the phone?

Calvin Tilokee 16:34
I totally get where you’re coming from? And the answer to your question is yes. But again, we have the whole racial part of Yeah. And I think that’s where that’s where it went wrong. Yeah. And that was part of something I wanted to bring up with how the manager handled it again, I don’t think I’m going to say he’s not a racist, because I’ve noticed I personally have worked with him. He’s not a racist. All right, we mean, I’ve spent plenty of time together. And I’ve never got an inkling of anything like that from him. However, I think he suffers from what I like, I like to call latent racism, because this white lady comes in and accuses these black people of doing whatever they did, of stealing her phone. And if the tables were turned, and this was a black woman, accusing a white man and his son of stealing a phone, would he have taken that same step? Would he have looked to, you know, to the sun, or did that and said, Hey, you know, show me your phone? Or are you going to end? Assuming the black woman’s acting the same way, you know, erratic? Are you going to look at her then and be like, I don’t know. You seem kind of nuts. Right? And these, and these are the kinds of things if it was me, you know, to answer your question, if it was me personally, and the exact same things happened, I don’t think I’m reacting any differently than this guy does in the video. Especially if you address my son, don’t fucking talk to my kid.

Steve 18:00
What? I didn’t hear the audio, what was she saying to the kid,

Calvin Tilokee 18:04
she was just mostly screaming, you know, you stole my phone, you have my phone, you have my phone. It was really the the manager that approached the child. And even I probably, I would have been willing if the manager came to me, because I’m trying, I also tried to put myself in his shoes. And but again, you do have a different racial issue there, for lack of a better word, a different racial situation. If I’m the manager, and I’m addressing a black man and his son, and this lady is there, I can go to him that he’s going to take a differently coming from me. You know, I could say, Hey, listen, man, look, I’m trying to de escalate. This just helped me out. This lady’s a little erratic. Yeah, if you could just just show me the phone. I can show it to her. That’s not hers. I don’t believe anything. I’m not taking taken aside, but hey, just just kind of help a brother out, you know, help me de escalate this, that comes off differently than when it’s a white man in a position of power now asking you to show something where, you know, you didn’t feel anything. And, and, and their approaches like, Well, the fact that you’ve not asked me years years, assuming she’s right, why would you even ask me? That’s where this whole thing gets really muddled? Because you have this whole racial part of it. That’s where it gets fucked up. And that’s where I think it obviously turned into a situation never should have turned into, but I feel bad for everybody in the situation, except except the white bitch. Fucker except the woman. Yeah, yeah. But I mean, I feel sorry for the manager, because again, I don’t believe he’s racist. And he’s in the middle of this shitstorm now, and he’s probably being called and abused on social about, you know, things that just quite frankly, aren’t true. And it’s not him. I think he showed poor judgment in the situation. What he could have did what would have been smart is Hey, lady, What’s your phone number? Sir, would you mind just, I’m going to step away. Would you mind just putting the ringer on? If it doesn’t ring, we’re done here. Yeah. Right. He could have done something like that, as opposed to, I want to physically see your phone and check because that’s that’s also showing a level of, I don’t trust you. You know,

Steve 20:09
that’s a very good point.

Calvin Tilokee 20:11
You know what I mean? So it was all messed up, man. But um, you know, like I said, what I saw today is she was she’s yet to be arrested, which I think is messed up. They had days to do this in New York and she should have been arrested for this. Now she’s back in California. She was recently spotted at a McDonald’s. Yeah, brochure. And now, all I wanted to know at this point, did she buy the MC rib or not? She buying a McRib?

Steve 20:39
Bringing it back to last. The last show. For those of you out there who may not understand what we’re laughing at. We had a big MC rib debate on where we all fell as far as the McRib goes. And Mikko who’s not here to lay down all the attributes of the McRib was the fan. I was not.

Calvin Tilokee 21:10
Yeah, and I haven’t had one in too long. So I don’t I don’t get a vote. I haven’t had one in probably 20 years. But, you know, we got other white chicks to talk about. So there’s a lot more we could talk about, you know, so Whoa, Karen. But moving on. Moving on got ilaria Baldwin, also known as Hillary from Boston. Steve, I’m gonna let you introduce this one.

Steve 21:37
So the wife of Alec Baldwin has recently been in the news for a pronounced what would you call it? Is it an accent? Is it Oh, I mean, it’s a whole. She’s,

Calvin Tilokee 21:52
she’s an actress, and she was trying to put on an accent.

Steve 21:54
She’s putting she’s trying to put on an accent to pretend that she’s from Spain. When in reality, she is from Boston. And yeah, her family moved to Spain. You know, they’re expats. They moved to Spain when they were when she was like, 19. You know, by by the time you’re 19, you’re pretty much like your if you were to have an accent, even an annoying Boston accent, you know, that’s pretty much locked in place unless you’re going to go and get elocution lessons. Right, right. And now, all of this, you know, she’s Alec Baldwin’s wife. So she’s photographed everywhere. She’s got a ton of projects on social media. There’s a lot of video of her. And now there’s a lot of video of her switching back and forth between the Spanish accent and his regular, you know, I guess Boston accent depending on who she’s talking to.

Calvin Tilokee 22:42
Right? Right.

Steve 22:43
I can only imagine what’s going on in that house.

Calvin Tilokee 22:46
Yeah, man. I mean,

Steve 22:48
I mean, it’s got to be a nightmare. But you know, when this story popped up, it made me think of a number of things. One of them was this kid that Calvin and I went to high school with, and again, for the record, this kid and I, who I’m thinking of he and I were to have, I don’t know, how many, like three or four white guys in our grade. If that? Yeah, I mean, there, there wasn’t a lot of white kids at our high school. And so this kid thought that it was appropriate to use the N word in mixed company. And, look, I’m not I’m not comparing hilarya to this kid. It just made me think about the lengths people will go to, to fit into a certain race or use a certain race to, you know, make themselves appear more interesting, right. But yeah, I mean, you’re in New York, man, what’s the media like? They’re around this.

Calvin Tilokee 23:44
I mean, I’ve mostly just seen stuff online. You know, obviously, I get most of my news from memes, like when I start seeing names pop up, but you’re like, oh, what happened? What she do? You know, I had to look into it seems to be a little bit of a confusing timeline. I’ve tried to look at it. It seems that at some point, she was on a podcast with some friends of hers where she said, she didn’t move to this country until she was 19 to go to NYU, so she moves straight from my Orca, Spain to hear indicating that she was born and raised up until that age in Spain. So people have a problem with that, rightfully so because there are people who are immigrants that come over around that age and have to deal with things that a natural born American wouldn’t. Especially one that looks like her, right, especially one that doesn’t look like her. So, you know, people got an issue with that. And I do too, I guess if you’re lying about it, right. You know, like, Where’s that accent? I don’t know. If you saw the little clips the wishes. She pretends to forget the word cucumber.

Steve 24:51
How you saying English to come?

Calvin Tilokee 24:52
Yeah. Oh, how do you say an English cucumber? Yeah, because it’s so fucking different.

Steve 24:58
You never had a cucumber Right,

Calvin Tilokee 25:01
it’s not that different. Plus, you can really take no time thinking about it. So you could tell she just did it to try to sound exotic. And, you know, similar to, you know, we did an episode about this, who’s the black sheep talking about trying to fit in and to the story Steve just told with this kid in high school, but we were kids, that guy was a kid at that time. You know what I mean? where you’d sit there and try to and try to fit in or try to play up something. Those of you who may be newer, my family is from Trinidad. And I grew up in two different cultures. When we were in the house. I was 2820. I spoke Trinny just lift that way. outside. I knew that that wouldn’t be understood by a lot of people, especially the accent. So I learned to put on a different accent when I was at school that people would understand. So I’ve spent my whole life doing both. Right. So some of the stuff that I’ve looked at from her. I can relate to a lot of it. But she’s in very much, you know, cover up mode now. Like she’s, she’s, she’s really, she’s really got her. Oh, yeah, she’s covering her ass big time. I mean, she had like, 15 minutes of igtv videos, the way she’s talking about this, and a lot of stuff that she’s saying, I can completely relate to what she’s talking about. When she was with her American family. She’s Hillary, but with the Spanish family, she was ilaria. And my middle name is Ryan. No one outside of my family knew me by that name for ages. Right? When I went to school, it was Calvin. So like, it was like, I was two different people. There’s even my mother’s friend now To this day, when she wants to, like if my wife is around, and she wants to call me she’ll, like, almost she’ll hesitate. But I mean, Calvin, because she, everybody just wants to call me Ryan. And that’s something she was saying. Like with her family. She was ilaria. And whatever. I could relate to that. And I could relate to claiming to different cultures, you know, but I’ve learned over the years, like I said, at the top of this, I say my family quote unquote, is from Trinidad. I wasn’t born there. Yeah. And I learned that the hard way. I learned the hard way. When I when I was in college. And, you know, I was trying to fit in with with the Caribbean kids and stuff. And I say I’m from Trinidad, and they’re like, well, where were you born? And you started getting grilled and all that shit. And then it’s like, I my family’s from Trinidad. Like I in trying to not trying to infringe on the territory. I’m trying to fake the funk here. Which is where I think she fucked up. And now this woman is in her 30s. Okay, we should be well past this. Right? You don’t need to try to be exotic. You know, you’re married to Alec Baldwin. He’s fine. He isn’t he from Boston? Like, I’m sure he’s fine with it.

Steve 27:47
He’s Yeah, he’s from the northeast.

Calvin Tilokee 27:49
Yeah, it

Steve 27:51
you know, something struck me as, as you’re talking about this, you know, I’m, I’m thinking about this woman. And she’s got all of these videos are certain to surface, all of these projects that she’s working on, you know, a part of me, he’s got to think that it’s a relief for her. That now this is out there. Could you imagine how stressful it must be? To keep? Keep that lie going? Yeah, yeah. I mean, and like the anxiety she would have about, or the anxiety that I would have, I mean, I’m clearly projecting my feelings onto her. But the anxiety I would have of trying to keep that lie going, and just worrying that someone’s out there and like, the video is gonna surface.

Calvin Tilokee 28:32
Yeah, that’s that’s true, man. I mean, that’s, it’s not worth it. It’s at the end of the day, who cares? If you’re from Boston, a from Spain? Nobody cares. Just pick one. You know. And I think where, where people got offended by it, and people who are immigrants, because a comment she made was, you know, sometimes when I’m out with the kids, people mistake me for the nanny because they’re all blond hair, blue eyes, and I’m not. And that’s where a lot of people got offended, because they were like, yo, that happens to us. That really happens to, to real people. Right? Like, don’t don’t make a joke about that. This actually happens to people. And you’re, you’re trying to claim to be something that you’re not. I mean, it’s To me, it’s just, it’s just somebody is, is like, it’s like you got a vanilla ice cream. And she just wants to be vanilla bean. You know? Like, just, it’s okay. Some people like vanilla ice cream. You don’t need fudge and caramel and everything. Like some people already got that. You know, just be vanilla. It’s fine. You married Alec Baldwin, for God’s sake. See?

Steve 29:35
I mean, yeah. Why can’t you just be whoever you want to be? You don’t need to add this layer on that is just completely ridiculous.

Calvin Tilokee 29:46
Yeah, I mean, the storyline is just so confusing. And I think that’s the issue. You know, one minute you’re hearing Oh, I was I was born in Spain. Then you find out she was born in Boston to affluent family. It’s like, either we’d be fine. We did one. Hillary, we’d be fine. Yeah, you know, just pick a side. But the funniest thing to me is looking at this, this because apparently this all started from somebody comment on one of her posts.

Steve 30:15
Oh really?

Calvin Tilokee 30:16
Yeah. So this woman is at Lennie Briscoe, so I’m assuming that’s on Twitter. Okay, I don’t want to go, you know, Pat her on the back or whatever you want to do at Lennie Briscoe. I found us in the newspaper. I didn’t go hunting. So this is all public. I ain’t show nobody out. But um, she says she has few regrets about being the one to start this whole thing. And she’s like, people were asking me, don’t you have anything better to do? And the answer was, No, I don’t. It’s a pandemic. It’s cold outside, and I don’t celebrate Christmas.

Steve 30:54
Oh, my God.

Calvin Tilokee 30:58
She was like, yeah, keep it real. I mean, you can’t argue with that.

Steve 31:02
That’s so funny.

Calvin Tilokee 31:03
You can’t argue with that man. But onto white woman number three, no clothes and shit this week. And, you know, to be fair, she’s not causing shit. But she’s in the middle of a social media shitstorm. Her name is Karen Carney. She is a former English soccer player for the women’s national team and is now currently a commentator for for soccer in the UK, male and female. And recently, she gave her take on Leeds United, which is a team that just got promoted to the Premier League. But last season, they were in the championship. And obviously, like every other sport, that soccer was on a hiatus for quite a few months because of COVID. And her take on their game was because they play such a high pace game that they would not have got promoted to the Premier League. Without that break. She said that that break gave them time to kind of rest their legs, and not overexert themselves. And they were able to keep up that pace until the end of the season. Which, hey, fair enough. He’s a commentator, she’s allowed to have that opinion. And that’s, that’s her analysis of the situation. Right? Fine. So now Leeds United has retweeted part of that, you know, her her saying that on the commentary, retweets it and kind of, I don’t know, word for word, but they were kind of like, Hey, you know, we won five, five games in a row, you know, what do you got to say now? You know, it ain’t cuz we got a break. And that was it. And that should have been the end of it. But Twitter being what it is, people started commenting at her and getting very sexist and making sexist comments about you know, hey, you need to stay in the kitchen. What do you know about football, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, go barefoot and pregnant, you know, all the normal stupid shit you see on social media, when people got nothing else to say. And again, for me, in my opinion, that’s where it should end. But it’s become a big shitstorm with a lot of credible journalists, who all I will say all happened to be white males making a huge deal out of this. And it came, it finally crossed the line for me when this girl she she deleted her Twitter account because she couldn’t take the abuse, which Okay, I kind of disagree with because you know what, look, you’re in the media, this is going to happen. You can’t be that weak, you know. But journalists came out and said, Oh, you know, the bullies have won again, and blah, blah, blah. And you know what, I’ll get my take and see if I’ll let you jump in there. But my thing is, this happens all the time. This happens to men, because they’re obviously primarily being the ones commenting, and you will you should hear the shit. People say, you know, if God forbid, you got a sick kid, or a wife who cheated on you, or any, they bring up all this shit on Twitter, they don’t give a fuck if your male, female, black, white, whatever. And they go there. That’s what social media is. And you know, a lot of these these trolls, they’re just going to go there. I just, I think, trying to make this a female issue, like because the issue people are saying is that Leeds United shouldn’t have retweeted it, because they should have known the type of abuse she was going to get. Mm hmm. I don’t see that being their fault. But what do you think? I feel

Steve 34:22
that Leeds United by retweeting it, they’re playing it up. You know, they know what’s going to happen, they’re planted up, I don’t see any difference between what they did, and Trump retweeting something stupid without reading it first, you know, it, you’re, you’re putting the message out there, you know, you’re eating to it expanding. So if that’s what they want to be known for, then then that’s then everybody who’s working with them needs to know what they’re getting themselves into. Right? Yeah. As far as her being, you know, the subject of the abuse and you know, deleting Twitter, and all of that. You know, was she getting death threats? And just was it just like horrendous vile crap coming her way?

Calvin Tilokee 35:06
From what I understand it was just more of of the same sexist kind of comments, you know?

Steve 35:13
I mean, that clearly sucks that that it happened. I can’t give her shit either way for deleting her account. I don’t know what I would do in that position. Right? I mean, I think it’s easy for me to say, Oh, she should fight and she should, you know, it’s it’s what it is. And but I don’t think I have any right to say anything about that. You know, she’s dealing with it, how she wants to deal with it. If it was some white dude with a four year old daughter who lives somewhere in the Midwest, I think I could comment on the situation like that. But right, as far as what she’s going through, and why she deleted her Twitter. I don’t know.

Calvin Tilokee 35:50
Yeah, I mean, fair enough. I you know, I think I think sometimes the best thing to do and I’m kind of situations is just a step away.

Steve 35:57
Oh, absolutely.

Calvin Tilokee 35:58
You’re not going to respond to all these people. It kind of makes you sick to keep seeing it. So yeah, I can certainly understand it. My thing is, we want to talk about equality, right. And I think that’s what we’re all shooting for. And if you’re going to enter a workplace like that, where you’re in the minority, we get that, right, you’re going to have to deal with the same stuff everybody else is dealing with?

Steve 36:23

Calvin Tilokee 36:25
I’d feel differently if this if I didn’t see this happen to men, every single week. Yeah, I would feel differently about it. So the actual specific abuse is different. They’re gonna tell you, hey, you should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. As opposed to telling you know, some other guy like your wife is an alcoholic and she cheated on you with Wayne Rooney’s brother. You know, there’s really no difference there. In abuse. They just yeah, that, huh? These people fucking go in, bro. like years ago, there’s a guy called Wayne bridge, who used to play for Chelsea. And he was also on the English national team. JOHN Terry, who was the captain of England and Chelsea at the time, slept with his wife. Oh, yeah. And this was huge news. You mean to tell me every time Wayne bridge has something to say that’s not coming up? And, of course, of course. So all the fucking time.

Steve 37:23
So what you’re saying is that, if the abuses indiscriminate, you know what you’re getting yourself into, and you just need to either play ball or find another, more friendly sport to cover.

Calvin Tilokee 37:35
Yeah, I mean, I think Listen, wrong is wrong. I mean, they shouldn’t be saying that about Wayne bridge anymore, that they should say that about her. But it is what it is, and injured. There’s no way to stop jerks on social media, from leaving these kind of comments. There’s no way to stop it. So my only issue is the fact that people have pinpointed on the fact that she’s female, and it was wrong. But when you see other teams, social media accounts, retweets, stuff like that about men, and men get that kind of abuse, or some maybe they get racial abuse, or maybe they get something about them being alcoholic in the past, or whatever it may be. People go to any kind of level to try to get these reactions, these trolls out of control on social media. You know, if men are getting that kind of abuse, and you’ve stepped into this arena, you need to expect to get abuse as well.

Steve 38:25

Calvin Tilokee 38:26
That’s really my only point about it. So you know, this whole making this a shitstorm, because she’s female is out of place.

Steve 38:32
I get what you’re saying, you know, I’m not, I totally get what you’re saying, you know, when where I can relate to that is, whenever you have somebody new into your social group, the first time you their balls. You know, how soon after you meet that person, you bust their balls, then you’re you know, they’re part of the group. Right, right. Right. I mean, if you’re not busting their balls, clearly, you know, you’re not going to get friendly with them on some level.

Calvin Tilokee 39:01
Yeah, I mean, I think there’s just things that are inherent with any kind of a job. And I think if you’re gonna if you’re working in sports, and you’re and you’re dealing with teens, especially soccer, and especially in England, I mean, it’s like a religion to these motherfuckers. Yeah, I mean, you say anything about anybody’s team, if they’re going to get a chance, they’re going to rub it back in your face. That’s how it goes. And again, it is wrong, but we don’t live in a perfect world. If we could stop that from happening. That would be fantastic. But that’s never gonna happen. People are people. And this shit happens to people every week. I see that I’m only on Twitter for this type of stuff for for sports, and I follow athletes and different commentators and stuff like that to see what’s going on. So I see it all the time. So for this incident to be made what it is when I’ve seen tons of shit, that is just as bad if not worse happened to men. What’s the big deal?

Steve 39:56
I got you. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 39:58
and to be fair, just in case anybody missed that. That point, she hasn’t said a word about it. She hasn’t said a word. I haven’t heard any. I can’t find a quote from her complaining. It’s men complaining on her behalf, which makes me feel like y’all must be guilty. Is this like male guilt coming out? Because you may have said some shit like this in the past. And now all of a sudden you’re trying to cover your ass or trying to come off holier than thou, because that’s what gets me is like, this shit happens to you motherfuckers every week? What’s going on here? But oh, no, we’re out of time on that, because we got more white women doing shit. But this one, thankfully, is a character on a TV show. So have you watched the Have you watched a teacher? It’s on Hulu.

Steve 40:47
I’ve seen pieces of it. Yeah. And I, I know the story.

Calvin Tilokee 40:51
Okay. So for the audience, I’m going to read what what is on their official Show page as the as the plot. This drama series examines the complexities and consequences of an illicit sexual affair between a young teacher and her student. Claire is a new teacher at Westbrook High School in Texas. So I decided to watch the show because my wife and I really like to watch like a lot of psychological things. And to see how people deal with different situations, so I thought she’d be really interested in this. And obviously Me too, because as I just read, they’re talking about the complexities and consequences. So okay, of course, there’s going to be an affair, but then they’re telling you, we’re going to show you how this affects this child going forward. Yeah, which I thought was a good topic. And I don’t know, too many shows or movies that have really tackled this from that angle. So we watch this whole show. First of all, I’m gonna tell you these episodes are fucking 20 minutes long. That’s it. And they come out once a week. So, so knowing this shit ain’t like you go on Netflix, where you get the whole season. Right? You know, so I would, I would like I got 18 minutes of entertainment. And then I got to wait a week for more. So annoying as fuck, man. And I got more annoying as the series went on, because it got progressively worse. The first few episodes and you’re watching this, it actually is glorifying the the incident or the affair, which I figured, hey, listen, they kind of probably have to do that in the beginning to make it seem sexy and exciting and all that, but then that’s going to lead to the big crash afterwards. Right? Okay, so the first few episodes, you know, she she starts to tutor him. And he’s like, he’s a mature 17 year old. He takes care of his brothers after school. And he’s captain of the soccer team. And he’s just struggling for the essay tees, and he just needs a little bit of help. Meanwhile, she’s in a in a marriage that ain’t so great. And she’s lonely and wants some excitement. So, boom, they start having an affair. And then she gets found out. You know what she actually brags to somebody about the fact that it was happening and another teacher and the teacher was like, What the fuck is wrong with you? And then she realizes, oh, shit, I messed up. And here’s this is where to show completely went off the rails. She apparently she goes to jail, which we never see. You don’t see her in jail. You don’t see you’re dealing with no jail, shit, nothing. But she goes to jail. She gets out. Then when she gets out. She’s trying to get a job. She can’t get a job because you know, she was about to be hired. But then the local school mom sees her and says, Oh, my God, this lady is a sexual predator. Do not hire her. So she doesn’t get a job. And now she’s all distraught. Meanwhile, the young man is in college now. having sex with all kinds of women. Right? And being just being a frat boy, you know, he’s like, they get drunk, and he’s drinking every night. He’s having sex every night. And he’s, I guess the scene which was supposed to display how he was just losing it. He’s driving in a Jeep with the top open, and he’s telling the guy like he’s standing up and sound like I go faster, go faster. They end up hitting something. He falls out of the Jeep, but nothing happens to him. He has a bump on his head and he gets up screaming Yeah, you know, drunk. And I’m like, this sounds like a regular college kid.

Steve 44:23
Sure does.

Calvin Tilokee 44:26
I don’t see anything wrong with the situation. You’re not showing me that he’s depressed. Or he’s trying to do the same to other women because he thinks it’s normal. Nothing. He just looks like a regular as college kid having fun drinking and having sex every night. That sounds like some shit I would want to do. You know? Matter of fact, both of you should sound like something I want to do who didn’t want to sleep with a teacher when they were in high school. Fuck you know? So basically at this point, this show was telling me yo I should have did this shit over With a teacher because college would have been shit. It’s fucking ridiculous man. And then by the end now, which they’ve taken, I don’t know if they tried to show this whole you know, character arc where this person dips into like depression or whatever, none of this shit comes through at all. So at the end, they end up going out to lunch because he’s he’s much older now he’s back for the high school reunion 10 years later, so now he’s what 28 and she is back in town to see her father. This episode starts out with her and her husband, her new husband. With the two kids, he drives a Tesla. She still doesn’t work because she can’t get a job because she’s a you know, she’s a felon, but seem like your life is okay to me. Right? This kid he’s he’s like some sort of a counselor now he works works with kids, but they don’t show any of that. They just as him and another dude over a fireplace is talking about, Hey, you know, how we had class last week, whatever, you don’t see him doing anything with kids. So he goes to the high school reunion. They bump into each other at the grocery store. She texts him, they go and have lunch. And now he’s saying you know, you fucked up my life and data. I’m like, when the fuck did that happen? Cuz your life look pretty sweet to me, bro. Really? Yeah, he comes back to the high school reunion his high school sweetheart, who he dissed back back at the prom, to go, you know, get with the teacher. She’s there. And guess what? She’s single. And guess what? They have sex. So the assumption is, they’re probably going to start a relationship and be fine. So where’s the fucking problem here? This show it’s it does a horrible job of trying to make the point it intended to make it actually glorifies what’s a really serious topic. So

Steve 46:54
yeah, you know, I think you know, as soon as you change the sex of the teacher, from man to a woman to a man, you instantly get those those kinds of things like hey, you know, I had that happened to me. Holy shit, it would be amazing. Blah, blah, blah. Right. But if it was like a, you know, anytime there’s a dude and a young girl, it’s, you know, he’s he’s a complete monster.

Calvin Tilokee 47:23

Steve 47:24
That’s tough. I, as we were preparing for this, you made me aware of something I wasn’t aware of at the school that we went together. Mm hmm. I’m gonna drop that on everybody.

Calvin Tilokee 47:36
Yeah, let me drop that. I’m trying to drop that clue bomb for y’all. So there was there are actually two incidents that we could go into here. But when I was in the school, I was probably in junior high. At this point, there was a rumor about an executive assistant, sleeping with a senior at the time, and I don’t know if because I was younger. And I just took it seriously. But it’s a lot of people were talking about it. And it seemed very real. It was one of those rumors where I was like, yo, there’s must be some some fire here. There’s a lot of smoke surrounding this situation. And she was an older woman. Then she was like, I would think she had to be she looked like she was 50 then I might be wrong. But that’s what she looked like. You know, you know what she looked like, dude, you look like on magnet from Something About Mary.

Steve 48:42
Oh, wow, that that. That’s a vivid one.

Calvin Tilokee 48:45
Just big teased hair. A lot of makeup. She didn’t have that tan skin but just, you know, it was kind of like really? Like, that’s the teacher you want. We got a couple look better than that.

Steve 48:57
Okay, wait, wait, wait. Are we talking about the teacher who handled the time? No.

Calvin Tilokee 49:06
No, no. No, that that’s a teacher you you would have been like, you know, if my life was gonna turn out like this kid in the show. I regret.

Steve 49:17
Yeah, she would have been right. For everybody out there. The context. We had a teacher. She was nice enough. I mean, I don’t remember her being mean. But she was a fan of being tan to the point where she would have one of those like fold out foil jobs. You know, those like three sided foil things. And she’d be out in the back of the school and a tank top, getting some sun in the chair. And this would be like if your aunt bunny was out back, getting her tan. That’s what she was. Give your bunny a kiss. Come on. For anybody out there, listen to that Eddie Murphy skit about aunt bunny in Guinea, Google. But I thought that’s who you were talking about for a quick minute. No,

Calvin Tilokee 50:17
no. You know?

Steve 50:19
And then you said that there were that there were two.

Calvin Tilokee 50:24
Yeah, well, the other situation is someone that we knew. So a girl that we graduated with. So who obviously would be somewhere between 40 and 42, right now married one of our teachers from school. And he was a former student, and he he would coach some of these teams, some of the the female teams, I’m pretty sure some teams that his now wife participated on in high school. And it’s just hard to imagine that that attraction started way after high school. We come from a small town, and gay people don’t really, there’s some people that just don’t really leave it. I mean, shit, I’m not even that far away. You know, to be fair, these are people that kind of hung around. I’ve seen this Girl on the Train a few times. Yeah, she’s still in the area. I know for a fact he was in the area for a long time. So it would lead me to believe that this was this is not a new relationship that believe they got married some way, five, six years ago. But, you know, that had to been some sort of a couple years prior to that at least of dating. So it just does make you wonder, you look back. Okay, clearly you’re attracted to her now. She doesn’t look that different from high school. She really doesn’t

Steve 51:48
really attractive anymore. mean, she

Calvin Tilokee 51:50
was not she I mean, she really doesn’t she was one of those girls that, I guess you would say mature quickly. She’s not very tall anyways, like she got had some kind of big growth spurt, you know, she got older, she pretty much looks the same.

Steve 52:03
I can see that

Calvin Tilokee 52:05
kind of gross. kind of gross. You know. But last point on that show, and it is something that you brought up, you know, I want it to like the show because the teacher was female, and the student was male, because people don’t really talk about that. Typically, that kid’s going to get a pat on the back. You know, hey, should that’s cool. But male kids are still going to deal with a lot of that Fallout mentally about what happens. And this show just completely dropped the ball with that, and quite frankly, glorified it. So if you’re listening to this, do not waste your time. Don’t watch it. Especially because they told my making the season to fuck that.

Steve 52:49
what for?

Calvin Tilokee 52:52
Because apparently they thought it was so good. I don’t know, man.

Steve 52:56
Jeez, you know, it’s funny. As we’re talking about this, there’s an article in my local paper about a older teacher, older woman who just got caught with a kid. been going on for about 16 months. Oh my god. She was 45. And they’re not saying how old the kid was.

Calvin Tilokee 53:20
Oh, my goodness. Oh, man. Anyway, anyway, we’ll try to live in you guys back up. Because you know, we got a little heavy just now. So sorry about that. And that was time for

Steve 53:35
you know, there are still people out there who just don’t care enough about anybody else but themselves to not wear a mask. Every time I open. Every time I open the news, it’s it’s someone getting kicked off a plane three people getting kicked off a plane guy getting kicked out of a restaurant for not wearing a mask. I mean, we’re heading into a year into this and we’ve probably got another another year or year and a half of wearing masks. Everybody’s just got to get over it. Got to get over there. I mean, it’s it’s it’s so simple. It’s so simple. The wear the mask. Flatten the curve. Super easy.

Calvin Tilokee 54:20
Seriously, man.

Steve 54:22
I’m looking at. I’m on my local news. And there are three stories about people not wearing masks. It’s crazy ridiculous. So yeah, this get off my lawn is for anyone out there who’s still bitching about wearing a mask. Go live on an island. Go go deep into the woods. Get out of the population for a little while. You don’t care about it. My wife be a part of it. Exactly. That’s mine. What’s yours?

Calvin Tilokee 54:49
Mine is a star is born. Have you watched that movie?

Steve 54:54
Uh, if I had it was years ago.

Calvin Tilokee 54:59
Well, it’s not that old. So one with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Yeah, maybe two years old or something?

Steve 55:06
Oh, no, sorry. I was thinking of something else. I know the movie you’re talking about? No, I have not seen it.

Calvin Tilokee 55:12
Good for you. Good for you. Because I’m gonna tell you obviously, since this all might get off my lawn, this was a fucking waste of time. This is somehow turned into, you know, like a TV and movie review show. But, sorry. I did just what I’ve been doing over the holidays, you watch a lot of movies. Right. And I’m gonna preface this by saying I saw a Silver Linings Playbook for the first time. The same day I watched this. I was a great movie. I was young. I thought it was really good. Really, really good. So we figured, hey, let’s do a Bradley Cooper marathon. Let’s watch this one. We never watched this. Right. And I will say the best acting I have ever seen anywhere. Is Bradley Cooper. Mm hmm. We saw him on Broadway a few years ago where he played the Elephant Man. Absolutely fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. It’s amazing when you see these Hollywood actors on stage, and with the shackles off, do you see how really good they are? He’s a fucking amazing actor. Amazing. So I say what I’m about to say what a little bit of a heavy heart. But this movie fucking sucks. This movie sucks. And I’m gonna say I’m judging it on the fact that it was nominated for Best Picture. I don’t know how this happened. Okay, so I’m gonna break down his movie for you. I basically think Lifetime movie with good music, and good acting. But the way this is written, it’s a fucking Lifetime movie. It’s it’s absolutely ridiculous. And it’s insulting. For anybody to think that this should be amongst the top nine or 10 movies made that year. Wow. I Google’s afterwards, just in North America in 2018. I think when this was nominated, there were 749 movies just made in North America. So that means worldwide, I’m just going to go low and say 1000. You mean to tell me out of 1000 movies you couldn’t get? This is in the top 10 the fuck out of here. The movie literally starts off like this. You see somebody pop into pills into a glass alcohol, drinks it. And then he goes up to a mic at a concert and starts playing music. It’s Bradley Cooper. He’s an addictive Rockstar. Done. Right? We get it. So now he leaves leaves this concert. He’s driving around. He’s supposed to go, you know, catch a flight the next morning. But he’s an alcoholic, instead find a bar to go to. So his driver takes him around town. Hey, just make a turn here. This looks like a bar. I’m jumping out, boom, I get there, gets to the front door. And immediately gets recognized at the door by a guy a gay guy who says hey, you know, I don’t think that’s your kind of place. He’s like, y’all got alcohol. He’s like, yeah, it’s my kind of place. Right? I only say that. Because that’s how famous he is. He’s recognized at a drag bar in the middle of nowhere. But so he’s not playing that kind of music. Right? He’s playing like grungy country like rock. Okay. Not the kind of music typically you would hear at a drag bar, and he gets recognized off the rip. So he’s that fucking famous. So think like if it was Adam Levine walking in here.

Steve 58:27
Gotcha. Right.

Calvin Tilokee 58:30
So now, he gets in. And of course, you know, Lady Gaga singing that night because at the same time, she’s a server at this place. But she performs at night because she just has the passion for the music. And she comes out. And she fucking rocks. And she’s Lady Gaga from the jump. So they don’t even build up to somebody who she might just be a little insecure, and just needs to find her voice. No, she sounds like Lady Gaga and the first scene. And she’s like, crushing it. So, of course, Bradley Cooper’s character he spends all night with her into the wee hours of the morning, takes her back home at night, but like they’re out and about, they go to a different bar, she punches a guy who tries to take a picture with him without his permission. And like he’s all gaga over her. No, you know, no pun intended. Sure. So all this shit is happening the first night. And he’s like, immediately in love. And I’m like, why would he fall in love with someone so quickly? If you’re that famous that you get recognized at a drag bar off the rip? You could that that means you probably do too. Shouldn’t every city you go to what’s so special about her? Sure, like, they didn’t put any of that in the story. Like why would he be so quote unquote, desperate and looking for this type of attraction, you know, company, whatever, nothing, nothing. So then he goes off and he says, Hey, I want you to come to my concert. I’m going on my flight to the next city right now. No, no, no, I can’t do that. I gotta go to work because you know, she’s a server so she got real shit to do. She can’t take up on that offer. She goes in the house. And her father is like who apparently thought he was supposed to be the next Sinatra. Somebody told him he could sing at some point. And he’s like, you know, how come you’re not going out there? She’s like, No, I have to work. You know, everybody’s not built for this blah, blah, blah, you know, the whole fake, but I don’t want to be a star before you actually go and just do the shit. So now the next morning, she gets up, she goes to work. And SS after denying it and turning down offers, she wakes up in the morning, the same drivers, they had to pick her up. Because he sends He’s like, I can’t live without her. Just bring her and don’t leave until she comes. She turns on all of this shit shows up to work. her boss says you’re late. She turns around, looks at her gay friend, the same guy from the bar last night and says, Okay, you know what? I quit? I’m like, that’s all it took. Only took for us was for this motherfucking to say You’re late. And you Oh, you know what? No, I can’t take this shit. I’m out of here.

Steve 1:00:59
It’s not that much of a push.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:01
I was like, Good god.

Steve 1:01:05
I really that’s it.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:06
Oh, my God, what a fucking waste. And then so she obviously goes to the show now. And she’s backstage and you know, he’s so excited. You’re here, blah, blah, blah. And the night before she had given him some lyrics, the famous song that came out of that movie. shallow. She like she like she she gave him the hook. And he’s like, oh, now I’ve got to sing the song and write the song. So he performed it the next night. And guess what? She comes out on stage and sings with him. And now she’s a new bonafide star and this video for sing and this new girl singing goes viral. And I was like, get the fuck out of here, man. Pathetic. Pathetic.

Steve 1:01:46
I’m glad you’re telling me because I was on the list.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:50
Yeah, we just kind of thought about it. And I was like, Okay, yeah, let me check this out. And listen, if you don’t care about storylines, and you just want to see two people who can sing and connect, then go for it. I’m just basing this off the fact that it was nominated for Best Picture. I expect way better than that. And it’s not a short movie. It’s it’s over two hours, you have plenty of time to work in some good plot and storylines. The best part about it for me, was, you know, so of course he proposes to her and they get married. And his friend finds him pass out in the street because, again, he’s alcoholic. His friend is Dave Chappelle. So Dave Chappelle brings them into his house. They have breakfast, and he decides he’s going to propose because of something profound, Dave Chappelle told him, he was going to propose he proposes. They decided to get married. And Dave’s like, hey, let’s do it. today. I’ve got a friend. He can get you married at church, whatever. So they go get married. You want to go to fucking pastors? Eddie Griffin. What? Eddie Griffin?

Steve 1:02:59
It’s good to see him getting work. But what the hell?

Calvin Tilokee 1:03:01
Eddie fucking Griffin. The last time I saw Eddie playing anybody where he was a pastor in church. It was in-orbit.

Steve 1:03:09
Oh, damn,

Calvin Tilokee 1:03:10
that’s not the company Oscar nominated movie should be keeping.

Steve 1:03:14
Eddie Griffin, how would you do to get in on that show?

Calvin Tilokee 1:03:19
I don’t know, man. I don’t know maybe. Bradley Cooper wanted Dave Chappelle. And he was like, yo, can we get Eddie in here? Somebody? Yeah, we’ll work it in somehow. No problem.

Steve 1:03:27
I don’t know. Griffin in here. Come on.

Calvin Tilokee 1:03:31
I mean, it might be friends. I don’t know. Dude, man. So that was that was my long winded get off my lawn. The first one and Season Two went a little long. But you know what? I saved you guys a lot of time. If you think about watching that movie. At least now you know what you’re going into? Alright. You don’t need to worry about sitting down and paying attention. Just listen for the music because Bradley Cooper sings in this. He can sing. My fucking sounded. So you’re going to hear some great music. But do not worry about the plot because it’s not much of one. Anybody could write this shit.

Steve 1:04:08
I think I’m still gonna watch it. And I’m just gonna fast forward throughout the nonsense. Listen to them sing. Yes. Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffin.

Calvin Tilokee 1:04:16
Yeah, it’s not don’t don’t sit down and pay attention to it. Have it on while you like making a table or something? Oh, man. All right, but now it’s time for that job.

Steve 1:04:32
Do you have one?

Calvin Tilokee 1:04:34
I guess it just be Bradley Cooper for writing that forecast movie. That’s, that’s it. I’m gonna keep that one short.

Steve 1:04:43
Oh, man. So mine. I’ll keep real quick. I don’t like that jerk. Texas representative Kay Granger. tests positive for COVID the day after a packed house ceremony. She’s 77 there’s other over 400 other members on on the legislature. And now she’s, she’s asymptomatic and feeling great. She

Calvin Tilokee 1:05:14
says, Oh, isn’t that nice? Just great. Fucking jerk. Oh, man. All right now it’s not as quick time time for

that. So Mikko was supposed to host today, but Steve has volunteered to be Pat Sajak. And well, I’m in the hot seat

Steve 1:05:39
Here we go, my friend. So you’re familiar with the icebreaking game? two truths and a lie?

Calvin Tilokee 1:05:47

Steve 1:05:48
All right. I’d love to know what yours are. But let’s get through this. And maybe we can talk about that. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to read you three things that happened in the past year. Okay, three things that happen in in 2020. All I need to know is which one is the lie. Which one’s the lie? Okay. All right. You ready? Yes. Here we go. Number one, a rare two faced kitten was born in Albany, Oregon. Okay, the treasure from a 1715 shipwreck was found. Okay. Or they found dog fossils in Antarctica. Huh? prehistoric dog not from you know.

Calvin Tilokee 1:06:47
I’m gonna go with I’m gonna go with the the treasure being the lie.

Steve 1:06:57
Unfortunately, a Florida man found two silver coins along the beach from a 1715 shipwreck using a metal detector. And the coins are worth an estimated $6,000. So he’s not breaking it down, but I’m sure shit. He’s happy about that metal detector. He got.

Calvin Tilokee 1:07:17
Yeah, shit. He definitely paid for that. Yeah, that’s cool. That’s cool. So what was the lay?

Steve 1:07:23
So the lie was that they did not find dog fossils in Antarctica, they found frog fossils. Apparently, years ago, and arctica was a thriving rainforest before it froze.

Calvin Tilokee 1:07:39

Steve 1:07:41
And the little to face kitten had cranial duplication was the name of the birth defect. Damn.

Calvin Tilokee 1:07:52

Steve 1:07:54
There you go. And ally is always a good one to play.

Calvin Tilokee 1:07:58
Yeah. Very cool. Yeah. All right. There we go. Now it’s time for the Chris Rock quote of the week. Do your thing. Well, mine since we were we went back to high school. I’ll talk about when he was talking about the Columbine. I saw the yearbook picture. There was six of them. I have six friends in high school. I’ve got six friends now. That’s three on three with a half court.

Steve 1:08:32
Excellent. Oh, you know, we’ve been talking too much about high school tonight. I feel like my next get off my lawn is going to be for you. Again, because I feel like I’m gonna end up going on Facebook and on these people. Yeah. I’m gonna try to be good. I don’t know. Gonna see where people are at. It’s the curiosity. It’s just all the curious. Curiosity is just killing me.

Calvin Tilokee 1:09:02
All right. All right, so shout out time. And sorry Mikko is not on this episode. But I’m sure he will hear it. Shout out to my co host shout out to you guys. I should did this at the end of the last episode. And then you know, 2020 but um, yeah, shout out to you guys for doing this with me, man is best part of best part of the week for sure. And could be the best part of 2020. But probably the best thing I did was start up the show with you two fellas. Thanks a lot of fun. A lot of fun doing this. And for those of you who don’t know how to start it, I just got a random idea after looking at somebody else’s podcasts, and they said it was something you should do. And I was like, That sounds like fun. I don’t want to do it by myself. And then I call the first two guys that I could think of that I would want to talk to you about some shit on a regular basis. And you guys are both like hell yeah, let’s do this shit. And within a week we had a podcast. So yeah. It’s not much of a story. So when we’re on Oprah And they’re asking how it started. We’re gonna have to embellish that quite a bit. It’s not a very long story, but I’m

Steve 1:10:06
saving lives lives and that Oprah story, you know? Exactly. intrigue, espionage, it’ll all be in there.

Calvin Tilokee 1:10:13
Yeah, you know, I call Steve he was, you know, he was overseas with, you know, he was on the frontlines of the pandemic. And you know, Mikko was somewhere in China, you know, taking care of people, whatever, we’ll have to embellish it but, and oh, and shout out to the audience. We already in four months of doing this podcast, we’re already over 1300 downloads, which is amazing. Yeah. So thank you guys. Thank you guys who’ve been there from the beginning and helping us get this show on the road up and running and helping us get to that next level. So the first episode of 2021 so all the ones that are purchased from here if you’re one of these awesome fans, we would love if you would leave us a review. This really helps us with with sponsorships and and placement and so we can keep bringing you this fantastic content that you love so much.

Steve 1:11:05
Cal just want to thank you. And I’m again on behalf of Mikko doing this with you is fun as hell. Definitely a highlight of every week. And you know, I thank you for having this idea and getting getting this out there. As for the for the fans. Absolutely. If there’s anybody listening, any thoughts? Good, better otherwise, I think we’ve all got thick skins can take it this year ahead. I’m definitely looking forward to getting together with you guys in person somewhere someone and doing a show live.

Calvin Tilokee 1:11:38
Absolutely. That’s definitely marked down on the goals live in

Steve 1:11:41

Calvin Tilokee 1:11:43
Yeah, sir. Yeah, man. Live and direct. Indeed. So so. Well, you know who I am. Calvin could find me on Instagram at Revparblems ref pod travels, rapid growth Revpar Media or just head to revparblems.com

Steve 1:12:00
Hey, and this is Steve. You can hear me every week on the midlife crisis podcast with Calvin Mikko.

Calvin Tilokee 1:12:04
All right. Thank you for joining us on another episode of midlife crisis podcast. If you enjoyed today’s episode. Please leave us a review on iTunes and tell a friend see what we’re up to in between episodes on Instagram at midlife crisis podcast and on Twitter at midlife pot. Show Notes for this and all episodes are available on midlife crisis podcast.com where you can also sign up for the mailing list. Drop us a note, let us know what topics you’d like us to discuss. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you on the next one.

Steve 1:12:34
Let’s go