Calvin Tilokee 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steve and Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t mix our alcohol on a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry if you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. If you don’t know what CDs are, You’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your ear weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving. Or just sitting around wondering why your back hurts but let’s get this show on the road. Hello and welcome to midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin here as always with my boys Steve and Mikko, bringing that flavor to you ear on a weekly basis. On today’s episode, we will be discussing the Netflix show “The Social Dilemma”, and the pitfalls of social media. Of course, you’ll get our Chris Rock quote of the week. We’re bringing back. I don’t like that jerk. And you won’t want to miss my get off my lawn this week. I’m going in. But first, how was the week fellas?

Steve Rudolph 1:26
That was a good week, man. My daughter was staying at my parents house for two nights. So I two nights without the kid is amazing.

Mikko Miller 1:34
Got a lot of caulking done eh? Caulking done this weekend.

Steve Rudolph 1:40
So much.

Calvin Tilokee 1:43
Home Home Improvement is important.

Mikko Miller 1:45

Steve Rudolph 1:45
Indeed it is man. Dude, it was a great week. It was just good to have downtime without the kiddo.

Calvin Tilokee 1:51
Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah.

Steve Rudolph 1:53
How about you?

Mikko Miller 1:55
For me, it was a good week, as far as like what the wife and I love to do is, you know, try out new places. And we found a new like Vietnamese fusion restaurant that served like authentic grade prime ribeye with garlic noodles. So what they do is they cook the steak however way you want it. And then they put that on top of some garlic noodles. And like this kind of little broth. So you dip everything in the broth and then you eat it. So we tried that at like a couple of different places and we finally found one so we did that for like the majority of the week just eating out getting like rib eyes and noodles. But um, Thursday actually went to the ER for about six hours.

Calvin Tilokee 2:34

Steve Rudolph 2:35
Oh shit.

Mikko Miller 2:36
Yeah, I had like chest pain that lasted like 45 minutes. So left work early, went to the ER check myself in. And then everything came back negative. I think I have like a couple of I lifted something heavy a couple of days ago. And for some reason, I think I might have some sort of pulled muscle or the doctor was saying like a intercostal tear. I guess that’s the muscle between your ribs. So, yeah, went through that. I felt like how Calvin felt perusing through the cornfields at a frat hazing party back at Eastern Shore. Boots to my chest.

Calvin Tilokee 3:13
Yeah, it was straight up a wheat Tims to the chest. Exactly. Yeah, but at like three in the morning. It was fucking crazy.

Steve Rudolph 3:27
What’s the story?

Calvin Tilokee 3:27
I went into this episode where we talked about shit we did to fit in. Yeah, when I was pledging a fraternity. And one of the challenges, I guess whatever the hell they call these things, the initiation we were lined up single file, and the two brothers were like, one was holding the other one up. So he was like in this crouched position with his feet sticking out in front of his chest. And we would line up to get in front of this guy. And he would just kick us in the chest. We stumbled backwards. And then whoever was behind us had to hold us up if we were going to fall to the ground and then go to the back of the line. And then next guy would come up and get kicked in the chest.

Mikko Miller 4:04
Good times.

Calvin Tilokee 4:04
Yeah, this went on for you know, an hour.

Steve Rudolph 4:08
Fuck that How many of you were there?

Calvin Tilokee 4:11
At that point, there was at least seven of us.

Steve Rudolph 4:13
So you were getting kicked pretty quickly then? I mean,

Calvin Tilokee 4:15
no, it wasn’t a lot of rest.

Mikko Miller 4:20
was it one time? I was it multiple times was it like how many times can I get kicked in the chest type shit or what?

Calvin Tilokee 4:26
Yeah, it was multiple times it probably just until the dude got tired of holding up the other guy. like as if they were the ones in pain, right? Like, you know, I’m getting kind of tired why dont we switch.

Mikko Miller 4:42
That’s hilarious.

Calvin Tilokee 4:43
But Mikko yesterday reminded me there was a time I got you know, like you can get a muscle cramp. But I got one in my pec muscle one time. That shit scared the shit out of me I thought was having a heart attack

Mikko Miller 4:56
Where it like caved in?

Calvin Tilokee 4:57
No. Well, like you know when you have a cramp like the muscles get super tight. Most people you’ll get it like in your calf. I’ve gotten those a bunch of times, but anybody who’s had a muscle cramp knows what that feels like. But I’m doing the dishes. And I turn, and all of a sudden, I just felt that shit in my chest, like my pec muscle. And I ain’t exactly Terry Crews, you know, I mean, huge pecs

Steve Rudolph 5:22
not making your titties dance or anything like that.

Calvin Tilokee 5:27
But that shit hurt like hell. And then it was scary because it was it’s your chest. I’m like, why am I having chest pains? What the fuck is going on? And I was just like, Oh, my God. And eventually, you know, I ended up going to the doctor, and they were like, No, just a muscle pull. He kind of just had to, like, massage it out, really. But I was like, Yeah, I was like, This. Is it. This is it. What was that show? This is it, Elizabeth, this is the big one!

Mikko Miller 5:56
This is the big one.

Calvin Tilokee 6:02
Oh, shit. But yeah. So this week, we’re chatting about the Netflix show the social dilemma, which has been pretty popular, it’s very eye opening in a lot of ways. And so it’ll be a good conversation to have, because two of us are very engaged in social media me and Mikko and Steve isn’t. So I thought it’d be a really good conversation, because you kind of get in both sides here of who does what, right, kind of get in both sides of the coin. So Steve, actually let you start off, you don’t really have a big presence on social media, you don’t use it much. So why is that?

Steve Rudolph 6:36
So that all started for me around 2014 2015, I was working for a marketing company, it was a software marketing company. And I was in Chicago at the time, it was a lot of fun. There’s a very big startup community there. And there were always people coming in to not always but frequently coming into talk about how we can work together how their data can feed our data, and it can enrich the data. And then we can charge more for the data and all that shit. And one of the guys who came in, he had this kind of cookie technology that allowed them to track someone over multiple devices for an extended period of time. And really, as he’s saying this, I’m thinking to myself, what he’s showing me is like, what they if you guys recall that movie Minority Report, he walks into a store, and they know what kind of shirt he bought last time, or khakis or whatever the hell I’m, I’m thinking like, that’s what this sounds like. And then this guy says, and if you’re thinking that it looks like Minority Report, yeah, it kind of does. And it just floored me. And so from that point on, I toned it back a lot on the platforms. And I doubled down on it when I had to use the marketing arm of it for advertising. For a family business. It was wild, how, how specific you can pick an audience on some of those platforms. Yeah. And so I just kind of took a step back from it. I got a kid now, not everybody needs to hear what I have to say. Maybe they do. I don’t know. But that’s why I just texted you guys that that? Whatever the hell I said about Pence? Oh, that’s why I’m not on there much.

Calvin Tilokee 8:18
No, that’s, that makes a lot of sense. And like, that’s the major point of the show, is how much information that you know, social media captures from you. And I’ll be honest, I run a social media agency. So obviously, from a marketing standpoint, the first half an hour, I was, like, fascinated, and I’m like, yo, how the fuck do I do this? You know, how do I get all this information? Because

Steve Rudolph 8:41

Calvin Tilokee 8:41
I mean, I mean, marketing is all about knowing your customer, right? And knowing what they want. Really? Yeah, that predictability. And you know, what Steve is talking about is these you have first party and third party cookies that, like a first party cookies is if you visit a website, and you accept those now, right? But four or five years ago, when Steve was talking about you didn’t have to do it just automatically did that. So say you go to espn.com, boom, cookies, you know, they know you’ve been there. And third party cookies is when you leave espn.com. And then you go somewhere else. And they’re still tracking you. So So now these agencies out there or you know, Instagram or whatever social media, they know your whole path on the internet. So this is how sometimes you you say, Oh, I just thought about buying something. And next thing, you know, you see an ad on your feed, if you know if you didn’t think about it at some point, somewhere you visited. And you might have forgot, but they didn’t. And it shows up.

Steve Rudolph 9:41
And you know, don’t get me wrong. from a marketing standpoint. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. When I was using it, the advertising platforms that I was using, it was incredible. I just don’t want my stuff out there.That’s all

Calvin Tilokee 9:54
Oh, of course.

Steve Rudolph 9:55
Yeah. But no, I think the technology is fantastic.

Calvin Tilokee 9:57
No, absolutely. But I think the whole point of it is within reason, right? And not to not to lead people down paths that they shouldn’t be going down on and not to abuse that power, I think is what it comes down to. But I mean, having that access of information is this is why you see things. And one of the biggest parts for me, was when the guy who created the algorithm for YouTube. Mm hmm. He said, not to follow the recommended videos.

Mikko Miller 10:27
Yeah, yeah, that caught me too

Calvin Tilokee 10:29
be He’s like, you know, if you want to go on YouTube to look for something, make sure you go and search for it, like the ones that we feed you are meant to direct you down a certain path. And I was like, wow, this is kind of crazy.

Steve Rudolph 10:42
Mind blowing. it’s mind blowing how they designed it to be addictive.

Calvin Tilokee 10:45
Exactly. Exactly.

Mikko Miller 10:47
I mean, I know we’re gonna dive into it too. But like, the one part that really like struck me about the whole social dilemma. thing was how they did the new iPhones where it’s kind of like that swipe feature, what it took away the whole line to where it’s simulated, like playing a slot machine. And he got people like addicted to just a phone with a swipe up and a notification is gonna pop up, swipe down and like a tweet gonna pop up.

Calvin Tilokee 11:12
Yeah, yeah,

Mikko Miller 11:12
you’re almost like, addicted to that, because you’re like expecting something there. And it’s like a game. Now I’m going to swipe up what’s gonna pop up next. And to me, that was like, fascinating.

Calvin Tilokee 11:21
It really is. Like, they’re basically using human nature against you.

Mikko Miller 11:25

Calvin Tilokee 11:26
And I think that’s where it crosses that point. Because you want to know, when study human nature in order to be able to effectively market to people. I mean, their whole goal was to keep you on that platform, as long as humanly possible. That’s no different from a movie or a television network or whatever, they don’t want you to change the channel, they’re trying to capture that attention. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s just having that knowledge of human behavior. And I think the verbiage they used was something along the lines of like using human weakness against us. And for me, that was the thing that I got the most out of watching it from a usage, like my personal usage standpoint, is, now I’m a lot more conscious of what I’m doing. When I’m on Instagram, or Twitter or anything like that, you know, if I go on, and I’m checking my notifications responding, looking at my feed, then cool when I find myself when I’m just scrolling through three, four, or five, and I’m not really looking. It’s like, Okay, stop, you know, yeah, I’m done. Now. I’m like, I’m trying not to be aimlessly, just scrolling through and looking at stuff. But I would suggest anybody watch this, because it’s the awareness of that. That is key. And I’ve totally been guilty of this myself, you just start scrolling, scrolling. Next, you know, you see something and you’re looking at videos about honeybees for the next hour and you’re like how the fuck did we get here?

Steve Rudolph 12:47
Two hours, I went down a deep dive rabbit hole because of you two turds when you were talking kids to my high school, and I’m going through shit that people barely knew and could care less about now.

Calvin Tilokee 13:01
And you know what Mikko two hours and this muthafucka still didn’t end up on our Twitter page where we wanted him to go

Mikko Miller 13:06

Calvin Tilokee 13:11
That’s the only place we wanted you to go, we aint tell you to do all that shit.

Mikko Miller 13:15
Instruction, simple, Steve get on Twitter

Steve Rudolph 13:20
I’m on there

Mikko Miller 13:24
Twitter, I don’t know if you’ve noticed that I’m not really on Facebook, as much um, and it’s been about a year where I’ve like consciously made that decision to not be on Facebook as often because I found myself like you were aimlessly scrolling down people’s feeds, and then it takes me to an ad. Then an ad leads to another ad to a video which leads me to YouTube. And I’m watching all these recommended videos just in a row and then it’s like, wait, why am I watching like quicksand? Why am I watching people drown in quicksand? Why am I watching a chipmunk? Like steal potato chips from someone’s like, How the fuck did I get here? At that point Because I was in marketing and advertising too on social media, where I was like, Oh, shit, like, this is kind of like what we wanted our people to do by going through like, you know, mirror audiences and you know, look alike audiences. Mm hmm. We wanted our people to do the same thing where they follow these certain steps to get them to where we wanted them to be. And it’s like, I’ve been a victim of that.

Calvin Tilokee 14:23

Mikko Miller 14:25
it’s terrible.

Calvin Tilokee 14:26
Yeah, absolutely. No, I have noticed, you know, both you guys obviously. And it’s the same thing with me. I’m barely on Facebook. The only reason I have a Facebook page though, is because all of my Instagram pages are connected to it right? So you need a Facebook profile in order to have your Facebook page to backup Instagram. Otherwise I’m not sure that I would. The only other benefit of it too is like remembers people’s birthdays because Instagram don’t got that feature yet. You know, you gotta log into Facebook and be like, Oh shit, yeah, okay. But other than that, I’m barely on there. And that really all started three, four years ago with Trump. I’m just going to be straight up. I didn’t realize how many racist fucking friends I had.

Steve Rudolph 15:09

Mikko Miller 15:10
Yeah, we can go into that.

Calvin Tilokee 15:13
Yeah, but I mean, that’s, that’s all part of the social media conversation. And that’s when Facebook for me personally started to take a turn, right. Like when Facebook started, it was great, I had so many good experiences where I remember I posted a picture from grade school, I might, this might have been like fourth or fifth grade, and I just posted up this old picture that I found. And within a couple of hours, everyone in that picture was tagged in it. And we all reconnected.

Steve Rudolph 15:39
That’s cool.

Calvin Tilokee 15:40
Yeah, that was a really cool thing. Because it’s like, I would have never heard from these people. Again, without something like Facebook. I mean, how else would you find these people, I didn’t even remember a lot of their names and stuff, you know, something like that was, was really cool. And I think that’s the beauty of something like social media. And Facebook was really cool back then, for stuff like that. And it used to be pictures of people traveling and their kids, their dogs, whatever. And it was fun. And for me, I don’t know if that’s when I just started paying attention to this kind of stuff. But that’s like with Trump’s election. That’s when I felt like Facebook took a turn. Yeah, where it got a lot more political. And all of a sudden, everything was about your political beliefs. And I don’t really care for your political beliefs. And quite frankly, I don’t think I want to know them. Because a lot of people don’t behave, the way their politics dictate. And I’ll give you an example. There’s a guy that I went to the gym with, and nicest guy I’ve ever met. And I’m always like, the token black guy in most situations, right? Whether it be at the gym, any restaurant I go to, I’m like, the one person of color around with so it already kind of has you on a little bit of a backfoot, you know, so I’m in the gym and I’m like the only guy there and this guy was one of the few people who was open to me when I gotand I’m not trying to say anybody’s racist, the gym is not like that. But you know, everybody knows each other. It’s like, it was real cliqueish. And he was one of the first guys that would come over and like say hi kind of helped me with with different lifts and stuff like that, and, you know, show me technique. And I was alright, this guy’s like, really true. And we got connected on Facebook. Come to find out. He’s a Trump supporter, and the shit that was coming out of this guy’s mouth. And going on to Facebook, I was like, This is not the same person. This isn’t the same person. You know, he’s and he has two young daughters. This is what really got me he has two young daughters. And he was cracking jokes about Trump’s famous line. I won’t even repeat that because you know, it’s just that gross. But everybody knows I’m talking about, you know, grabbing women in certain areas. Yeah. And he made a joke about that, saying he’s grabbing this race by the you know what, and I’m like, Wow, dude. See, like, step back and think for a second. And your daughter is like 7. 10 years from now she’d be going to college. What if somebody did that to her, you’d want to kill him? rightfully so. But this is cool to say? because of your political beliefs? And I was like, You know what? I’m done. I had to unfollow him. And the thought process was, you know what? I know, he’s not that guy. I don’t know what this performance is that he’s putting out on Facebook. But when I go to the gym, I don’t want to think about him like that. So yeah, I just kind of hid that. And I find myself doing that with more and more people. And that’s when I just kind of really backed away from Facebook and went to Instagram, because Instagram is what Facebook was in the beginning, where it’s just fun pictures, hey, what I do this weekend, here’s my kid, here’s my dog. Here’s what I ate today is like, Ah, nice. paradise. You know,

Mikko Miller 18:47
but maybe that guy, maybe that guy thrives off of, you know, you post polarizing post and you get engagement. You get likes, you get people commenting, and maybe that’s not trying to play devil’s advocate, but you know, people go for that. They live for likes, that maybe his other thousands of photos got zero engagement. And when it’s not Trump, you know, you got all these Trumpees that’s just like, following and liking and commenting and agreeing with him. And maybe they just kind of like, made him feel good.

Calvin Tilokee 19:18
Yeah. And I think, you know, that was a big part of the documentary as well is, you know, you remember the part with the young girl. And, you know, she posted a picture and she got like, three likes, and now she’s feeling bad about herself.

Mikko Miller 19:31
Oh, yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 19:31
I think people get really hooked into that. And you probably right, it is, again, tapping into this human need for acceptance and you get a dopamine hit when something gets a lot of likes, you know? And yeah, you may be right and maybe even just even the negative comments, even people, you know, I wouldn’t say like me, because I don’t bother commenting on that stuff I’ve learned early on, you can’t you can’t talk to these people

Steve Rudolph 19:54

Calvin Tilokee 19:54
Um, but you know, some people may be like, oh, take this down, blah, blah and you know, they get a high off of all that. That’s Some people yeah, like Steve said, trolling so people get, they get enjoyment out of, you know, talking with people like that. So I just said, like, I’m just stepping away from it. I don’t want to know you like that. You know, like, I saw him last year at the farm. My wife and my mother in law, we’

re hanging out. And he comes in with his wife and kids. And he comes, He gives me a hug, everything’s cool. And all that. And I told my wife, I’m like, that’s the guy who was posting on Facebook. And she was like, What? I was like, yeah. So like, what does that about? You know, like, what is this persona you’ve got on on social media that you feel the need to say this outlandish shit? But you’re not that guy. Yeah,

Mikko Miller 20:38
yeah. Maybe this persona is all it is. Maybe that’s what it is just a frickin persona. You know, it’s not him, but it’s something that he developed online. It’s like going to Vegas. You know, when you go to Vegas, you know?

Calvin Tilokee 20:53
Yeah, its true tis true. Because I have I mean, I’ve got a few stories. A few people that I mean, I’ve had to just flat out block now.

Mikko Miller 21:03
Yeah, been there

Calvin Tilokee 21:04
Yeah. Because I’m like, I don’t know, who does social media, tough guy persona you got going on, but you’re not that guy. You know, and I alluded to this on a couple episodes ago, but it’s always about, Well, for me, it’s about sports, because that’s really a few conversations I get into with people. And I typically learned a long time ago. I don’t comment with strangers. Because they know no boundaries whatsoever. Don’t, they don’t know you. They? Yeah, they’re going there. Right away. They’re gonna name your idiot, whatever. And I was like, Listen, I’m not doing that with strangers, but like, say on a Facebook page. I mean, these are friends, right? We’ve decided to connect with each other. I know you in real life in some capacity, which is why we’re connecting. Okay. And I saw the same shit. Like, a dude I’m working with, right? We’d sit in the morning meeting. He’s a Jets fan. I’m a Patriots fan. And we talk shit to each other. That’s what sports is about. That’s what you do. Right? But now we got on Facebook. And he wants to start calling me out my name. You know, calling me a homo and this and that. And I’m like, Yeah, like, bro.

Steve Rudolph 22:14
why take it there?

Calvin Tilokee 22:14
First of all, you’re a jet fan. Calm down. Alright, I understand why you’re mad a lifelong being a loser is hard to take. Okay, but chill out. Secondly, they beat the Patriots inlike week six. Wait until wait till a playoff game to talk some shit like that. If you I mean what you hype in week six? Calm down. Calm the fuck down. But yeah, you know, you start calling me up my name. And I was like, Listen, dude. You had to calm the shit down. And I quite frankly told him I was like, you talk to me like that again. I’m a punch in the fucking face. Yeah, and then and then and then they want to act like, oh, why you got to be all like that. No, no, it’s not because when we’re sitting at work, or we at happy hour after work talking shit. You would never say no shit like that to my face. So don’t try it on social media. You know,

Mikko Miller 23:10

Steve Rudolph 23:12
That’s so weird. You know? Yeah, it was just that false personality that people get out there on social media that again, never happen in real life. That shit always drove me nuts.

Calvin Tilokee 23:24
And what gets me to it’s like, it’s so binary. Like everything on social media is either yes or no. Yeah, like, there’s no room for nuance. Yeah, at all.

Steve Rudolph 23:35
Like, greatest thing ever, or the worst thing on the planet? It’s toxic.

Calvin Tilokee 23:39
Exactly. You know, I could be like, Hey, you know, the social dilemma was pretty good. Oh, my God, it sucked. Okay. You know, I didn’t think it sucked. But I’m also not gonna call it the best documentary I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s somewhere in the middle. No, no, no. So why you hate it? Okay, nevermind.

You know, and that’s 90% of social media conversations. I can’t be bothered with that, you know, that’s just not life. But

Mikko Miller 24:05
everybody wants to be so damn polarizing. And he goes both ways to like, I’ve had to ban friends and block friends or like, you know, blocked them without them knowing because I’ve known them for like my entire life. And I don’t want them to get all butthurt because I frickin unfriended them and whatnot. But um, I mean, I’ve had friends who I didn’t think were racist towards black people. And then I had black friends that were just like, Uber racist against white people I’mjust like, Where’s this coming from? Like, when I went to school with you guys, you guys all got along, we’ll play basketball together. We all play the same sports together. Now that was in one is like, anti black and the other one is anti white. And it’s like, extreme ends of the pole. It’s not even like, a gray area inbetween they’re like, polar opposites. Like, I am a unfriending you both and I’m gonna do it. What are you both don’t know that I’m doing it.

Calvin Tilokee 24:55
Yeah. And so it’s unfortunate that you got to do it that way. And I saw someone A while ago, I think it was a lot when this whole, you know, Trump and his election was going on, but somebody was bragging about, you know, the fact that they didn’t unfollow anybody during that process. And I’m like, you know, it’s not necessarily something to brag about. I mean, kudos to you, if you want to see that stuff every day. And, yeah, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have people that don’t have different opinions from you on your feed. Because I think I think that’s good. You know, it’s just, you know, a healthy dialogue is always welcome. You know, that’s how you start to understand the other side. But we like we just said, you don’t really get healthy dialogue on social media, you know? No. And for, you know, for me, the best thing about social media is that you can curate that feed to look like whatever you look like, right? You know, if somebody bothers you, and everything they post is annoying, then guess what? Just unfollow them, block them. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s actually the more mature thing to do, as opposed to looking at your phone and getting upset every day.

Steve Rudolph 25:59

Mikko Miller 25:59

Calvin Tilokee 26:00
you know,

Mikko Miller 26:01
the mute option on Instagram. And I don’t know if it’s on Facebook. I can’t remember having been on Facebook in so long, but that mute option on Instagram is like the best thing they ever did. Because they don’t know that you unfollowed but you never see anything of their feed like you you don’t see shit. No live. Post, no comments. No DMS, nothing. And it’s like the greatest thing?

Calvin Tilokee 26:22
Mm hmm. Yeah, I love that button ask ask uh Danny from a couple weeks ago.

Mikko Miller 26:28

Calvin Tilokee 26:29
he knows all about that. But one of the things they were talking about that really grabbed me is this guy that used to work for Twitter. He says that his children aren’t allowed on social media until they’re 16. Yeah, which I thought was really, that’s always eye opening when the person that is behind creating it, right doesn’t think is good enough for his own kids. You know there’s a problem? Yep. So yeah, my question for you, Steve was Do you have any plans for your daughter as far as social media?

Steve Rudolph 27:02
We do? I mean, she’s, she’s only four right now. So I mean, I won’t be cool with her being on there until 14. Right. And, you know, again, my wife, and I don’t post about my kid, you know, because there’s just a lot of information out there. And for me, it’s when I want to post something about myself, fine. Awesome. I made that choice. But if I’m posting it about my kid, I don’t want my kids information out there because she didn’t choose to have her info out there. And there’s profiles being built around her already. Hmm. And so yeah, I think it’s going to be around like 13-14 try and hold it off as long as I can. But realistically, man, if it happens before that, you know, so be it. You just need to be that much more diligent about who she’s on there with and just making sure that, you know, no assholes are coming at her.

Calvin Tilokee 27:56
Yeah. So and I think that’s, that’s the interesting thing with people our age

Steve Rudolph 28:00
pictures all over the place.

Calvin Tilokee 28:02
Yeah. Oh, God, it was no Instagram. Back in a day boy,

Steve Rudolph 28:06
prime example. I have to go down this rabbit hole, because you jerks on Facebook. And I come across profiles of people that they have their kids, like splattered all over their Facebook’s Facebook pages. They’re talking about ex husbands doing them dirty. They’re talking about venereal diseases, they’re all kinds of crap. And it’s like a venereal disease. pictures of the kid. I’m shitting on my kids, Dad, you know, pictures of a kid and then you know, some vague booking where they you know, pray for me kind of shit. Get the fuck out of here. Those individuals, kids, there’s like a profile around those kids because they’re tagged and all this other shit. Hmm. Yeah, no, I’m gonna keep my daughter away from that as long as I can. But again, realistically, and I’d be as involved with that as I need to be. Yeah, in terms of her social media usage. Because Yeah, it does. wig me out a bit, but get used to it.

Mikko Miller 29:10
What do you do though, when everyone else is like, kid on it? You know, you take her to softball or soccer practice or whatever, and everyone’s on afterward. They’re posting team pictures and tagging everybody on it? What do you give a fuck

Steve Rudolph 29:21
I don’t give a fuck because I was just there and experience it in real life. Mm hmm. I don’t need to see your fucking pictures. Like some kind of weird flashback that I didn’t ask for. On an event that I was there. And then you tagged me in it and I don’t respond within like 30 minutes eat a dick. I’m making dinner for my kid. I made a killer dinner tonight.

Mikko Miller 29:40
Like that mug.

Steve Rudolph 29:45
I’m just not Yeah, not doing that.

Calvin Tilokee 29:47
You raise a good point about people just kind of being in the moment right and we can all get caught up in that and I certainly have but a few episodes ago I told the story about me my dad going to the FA Cup Final in London a few years ago, and the best thing that happened was our phones with just about dead by the time we got to Wembley Stadium, really? And yeah, it was a little scary, because to give some context, that match was a week after the Manchester bombing where you know, Selena Gomez and all that.

Steve Rudolph 30:17
Yeah, yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 30:19
Well, Ariana Grande one of them, I don’t know. I’m too old for that shit. But when it when I’m little, you know,

Mikko Miller 30:24
One of them tweens

Calvin Tilokee 30:26
Yeah, yeah. One of the two of them. But yeah, it was like a week after that bombing. And, you know, we were going to London now. And this is a big match. You know, they’ll be thousands upon thousands of people there. And it’s London. I mean, there’s millions of people there. So it’s like, we were like, Oh, shit, but you know, going around the city doing sightseeing thing, whatever, get to the match, and my phone is on like, 18% his was just about that, too. And I was like, Oh, shit, so I had to text my wife. I was like, Listen, just FYI. I gotta shut my phone off. Because it’s just about dead. She was like, What the fuck? The only reason I let you go so you can text me? Let me know you’re safe. I was like, stop texting me now cuz I gotta shut it off. I was like you wasting battery. Baby. You know, I got saved this one tonight. So I can check in? See now you being irresponsible

Steve Rudolph 31:20
way to flip it, man, how’d that work out?

Calvin Tilokee 31:31
But you know what, it was such a blessing because we shut our phones off. And I can tell you every minute of that match. If you pull that game up, and just show me a clip, I could probably tell you within five to seven minutes when that happened. That’s because we stood up the whole match and just was zoned in watched everything we soak that whole experience in. And it’s not it always comes from a good place, you want to take a picture to kind of remember, or, you know, have this memory of what happened. But you know what, we got a few pictures before the game actually started. And that was it. And then after that it was it’s all memory. But you know, we live that we experienced it. So it’s finding that balance between you know, yeah, you want to have a few pictures and whatever, to have the memories, but you got to be there be in the moment and just, you know, forget your phone. That’s for a while, you know, yeah,

Mikko Miller 32:22
when we should go out to like conferences and stuff, they would always designate me as the photographer, and I would always hate it. Because that means I would have to take photos of everybody on my phone posted on social tag everyone. And that always, always, always I miss out on the experience of everything I miss out on the memories. Even though I have the digital copy of the memory. I don’t get to experience it in real life, because I was never in the moment. And you’re right, Calvin, you know, probably that was a blessing because no phone, no distraction, you’re able to soak up the game. And that’s forever just going to be ingrained in your memory and probably your dad too. You can never take that back. You can no you can never lose that hopefully

Calvin Tilokee 33:01
no exactly, exactly. And for me, it was a very eye opening experience. And from then on, always tried to do that, like Ever since then, when my wife and I travel. I mean, obviously I have a travel account too which I try to document what we’re doing. But what I do is my phone when I’m out during the day is just a camera, we’ll take a picture in the museum or sightseeing, whatever, I don’t post anything until at night. So before we go to bed, I might take an hour and I’ll post a whole story then. And hey, this is what we did in the morning. This you know the sights dadada but I’ll take that hour and do it then as opposed to trying to do it throughout the day. Because no matter how much you think that, Oh, I just post this pic real quick and and be done with it. Then you got to make sure you’re tagging the right thing or you got the right hashtags. And then you know what should take 30 seconds to a minute. Next thing you know, you’re in there. 5-10 minutes. And then now you posted well, oh shit, we’ll see. Let me see who likes it, you know? And then it’s going to take away from me experience no matter what,

Steve Rudolph 34:00
as you’re talking about this, I’m going back to the last concert I was at, or the last big event that I was at before COVID. And it was it was last October. So right around this time. My wife and I went to see the black keys, huh? I mean, absolutely killer show. And I documented take some pictures, take a quick video and then you’re just I was just in it. And it was it was just a quick thought fart I guess I was just thinking about that as you were talking about the game and shit. Yeah. Now I’m trying to think about all you know if there was anyone in front of me taking pictures with their camera, and I couldn’t even tell you. I was just too focused on them.

Calvin Tilokee 34:38
Yeah, yeah. And that’s what happens like once you kind of get to that point where you come to that realization and you scale back now then you judge anybody. It’s like, put your phone away man. Enjoy the experience got damn

Steve Rudolph 34:56
be in the moment.

Calvin Tilokee 34:58
fucking kids.

Oh, that All right, cool. Well, we got to move on because we got some let’s get off my lawn this week. And we’re gonna bring back our newest segment. After our guests last week, we just ran out a little time. So let’s let’s jump into the Get off my lawn.

Mikko Miller 35:24
We were just talking about, like people being ballsy online and becoming something that they’re really not. And I just can’t stand people where if I make a comment on something that someone disagrees with, to immediately comment with the clown emoji or afterwards, and it’s just basically me calling a clown, for something that I had an opinion about, or my opinion could be right could be wrong, it could just be my own personal fucking opinion. But to put a clown emoji right after I mean, not even like five minutes, like literally 30 seconds after I post whatever comment that I conjured up for that particular second, to put a clown emoji right afterwards frickin idiotic. And to know that it came from someone, it’s like 16 years old. If I’m commenting on life, in general, Who the fuck are you at? 16 to call me a clown when you haven’t experienced it yet. You may think you have because we were all 16 at one point and we thought we knew everything there was to know about the world but let’s letting you know the little shit. You don’t know yet. And so stop calling people clowns on social media.

Calvin Tilokee 36:28
Yeah, jerk.

Mikko Miller 36:33
I don’t like that jerk

Calvin Tilokee 36:40
Oh, man. alright go ahead Steve

tonight’s get off my lawn is I recently had to buy a table saw. I’m working on a project I’ve gotten quite handy over COVID and moving into a house. And so I’m unpacking this table saw. And as I’m going to rip it down one of the staples that was up in the box. Just rip right through my hand and so I get off my lawn is for the manufacturer or the packaging company. Why do you need staples? Why do you need some stupid cheesy ass staples in some cheap cardboard? And then you put tape on top of it like three layers of tape. Or staples. The staples aren’t holding shit. It’s like stapling a wet paper bag. jackass

I know the staples you’re talking about too? they’re gigantic

Steve Rudolph 37:30
there. It sucks man.

Calvin Tilokee 37:35
Oh, man.

Steve Rudolph 37:36
Wait, why? So just ridiculous packaging and styrofoam. styrofoam can also get the hell off my lawn. It’s a bitch to throw away takes up the entire garbage can and I gotta make a special trip out to the dump. To ditch it

Calvin Tilokee 37:51
and a stable Polo near close to right in the white bits. on your clothes for like a week.

Mikko Miller 37:56
those white Balls.

Steve Rudolph 37:58
It’s like the version of like, glitter from a strip club. That shit just yeah, it gets on you from like, you don’t know where it came from? like three days later, you’re trying to get it off? Is the same shit. I come back with like these little white styrofoam things I mean, my my wife’s like, would you buy it you buy and you’re gonna miss something. Fucking Pat’s me on the head and give me milk and cookies like an asshole I’m joking. She doesn’t do that. my wife’s cool as shit. She give me full size candy bars. Nice nice joke. Nice.

Mikko Miller 38:37
Oh, man. I got man dropped that bombshell bro.

Calvin Tilokee 38:40
All right. So mine, you know I’ve touched on it over the course of this podcast. And I’m just going in tonight because this individual finally went too far for me. And this Steve. I’m sorry. Yeah, this week’s get off my lawn is LeBron James and his gang of bronsexuals.

Mikko Miller 39:00
Here we go. Again, let’s dig in.

Calvin Tilokee 39:05
I am done. I’m done. All right. I’m gonna preface it because unlike what we just talked about, about people being so binary on social media, I don’t dislike the man. Okay, I think LeBron James is a wonderful human being. Truly there’s no sarcasm at all. I think LeBron James has done so much for people for his society. He’s overachieved. I mean, he’s met every expectation that has been placed upon him as a 17 year old coming into the NBA and he’s he surpassed everything. You really can’t get a better athlete role model than LeBron James. Right? But LeBron James, the basketball player is a little bitch sometimes. I’m sorry. This dude wins a championship four time champion, and has the audacity the audacity to say that the Lakers organization deserves their respect and me I want my damn respect. LeBron, who the fuck don’t respect you?

Seriously, who doesn’t respect LeBron James, you can’t find anybody who’s a sportscaster anyone who doesn’t say at minimum, LeBron James is in their top 10 of NBA players all time, they have been probably millions of people that have gone through the NBA, we’re saying you’re in the top 10. Most people will say top five, I got him in my top five. Right? Not that my opinion means shit. But who, who doesn’t respect LeBron James. And here’s where it where it comes from is he thinks that because you’re not calling him the greatest of all time. That’s somehow disrespect. And it goes back to what we were talking about earlier in this episode with why everybody needs to have this hot take. And it’s all it’s very black or white, like either LeBron James. And LeBron himself is now going along this way. If you don’t think I’m the greatest basketball player who has ever lived, then you’re disrespecting me. That has got to be the most childish shit I’ve ever heard. I just think its dumb.

Mikko Miller 41:10
Go lakers

Calvin Tilokee 41:13
I just, I can’t. And the thing is, it’s not even really Alright, he’s supposed to think he’s the greatest right? I don’t expect him to lace up your shoes and be like, “oh I’m alright” you know, you’re supposed to think you’re the best. But let the media talk about that. You act that way. But you don’t talk that shit. You’re not supposed to get caught up in all of this. And I’m gonna just lay it out. Because,Mikko, Imma let you jump in as though you’re a basketball guy, too. We left extra room in this episode for this because I knew this segment was gonna be longer than normal. But it’s like, Okay, hold on, hold on. Let’s just scale it back. And let’s just look at the facts, right? LeBron James has been in the NBA. LeBron James has been in the NBA for 17 seasons, just won his fourth championship, which is a hell of an achievement. He’s also lost six of them. That doesn’t mean we still have to get there. Right? credit, where’s it’s due but he lost six times.

Mikko Miller 42:06

Calvin Tilokee 42:07
Michael Jordan spent 15 years in the NBA. He won six. And lost none. You spent more time haven’t even achieved what that man achieved in less time. And you think you’re the best? You think you’re the greatest? How is that possible? Like take any profession? If you’re doing it longer and achieve less? How the fuck Could you be the best?

Mikko Miller 42:31
Yeah, I actually actually agree with you because I think a lot of the Bronsexuals sorry, Steve. A lot.

Calvin Tilokee 42:40
I don’t think Steve’s a Bronsexual

Steve Rudolph 42:42
I could give two shits. I really could I just happen to live in the same near the same city where the guys from? You know, I’m going to shit on Lebron you want to hold him up and throw pickles at him like he’s some kind of God Go for it. I’m good either way, I think. I mean, I like him. But he has his faults. Calvin’s making a hell of a case.

Mikko Miller 43:01
You know what he? For all the bronsexuals out there. It’s all about numbers for them. And this is where the discussion I think, where I lean towards Calvin’s argument. It can’t all just be numbers. Because one you came into the league, younger than everybody else, you’ve played longer than most of these guys that retired already. Of course, you’re gonna have the numbers, you’re six, eight, you have the speed of a guard, you can guard all five positions. You’re a freaking beast. Right? You can have all the numbers but when it comes down to the chips, the championships Do you have the testicular fortitude to get it done? And I just don’t think LeBron has that. I really don’t. And that’s why, you know, I say top five LeBron, I think, Lakers to be honest with you, if you’re gonna ask me, LeBron is the sixth best Laker and follow me on this. Follow me on this. Shaq. Okay. Kareem wilt?

Steve Rudolph 44:03

Mikko Miller 44:04
Kobe. Magic.

Calvin Tilokee 44:08
It’s hard to argue that.

Mikko Miller 44:10
I don’t know where I would put LeBron honestly. Because Would I rather have LeBron who does all the right thing? Of course. Or do I want Kobe who’s willing to take that last shot like we talked about, you know, two games previous to them winning the championship. I want a guy that’s willing to take that shot. Michael had the same mentality, they will kill you to get that shot off to win. And that’s the kind of mentality that I think I admire as a basketball fan. Like, I’m not all about the numbers. When you win a championship 6 for 6 that says something to me. It means when the moment is the brightest, you show up. You get the job done. LeBron went to what? 10 championships and won 4.

Calvin Tilokee 44:52
That’s less than 50%.

Mikko Miller 44:54
Exactly. So that means you can get it done and you get top five players as teammates.

Calvin Tilokee 44:59
Every time every single time.

Mikko Miller 45:03
Yeah, and one thing I’ll say to your point about like greatest all time Lakers. He may not even be that high yet because he’s only won one with the Lakers. Right? You know, if you’re just talking about being as a Laker, he may not be up there. You know, you might have to put like Kurt Rambis up on there before him.

There’s, there’s, you know, there’s, there’s

Calvin Tilokee 45:30
Byron Scott,

Mikko Miller 45:32
you know, people sleep on Byron Scott, and you might be right. But I think, you know, I don’t see LeBron losing championship next year. I think they’re gonna win it again. And I think if he does it back to back, you could put him up there. But in my Rushmore f Lakers, he’s still out. Honestly, he’s still out. To me. Kobe. Still better than LeBron.

Calvin Tilokee 45:51
Absolutely. That’s my major gripe with LeBron as far as legacy right as far as legacy compared to Jordan. The minute he left Cleveland, and went to Miami, that conversation was over for me. Yeah, because yeah, Michael Jordan spent his entire career with the bulls. He made that team be as great as he was. Right?

Mikko Miller 46:13

Calvin Tilokee 46:14
Michael Jordan developed helped develop Scottie Pippen. We’re gonna give Pippen a lot of credit, obviously. But nobody thinks Scottie Pippen is gonna be a top 50 NBA player of all time, if he never played with Jordan, right? And LeBron never did that for anybody. Not only has he not done that for anybody, he left the team that drafted him his hometown team, that would have been a hell of a story. If you spend your career in your hometown, and bring them their first championship and what was it 30 40 years or whatever the hell it was? Yeah. And we’re not just talking about the Cavs. We talk about the browns and Indians and everything. Like it just was a city that hadn’t won anything. For a long time. That would have been a hell of a story. You want to call yourself the king, you do that. no what he did. He decided to leave, go to Miami with D Wade, who had by that time already want a ring without you, and was the MVP, so he doesn’t need you to win. He did that himself. Right. And you bring along Chris Bosh, who was a perennial all star. without you. You didn’t help either one of these guys get any better. You rode their coattails to championships. Then you go you win two championships, and you lost the first one to Dirk Novitzky and the Mavericks and then come out in some documentary saw with him with sometime this year saying that, hey, you know what, I just I didn’t take that first championship seriously, and we got serious after that. And won, two, which I give a lot of credit. That’s I mean, for most normal people, that’s a hell of a realization. And you do get credit for making that comeback. But no great needs to lose in the finals. To then figure out it was serious.

Mikko Miller 47:52

Calvin Tilokee 47:53
Yeah. I mean, your Michael Jordan’s your Kobe’s your Larry birds. They didn’t need any reminder. They didn’t need to get their ass whipped to be like, Oh, you know what? The NBA Finals is kind of tough. I should bring my A game. come on, bro. Like, no, that’s not greatness. And once you get to that level once you want to be in the breath of those guys, all that shit, I’m sorry. all that works against you. The minute he went to Miami, I was done with the Jordan conversation. I didn’t want to hearshit after that. And I still don’t want to

Mikko Miller 48:24
your point. Your point, Magic Johnson as a rookie. Went to the NBA Finals. Kareem gets hurt. Magic Johnson steps up plays point guard shooting guard the first two quarters plays forward in center. The last two quarters and seals the game wanting to win. Larry Bird will cut your throat off to win. Kobe’s the same mentality Michaels the same mentality. These are guys. If there’s a game of chess or checkers, or you know, hula hoops, they want to beat you at it. That’s just their mentality. Because that they’re not built any other way. And LeBron is just different. I don’t think he’s like, I mean, he’s shown glimpses of that. Yeah, but I don’t think he’s fully there. And I think LeBron will never be fully there because he’s just not that way.

Calvin Tilokee 49:14
It’s just not built that way. And that’s okay. You know, everybody is not. It’s okay. Yeah, but just understand that when that Killer Instinct, and that relentlessness to win, that’s what makes the truly great. The greats and there’s, it’s a minor differences. It’s a one thing but it makes a hell of a difference. And if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. And that’s okay. The guy still won four championships. He’s by far the best player of this generation, still at 35, the best player on the planet, but he’s not the guy I would want. If I’m picking all time a guy to get me a win. It’s game seven in the finals, which by the way, Jordan never needed even going six times. He never needed to play a game seven in the finals. dusted off dudes early. You know But I’ll end on this because that to me that point you just made me go that’s to me is the key is, is the mentality part me personally, you know, we’ve gone back to my you know, my soccer days, I’ve been both. I’ve been on teams where I was the best player, and I needed to take the team on my shoulders, I’d look around and be like nobody else is going to do it. So if I got to shoot this fucking thing, 30 times today, for us to have a chance to win. That’s what I’m doing. I’ve also been on teams where I was a role player, and I’m happy to play that role. But when I’ve got a guy, for example, I played with a guy who was in the Manchester United like a youth teams. I mean, this guy was good, right? And you come over here to America, where we still now learning the sport you you’re running around everybody, but this guy had the talent to beat three, four guys get a shot off whenever you fucking want it to. And we’d be struggling, we’d be on it. You know, we weren’t a great team. He was by far the best player in the team and we’re struggling. And he’s looking around to everybody else, like, oh, how come you guys not doing this? Like, I’m not doing that? And it’s like, you’re the Manchester United product fam. Right? How about I mean, then sometimes you just get pissed off, he dribble past three people and take a shot. Like, you know, if you did that more often, we could play off of that. Right? Like, maybe you beating two guys gets us open, or you would take the shot. I could sweep up a rebound guys a there to do that. But he’s waiting for other people to do that. Before he wants to step up. And that’s the difference. Like, that’s not greatness. You might have the talent. You might be very talented, but you’re not great. I don’t want to play with that guy. I’d rather play with the Kobe Bryant, who’s going to say, yo, listen, the only chance we got to win today. If y’all not bringing it up. I’m shooting the shit 80 times. Grab a rebound. Yep, yep, yep, I’ma grab the rebound. I’ma grab the rebound, maybe I got to follow up, or I’m gonna just get 90 assists by passing it to you. But I’m okay with that. I’d rather the best guy on the team. Take control and take over. I don’t want you sitting there passing it to me. If I’m Danny green I’m passing it back. take this shit Fuck you doing?

Mikko Miller 52:07
we’re just old school I think. No, yeah, that’s tough. That’s tough right there. Because I agree with you. 100% every fiber of my body agrees with you. Because when you’re the best player, and you take 80 million shots, I don’t give a fuck if I’m on your team. Because I know you’re the best player taking the shot. You know, but if you’re the best player and you’re coasting and you’re expecting other people to do stuff, and we lose, I’m gonna blame you.

Calvin Tilokee 52:33
Yeah, exactly. That shit. Exactly. And that’s, and that’s, that’s what gets me he’s never accountable. And those bronsexuals will never hold them accountable. It’s always Oh, when look at the team, when he left leaving the first time is Oh, but you know, look at the bums. He was playing with the same bums that helped him win 63 games and get MVP? and get to the finals?, those same bum?. But now. Now those guys weren’t good enough to play with the next season? Get the fuck out of here with that. I’m not trying to hear that shit you, but it’s never his fault. It’s the Team.

Mikko Miller 53:06
Hot in here

Calvin Tilokee 53:06
It ain’t us it’s the media. it ain’t us it’s the media

Oh, shit. All right, cool. So we bring him back our newest segment. I don’t like that jerk.

Steve Rudolph 53:22
Jerk of the week. This gentleman is a Harvard Law grad. He’s been a an accomplished staff writer for The New Yorker. And he rose to fame back during the OJ trial because he ended up writing a book about the OJ trial, which then fueled a TV show on FX about the OJ Simpson trial. And so I’m talking about jeffrey toobin. Dude is a staff writer for The New Yorker. And recently during a zoom call, he stood up his dick was out. New York has been in lockdown since March 20. Two that should start it. That’s when zoom calls started. You have had to get all of the shenanigans out with your with your dick with you, Dick. I’m gonna wear business on top picks up below. Get the fuck out of here, man. Come on. Probably have at least another year of zoom calls. Everybody, please. If you think it’s funny, you’re gonna stand up at some point and someone’s gonna see you shrivel dick on the zoom call. It’s not gonna be fun.

Calvin Tilokee 54:35
Business on top party on the bottom.

Steve Rudolph 54:40
I mean, I’m sure you know, he’s saying it’s an honest mistake and all that nonsense, but Dude, come on. You’re gonna be on a zoom call. Just put your dick away, please. You know,

Mikko Miller 54:51
it’s got to be intentional, right? It’s got to be intentional. I mean, I have never, even if you’re masturbating in a bedroom, right? When I go out to the restroom or something afterwards or whatever, I put my shit away. Like a Zoom call. Watching you, you beating your meat you having a good old time watching porn probably off to the side. I mean, you’re aware.

Calvin Tilokee 55:16
Well, I don’t picture in picture. Like man, Jeffrey’s really excited about these spreadsheets.

Steve Rudolph 55:25
Oh my god.

Mikko Miller 55:26
Yeah. Like, I don’t know. Maybe, maybe Chris Rock is right. your minds a little hazy.

Calvin Tilokee 55:33
You aint in your right state of mind.

Mikko Miller 55:41
You know, if you have a little dick, you can’t whip it out. You just can’t. But

Steve Rudolph 55:50
it sounds like a good rule for humanity right there. You know, just

Calvin Tilokee 55:53
I don’t think anybody could argue

Steve Rudolph 55:55
on behalf of all the fathers of a daughter if you got a dick. Just don’t whip it out.

Calvin Tilokee 56:05
All right, all right. Well, now it’s time for the Chris Rock quote of the week this been in my head for some reason it gets because I’ve been listening to 90s music recently, but when he was like, No, all the good rappers dead. Biggie dead. Tupac dead vanilla Ice still alive.

Mikko Miller 56:30
Very good. Don’t like rock and roll music or stand up comedy or something nowadays is

Calvin Tilokee 56:36
Oh, Lord.

Mikko Miller 56:37
It’s construction show or something like a house flipper. He does one of those dumb shit.

Steve Rudolph 56:43
House flipper.

Mikko Miller 56:44
Yeah, I think so too. Yeah, whatever. Mine was um, I think this is from tambourine. So you know, forgive me if I don’t know exactly everything from the quote was from tambourine I’m pretty sure he goes on to talk about people saying that God doesn’t make mistakes. And he goes hush your mouth. God makes plenty of mistakes you ever see a porcupine? You can’t eat it? You can’t hug it it’s ugly. It’s sticky. It’s shitting all over the place. Mistake. What about quicksand? drown in it? You can drown dry you think God meant to make quicksand? Mistake! Have you ever been to Mississippi? Mistake!! M-I-S-S-T-A-K-E! was hilarious.

Calvin Tilokee 57:36
You could drown dry! It’s so good.

Mikko Miller 57:48
You got to watch it with the face.

Calvin Tilokee 57:50
Yeah, man. Yeah, his mannerisms is like take half the jokes left over the top.

Steve Rudolph 57:55

Calvin Tilokee 57:57
Oh, man. Love it. Love it. Great episode. Great chat today fellas. I finally got my LeBron hate off my chest. So I thank y’all for indulging me.

It is not hate but you know all the millennials listening to this gonna be like, Oh, he hating he hate LeBron. Whatever. You know, I can’t help that. I can’t help yall. Go be a bronsexuals Listen, y’all gonna do what you got to do. So

Steve Rudolph 58:22
who came up with that name?

Calvin Tilokee 58:23
I don’t know who came up with that. But it fits. Yeah, it definitely fits. Alright, but this is Calvin if you’re here you likely Follow me on Revparblems or one of my brands if not what the fuck you doin listen to us anyway?, but go to my website revparblems.com get everything in one place and check out the new rev par shop.

Mikko Miller 58:45
And this is Mikko to Filipino Follow me on IG at Mikko underscore eats and you can join me on my food journey throughout social media.

Steve Rudolph 58:52
Alright, and this is Steve you can hear me every week on the midlife crisis podcast with Cal and Mikko

Calvin Tilokee 58:58
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Mikko Miller 59:29