Taking the extra step

While at work most people follow SOPs and directive of their superiors while completing a task or a checklist of some sort. They wait for instructions and diligently follow. The better they complete the task the more chances they have to grow and be promoted, right?

Wrong!! That’s not enough!

Merely completing what’s assigned to you is not nearly enough if you want to grow.

Growth (any growth) is a result of creativity and courage. Courage to explore, to take appropriate liberties from the roadmap, to get to the root of the problem and provide a solution. It’s about vision and willingness to do something about what you see.

If you are merely executing a task that’s assigned to you then I hope you start to look for opportunities to create and provide solutions to issues that are untouched.

True value comes from solving and creating – not from completing a checklist.

Don’t wait for a directive to be given to you…. propose it instead!



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