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hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast i’m your host Calvin also known as Revparblems on instagram i’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college steven Mikko what can you expect on this podcast well i like to call it a talk show for men of a certain age we’re not quite old but we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol on a night out you know we’ll chat about current events trending topics and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing else we’ll be laughing the whole time and ladies don’t worry if you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave stick around and now keep in mind we’re old enough to remember when parental advisory stickers went on cds we don’t know what cds are you’re too young for this podcast speaking of which make sure you have your headphones in it’s nsfw as these kids say we’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving or just sitting around wondering lay it backwards but let’s get this show on the road hello and welcome to midlife crisis podcast i’m your host calvin here as always with my boy Mikko bringing that flavor to you here on a weekly basis on today’s episode we’ll be talking about the recent events affecting the asian community with my friend onika of course we’ve got all your favorite segments are chris rock quote of the week i don’t know that shit i don’t like that jerk and as always get off my lawn but first that was the week Mikko

Mikko Miller 1:28
kind of drag to be honest it’s the weekend was too fast as usual you know last week was pretty decent um but today i did get a chance to speak with someone who was getting ready to file a lawsuit against the company that i was working for okay and it was over something silly like she had a an advanced directive i don’t know if people know what that is it’s like basically like a last will and testament or if i’m at the hospital i want this person to be in charge of making decisions for me and she has been trying like the whole year to file it within our electronic record system and she couldn’t for some reason no one could get it done and then i probed more into it and found out that she was actually getting it done in la and i’m in orange county and for some reason the kaiser la folks couldn’t get it into the system or didn’t want to or i don’t know what their issue was and so she was just gonna file like a big lawsuit against you know the company as a whole basically and all it took was you know since we are big on customer service and hospitality and whatnot just listening to her you know um fortunately for me i was able to access you know her records and had her email me to stuff and i got it in within like an hour and all it took was that and then she was just like hey you know since you did this for me i’m gonna drop the lawsuit she had like four lawsuits against this oh shit and yeah just over her record i mean it’s a big deal right because you want someone to be able to make decisions for you when you can’t make a decision so she had like power of attorneys and all this stuff that just wasn’t in the record and i think she had like two health scares and she was like hey this is important for me to get into my records how come you guys i’m putting it in you know maybe if i file a lawsuit you guys will get some fire in your butt and get it in my system yeah yeah man overdid a lawsuit i was kind of crazy

Calvin Tilokee 3:23
yes that’s good man you like erin brockovich

Mikko Miller 3:26
yeah that’s right i forgot to wear my cake today but

Calvin Tilokee 3:31
no that’s good shit dave you know dave dave you know what you got to do

no that’s yeah that reminds me of um there was this lady we had at a hotel i was working at once she booked like seven rooms over new year’s eve in new york city and then i yeah she was coming like with the whole family and data and then i think she ended up canceling or no showing a bunch of them or something like that but we hit her with a bill of like 15 grand and she was going off and whatever whatever i don’t deal with that kind of shit you know in revenue like that’s the beauty of revenue is i don’t have to deal with guests you know i deal with them when i want to when they’re happy i treat them like babies basically right like when the baby starts crying is okay somebody else handle this i had changed a diaper do whatever you got to do leave me the fuck out of it exactly it got to a front office manager and she was threatening to she threatened a lawsuit and he ends up refunding the whole thing and everybody’s like patting him on the back and he’s like oh you know cuz she had left it like a negative review on tripadvisor and you know so the gm was all pissy about and everything and i’m like okay that’s cool and all but anybody could have did that right you gotta be like it’s just handed her back 15 grand i’d be happy to the fuck

yes i’m crazy but

Mikko Miller 5:08
is what it is but it goes to show customer service and just listening goes a long way because she’s she was just basically like every time i spoke with someone they were like oh we don’t have it well we can’t get it done or it takes a couple of weeks and then we’d like leave the conversation and she just really needed i mean the call took like a fucking hour but it was worth it yeah

Calvin Tilokee 5:28
yeah yeah should they better better promote us for that one man that’s big time

Mikko Miller 5:40
you should be kissing my ass

happy with the tip i gave you you should be kissing

Calvin Tilokee 5:52
greedy bastard

Mikko Miller 5:55

Calvin Tilokee 5:58
oh man

but yeah man i’m glad you had an interesting week i you know what does one of them weeks i don’t even know what the hell happened

Mikko Miller 6:08
oh one of those

Calvin Tilokee 6:10
yeah it was one of those yeah the shit is just getting kind of stressful now because i’m moving it’s like three weeks out now it’s like everything needs to be done it needs to be done now and i find myself like having to do everybody’s job for them you know like i got a realtor i got to tell her hey let’s let’s change the picture let’s let’s do this let’s you know do a fucking google ad or something you know like and then my accountant you know we got the taxes done so you know we got to get all that filed before we leave because i want to get it direct deposited because i take no chance at him forward in that mail i got a call him like three times to do it i’m like yo why do i pay you people if i have to do the job i’ll tell you what the fuck to do oh lord it was one of them weeks man dude like you blink and it’s like okay what happened

Mikko Miller 7:04
it’s good though cuz i mean the week flies by right you look up it’s like tuesday then you look up it’s like thursday and then it’s sunday already but if you’re busy i guess it’s like too fast you can’t get shit done

Calvin Tilokee 7:16
yeah yeah you know it’s time is moving alive just want to get like this important stuff i just want to get it checked off so it could be like

Mikko Miller 7:25
right oh boy board shorts and sandals time man you know i’m saying

Calvin Tilokee 7:31
straight to tommy bahama when i get straight to tommy bahama

Mikko Miller 7:38

Calvin Tilokee 7:42
leaving the stocks on

Mikko Miller 7:44
that’s right crocs with fox don’t do that please don’t do that

Calvin Tilokee 7:52
not i mean i know we say as midlife crisis but i that midlife yet okay hit like 70 before that

Mikko Miller 8:00
type of software like floral printed shirts button downs and

Calvin Tilokee 8:10
oh man but anyway anyway this week we have my good friend onika joining us in the man cave to discuss what it’s like to be an asian woman in america these days on again and i go back a few years from our days in the hospitality industry and i can tell you three things about her she always keeps it real you never know what color her hair was going to be and she’s a hell of a road of skin

Annika Aguas 8:38
it’s all accurate by the way well thank you

Calvin Tilokee 8:46
so how are you how are you my friend

Annika Aguas 8:48
i’m good i was i was trying to do what i did this past weekend actually and then i remembered i got vaccinated my first one

Calvin Tilokee 8:57
oh nice yeah yeah

Annika Aguas 9:00
iser yeah i don’t know if there’s like some there’s like two other ones i think right it’s kind of cool the hashtag has come through like team pfizer team

Calvin Tilokee 9:13
i didn’t even know he was doing all teams on the vaccine

Annika Aguas 9:17
yeah i don’t know i mean i’m not at a midlife age right now but do you guys remember when pokemon go was the thing everyone was running around trying to catch pokemon of course i mean the other day that was like using the teams i don’t know if you guys know pokemongo this detail but there was like team and now they’re like comparing that to the vaccines and i thought that was funny comparison

Mikko Miller 9:44
whatever happened to team edward or team what’s his face jake

jake jacob exactly

Calvin Tilokee 9:55
were you into that did you like twilight

Annika Aguas 9:58
oh yeah i did i know i admit it now i didn’t want to even when i was see really watching the movies and reading the book

Mikko Miller 10:09
which which which team

Annika Aguas 10:11
oh i’m jacob

Mikko Miller 10:14
okay so your team jacob team pfizer okay i see where you’re

Calvin Tilokee 10:22
gaming we got to study and see if see if there’s a correlation

Mikko Miller 10:26
yeah yeah yeah

Calvin Tilokee 10:28
throw that into a spreadsheet

Mikko Miller 10:36
oh man

Calvin Tilokee 10:38
but yes as as we said at the top of the episode anaka is here to discuss the issues that are plaguing the asian society these days in light of the recent events in atlanta she’s currently living in atlanta so y’all give us a bit of what you’re feeling these days on what it’s like to be there

Annika Aguas 10:57
yeah um you know last week i was hit with the same question and i think maybe a week ago when i was asked i was definitely in a place where i was still a little unsure of how i should be feeling because for something like this to happen to affect the aapi community i’ve never experienced anything like this in my lifetime especially being here in atlanta it’s a little rough for me to be honest like i said i’ve never experienced anything like this so everything is new i will say though actually something that did happen this week is i went to this event that was promoting and supporting small asian businesses and restaurants and i go there and i guess i don’t have any expectations right like i don’t know how many people are going to be there or what it’s going to look like there was a line that wrapped around the entire building it was like a couple blocks long of people walking past that line and just seeing there wasn’t actually to be honest a lot of asian people there you know i was just kind of like taken back to be like wow like all these people came out to support you know the community and that was very emotional actually to see that kind of support

Calvin Tilokee 12:13
yeah that’s great that’s that’s good i mean you know the silver lining in anything right i mean it’s obviously a tragic tragic situation but you know hopefully we learn from these things and we get a little bit better as a society but um now were you there when this happened cuz i know you’ve been moving around

Annika Aguas 12:34
yeah no i was here in atlanta my roommate told me that night he was just like oh there was a shooting here in atlanta and unfortunately i feel maybe like i don’t know if everyone feels this way but a little desensitized sometimes we just hear shooting we’re like oh another one you know sadly so he said oh there was a shooting and i said okay were like near us like and he’s like at a couple of asian massage salons and then i just didn’t know how i should have felt like i don’t think it really honestly hit me until the next day when everyone’s like texting me my mom’s calling me and seeing like is it anywhere where i live and i’m seeing all you know articles online and yeah it just became very real

Calvin Tilokee 13:19
yeah that’s not i mean how far are you from what took place

Annika Aguas 13:22
maybe about like 2030 minutes

Calvin Tilokee 13:25
okay yeah and interesting we obviously we follow each other on instagram and i realized you know you’ve been very active in sharing your i guess activism not to overuse the word but a lot of posts and obviously because we know each other i pay attention when when you’re posting these things so have you seen what you know what type of responses have you seen from you know your heightened activity in this world over the past week or so

Annika Aguas 13:55
yeah no um yeah thank you for looking at my stories that it definitely is you know feels really well received so far when i’m posting this information and the resources and it’s been really great to see other people find their own resources and share the ones that they have but overall i would say my online friends have been very supportive and i haven’t seen too much like negative about what has gone on recently definitely i mean luckily i haven’t seen too much anti asian hate thank goodness i don’t know Mikko have you seen anything

Mikko Miller 14:32
i haven’t i haven’t seen any anti not personally no

Annika Aguas 14:36
yeah no overall it’s i feel like it’s been very supportive and i mean as positive as it can be at this time right here

Calvin Tilokee 14:45
right now yeah that’s great i mean i do think just what where we are as a country over the past few years i think it’s become more common for people to share these type of things and i know a lot of the people that i followed for years I see more and more people sharing these types of things, whether it’s, you know, stop Asian hate or black lives matter, or just speaking up for women or whatever it is. And I’ve always said that our former President, I think we look back at it and realize it was a good thing, kind of like a necessary evil, because he brought all of this stuff to the surface to where it couldn’t be ignored anymore. And unfortunately, I think, what happened to the Asian community, you know, last week, and over the past year, I mean, I think this is all been bubbling up, you know, with Coronavirus, some of the things that he said has led to this to this. You know, and it’s, yeah, he’s, I just think his administration forced us all to just pay attention, because he brought it all it was it was just daily conversation now.

Annika Aguas 15:51
No, I totally agree. It’s last administration definitely didn’t make it easy being not white. Right. I’m glad that these are all becoming conversations that we’re having now. I’m trying to think like, sadly, I don’t think I had these open conversations up until very recently.

Mikko Miller 16:12
Yeah, Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 16:13
I would agree. I think, I think it’s, it’s become mandatory for most people to you have to deal with it. You know, and I think, ultimately, that’s a good thing. I mean, I think if we even go back to like, the meat to movement, and I think that’s when it really gained steam because of all of his allegations. And it was like, it’s one thing. I mean, this is my opinion. But this is one thing when it’s a sleazy Hollywood producer, I think most people expect there’s a level of that going on, we just never talked about it like that. But it’s a whole other situation when it’s the leader of the free world. And I put a leader in quotes, you know, I use that loosely. You know, when the guy you see it on TV all the time is the is is doing that, you have to talk about it now. You know, I think it started there. But you know, on it, I listen to you know, we chatted, obviously, before coming on here. And in our brief chat, I realized that, you know, something you mentioned was, you don’t like to be asked Where you from? Now? I mean, where everybody on this panel is an immigrant in some way, shape, or form. Yeah. Yeah. I’m curious to hear. Well, I guess, you know, start with that and tell us why. And the follow up question would be, how would you prefer?

Annika Aguas 17:33
Yeah, well, these are questions, I think, Well, for me hearing someone say, Okay, let’s just take it back, like a conversation. Someone would meet me. Hi, nice to meet you. What’s your name? Monika LA. And then the next question would be like, What are you? Or where are you from? Which? I don’t know, it’s such a weird question already. And for me, it’s kind of a trigger, because I don’t know what the intention is there. Are you trying to find out like, where I’m from? Like, are we meeting you know, at a party and you want to know where I’m from? Or I’m from Orlando, Florida, or nine out of 10 times, that’s not necessarily what they’re trying to get at. They’re trying to ask me what my ethnicity is. And to ask where I’m from. It’s just you can get so many different answers or what are you I just honestly think that’s a little rude. But that’s just me.

Mikko Miller 18:28
feeler? What are you question? Yep. You guys tend to ask that a lot.

Annika Aguas 18:33
Yeah. And you know, I don’t know if you’ve done this before. But have you ever gotten what kind of Asian are you?

Mikko Miller 18:40
Yeah, because I’ve been accused, not accused. But I’ve been thought of as like Mexican or Cuban or Guyanese or Cambodian. I mean, I get so many things. Yeah, it’s crazy. I mean, Calvin and I went to an all black school, right, you know, university, Middle Eastern Shore. And people for like, the longest time thought I was like, half black, half white. And so I have this sort of ambiguous look to me, I guess. But the second you find out I’m Filipino. I mean, you can kind of see I’m Filipino, but like, yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 19:15
yeah. You know, what’s interesting, there was a girl in high school who was Filipino, but originally I thought she was Mexican as well. It’s just because just the skin complexion, the way she looked, that’s what I thought. Now, I never went up to her and asked her, you know, but over the course of years of, you know, being in the same classes and stuff, you you find out and then you’re like, Okay, alright, she was the first person from the Philippines that I’d known. Now, then I had a frame of reference. And then when you see other people look, similarly kind of you start to be able to distinguish, you know, like, like Mikko said in our school, I mean, we had people from everywhere and a lot of Africans. And after a while, you can distinguish somebody from Ethiopia from say like Nigeria. Ghana, they do look different. You know,

Mikko Miller 20:02
but it sound different to.

Calvin Tilokee 20:05
Yeah. But initially, you have nothing to go off of. But my question I actually made me think of another question Arnica. Do you get the What are you more from guys?

Annika Aguas 20:19
I guess that’s a good question. I think I’ve gotten it. I mean, gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve been to a bar. I’m sorry. I’ve had a Yeah, I would say that. That sounds about right, like guys trying to hit on me. What are you? Yeah, you know, I tried to hit them back with like, something. I don’t know, sassy. Like, I’m not gonna be like talking man. Personally, it’s just like, I would rather offer up that information to you naturally. I don’t know why I think it’s, to me, it’s kind of like an example of a microaggression. It’s like, I feel like your intent. There’s your zooming, that I’m not American, or that I must be a foreigner, because I am not a white American. I just feel like, what’s your ethnicity would be the preferred way? But then also, I don’t know, why are you asking? Like, why is it so important? to know, what makes me look different from you? as the first question, you’re asking me?

Calvin Tilokee 21:28
I’ll be real. And you know, I think this is why we have the audience we have because we keep it real here. And I think if it’s coming more from men, it’s because you have an exotic look. And they’re trying to figure that out.

Annika Aguas 21:40
Oh, geez.

Calvin Tilokee 21:42
Yeah. Well, you know, I’m sorry, if that’s a poor choice of words. I apologize. But it’s unique. It’s different from what most people see. And actually, you just reminded me, because I use that word. 50 cent got in trouble for that recently. I don’t know if y’all heard? Um, yeah, this is a few months back. But he he said something about not trending towards dating black women. Because women outside of his race, like say, white, Latino, whatever. They’re more exotic, right. But what he’s trying to say like, that’s not what he sees every day. Or you know what I mean, that that was what was behind it, not because of any other reason. So again, apologies if that was a poor choice of words, but that’s what I mean is like, You don’t look like somebody you see every day.

Annika Aguas 22:30

Calvin Tilokee 22:31
And especially if it’s a, if it’s a male, who may be interested in the way you look, he’s going to go there pretty quickly, because he’s trying to figure out Hey, exactly, what am I interested in here?

Mikko Miller 22:40
You know, yeah, and I think also too, it’s like a she’s Cambodian Oh, I recently ate at a Cambodian thing. Now we can have something in common to talk about, like, I don’t guys tend to do that dumb shit, where it’s like, oh, she’s Filipino? I’ve had lumpia before. You know what I mean? Like, yeah. It’s a conversation piece is just trying to find some sort of, I’m not justifying it by any means, but just trying to find a common ground right to just kind of like get in the doorway a little bit.

Annika Aguas 23:12
I understand. I guess it’s just, you know, there’s just so much more to me. Like, I feel like Like I said earlier, like I I wish that I could be information I offer up versus like this like detective vibe of like, Okay, I’m going to start mentioning foods. I’ve been in Asia before and you just let me know when you when.

Calvin Tilokee 23:34
just just just let me know, when I come to something that sounds familiar.

Annika Aguas 23:36
Oh, wait. Is that? You know?

Calvin Tilokee 23:43
Yeah, I mean, it looks like Mikko said, I’m certainly not justifying it. But I think that’s where it comes from. But you know, fellas, any fellows out there listening, if you might be single, when bars open back up, get some better game is what onika is saying, find a new game

Annika Aguas 23:59
or interest and then maybe down the way, you know, a conversation will happen naturally about it. Because I think also that just kind of made me think if a guy were to come up to me and go, What are you? And I say on Filipina? what’s the what’s the rest of the conversation going to sound like? It doesn’t sound like I just don’t think the questions after that are going to be exciting. or anything. I’d want to continue having like, like you mentioned Mikko, we’re going to talk about food in the Philippines or we’re going to talk about that time you went to the Philippines. I don’t know. I actually went when I was three and I don’t remember much about the Philippines. Yeah. I don’t know if you saw my Instagram, Calvin, but I just learned how to make lupia The other day

Calvin Tilokee 24:42
I did I get very excited because that is my favorite Filipino dish. Yes. What were they good?

Annika Aguas 24:54
They were amazing. I I don’t think I would offer to make them for any future potlucks. There’s so much work that goes into making them. You know, my mom did request for me to make them for her when I’m back in Orlando, so that will probably be the only time I could see myself making them again.

Calvin Tilokee 25:12
Nice. Yeah. Listen, my wife has a friend who’s Filipino and we used to, you know, go to like, house parties and stuff. I would just, I had one. The first time we went with that, you know, sweet chili sauce. Man, let me tell you, I just filled my plate with that

Mikko Miller 25:27
I need anything else.

Calvin Tilokee 25:28
I must I had 50 Ah, those, those are the best. But so what? You know, we again, we are all you know, people of color here. And obviously, you guys are both Filipino. So I’m interested to hear how you guys deal with a lot of the same microaggressions and the subtle racism that you know, you just touched on onika. So is there a way to be quote unquote, typically Asian? And I’ll follow that up by giving an example. Right? Because Because in our community, right in the black community, what I deal with is, I get the quote unquote, I’m not really black, right, because I lived in Brooklyn until I was 12. Right. And then I moved up to Westchester, which is clearly a much nicer area to grow up in. I’m in the burbs. And in a lot of situations, I was the only person of color in the room. I’ve learned to assimilate myself in different situations. Like if I’m, you know, and again, Mikko when I went to a black school, I believe me, I have no problem fitting in, in that situation in college. But you know, when I go to work, you know, we all have that customer service voice, right? And people call that the white voice, you’re acting white or whatever, which I can’t fucking stand. Because being black should not be associated with sounding ignorant. Or dressing a certain way. Like because my pants never sat down my ass. I’m not black. I don’t know what it’s like to grow up in the projects. So apparently, that’s not black enough for a lot of people. So do you guys deal with some of those similar negative stereotypes?

Annika Aguas 27:11
I’d say so. I mean, I think being like Asian like, what are some ones that popped into my head like, Oh, I must be good at math. Well, guess I definitely sucked at math. really badly, actually. I don’t know what else is there? Oh, I must know karate. I don’t know in movies. I guess. That’s all they’re seeing in Asian people. And it’s like, no, I actually my mom made me take Taekwondo not karate, you know?

Calvin Tilokee 27:49
Same thing, same thing. Some kind of martial art. Oh, yeah.

Annika Aguas 27:55
I could still work your butt needed to? Yeah, I don’t know. Try to think about other ones that I came to. I mean, I always get the Oh, like, you must be half white. Comment. And I don’t understand what that means. Like, I don’t I mean, I guess like I’m trying I’m looking at myself right now. Like, I guess like I do have like a lighter complexion. I do have cousins who are darker skinned Filipino. But to hear that from like, you know, my white friends or like white people I meet for the first time and they go, Oh, wait, what are you Where are you from? And I have to go, oh, whoa, whoa, canes and then they go oh, your mom or your dad. I immediately kind of get offended because I’m just like, actually both like why would you assume that? And maybe you know maybe the intention was real like maybe they’re just see like how light I am. Right. But then on the comment Well, you’re really pretty for Filipina?

Mikko Miller 28:51
Geez. Oh, no. Yeah.

Annika Aguas 28:55
I don’t know how to react to that. Like, do you say thank you like no, right? That’s, I don’t know how to properly respond to that. I think I have in the past just kind of smiled and nodded and then try to conversation but yeah, those kind of microaggressions like, I haven’t, like I’m still learning how to like speak up to people and be like, No, you know what, that was fucking rude.

Calvin Tilokee 29:19
Yeah, yeah.

Mikko Miller 29:22
It’s it’s kind of weird that someone would even say you’re pretty for a Filipina but I mean, it You say that about any room? I just don’t understand. Like, is it a person that’s never seen Filipinos before we look like everyone else. Yeah, we are more biracial. Mixed. I mean, heck, ma’am. I’m a quarter white. And people don’t know that. I don’t look that way.

Calvin Tilokee 29:47
Sure. I know what I’ve known you for two decades.

Mikko Miller 29:51
Yeah, my grandfather was half white. So hence, My last name is Miller. You know? Okay. My name is john. On Miller, right, so not this not the typical Filipino name.

Annika Aguas 30:03
No, it’s a super Spanish last name like mine like aguas. Yeah. I mean, in the end like, like, way back in our family tree there Mikko were probably a little bit of Spanish too.

Mikko Miller 30:17
Oh, yeah. I mean, we’ve been raped and pillaged throughout her whole existence, right. I mean, we were Filipinos. It was like, the Japanese it was the Spanish it was the Americans. And I mean, we’re, we’re a melting pot in our own rights. Right. And there’s Filipinos that are, I mean, super light skinned. There’s Filipinos that are super dark this Filipinos with kinky hair, and you know, wide bridge noses. There’s Filipinos with small pointy noses. I mean, we ran the whole gamut of looks. As with every other race, I mean, I know Africans that look, you know, super dark. There’s Africans I know that are like light skinned. And none of that should matter. for someone to just say, oh, for a particular race. You’re pretty for whatever. It is kind of stupid.

Annika Aguas 31:03

Mikko Miller 31:06
But I do use it to my advantage when people think I know. Kung Fu. You know, no one fucked with me in high school because they thought I would go What

Calvin Tilokee 31:20
was it? What was different Mortal Kombat II used to go with the screen?

Mikko Miller 31:25
Luke kit? No. Is it Luke King?

Calvin Tilokee 31:27
Okay. Yeah,

Mikko Miller 31:28
yeah. How would you assume that we know that Calvin is messed up trying to say racist, racist.

Yeah. Li

Annika Aguas 31:53
Li though I have I’m gonna be very stereotypical here right now, but I’ve actually caused played Chun Li before and it was one of my favorite outfits.

Mikko Miller 32:01
Yeah, okay. Okay. If I were to cosplay I’d go he Honda.

Calvin Tilokee 32:07
Oh, see, at least y’all got options. I could be Jax and that’s it.

Annika Aguas 32:21
Comic Con together.

Calvin Tilokee 32:23
Yeah, I waited I waited.

Mikko Miller 32:27
You can you can go sub zero or what’s the other phase? I mean, your mask fully masks. So you know, we don’t know those guys are agents. You can

Annika Aguas 32:35
actually go as whatever character I mean, I’ve been cosplaying with my friends for a couple years. I don’t always choose Asian characters.

Calvin Tilokee 32:45
Yeah, yeah. No, I was just fucking around. I was just joking.

Annika Aguas 32:48
I’m just saying Calvin. You can be whatever you want to be. That’s right.

Calvin Tilokee 32:51
21 man. That actually reminds me the last Halloween party we did at your office. I came dressed as Chris Tucker from from rush hour. And during came as as the little girl she was really the boss’s boss. Yeah. And it was like, you know, like, didn’t you do something from rush hour? Like few years ago, I was like, yo, listen, there’s not a there’s not a lot of black rolls and Hollywood. Black man. Okay. I can only pick from like four movies.

Mikko Miller 33:29
Hilarious, man.

Annika Aguas 33:31
I guess I just kind of reminded me, like, now that we’re talking about costumes. I’m like, trying to think maybe this year we’ll actually have a real Halloween, you know, with people starting to get the vaccine. And one thing I don’t know what’s going to look like is, you know, costumes like that. There’s been a big conversation of what cultural appropriation is right. What costumes you can wear and what costumes you can’t wear. Obviously, blackface is a no no, no one do that.

Calvin Tilokee 34:00
I mean, you know what? I just gotta say, it’s I’ve just been blessed with this kind of sense of humor. That shit makes me laugh every time. Yeah, because I’m just like, how fucking stupid can you be? How many of these people have to do it before you realize it’s a bad idea?

Mikko Miller 34:17
Yeah. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 34:20
The only thing I’ll say, this is a good point. And I hope the listeners get this because this is why we have these kinds of conversations and why open up the space for people from different cultures to speak, because we don’t always know what things look like. There was a Dutch soccer player years ago, named Wesley Wesley Snyder. He dressed up in blackface, right? And he got in a lot of trouble for it. Come to find out. One of the last hotels I worked at I was working with a woman who was Dutch. And she started to show me some pictures of their Christmas celebration and there was this whole parade of people dressed in blackface. And the fuck is this? And she said, Well, it’s they’re supposed to signify Santos helpers that like that go down the chimney. Oh, so that’s why they do it. It has nothing to do with race at all. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, that’s interesting. I was like, so that’s probably what he was doing. He had no idea that in across the pond and maybe other countries, people would have taken it as he’s being racist. He probably had no clue. That’s just traditionally what they did. So I was like, Okay. Yeah, you know, so sometimes it makes sense to ask the question,

Mikko Miller 35:36
we’re so quick to hate though, right? We’re so quick to get mad over certain things without finding the background or detail of something. You know, like, like, that would have been a big, big, big, big, big No, no, but in his defense, right, he’s just like, Hey, I’m trying to honor people that are going out to Jimmy they come out with black faces, because it’s so full of certain, all that grime that’s in there. That’s how they look like we’re just trying to honor them. But everyone else would have just been all butthurt over.

Calvin Tilokee 36:02
Right? Yeah, no, but I mean, when I saw that guy from Canada, Trudeau I forget his first name, but like, I saw the picture. I mean, he’s he’s got a turban on and blackface. That’s just fine to me.

Annika Aguas 36:15

Calvin Tilokee 36:16
I can’t help it. That kind of stuff just makes me laugh. I just looked at him. I was like, wow, I just had to let like, I don’t get upset by those things. I know a lot of people do what I’m not telling anybody how to feel. But that should just made me laugh, man. But yeah, I know, you wanted to get into the whole cultural appropriation part of the the cosplay and stuff like that. So how do you feel if you see somebody else dress like, an Asian character or whatever?

Annika Aguas 36:40
You mean? Yeah, I guess it’s, you know, I need more details, I guess. Because if I’m going to like a cosplay convention, I see like, these little white girls dressed up as their favorite anime characters. I’m not going to be offended. You know, they’re huge fans of the show. That’s great. And they a lot of these costumes take a lot of work. They’re very detailed. It’s very well done. I guess, where I draw the line are these kind of like, costumey pieces that you buy at, like a party city of like the geisha? And you know, then it’s not just the costume, but it’s like in every picture, maybe they’re like, holding their, their eyes to make them look more squinty. Or, like, that’s what I’m talking about? That I don’t think I would be okay with.

Calvin Tilokee 37:29
Yeah, okay. I see a point.

Annika Aguas 37:32
It’s like an appreciation for the culture. Great. That’s awesome. Well, once you start, like making it like, kind of like a, I don’t know, a caricature of what you think that culture is, like, is where I start drawing the line. And yeah, that’s probably where I wouldn’t be cool with it.

Mikko Miller 37:47
Yeah. Well, I would just gonna chime in with the whole like, like for animated characters with big us. Is that taken for? Or they do that? Because of the Western culture type thing? I’m not I don’t remember quite. Yeah. somewhere before where they did like bigger eyes to kind of, you know, pay homage or try to be more like Westerners with big eyes versus like, slanty Asian eyes.

Annika Aguas 38:11
Yeah. I mean, that’d be a good point. I think like, I mean, I thought it was just a cartoon thing, I guess. But specifically to animate, I guess that would make more sense. Like, I’m thinking about like Sailor Moon how all those girls have really big eyes. And I wouldn’t look at that cartoon and go, Oh, that one’s Asian. I think they’re all ethnically ambiguous. with big eyes.

Mikko Miller 38:31
Yeah. It’d be weird for Halloween because we were talking about Halloween for like, oh, if I saw a white guy, well, kinda like, here’s a good example. Was it? Matt Damon or Tom Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai is up with Tom Cruise. Right.

Calvin Tilokee 39:00
I’m sorry. Like, again? The shit that kind of just cracks me up because nobody, nobody. You’re telling me you couldn’t find anybody to look remotely Asian.

Mikko Miller 39:11
They found 1000s of other Asians in that movie, but Ty fucking cruise.

Calvin Tilokee 39:15
But he got to be the lead. Yes, he looks so much like a samurai.

Mikko Miller 39:22
And wasn’t like Matt Damon in the Great Wall. What did he end up?

Annika Aguas 39:27
Yeah. I was actually

Calvin Tilokee 39:31
going to ask how you guys felt about Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange member she was playing the Ancient One. And that’s obviously supposed to be an Asian character. like would you guys feel about that one?

Annika Aguas 39:43
Um, no, I didn’t read the comics for Dr. Strange. I don’t know. That character was drawn like, I mean, I guess thinking more about it now. Like I would just questioned like why they didn’t use an Asian person to be this. I guess she was like a kind of like a Buddhist monk. Right? You’re right. Yeah. I mean, if we’re gonna, like, be inclusive here, I guess no, Buddhism isn’t just meant for just Asian people. So I don’t know, I guess. Yeah, I didn’t have a problem with it. I guess I would just want to know a little bit more about that character.

Calvin Tilokee 40:24
Yeah, the point. And you remember Lewis from the World Cup. He was on the show a while back. And you know, he’s in the media world now. And so we asked him how he felt about The Danish Girl, that movie and that that part not being portrayed by a trans person. And basically, his answer was, you know, whoever is the most talented actor should get the part. But a trans person should, should have an opportunity. Yeah. And I considered it to be considered, right. Yeah. As long as the person you know, every it’s equal opportunity. If a straight person wins the role because they played best then then great, but he was like, that was an interesting one, because a lot of people felt differently about it.

Annika Aguas 41:11
I could see I could see it on both sides, I guess. I guess. Like, I probably want to know more about the character like was, like, it’s hard to say like, just because this character was a Buddhist monk that they should absolutely be played by an Asian person. But I don’t know. I guess I’m indifferent about it.

Mikko Miller 41:29
Yeah. MRI though.

Calvin Tilokee 41:35
Tom Cruise man, Mission Impossible.

Mikko Miller 41:40
Fucking samurai.

Calvin Tilokee 41:44
I haven’t watched a Tom Cruise movie since I found out he was like five, four. Like, listen. Whatever you a weapon. Nobody’s as though like I’m not trying to hit it.

Annika Aguas 41:54
I’m not saying I know. It’s Tom Cruise.

Calvin Tilokee 41:59
It was like listen, and honestly was a decent movie. But when you see Angelina Jolie and like salt. She looked like she was about 86 pounds. And she’s out here weapon people’s acid. It’s like not Yeah. Yeah, I’m not buying it. And I’m buying it. Yeah, big one is somebody with some muscles.

Mikko Miller 42:24
Gotta do better.

Annika Aguas 42:26
Yeah, there was a movie to Emma Stone. And I don’t think I remember the title of this movie. He was supposed to be playing. Like that was her character. Actual character was supposed to be Chinese, Hawaiian. And they cast Oh, yeah, I think it was a low hot. No, that can’t be right. It was. It’s a it’s a based on a movie about this woman who lives in Hawaii. And she Yeah, half Chinese half. Boy. There was a lot. Yeah. Yeah. So that one kind of threw me that I yeah, I’m not pretty cool with that one. I mean, that’s just part of the character description. Right? It’s just that doesn’t make sense. That costume did not make sense.

Calvin Tilokee 43:07
Yeah. And the thing is, you’ve got to be able to find an Asian woman who can play that part. There has to be enough, right?

Annika Aguas 43:16
Yeah. Oh,

Mikko Miller 43:17
I would think so.

Annika Aguas 43:19
Yeah, I just, you know, I’m just like, tired of seeing like Asian women, like in movies where they’re only playing like the same thing like, the sexy Asian girl posed up on a car. You know? I mean, watching this one story today, and she was actually one of the girls that was in Tokyo Drift. She was just one of the import girls. And she talked about how there were so many Asian women in that movie. And none of them had lines. They were literally just there to pose with the cars. I think Chrissy Teigen was actually in that scene, but you only saw her from the neck down.

That’s pretty much it. Like, if I audition for something like what am I getting? Girl on card number one, you know?

Mikko Miller 44:19
card number that should be played out in the fucking ending credits to gerlinde correct, right.

Calvin Tilokee 44:28
IMDB page. Exactly.

Mikko Miller 44:31
Article onica gerlinde karwan.

Annika Aguas 44:36
Ah, I don’t know.I just think like, now hopefully there’ll be better representation of like Asians and you know, movies. I’m just tired of us seeing people that look like me when I do. You know, be the nerdy friend or you know, I want to see better rolls. Yeah,

Mikko Miller 44:57
like what like what though, like your typical Asian women role the way that you’re right import girl sexy vixen or like cutthroat you know Ninja Assassin girl or demure, smart, shy submissive Asian but what kind of role like, like a visa type role Evita Peron type of role?

Annika Aguas 45:16
I don’t know. I mean, like, I’m just trying to think like the most generic movie, right? Like, okay, good example like Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Why couldn’t Air Marshal be a Filipino girl? They were filming in LA. There’s a lot of Filipinos in Los Angeles. Why can she be played by a girl? around just leave your favorite movies and just go, what would this look like that was cast with an Asian woman?

Calvin Tilokee 45:44
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Mikko Miller 45:46
I agree with a lot of Filipino women out there.

Annika Aguas 45:51
No, I don’t think so. I mean, I’m trying to think like, actresses. I mean, Vanessa Hudgens i think is like half Filipino

Mikko Miller 46:01
too, though. Yeah, he’s, I don’t even know she is.

Annika Aguas 46:05
Yeah, I think she’s half. Yeah, just better roles. I don’t know. I just want to see characters that I look at. And I go, Wow, like, I’ve never seen something like this before. Why can’t there be a Filipino superhero? Like, why can’t I be in the Marvel Universe?

Mikko Miller 46:25
There’s a couple are just not marvel. There’s a couple Filipino comic book heroes that I can think of, but they’re just not Marvel, obviously. Like, it hasn’t. Marvel hasn’t reached their hands that deep into that culture just yet, but I think they will. Eventually I think like Marvel is smart enough, hopefully, to reach out into every culture and see what type of comic book heroes that each culture has. kind of blend them in with the Marvel Universe. That’d be dope shit, I think. Yeah.

Annika Aguas 46:51
I agree. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 46:55
I mean, let’s, let’s it’s common. I mean, there was a time when, you know, black actors could only play you know, pimps or drug dealers. Right. And we just had a black superhero. So I think, you know, as long as we keep these conversations out there and things move forward, I don’t see why not. But ultimately, it comes down to somebody in a position of influence, you know, your Asian directors and producers to be able to make that happen. You know,

Mikko Miller 47:24
I gotta say though, there are like if you go to YouTube, there’s a lot of Asian like, mini series mini films. I don’t know what you call them like the two Wong Foo not two Wong Fu fuck. That’s completely different. My bad scratch that completely different gender class. I think they’re called The Wong Fu Wong, Fu brothers. They have like, like little 15 minute skits where it’s very like poignant and very, like thought provoking, or very romantic. But it doesn’t get any further than that. Even though they got like millions and millions and millions of views, I don’t think they would ever get into like Hollywood that way. Because I’ve seen those guys. They’ve gotten a lot of success and probably made a lot of money off of YouTube. But the latest thing that I saw was in like a Sprite commercial. Like how do you go from a multimillionaire youtuber to doing a Sprite commercial? You know, like, how come you’re not directing a movie or directing like a mini film somewhere? And it may be just the opportunity. It’s just not there. Like Calvin said, maybe we just don’t have like, you know, someone to just like push the envelope.

Calvin Tilokee 48:37
Yeah. Yeah. Ultimately, I mean, I think that’s what we were talking about before. That’s what it comes down to is opportunities. And I think once you start giving more opportunities to a broader demographic of people more diverse, you’re going to find that the talent level is probably there everywhere. It’s just, you know, who who has been in the position of power, you know, to do it. And to be fair to play devil’s advocate. I mean, you know, people work with people that they can relate to, right. So if if you were white, and you had a production company, you’re going to have other white people working and working with, you know, but let’s not say it should be exclusive. But, you know, that’s why, you know, you hear people complain sometimes when there’s a black movie, or like people complained about, you know, crazy rich Asians like why they all had to be Asian, because the

Mikko Miller 49:29
title says crazy rich, Asians.

Calvin Tilokee 49:32
What you want white people as a yellow got enough because nobody would watch crazy rich white people. Every day, it’s called Wall Street. It’s called The Wolf of Wall Street.

Mikko Miller 49:48
we seen that one. Housewives of Orange County. Money.

Calvin Tilokee 50:02
I love it. I’ll give you the opportunity to something you brought up in the pre show. If you wanted to touch on this before we move into our segments, the sexual objectivity of Asian women. Yeah, I know. You’ll love me long time. shit like that.

Annika Aguas 50:18
Again now, I mean, hopefully there’s no escaping it. But yeah, I mean, kind of goes into what we were talking about, right? Like, people are seeing kind of just this one version of Asian women, women in movies and TV shows. I mean, luckily for us, you know, we we live in very diverse cities. And we had a very diverse upbringing. There are people, you know, in the middle, maybe of the US who’ve never seen an Asian person in real life and never had the opportunity to have anyone else in their town that didn’t look like them. And all they’re seeing of Asian women or Asian people in the media is just this one picture. So it’s usually very highly sexualized. You know, I was trying to do my research. I know we’ve talked about this Calvin, but like, where the term yellow fever comes from?

Mikko Miller 51:15
Explain it. Yeah.

Annika Aguas 51:18
I can’t see this. Let us finish those ideation. I don’t know. Calvin, help me out here. fetishization? Yeah. Just like fetishizing like Asian women. I mean, I’m into that, like, long ago, I was on the dating apps in New York. And it was just like the guys I would meet on there. Those were the guys that went immediately. What are you? And then I would get a you know, on camera them? Oh, I’m Filipino? And they were like, Oh, yeah, I love Asian girls.

Mikko Miller 52:00
Just sounds creepy. It’s like, oh, you’re a delicacy or something?

Annika Aguas 52:07
Yeah, that’s

Mikko Miller 52:09
Yes. But I don’t know.

Annika Aguas 52:11
Yeah, it’s just I don’t know what’s uncomfortable. I mean, when like, anytime I meet someone, they’re like, Oh, I love Asian girls. I don’t know, is creepy. Let’s just call it what it is. It’s, it’s creepy. And, you know, as I’m like, learning about, you know, the shootings that happened here in Atlanta, like the shooter, just three different massage places, and shot and killed like, eight people, six of them were Asian. And he blamed it on his temptation. He was trying to get rid of his sexual temptation. And, you know, I’m reading that and like learning more about it, like, Okay, so this isn’t a hate crime, because we’re blaming it on his sexual temptation. But, you know, we’re really the case, like, why did he specifically target Asian massage places? Why didn’t he go to a strip club? Or like a porn store? Which he passed plenty of them before he got to those massage places. Right? I don’t know. I just think that like, sometimes in the media and definitely, you know, movies, like Asian women are just paid, you know, painted to look like just sex objects. And, you know, it’s very uncomfortable being an Asian woman in hearing stuff like that. That’s crazy.

Calvin Tilokee 53:31
I could imagine. I mean, I can relate. That’s I’m used to having to meet all the time. You know, I walk walk down the street women trying to sexualize me all the time. fucking sick of it, man. Alright, Have some respect. I am a man with a brain I have feelings. You are the things I bring to the table besides my sexuality. God damn it.

Annika Aguas 53:55

Mikko Miller 53:57
In my body, people

Calvin Tilokee 54:01
get to know me. Buy me a drink, get to know about my mind and my goals.

Annika Aguas 54:15
It sucks though. You know, it’s, it’s definitely I was okay. So the other day when I was buying my items to make lupien I was at this Asian market called h Mart. Really cool. So, I don’t know, there’s just this moment when I was grocery shopping. And I’m like, you know, very cautious now like I’m definitely looking around, make it a point to look for exit socks. Like hopefully it can resume to normal, but like, it’s the thing I do right now. And I was just looking around like, the grocery store and on my brother’s like, obviously, there’s a big population, Asian people in here and I just thought, God, just absolutely sock like someone with a gun came in here. And targeted Asian people like we’re all in the grocery store. Like, that’s awful. Like I hate like thinking that way. I hate that My mind goes that way. But it’s definitely something that’s become almost like a new normal for me now to think that way when I go into places like that, notice,

Calvin Tilokee 55:12
yeah, but that’s horrible. You should that’s not something anybody should ever have to think about. Right? That’s crazy. Crazy Crazy. I mean, I hate hate to segue on such a low note, you know, time to move into the segments. assuming you’re hanging around with us.

Annika Aguas 55:30
Yeah, I’d love to write.

Calvin Tilokee 55:32
Alright, so now it’s time for. I don’t like that. And this is where we talk about what jerk is this off over the past week.

Mikko Miller 55:45
My jerk of the week is actually someone from Atlanta super producer Timberland. Oh, shit. He’s been accused of manipulating. Okay, so background, I collect sports cards. And the prices of sports cards have inflated ridiculous where pieces of cardboard are being tossed around and bought for like $4.6 million. Right. And Timberlands been accused of buying the rocks. Football like Miami Dolphins football card for like $10,000 went to his platform, you know, hyped it up, you know did all these things to promote it and then decided to sell it I think for a profit of like 70 80,000. And he got ripped by people in the card community and people in like the hobby because what he’s doing is basically like manipulating the market for like that card. It’s kind of like buying a Michael Jordan rookie card for like $10,000 using your platform to create all this hype around it. Creating like a false sense of heightened prices and demand for it sell it for like, you know, two $3 million to the buyer and the buyer thinking he got like, you know, a card is gonna go up in value. A week later, when the hype dies down is stuck with like, you know, a $10,000 card, even though he paid $2 million for it. So doing that using your celebrity to manipulate the market like that, I think it’s kind of like a dick move. And he’s not trying to say he didn’t do it for that purpose. And I know people like defending him for saying, well, he can use this celebrity status to do whatever the hell he wants to do if he wants to hype up a card and sell it for a profit. That’s his right. Which is true, but to directly affect the market, like that’s kind of like the AMC, you know, when people started trading for the AMC and a GameStop and had a bunch of people get the stocks to rise up, make profit off of it, and then it came back crashing down to reality. It’s kind of like the same thing isn’t you can’t do that to a market and manipulate it for your, your benefit and then leave everyone else to just fucking kick rocks. So

Calvin Tilokee 57:59
yeah, that’s if you Timlin just because you can do it Don’t you know?

Mikko Miller 58:06
Yeah, should be done. Right. drive a car with your feet if you want to. That don’t make it a good idea that sorry, Chris Rock.

Calvin Tilokee 58:25
Oh, man, my jerk this week is little NAS x.

Mikko Miller 58:29
Oh, the devil shoes. Oh, man. I

Annika Aguas 58:35
love it. But anyway, sorry. Go ahead. Tell me why he’s a jerk.

Calvin Tilokee 58:40
Because it was the only thing I could think about oh Be honest. I you know I To be honest, I that mad at it? Like it was so over the top. I mean, nobody The only part that really got me was the fact that they’re promoting this to have one drop of human blood. Like who the fuck don’t need that? Yeah, isn’t his blood because I’m not interested? What if you happen and that’s great. Now you got worried about AIDS you got

Mikko Miller 59:15
ah just pop up you know that company they’ve done that before with the like the holy water from like the River Jordan or something like that. They’ve done a version of like the angel in Christian Jesus Christ for you. So now they’re flipping it and doing like the 666 version.

Calvin Tilokee 59:31
I see. I see. I mean, listen, I’m not into kicks like that. You know, I’m so I’m not even all that religious. So that’s not the part that got me. But what really gets me is like, this is the same dude who did Old Town road, right? Yeah. We go from that to devil worship. Wait, where’s that? That’s why I like it. This was Marilyn Manson. This would have made sense to me.

Mikko Miller 59:56
But a lot of those people are being accused of Okay, so little NAS x, uzi vert the weekend, they’re all being accused of being like, devil worshippers and kind of like making the deal with the devil. Like they made a deal with the devil to gain their popularity and rise to fame. That’s like the, the theory amongst people. Right? And so I think he’s just playing right into that unless he really did, but

Annika Aguas 1:00:25
I guess like what I was seeing, you know, on social media is that, um, well, not as he’s openly a gay man. And he’s talking about how like, you know, these super Christians are saying stuff like, oh, gays are going to go to hell. So he gave him exactly what they’ve been saying. And he did a video of him in hell, which I love. I love this. I love I love the whole message, you know? And now, I guess yeah, going from Old Town road to this is definitely gonna flow, you know, where his feet I was.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:00
I was like, What the fuck, but you know what I mean? That makes sense. What you’re saying makes sense. I mean, again, this is this is the the old man midlife type. I don’t pay attention to these things. Right. So the last time I heard about him, it was, you know, old dirt road. I’m like, Okay. Interesting. And then it’s like, oh, he’s openly gay. Okay, that’s cool. Interesting. And then I was like, No, I worship the devil. I gotta read context on it is human blood must be good way to get here.Makes sense.

Mikko Miller 1:01:32
I’m not hating it, though.

Annika Aguas 1:01:35
I figured out who my jerk of the week is. Let’s do it. Derek, Chauvin choppin, the police officer who’s responsible or towards George Floyd’s death? Yeah, they just started the open trials for it. And that’s my jerk of the week. I mean, there’s really not much to say. I mean, there’s a lot of things, but I think we all agree that that guy’s a jerk.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:59
Yeah, I think that’s, that’s pretty safe. That might be the quickest jerk in history of this show.

Mikko Miller 1:02:09
Right? We got right. Exactly.

Calvin Tilokee 1:02:14
Love it. Love it. All right. We don’t like those jerks, but you know who we do like the person from instacart when they show up with our fresh groceries. in as little as one hour, you can get unlimited hand picked items delivered right to your door, and they even send the bags that got handles which I’d love. To start your 14 day free trial. Hit the link in our show notes to let instacart know that midlife crisis podcast sent you. Now it’s time for the trivia segment. Oh, no, not yet.

So as always, when we have a guest of the man cave, you’re automatically in the hot seat. So onika hop up into that hot seat and Mikko will be our host this evening. explain to you the rules. He will ask you a trivia question. If you know it, give us the answer. We compliment you on your big brain. If you don’t know it, you have to say I don’t know that shit. Keeping it real.

Annika Aguas 1:03:09

Mikko Miller 1:03:13
Arnica my Filipina sister my as my I want to say sister from another mother, but that didn’t make any fun. doesn’t have the same ring to it right? Like we need to have a better thing.

Calvin Tilokee 1:03:33
Mr. Sister from another mister

Mikko Miller 1:03:35
sister from another mister Diego, my sister from another mister.

This just came to me Actually, I had something different. But this just came to me. We were talking about shoes, and we’re talking about like the whole sneaker game. We’re talking about like the shoe game and we’re talking about like Filipino culture and women and everything. So here’s my question to you. Imelda Marcos was, of course, the wife of Ferdinand Marcos. And she is known to have like one of the most lavish shoe collections in the entire world. And they had when they were forced out of office in the Philippines in Malecon young palace. She was reportedly or she reportedly had left 3000 pairs of shoes, which back into time was like a crap ton of shoes for people. But she said it wasn’t 3000 pairs. So I’m going to ask you for your question. How many pairs of shoes that she actually leave and I’ll give you a range where you can fall within like a couple of 100 100 let’s say 100. Okay, it was 3000 is what everyone was reporting, but she’s saying it’s not 3000 it was a different number. What is that number?

Annika Aguas 1:04:58
Not 3000 can you give me like

Mikko Miller 1:05:04
i’ll give you three guesses let’s give you three guesses and then you have to say either you don’t notice shit or you know you should

Annika Aguas 1:05:11
okay i’m just gonna say randomly it was like 800 years war okay like 1500

Mikko Miller 1:05:24
finally answer 1500 no actually it’s 1000 1060 pairs

Calvin Tilokee 1:05:37
oh man also a lot of shoes

Mikko Miller 1:05:41
it’s a lot of shoes especially at the time like in the 80s right when 70s and 80s when they were like around and ruling the philippines with an iron fist yeah even knowing someone would like 1000 pair of shoes at that time was kind of crazy yeah she’s always like her popularity and her notoriety has always been like the number of issues that she’s so yeah so it’s not 3000 don’t let people fuck you up it’s not 3000 it’s reported everywhere that is 3000 what you said it’s 1000 61,006 days ago some filipino culture for that

Annika Aguas 1:06:16
thank you

Calvin Tilokee 1:06:18
that’s a good one did you guys watch the netflix thing with her and goes all the kingmaker really oh you guys got to watch it i mean i don’t know much about the history at all but i learned a lot through watching that it was all about her and the family and how she tried to get her son to be prime minister or president and everything yes it’s really good it’s really good

Mikko Miller 1:06:43
i need to watch that so i’m not being you’re not being my super filipino self by not having one i got a i got a filipino look yeah

Calvin Tilokee 1:06:57
yeah definitely check that out alrighty so now it’s time for everybody’s favorite

Mikko Miller 1:07:09
people who have noxious li sneeze loud it’s one thing to sneeze loud right it’s another thing to like elongate that a chew up your lungs it’s ridiculous but there’s there’s people that do it constantly okay so i had an ex in high school donna mccall you out donna her dad her dad actually met her but her dad would go like oh and drag it out for like 20 seconds it’s not the reason why we broke up but it played a part

like for the rest of my life would i be able to deal with that shit that was crazy and he would just do that all the time and then now i see people do younger generations please stop doing that yeah that’s that’s not cool sneeze sneezing your mask don’t take your mask off in sneeze and just you know be quiet about it and you know go about your day like i don’t need to hear a 22nd sneeze

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:24
that’s like when people yell on mad loud like yeah shut the fuck up

Mikko Miller 1:08:30
yeah that’s it it’s like one smacking the back of the head like cut that shit out

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:34
nobody want to hit i shouldn’t public man

Mikko Miller 1:08:37
or in the workplace right right

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:42
i’m with you on that one bro i’m watching what you got

Mikko Miller 1:08:45
what you got

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:47
mine mine is iphone people and i don’t mean people who have iphones i mean iphone people you know the people who just have to tell you that you got to get iphone don’t you get you should have iphone because god forbid anybody has a different kind of phone right i’m not one of these people i’m like you know team android or whatever i just ended up to be what i had a mistake but i don’t fucking care but you get these people the minute they see you pull out a phone that’s not an iphone oh you should you should get an iphone and i was like thinking about this why do they do that because it’s insecurity if it was that good you wouldn’t talk about it you would need to talk about it okay i drive a jaguar do i need to tell you as though no you know what i don’t need to explain that my fault is good for robberies don’t be like yo you should get a ferrari sir like it you know is hot right so i feel like these people those of y’all with that problem like maybe go to therapy and search internally as to why you need to talk about your fucking phone or Get off my lawn.

Mikko Miller 1:10:05
What kind of phone you got? onika

Annika Aguas 1:10:07
I don’t know. I’m afraid to say no because I don’t want

Calvin Tilokee 1:10:13
you better not say Apple guy.

Annika Aguas 1:10:18
Ever Nokia be original.

Mikko Miller 1:10:22
No way. Just kidding. No way.

Calvin Tilokee 1:10:28
You know you got an iPhone Mikko better iPhone. This is cool. I don’t I don’t mind people is I don’t care, you know to me, but it’s like the minute you pull out a phone that ain’t apple. They feel they need to talk. Oh, you should go to App man. There’s so much better. Why? Who told you that? My phone does the same shit. Yours does? Exactly.

Annika Aguas 1:10:50
Like leave. Like when you text an apple user, your Tech’s come up green. Yeah, I think the only thing that kind of annoys me about texting non Apple users.

Calvin Tilokee 1:11:05
So when it comes in color,

Mikko Miller 1:11:08
black I think it’s a straight black.

Calvin Tilokee 1:11:11
I’m texting you as soon as the show was over. Text like one word per text to be like, Hi, Monica. It was so much fun having you on the show.

Annika Aguas 1:11:28
Let’s see. Okay, I think I got this concept. Now. The get off my people who get off my what is what am I saying again?

Calvin Tilokee 1:11:36
Just get off, get off your loan, get off my lawn. Whatever it is.

Annika Aguas 1:11:40
People who use the Snapchat filters that make their face look really slim and pointy nose for every single picture they use on their Instagram, and try to pass it off what they look like in real life when like, no, Karen that’s not what you look like in real life. I mean every day your nose is not that only your skin is not that smooth. Quit trying to fool everyone on Instagram.

Nice cans out there. I just didn’t know what names. I just had to think of a name that annoyed me. Sorry, Karen

Mikko Miller 1:12:19
litter. That’s true though. I’m with that. And with that it’s if you can’t show how you really look if you got to use a whole bunch of filters and slimming features just to be comfortable to show your face on Instagram. Get the fuck off the platform.

Annika Aguas 1:12:33
There’s just so many like so many. What is it called face to face tuning? Yeah. I’d make up to your pictures now. You can add eyelashes. I don’t know I T. You can do your chin smaller. There’s just you could basically I don’t know, like look like the version that you want to look like but that’s not what you look like in real life. So I mean like why are you trying to fool people?

Mikko Miller 1:13:01
And what if people see you in real life? What if you became super popular? Because people thought you were drop dead gorgeous. They see you in your real life and you look like a goddamn troll.

Annika Aguas 1:13:09
I mean my caffeine, real life catfish except you’re catfishing as yourself edited.

Mikko Miller 1:13:18
Oh, on that note, if not that I’m gonna promote this but a lot of adult movie stars are accused of having some really shoddy skin and face just just all mangled up in the beauty of makeup and makeup artists like make them look really good because obviously they appeal to like a lot of guys. But man you guys should see like the real life pictures of these people when they first wake up out of bed and have no makeup it’s it’s haunting. It’s really haunting.

Annika Aguas 1:13:45
Yeah, I mean, I guess no one rolls out of bed looking completely photoshopped you know or airbrushed. But I guess if you’re only used to seeing this person with like, all the makeup on and like seeing them outside of makeup will be quite shocking. I know. I definitely do not the same person when I wake up versus, you know me going out with my friends.

Calvin Tilokee 1:14:11
I’m gonna join us. I’m with you on that. I like this. Yep, that is solid. Get off my lawn solid.

Alright, so now it’s time we wrap it up with our Chris Rock quote of the week. On a guy’s you can tell where we’re big fan. Yeah, it just comes naturally throughout the show. So we will we’ll do our quotes if you got one, you know, let it rip. Okay. All right. I’ll go first because you just inspired this one I just had to Google so I get it perfect. Mikko probably knows what this is going to be talking about women and your endless face filters. The visual lie. I’ve got on heels. You ain’t that tall. You got to make up your face don’t look like that. You got have you had that long you got a wonder bra on your titties ain’t that big everything about you was a lie and you expect me to tell the truth fuck you

Mikko Miller 1:15:09
oh terrible that’s terrible like the like the visual as you would like he says so he was he was upset

Calvin Tilokee 1:15:27
on that one yeah yeah he was

Mikko Miller 1:15:31
on it could you go on are you want me to go i

Annika Aguas 1:15:33
mean i looked up one because i unfortunately don’t have one already in mind but he did say at one point there was three things women need in life food water and compliments and I agree

Mikko Miller 1:15:48
that is like the third week in a row that women have used that one it’s so really nice no collusion with the women it is it resonates with the women it really

Calvin Tilokee 1:16:01
that’s how you know it was truth

Annika Aguas 1:16:03
exactly we fully endorsed this rock

Mikko Miller 1:16:07
it rang a bell rang a bell for sure alright mine’s a little not political but you know with the whole shooting in atlanta in the shooters and there’s a lot of talk about like gun control and controlling guns and getting rid of like you know fully automatics and ar fifteens and stuff so chris rock had alon calvin knows what this one is for sure you know chris rock goes you don’t need no gun control you know what you need you need some bullet control men we need to control the bullets i think bullet should cost $5,000 $5,000 you know why because if a bullet cost $5,000 there’d be no more innocent bystanders it’s like yeah every time somebody got shot we’d be like damn he must have done something they put $55,000 worth of bullets in his

Calvin Tilokee 1:17:05
if there was an innocent bystander who ever got shot we’ll come back and get a bullet i believe you got my property

Mikko Miller 1:17:11
exactly and then he goes he goes and people would think before to kill somebody for bullet cost $5,000 man i would blow your fucking head off if i can’t afford it give me another job i’m gonna start saving some money and you’re dead man you better hope i can’t get no bullets on layaway

it’s so true though right it’s so fucking true if a bully cost $10,000 why would you waste a bully not innocent bystander

Calvin Tilokee 1:17:48
that would solve a lot of problems because he’s broke ass white people won’t be able to afford that

hey laura had to choose between that and the mountain dew for a week

Mikko Miller 1:18:13
exactly mellow yellow man they will lead to that mellow yellow shit you guys

Calvin Tilokee 1:18:29
yeah oh yeah

Annika Aguas 1:18:31

Calvin Tilokee 1:18:39
i’m not gonna be taking it back man you’ve been killing me but this week with the fucking salute your shorts

Mikko Miller 1:18:45
oh i was like yo she taken away back

Annika Aguas 1:18:48
i’m sorry i’m not trying to endorse this but like paramount plus is where it’s at guys it’s the next has everything if you grew up if you were a child of have your baby in the 80s at least and you lived out your closet in the 90s there’s ren and stimpy rocco’s modern life are you afraid of the dark clarissa explains that all your shorts a new like all that stuff legends

Mikko Miller 1:19:16
okay that’s dope

Calvin Tilokee 1:19:19
do it have it love it all right well time to wrap up on a good this was a great chat thank you for joining us here in the man cave that was that was fun but also you know i think we got some really solid points out there for the for the audience so appreciate you joining us thank you for having me yes

absolutely and as always this is calvin you know me as Revparblems on instagram you can follow me on the new travel page scotch in a suitcase my career broke page the g spot if you can find it or just hit me up on revparblems.com

Mikko Miller 1:19:58
au Craig nice. came out of nowhere with that.

Calvin Tilokee 1:20:07
Yes sir. Oh you brother. All right. This

Mikko Miller 1:20:14
is Mikko to Filipino. You can catch me on Instagram at Mikko underscore eats.

Calvin Tilokee 1:20:21
I didn’t want to give you want to give anybody where to find you follow you.

Annika Aguas 1:20:26
Yeah, you can find you can find me on Instagram at aguas ag UAS colors. It’s my art page actually like to promote that. Or you can follow my dog’s Instagram. at Taco to keto. We go on many adventures together.

Calvin Tilokee 1:20:45
And he is super cute. So definitely give that a follow.

Mikko Miller 1:20:48
Yes, yes. And don’t ask her what she is. Fellas, please,

Annika Aguas 1:20:52
please don’t

Calvin Tilokee 1:20:54
buy her a surge first at least.

saying go big goddamnit thank you for joining us on another episode of midlife crisis podcast. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please leave us a review on iTunes and you may get a shout out live on air. And speaking of being on air now you can become a part of the show by supporting us on Patreon. You got your high life members, you got your mid life members, you got your low life members. For as little as $5 a month you can get early access to episodes extended cuts of shows be featuring behind the scenes content and the ability to send in your own audio for get off my lawn. Hit the link in our show notes to get a life. Keep up with us in between shows on Instagram at midlife crisis podcast and on Twitter at midlife pod show notes for this and all episodes are available on midlife crisis podcast.com sign up for the mailing list and get a discount off the merch. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch you on the next one.

Mikko Miller 1:22:03
Let’s go

Calvin Tilokee 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steven Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol on a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry. If you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. And now keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. We don’t know what CDs are. You’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving, or just sitting around wondering why you’re backwards. But let’s get this show on the road. Hello, and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin. Here as always with my boy Steven Mikko, bringing that flavor to you here on a weekly basis. We have a special treat for you this week. As we’ve uncovered and remastered our first ever podcast episode, you’ll hear us discuss our upbringing, how we propose to our wives, and the first ever get off my lawn. This show begins mid conversation with me talking about getting my ass whipped by my mom. Please enjoy. Oh, man. Yeah, that’s crazy. Yeah, I remember once getting hit with a pain stir. Because I had told you before we moved from Brooklyn to to Westchester. So needless to say life was life is a little different in those two situations, right. So Brooklyn, we had the shower is like the shower doors that are on tracks. Yeah. So you get in the shower, or you close the door so you don’t have to think about it. We moved to Westchester, there’s curtains, the shower curtains. Were sometimes a curtain outside of the tub. Yeah, I’m like, Whoa, you know, I don’t know what to do with this. So I jump in the shower. But that plastic curtain was outside the tub. Hmm.

Steve 2:08
So what are on the floor?

Calvin Tilokee 2:10
Exactly? Yeah. I didn’t know why no. exit plan again.

I’m 12 I’m not exactly responsible for these type of things happening. Like now if that were to happen, like I have those shower curtains in my apartment now. But I know if I forget to do that. I’m had to clean it up afterwards.

Mikko Miller 2:27
Right. Right. Right, right.

Calvin Tilokee 2:29
So you start to remember these things. Also, the asked weapon I got for having the floral wet is probably what makes me Never forget to do that again, at this stage of life. But yeah, that was the paints 30 we got a lot of belts. You got a belt. I remember one time getting hit with a belt or trying to get hit. And it was like, I was jumping on my bed to try to get away. So my daddy was like that. Yeah. And I’m jumping it away. It was like, oh, Western. Jump. Right. Get out of the way. But a smack. So. Yeah, yeah, you know, but listen, we all turned out fine, I think. Yeah. Yes, we did. Yes, we did. So, you know, shout out to all our parents. For the tough love. Tough Love. It was all love.

Steve 3:15
It was love you my parents were never my friends.

Mikko Miller 3:19
I mean, we’re friends.

Steve 3:21
Until I was grown up. Exactly. Thank God. There were parents, not the kind of parents that want to be your friend. Yeah, they’ll be friends with a kid. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 3:33
Michael Jackson. That’s about it. Exactly.

Go have to edit a lot of shit.

Mikko Miller 3:45
If you if your daughter calls you, Mama, Mama, Mama. Pam. She goes. Why are you at the club? It’s Wednesday. Is it your birthday? Is it your birthday? Go home and take care of them. Kids. 20 robbed me in 10 years.

Calvin Tilokee 4:09
Oh, good. So, Steve, you mentioned that you live overseas for a while Mikko knows at some part of your upbringing. You grew up overseas as well.

Mikko Miller 4:18
Yeah, I’m born in the Philippines. Stayed so I was five. My dad joined the military at a later age in his life, stationed in Germany, lived there for seven years. Went back to the Philippines for a year. Went back to Germany for another three and then the rest of my life. I lived in Maryland where I went for high school and college. So that’s army brat. army brat been all over traveled all over Europe. He took advantage of it. And yeah, Maryland is kind of like my, my formative years was in Germany, but a lot of things that I remember was from Maryland, obviously middle school, high school, college. That’s what really like you know, grew went up in the military environment, you’re sheltered on if you guys know we’re in the army base, like, months and days at a time, we don’t venture out as much into the community. So we live with a lot of army brat and a lot of people in the military. But once we came to Maryland, it was like free for all you know, it’s like public school letting go to private school went to public school and it’s like, awesome. This is what it’s like, you know, not everyone’s so well behaved in in the military, your kids misbehave, the parents get punished, the soldier gets punished. Oh, good. So you don’t behave you know, if you’re out past curfew, you don’t get punished. Your dad gets punished and you know, your IDs could be revoked. Lose rank, there’s a lot of things that can happen to you don’t do that shit. You know, so when in Maryland, it was like, Oh, it’s like a free for all. Like, that’s my newfound freedom. And that’s kind of like what I do. I did a lot of growing up in Maryland.

Calvin Tilokee 5:51
Wow. That’s cool. That’s interesting. Interesting. And that’s one of the things I’d say about college and like those years, you know, that’s where you do least for me, that’s where I did my growing up. Really? It’s where you want to become an adult. Yeah, you got to take care of yourself. Clean a bank account?

Mikko Miller 6:13
Yep. Spending you got to spend budget, you know, 2999 for a week, nothing in the last few months, but you might ramen and you know, dollar hams and juices and you know, you don’t buy a mountain dew you buy a What’s that? A lion? mountain lion? What?

Calvin Tilokee 6:31
Cuz Yeah, the local supermarket was called food line. So they’re, they’re at home brand or whatever you want to call it. Their their white label brand was called mountain lion. Yeah. Yeah, it was a tiger and again.

Oh, man, those are good ties. Yeah, good time. So where did you live in Germany?

Mikko Miller 7:02
I lived in a place called schweinfurth. For the first tour duty. I mean, actually, no. freeburg was the first tour of duty. And then the second one was schweinfurth feet, but it was about two hours away from Frankfurt. schweinfurth was about an hour away from Frankfurt. It’s, it’s close to like the worst Berg I don’t know if you guys know that. But if you know Dirk Novitsky I think he’s coming to worse Burg area. So it’s close to where he grew up.

Calvin Tilokee 7:26
Okay. Yeah, I’ve been to Germany one time, went to Boston, Boston. Yes, as I showed where I got engaged. And then we went to Frankfurt for a few days, I think I was there for a week until it I think three or four days in Boston, Boston, then a couple in Frankfurt. And then back home.

Mikko Miller 7:45
Did you guys do those public baths in Boston, Boston, that’s what they’re known for. Right?

Calvin Tilokee 7:50
Well, the hotel we stayed at, had some of that water at the hotel. So the hotel pool and the hot tub had this water. So Boston, Boston is known for these natural thermal bats that just come out of the earth. Similar to I think we have some similar things in Yellowstone here in this country, and Canada has places like that. So that whole town is known for that. And it’s Historically, the kaisers are the kings of Germany would go to this area for vacation to relax and this was their, you know, vacations button or the better way to say it, but like a spa destination, basically. And they have these big public houses where you go in and all the water in the pools and everything is this natural thermal mineral water that’s supposed to be really good for you, you can drink it and it’s supposed to have a lot of health benefits. But mostly you swim in it and just it’s good for your skin and to seep into your pores and all that stuff. So that’s what Mikko is talking about. But this hotel we stayed at which is now a Radisson It was called the what’s called a bottle shut off. That’s that was so sick doesn’t take man

Mikko Miller 9:01
that silly me? Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 9:06
Yeah, this hotel had that running right into the into the property. So they had one of these pools where you could swim from inside outside user of the park. They had a nice little park behind it. So obviously you don’t forget that because that’s that’s where I got engaged that that was a good memories there.

Mikko Miller 9:24
How’d you do it?

Calvin Tilokee 9:27
Oh, that’s it. I have that question on the list. So we Yeah, we will go through that. That was as most things with my relationship as you probably would expect. If anybody he already knows me, it didn’t go according to plan. You know, this. There’s we Anna and I joke that we, you know, we don’t do anything romantic like this traditional romance. It’s just when we try to do things like that things. It just doesn’t work out. It’s and it started from the beginning, I would say so. I went and my wife Parents are Russian. So I needed I went I was very traditional. I wrote a letter to her sister who was bilingual. So she translated the letter for me to give to her parents and get permission, and which I did. So then I went to propose, but that night, we all we all went out to dinner. And my father in law ruin the surprise, because he starts grilling me at dinner, about like, why do you want to marry her and listen, and he doesn’t speak English. So he’s really me through her younger sister, who was maybe about 17 at the time.

Mikko Miller 10:35
Oh, damn.

Calvin Tilokee 10:37
So he starts asking me, so obviously, my wife couldn’t understand that the translation and everything and he sounds good to me like, Well, why do you love her and listen, and why do you want to get married to her? I’m like, how do you answer that question? Like, seriously? How do you answer why do you love this person? Oh, I love her because she’s five foot seven. And I love it cuz I love her. Like who she is. Right? Like, how do you explain something like that? And, anyway, the worst mistake, as if that wasn’t bad enough. I must have been nervous. not thinking straight. Whatever. My dumb ass decides to order curry.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
In German.

Calvin Tilokee 11:15
Oh, not not London. Yeah. Not India. Not even New York City. I’m in Germany. I’m in Barton, Barton, Germany, and I was like, the curry shrimp. Sounds good. So I get this curry shrimp. We go back to the hotel. And I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 11:36
running right through you.

Calvin Tilokee 11:37
Yes. Like, this is gonna be a long night. But I decide. That’s the night like the mood is right? to propose to my girl. That one that night. I figured, yeah, this is the time to do it. All the stars are aligning.

Mikko Miller 11:56
I just couldn’t wait. Oh, my God is talking to me. But

Calvin Tilokee 11:59
like, baby, something my gut was just talking to me just spoke to me that night and said, now’s the time to do it. But in all seriousness, I just couldn’t wait any more. Like I was excited to do it. So my vision was to slip it on her finger while we were sleeping. And then She’d wake up in the morning. And it’d be like the movies where she’s like, oh, teary eyed and I get down on one knee and belay Baby, you know, you want this for the rest of your life. You know, and all that stuff. I like how you put your shoulders into that one. Oh, yeah, you got to you got. You got to romance it

Mikko Miller 12:39

Calvin Tilokee 12:40
So I got the ring in the in the box under the bed. I grab it. And I’m trying to move like real quiet and slow. So I grab it, got it in my hand. She’s not moving. And I finally like slip it on her finger and then like, turn around. And I wait. And wait. Maybe 30 seconds goes by. And then all of a sudden she says you want to say something. And this is when I discovered my wife is a light sleeper. Because I kept getting up and out of bed. And then she felt me put it on her finger. She’s like, you’re gonna say something. So nice. I’m sure I stutter. I’m like, I wasn’t expecting this, right? Oh, yeah, baby, you want to? I love you and you want to like, marry me? I honestly can’t remember what I said. I can’t remember it for the life of me What? What came out after that? But she said yes. And we’re still married after 13 years. So that’s most important.

Mikko Miller 13:44
The rest is history. The rest is history.

Calvin Tilokee 13:45
That’s it. But that pretty much set the tone for our relationship. Anytime we try to do some romantic. That’s pretty much how it goes. So that’s me, I’ll get used to see.

Steve 13:59
That’s a fantastic story. Oh my god, I can just hear her saying that. So. So when. So when I asked Maria to marry me. I did the same thing. I was very traditional asked Marie’s Dad, you know, talk to her mom. I didn’t talk to her sister. And then Marie was taken me to Niagara Falls for my birthday. And so like a day before we leave, she comes down with mana. She’s like, you know, I still want to do it. I still want to take you you’ll drive most of the way. But I’ll, I’ll take it. So um, so we’re going up there and I didn’t want to propose to her on my birthday. So I waited until like, 11 o’clock. We’re both kind of up still. She’s getting kind of tired. I go, hey, what if we went for a walk? And I’m dragging this poor woman around until it’s like after just after midnight. So I don’t propose on my birthday.

Mikko Miller 15:00

Steve 15:02
exactly. And walking around the falls and we’re heading over towards the falls. And as we’re walking, I’m like, I’m holding her tight. And I noticed that there’s a couple ahead of us and they’re full on banging it out on the park that I’m passing them to what I have proposed to my wife, but this romantic, romantic moment. And so

Calvin Tilokee 15:28
romantic butts on the planet.

Steve 15:29
These guys, they they were full on boning. There’s, I mean, in to this day, she’ll say,

Mikko Miller 15:36
I never noticed I never noticed. I don’t either.

Steve 15:40
I don’t either. And so, you know, right when we got there, I looked at my watch was about five past or so. And I dropped to one knee. I asked her I held my hand up and I remember the face she made still to this day. And she her ass was up after that. It was she was calling everybody probably went probably went to bed at like two or three in the morning that night. Yeah, yeah. Had to i, whoever those two people are there forever etched in my memory as you know, as whatever, whatever was going on. It was very passionate. And there was a mon, so pretty clear. What was shaken.

Calvin Tilokee 16:20
You know, you know, we all go to Niagara Falls for for different reasons. So how long have you guys been married now?

Steve 16:28
16 years. 16 years this past July? 13.

Calvin Tilokee 16:32
Nice. Yeah. Wow. I have a feeling those three people to light there.

Mikko Miller 16:38
Yeah. This is good.

Calvin Tilokee 16:43
Yeah, yeah, we’ll make sure that edited. Because as long as you got the gift on the third. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I did that for the first few years of my marriage. Sure. Like I forgot exactly what date you got married. You think it’s a seven but I used to say the sixth? All the time. And then she she’d be looking because people would ask and she’d look at me. I’m like, What? At least I remember. We got anniversary. I mean, I’m doing remember they married.

Mikko Miller 17:13
Exactly. Anyway. Exactly.

Calvin Tilokee 17:16
So but you Mikko you gotta you gotta top those stories.

Mikko Miller 17:20
Unfortunately, I can’t. Mine’s just boring compared to you guys. I don’t have any interesting stories like you guys. We first off, I got laid off at work as I saved up for a ring. And as I saved up for the trip, you know, we live in California. We planned on a three week trip back east. She’s never been so I was gonna take it to like DC, Baltimore, and then up to New York health care pros in New York Times Square. But then I got laid off, but we still went on with a trip. You know, I took my money. We went onto the trip. You go to Times Square. Where you go eat lunch with my mom. My mom brought her sisters along because they all knew cat didn’t know. And just in the middle of Times Square, you know, I try to time it where the camera was right on us, you know, in that big O screen and dropped to one knee? I timed it perfectly. I dropped to one knee. Everyone’s looking and she said yes. I had my aunt, you know with a camera to record a moment. And she was so caught up by the moment. The proposal wasn’t even what I remembered. My aunt was supposed to be recording. And she got so caught up in the moment you put the camera down and got people’s feet. Oh, I love you. If you hear this, sorry.

Calvin Tilokee 18:34
Oh, man, you know what was so And how long have you been married now?

Mikko Miller 18:39
Only five years guys. So I started started kind of late.

Calvin Tilokee 18:43
Dude, that’s that’s that’s still a long time for most people. And I think what would I tell people once you get past the five years, you said like the warranty is expired? Yeah, neither one of you could return it at this point. So you Good.

Mikko Miller 18:57
Good. And as far as anniversaries go, I keep it to the month. It’s June. So that’s the you guys

Calvin Tilokee 19:06
that I see. Yeah, that’s a Yeah, I got set up the same way. Because our our anniversary is April 7, seven. Yeah. My wife’s birthday is the 27th Okay, okay, so April is just shot for me Gosh, like for life like so. It’s the same April I could just get a gift to gifts in the mid week of April and probably be good. There you go. Probably not. I’m probably gonna have to edit that out. But I don’t think that I don’t think it’s gonna work. So she Oh, she got me to early birthday guess but misty and crispy.

Mikko Miller 19:43
Lovely Anna.

Calvin Tilokee 19:45
It was funny. It was funny is that none of us has a normal proposal story.

Mikko Miller 19:50

Calvin Tilokee 19:51
you know, nothing goes the way you expected in the movies.

Mikko Miller 19:56
I wish it did. You know like I said like I had planned out the timing, you know? thing, but it just, it just didn’t work out that way. Like I think more people will either focused on the big screen or on us to actually be recording. So now when I’m like wanting to view how I did it, whatever is like I have to go off a memory like with everyone else. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 20:16
That’s probably for the best. Probably maybe. I mean, we were just talking about this recently, because the hotel where we met, just closed for good. Because of Yeah, because of COVID. You know, I guess they’ve been they’ve been closed for some time and financially realized that it just wasn’t going to make sense. So they’ve closed for good. And that hotel, which is the the Hilton writedown, or the Hilton Westchester is it later became known was Yeah, it’s completely, completely closed. They just closed it last week.

Mikko Miller 20:49

Calvin Tilokee 20:50
on top of that, where we got married, we got married in Hawaii, on Molokai, which is the smallest Hawaiian island. They won’t keep going, right? Yeah, it was called the Molokai ranch that that hotel closed down about a year after we got married. So we were joking the other days, like, you know, if we ever want to go back to our monumental places, like they just don’t exist. I’m not sure if that’s what that’s supposed to mean. But we can’t go back to where we got married. And we can’t go back to where we got met. Neither one of these places exist anymore. It’s not money, right?

Mikko Miller 21:28
That’s small, apocalyptic. Sheer. Yeah.

Steve 21:31
I got to monetize that somehow.

Mikko Miller 21:34
You got it. Right. Exactly.

Calvin Tilokee 21:37
Exactly. So speaking of COVID, since that’s kind of come up in you know, the impact on that particular hotel? How is how has that been for you guys? and I, we didn’t even touch on what we all do for a living at this point. Not that it necessarily matters. But if you want people to know, but how has it impacted? your work life? Have you developed any new habits during this time? What’s up?

Mikko Miller 22:02
I’ll tackle it on let’s see, well, I work for a large HMO health care provider. So we never shut down. My department that I have have 51 people that I’m in charge of, we never shut down. So as the whole country went into lockdown, we stayed open, obviously, we handle like medical records and things like that. So we were considered essential employees. Yeah, so we stayed open, and we’re still open. Now, as certain departments and certain facilities have are shut down and go through like, you know, intermittent shutdowns and intermittent closings, we remained open. We try to stay diligent with, you know, social distancing, and wearing masks and gloves and try to, you know, space each other out as much as we can. But it’s rough because you don’t know what these people do. Even me, they don’t know what I do outside of work at work, we try to be safe, you know, but outside of work, people can take off mask and go wherever the heck they want to do but at work to have this. You know, like a policy where you keep your mask on you stay away, you don’t sneeze in front of other people. But it doesn’t mean you’re not bringing it in. So, but as far as habits that I’ve developed, doing COVID my wife and I, I think you’ve developed the habit of enjoying Uber Eats. food delivery is like, awesome. It’s like, I don’t know why it wasn’t invented before. But that’s kind of like a habit. Not necessarily a good habit that we develop. But you know, we love Postmates Uber Eats us want to sponsor us. Let’s definitely use your services like every day, almost every day. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 23:45
Hey, nothing wrong with that, man.

Mikko Miller 23:46
Got he

Calvin Tilokee 23:47
got restaurants gotta make money.

Mikko Miller 23:50
That’s true. That’s true. Everything’s takeout nowadays, so.

Calvin Tilokee 23:53
Yeah. Yeah.

Steve 23:56
So, I, so I worked for a software company, and I work with, you know, pretty large. I consultants, so that software to pretty large companies, and I’ve always worked out in my house. So you know, when COVID hit, it wasn’t, it wasn’t a big deal for me. workwise um, you know, from my day to day, I mean, it disrupted a lot of my customers and I’ve had to work through that but the only thing that the only thing that’s changed for me from a work life balances. Now I have my daughter and my wife with me all the time. And prior to us moving in to this house where we are now we were doing this out of you know, small to small two bedroom and it was got hairy a couple times but you know, all in all, now that we’re in this house, it’s it’s a lot easier that we can just kind of spread out. Yeah. But from a you know, how it’s you know, a funny way in which it’s in which it’s impacting us is that we are, you’re more, you’re a lot more careful about who you go with, who you see, you know, you’re very upfront about asking them what they do, you know, what they, you know, what do you do? What do you not what you do, but what you what I meant to say was? Um, have you come in contact with or are you wearing a mask? You know, we’re much more diligent about that stuff. And we’ve, you know, a few times we’ve invited some people over then they’ve been they’ve had to back out because they, you know, came in contact with someone, nom and, and we’ve even said, hey, look, I I saw my, you know, I saw so and so yesterday, I’m not, you know, I don’t know what their situation is. Enough. So I’m going to kind of keep to myself for the next two weeks. And I will say I Well, we don’t do a micos food delivery. We do. I have. I have come to really enjoy wine from Costco. And I have zero shaman in in in saying that I really enjoy it.

Calvin Tilokee 26:13

Steve 26:13
So, you know, you know, shoot every, you know, every other night. It’s what kind of wine from Costco Do you want to pop? And that’s, that’s what’s changed with us right now. What

Calvin Tilokee 26:25
kind of wine Do you get at Costco?

Steve 26:27
So, if I, if I point the camera off to my right, you’ll see that there is a name of a vo ha no walbeck and Alexander Valley cab, and I’ll tell you what. It’s so damn good. I mean, it’s just, it’s crazy. Nice. And, and I’ve actually I mean, I like wine I’ve had. I’ve had very, very good wine. I just I know what I like and I know what I’m willing to pay for it. And for the price it’s can’t be

Calvin Tilokee 27:05
Yeah, yeah. I know. A big thing out here is people go to Trader Joe’s for wine. Apparently they have they have cheap wine. It’s supposed to be pretty good. That’s that’s a spot for the for the young kids. Yeah, I don’t do wine anymore. I’ve discovered that me and wine do not agree. How come? I think is the sulfites. Okay, I believe that’s what it is. That messes me up. And Funny enough, I discovered this. When we went to Napa Valley went to wine country last year. And you going around and doing different tastings all day. And I just realized by the end of the day, like I just felt really rundown and weird every single day. And then so I thought I’d have more water, like do a little tasting have more water and I read Okay, maybe with wine, I just need to hydrate more than I do when I drink other types of alcohol. But it’s still, I just wouldn’t feel right. So I think it was our anniversary last year. So we went with the Napa Valley in March. And again, April is our anniversary. So then for our anniversary, we went out and we went to john George, which is like fancy, you know, fine dining. And it was my wife and I think we split two bottles of wine. So I didn’t feel drunk. I just felt very full, like a balloon just like completely, like I was about to pop. And I get home and I’m like, Oh man, I just got to take a shower. I’ll go straight to bed. And I lay there for a while and then realize you know, something got happening. Something is this is not going to work out well. And the best way I could describe it is if you took a full stuff that burrito like from Chipotle, I like to ask and fill it as packet as tight as possible. And then just squeeze it in the middle. It was coming out. That’s Yeah, yeah. And so we’re gonna call episode one. cow’s gastrointestinal issues.

I thought maybe it was something I ate. Yeah, so Oh, man. You know, I had fog rot at night. And I was like, maybe the food was just too rich because I just feel really, really heavy. until October of last year, we went to Barcelona and I had a couple of glasses of Kava, it really wasn’t a lot. And the exact same thing happened. And I said it’s wine. It has to be wine like it just doesn’t agree with me. Now I could drink whiskey all night and be fun. I can drink a lot of different types of alcohol but wine for some reason. It just doesn’t. Doesn’t vibe anymore. So there’s that okay. It’s nothing to do with Coke. By just as far as me with COVID, as you guys know, I’ve worked in hospitality and have for almost 20 years, spent most of that time doing revenue management for hotels. And my the hotel I was at around mid March started to feel the impact of COVID. And you could see people starting to really cancel. And eventually, at first, it was just, Hey, you guys can start working from home because, you know, it’s safer. So we started working from home from about the middle of March, and then late April, my hotel closed. And then it hasn’t reopened to my knowledge. And this is since April. And I don’t know what the impact of that’s going to be market wise and everything. But as far as us haven’t been home since mid March, and just in an apartment for you know, four plus months, we’ve learned to appreciate getting outside. I think that’s been the most important thing. Yeah, what we would do is just kind of end our day with with a walk around the neighborhood. And eventually, it’s all in all is about three miles, but we’d make sure five 530 end of the day, hey, let’s pack up, go for a walk, come back, if we have to work we have to work when we come back, because it was really crazy in the beginning for both of us. But yeah, we really got into walking and we’ve started hiking on the weekends. Now, I had to pay a fresh Tim’s that I never wore, because I go to work like Well, you can’t wait Tim’s to work, right. So now they’re hiking boots, I wear those to go hiking, you know, we’ve done quite a few trails around and discovered things that we didn’t even know, existed around here. So that’s been really good. And I think it really started to appreciate getting out in nature and how much better you feel when you do that. Yeah, just just being out around the trees and fresh air and just walking around for an hour or so every day really, really helps. And that’s been I think the main thing that made them for us is exercise. And I’ve finally got consistent with exercising my gym has been doing virtual classes throughout the whole time. So I’ve been my working out, throw a little yoga mat down in my bedroom and knock out some high intensity workout for you know, 45 minutes. And it’s it’s been the mental effects of that that have had been more most important. You know, I’ve not really changing or losing weight or anything like that. But mentally I realized very early on, if I didn’t work out or go for a walk, I was in a foul mood. I just didn’t feel good. So I’ve realized now the importance people talk about the endorphins and working out makes you feel good and gives you energy now I know what they’re actually talking about, because it really is helped change their mindset. So I’d say that’s the biggest thing for me.

Steve 32:50
That’s fantastic. You know, one of the upsides for me being here is, you know, our daughter’s not going to daycare. And so I get to snipe, you know, a ton of time with her. And and it’s it’s one of the bright spots of the whole thing for me at least.

Calvin Tilokee 33:06
Yeah, well, that’s good. I mean, you get to spend a lot of time with her. Yeah, time you may not otherwise have been able to get.

Steve 33:13
And it’s time that she spends with a stranger who, you know, really spends more time, you know, with her than I do. You know, when when she would go to daycare, right? I hear walking around upstairs, I think she’s going to be a surprise.

Calvin Tilokee 33:30
Surprise, surprise.

Steve 33:33
Yeah. Whenever she surprises me at work, I always just refer refer to her as my intern.

Mikko Miller 33:39

Steve 33:40
I have found that, you know, people have been a lot more accommodating, not accommodating, but just

Mikko Miller 33:47
were something maybe what’s that receptive, now

Steve 33:51
receptive and understanding their overall just more understanding that you know, you’re working from home. So if the dogs barking in the background or some kid, you know, if your interns got to have sliced bananas, you know, you just got to do with

Calvin Tilokee 34:08
the peanut butter.

Mikko Miller 34:09
Yeah, and that’s what I tried some a wife, my wife works from home. She’s a nurse. She used to work in floors, but now she’s working from home. And so it’s a big adjustment for her. So for the first I think four months of COVID I think she went out once and you know, I still go out to work. I still you know, outside so like I don’t feel the effects the same way she does, but she did say the same thing. It’s like going out exactly what Calvin said. Being able to just go out and walk around catch them. sunrays, actually like elevates her mood and the fact that you know, just to be able to just catch fresh air I guess I take advantage of I didn’t realize how much of a disadvantage It was hard to work from home because I mean, you got it easy. You wake up, you know, go straight to work. But just the simple fact of being able to go outside and catch some fresh air and you know see other people and talk to other people intermingle with other people. Like, I just failed to realize that early on that, you know, she probably misses that stuff because you know, she was a bedside nurse for like damn near 20 years. And then now she’s working in it’s like, they do like a telehealth. So it’s all, you know, telephonic. So she does that from home. 24 seven, pretty much.

Steve 35:22

Mikko Miller 35:23
I’m not really but you know, her shifts are long, but you know, he gets up early to prepare and then afterwards he does like the notes and stuff. So she’s just home all day. Then I come home and it’s like, dinner. big piece of chicken, you know. Give me a lot of Chris Rock references. Oh, yeah. Great. Yeah.

Steve 35:45
It’s fair to reference that.

Calvin Tilokee 35:46
That one that was a good one. Yeah, that’s it. They didn’t kiss me who’s Chris Rock? Is he like, Kevin Hart? Doesn’t? You know what?

Mikko Miller 35:54
Let’s not start that discussion, man.

Calvin Tilokee 35:55
What do I know? We got a couple minutes left.

Steve 36:00
If you don’t know who Chris Rock is crawl out from under your rock and go see anything by Chris Rock.

Mikko Miller 36:08
Bigger, blacker bringing the pain what’s the new one? What’s the newest? tambourine? tambourine there’s one more before that though. The one that you saw one. Did you watch one carbon?

Calvin Tilokee 36:23
Chris I saw him live he would think he was filming tambourine.

Mikko Miller 36:27
What was the tambourine? Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 36:28
yeah, that’s what he was doing that with he was funny still funny as hell man. He’s he’s not bring the pain funny, like back in those days. I mean, that is to me is the ultimate like Chris Rock is my favorite. He’s my favorite comedian. I don’t think he’s the best right now. I think Chappelle is by far the best comedian

Chappelle is the best to his his jokes and the way he brings socio economic things together and does it in a way where it’s not really offensive unless you’re just one of those people who gets offended by things. But level he does it Yeah, he does it in such a smooth way that he’s he’s a next level genius. But Chris Rock is just my favorite. This is somebody his delivery and his type of jokes that had always jive with me like he’s always been hilarious.

Mikko Miller 37:17
Yeah, it’s his face. It’s his hands is ready can tell his jokes. Sorry, Chris.

Calvin Tilokee 37:25
I seem you should have killed it. But

Steve 37:31
I like jelly.

Mikko Miller 37:34
Prefer syrup.

Steve 37:35
I don’t think I need to go much more into that one.

Calvin Tilokee 37:42
That was a good segue into our final segment. For tonight. We’re going to start off with something called Get off my lawn. When you young whippersnappers think you got everything figured out. And y’all just need to get off my lawn with that stuff. Oh, so I want to start I’ll start this one. Because I just get tired of people today. Especially these kids that think they invented everything. They think that what they like, has to be the best, like nothing existed before. They started paying attention to stuff. You know, like Drake is the greatest rapper of all time. Don’t get me started. Don’t get me started because we’re going to lose all day for another day.

Mikko Miller 38:23
Because no, yeah. No,

Calvin Tilokee 38:26
you know, LeBron James, best basketball player to ever have existed. Really?

Mikko Miller 38:31
Oh, touchy subject right there. touchy? Oh, no.

Calvin Tilokee 38:36
I mean, we got we got somebody from Ohio on eso. Oh, man, you may have something to say. But

Steve 38:43
you can’t compare their different players they had. It’s just different. It’s like saying Tiger Woods. And jack Nicklaus. You know, from a golf standpoint, you know, there’s just more technology available now that that makes them better athletes, but I think putting the two of them up against each other in their prime.

Mikko Miller 39:01
I don’t know.

Steve 39:04
I’d say Jordan would take him in his prime in his like, UNC days. I think he would he would take LeBron.

Calvin Tilokee 39:11
Let’s see the thing with that is I don’t think it’s not. It’s not a one on one type of thing. Because I know, I know. It’s, well, yeah, I mean, it’s their greatness as to what they’ve accomplished in the game. But, I mean, LeBron is what six nine, like 280, or whatever. I mean, he’s a linebacker, I mean, physically, yes, he’s way more gifted than Jordan. If this was any other player you were talking about who was Jordan sighs you’d say LeBron to take them. But just because of Jordans mentality. I think that’s what separates him from everyone else who’s ever played that sport, and probably most other sports, if you’ve watched the last dance, and you still think LeBron is better. And it’s not even a discussion to you that we can have a conversation like we I mean, as committed As Jordan was to being the best basketball player ever, that’s all he was focused on. Yeah, you know, he did. I just didn’t think about anything else. By comparison, LeBron is involved in a lot of different things, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not saying it’s bad. But Jordan never focus on anything else. But basketball, which is what made him so damn good. And he elevated teams to levels that have never been been seen before. You know, LeBron talks about, you know, people talk about LeBron playing with, you know, boobie Gibson and those guys and bring it up to the finals, which is a ridiculous accomplishment. Yeah, when you think about it, but he never created a Pippin. like nobody thinks Scottie Pippen was going to be top 50 player of all time without Jordan, right? Like, that would have never happened. You know, LeBron hasn’t done that. For anybody, the guys he’s won with have already been stars. Good point, you know, true, true, true. But that’s me, I’m out. I’m gonna go back into house and I let these kids do what they got doing wrong, because my other one

Mikko Miller 41:06
I’m just gonna chime in on that real quick, just real quick chime in on that. I think the closest and this is, I think me and not just because I live in LA, the closest that someone has ever come to that type of killer mentality, in my opinion has always been Kobe Bryant. He may not have been as gifted, he may not have elevated his teams to the level that Michael did, but that mentality of I’m just gonna kill you every single night. I think Kobe had that Kobe had that in them. And, you know, LeBron, Kobe, Mike, I wish I would have a shirt where they’re all three of them were like on like holding each other. I wish it would have wore that shirt. But mentality wise, I think Michael Colby were like, a&b, in my opinion, that’s just, you know,

Calvin Tilokee 41:50
I agree. And I’ll just jump on that point real quick. There’s a book I listened to a couple years ago called relentless by Tim Grover, who was the trainer for he also trained Coby and Wade, and if you listen to that book, he talks about the mentalities of all of these different guys, and how there’s, there’s different levels to it. And he he specifically says that lebrons not quite there. He’s not quite on that level. This is not an insult. Right. I think that’s what people get, get. get it twisted resale. He’s not the greatest of all time, then they get offended. Like you’re somehow insulting LeBron James, to say that he’s not the greatest human being to ever be good in that profession is not an insult. He’s in the conversation. Right? But isn’t we’re not saying Brian is garbage by any means. But to Mikko point about the mentality like that thing, where Jordan was just not going to lose six and o in the finals. He just was not having it. He just was not having any any slack in front from from his teammates, and take take with LeBron and that famous meme now when jr Smith, right with J. Smith wasn’t paying attention to the clock or whatever, that would have never been allowed to do that. That’s not going to happen. You know, you get into a fistfight, like you did with Steve Kerr. But listen to that book, if I would suggest anybody, it’s there’s a great book period for, for your mentality and just how to go about being great at anything. But this is somebody who’s trained some of the greatest basketball players we’ve known. And I think you should take his word for it. Yet, I’ll leave it at that. But yeah, back back to back to you.

Mikko Miller 43:37
on mine, as far as this generation goes, and, you know, I’ve grown accustomed to a lot of millennials living in California and having that type of mindset and that sense of entitlement. I think it kind of piggybacks off of your point, a lot of the millennials that I come across have this sense of entitlement where they just, they felt like everything is deserving. For them, they deserve everything. And, you know, we’ve gone through, I’m pretty sure all three of us, you know, hard work being beat our parent, not beat but you know, being disciplined by our parents, and having to work for what we’ve got and not been given everything that we’ve had. And these people just expect, you know, the whole world of people that come across in the workplace that feel like, Oh, my sick time is my time. You know, it’s for me whenever I want to use it, you know, I’m going to call out and not come to work and give you a call five minutes before my shift and think it’s okay. Because it’s, you know, it’s my right, it’s my time off and it’s like, how do you grew up with that mentality of just thinking everything was meant for you and you’re supposed to take advantage of everything because it’s there. In I think that’s just one of the things that I just can’t stand from millennials and people consider us moving because we’re like, kinda like in between that town that border. Yeah. Yeah, but do you Young uns that come across and just feel like everything is should be there and it belongs to them. And all these rights are for them, and they have to take advantage of it just like, if you can see me just just to see that it’s not work, work for it, show me some respect work for and respect you, but don’t expect things to be given to you.

Calvin Tilokee 45:19
Right? I hear that man.

Steve 45:23
So, you know, in what I prepared for this was was, you know, something similar to what Mikko saying, you know, I work with a lot of younger people who are coming into my profession. And you, it’s easy to say, Oh, he’s, you know, he does, he does this for a living, it’s, it’s, it looks super easy. And then, you know, he, he gets a lot of accolades, or, you know, someone gets accolades, not saying I get accolades, but someone gets accolades. And then oh, I want to go do that. That That just seems, seems easy.

Mikko Miller 46:02

Steve 46:04
you know, I’ve had, I’ve had a couple of people contact me about jobs, and they’re asking me all these questions about these jobs. And I’m like, dude, you are not qualified whatsoever to do this job. Why are you trying to skip steps? A, B, C, D, E, F, go right down the alphabet. You know, to everyone’s point here, you need to put in work. And yeah, that’s so I’m, I’m, I’m really over that. It’s something I would like to see. Just more. Yeah, just more hard work, work put in and then you can always tell when someone’s coming at you. Who has some bike by by, you know, luck or whatever. They’re in a, somewhat of a position similar to you. And they’re like, you didn’t put in any work? Man, you just you just got here. Rather you bump you up in fire you. I’m going to get off my soapbox. I can go on a pretty long tangent of that one. But I see that enough. And it’s a Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 47:06
Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah, we definitely sound like, you know, middle aged men. So yeah, I think I think we’ve, we’ve hit home, the theme of the podcast and Episode One was definitely, yeah, I’m sure we’ll we’ll touch on that topic as we move forward, because that’s something I’ve seen quite a bit of. And I’ve also seen it from people older than us. And that’s the thing. So we’re not here to bash millennials. You know, I think that I think that they get a bad rap. I think and I’ll say this story really quick, as we’re wrapping up, but I went to a conference a few years ago, and they talk about how the millennials are really broken up into two different categories. And the older ones like us, like we’re kind of on the very tail end, depending on what study you look at. But like the the 30, fives and up, Millennials have more of older school mentality of you still need to work for it. It’s the younger half. And of course, this is generalizations, that doesn’t mean anybody under 35 doesn’t work for stuff, but they’re the ones that more had this mentality of Hey, just show up and do it. But I remember a hotel I was working at was taken over a change management companies. And this woman who was 40 at the time, and this is seven years ago, woman’s gonna be close to 50. Now what and she had two kids at the time, was complaining because the new management company made a mistake, and she lost half an hour of PTO time. Half an hour. She went on a rant about this. I was like, are you? Are you serious right now? Oh, and the new companies are giving us Presidents Day Off. We used to have presidents they really would have fuck celebrates Presidents Day,

Mikko Miller 48:48
what do you do? Buy a mattress? What are you so excited by Presidents Day for?

Calvin Tilokee 48:53
Give me a break?

Mikko Miller 48:55

Calvin Tilokee 48:56
So you do see that? Kind of across the board with, you know, the age brackets, but I’m sure we’ll talk about that a lot, because I think we have that in common. And that’s going to be something that we discuss. So I think that’s a great place to wrap up for episode one. Thank you for taking that trip down memory lane with us. We can’t believe it’s been over six months since we recorded that episode. And as you can tell, we were pretty amazing right out of the gate. Since then, we’ve seen over 2000 downloads and that’s thanks to all of you guys. So thank you for your support. And there’s lots more where that came from. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please leave us a review on iTunes and you make it a shout out live on air. Speaking of being on air, you can become part of the show by supporting us on Patreon. You’re gotcha highlights members, you got your mid-life members and you got your low-life members. For as little as $5 a month you can get early access to episodes, extended cuts featuring behind-the-scenes content, and the ability to send in your own audio for get off my lawn. Hit the link in our show notes to get a life keep up with us in between shows on Instagram at midlife crisis podcast, show notes for this, and all episodes are available on midlife crisis podcast comm where you can sign up for our mailing list and get a discount off the merchandise. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you on the next one.

Mikko Miller 50:16
Let’s go