Calvin Tilokee 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steven Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol and a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry. If you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. If you don’t know what CDs are, you’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving. Or just sitting around wondering why a backer but let’s get this show on the road. Hello and welcome to midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin here as always, with my boy Steven Mikko bringing that flavor to ear on a weekly basis. On today’s episode, we’re chatting with Mia Ali. You may know her dad, the greatest boxer of all time, Mike. I mean, Muhammad Ali will bring you up Chris Rock the week. I don’t know that shit. I don’t like that jerk. And as always get off my lawn. But first that was the week fellas.

Steve 1:26
week was getting more interesting, better than last week night. You know, I ended up finding a ton of pictures of like old old family members. I’ve got a picture now of my great great great grandfather, my great great grandfather and my great grandfather when he when he was a boy. And I started getting all of these pictures from my great aunt. And come to find out my great aunt is quite the texter. She’s texting me non stop. She’s blowing me up at all times telling me all kinds of facts and shit about people. It’s fantastic. I have realized that talking about family got her so jazzed. I mean the you know the woman’s. She’s 86 and she’s just backing away. Wow, I love it. I absolutely love it. It’s made my week.

Calvin Tilokee 2:11
That’s awesome.

Steve 2:12
Yeah, also some wild history.

Calvin Tilokee 2:15
That actually reminds me the last trip when we were in Vermont, we went to this antique store, right? And right as you walk in, like by the register, this is book and it’s just like got this upset looking old guy on the front. You know, it’s like and he’s got to be 80 something years old, got a straw hat and he’s sitting he’s sitting on a tractor and I go up and look at the title of the book. It’s like you know Tales from a you know the history of like local surrounding towns. I was like this motherfucker God, he got the smoke on everybody. And he is about to air this shit like you could I should have bought it because I can just tell like he probably he got shit on Zeke on it you know and a zekiel from across the street at that time he stole his turnips

Steve 2:56
from him down the road.

Calvin Tilokee 3:00
Exactly. That time Abraham sold him rotten milk. Oh man.

Mikko Miller 3:13
Holiday the week was obviously Valentine’s Day just passed so life he had worked on Valentine’s Day but we did celebrate on Saturday we just went out you know California is open now. Nobody gives a fuck out here anymore. So it’s like 1000s of people just eating out just madness. So we go to Korean barbecue spot which is normally like you know 30 to 45 minute wait for our wait was that Saturday? And that was a four hour wait. You know, we run out of food. How the fuck do you run out of food? But they ran out of food they ran out of like the all you can eat stuff. So I’m just like, am I paying all you can eat prices and you guys ran out of food that I can eat? And then you know and I eat you notice what I do is I fucking eat? Yes. When you tell me it’s an all you can eat plates and you ran out of food. Someone fucked up. Yes. Someone messed up somewhere. But you know, I understood it was the first weekend and everything was wide open. So everything was just nuts. Everyone was trying to dine out plus it was the Valentine’s Day weekend and yeah, all that good stuff. But other than that we celebrated stayed home and that’s pretty much it. That’s like the highlight that’s sad, but that’s the highlight of the week.

Calvin Tilokee 4:27
So you’re not wrong with that man. You know, we always talk about the Chris Rock, you know, good relationship is born. Yeah, right. It’s supposed to be boring. That’s supposed to be the highlight of the week because it was mine to

Mikko Miller 4:41
detail detail.

Calvin Tilokee 4:42
Yeah, now we chilled Remember, you know a couple episodes ago we promoted 14 Valentine’s day pack. So I got one of those and we got salad spaghetti and meatballs. chocolate covered cheesecake bottle of wine. Yeah, no. Well, I had to toss it myself. Okay, okay. Done. I used to serve I used to keep it cloudy it was Valentine’s Day. You got to step it up a little bit. But they even gave you like the little checkered tablecloth, just like Lady and the Tramp and all that. So it was it was kind of cool. We did that we’d lit some candles and chilled out. was a nice night. watch some Netflix. Have you guys watched crime story? hotel Cecil. Watch doesn’t want to watch

Mikko Miller 5:33
it. I’ve been I’ve been dying to watch it. But she doesn’t want to watch.

Calvin Tilokee 5:36
Yeah, that should it’s good, man. Is it good? Like, if you guys are American Horror Story fans, you’re gonna love it. Because a lot of these stories you could tell what they use for for the hotel season of American Horror Story. I mean, this place is just fucked up. I mean, the whole thing surrounds this girl that went there and disappeared and turns out she was wango rooting for you. But she went there and she disappeared. But talking about the background of the hotel and like, you know, with it’s in skid row where they kind of like sectioned off all the homeless people to live in this area. And they should that really stuck out to me was the night strangler. Richard Ramirez lived at this fucking hotel. They were like that should tell you that kind of clientele. And that kind of atmosphere was where like he would just come in, strip off his bloody clothes in the lobby and walk upstairs like he felt at home relaxing here. That’s the kind of hotel this ship

Miya Ali 6:35
was that the season? Yep. Yeah. I saw I’ve been watching the advertisement for that. So I haven’t seen it. So yeah, I’ll have to check it out. But I love American Horror Story.

Calvin Tilokee 6:45
Yeah, same. That should is good. So you, you know me a spoil surprise. But hey, it’s so good. Yeah, it’s not like I didn’t know she was coming on the show. So I’ll give her a proper intro, you know? Yes. Me and I go back some years working together in hotels. I’ll put working in quotes because we spent most of our time quoting 40 year old virgin,

Mikko Miller 7:07
smart tech.

Calvin Tilokee 7:09
But please welcome to the man cave, the offspring of the legendary Muhammad Ali. Longtime hotelier and saleswoman extraordinaire, Mia Ali. Hi, guys.

Steve 7:19
All right. Hello.

Miya Ali 7:21
Thanks for having me on tonight. I’m so excited. This show is so much fun.

Calvin Tilokee 7:27
We are excited to have you. Yeah, I

Miya Ali 7:29
appreciate your candor and your humor and, you know, keep the laughs coming because we need it, especially during these times.

Mikko Miller 7:37
got that right.

Calvin Tilokee 7:38
You know, just try and do what we do. Yeah, that’s

Miya Ali 7:42
a good thing. It This is a great thing. I love the innovation. So, you know, as Calvin said, he and I have worked together in hospitality. And we’ve been friends for several years. So you know, we were just having a conversation the other day, and he asked me if I would come on and tell you a little bit about my side of things in my life and how I adapted it and how it is being the daughter of Muhammad Ali.

Calvin Tilokee 8:09
So you can start wherever you want to start the floor is your sister.

Miya Ali 8:14
All right, well, let’s see what we got here. And let’s go back to what we’re going to talk about, I think you had mentioned you were asking me what it was like growing up having a famous parent. Yeah. And one of the things that I can say is, when you have a famous parent, you don’t know that your parent is famous. Just like okay, you think? Yeah, that’s just dead. You think that they’re nuts? It’s embarrassing. I’ll say that. But you know, it’s a little you have this man who’s larger than life. And he was actually a really tall man. And his prime, he was about six, three and a half, six, four. And he had a presence like you wouldn’t believe but all I could say is I wish this guy would stop talking so much. I can see that. That was not the case. It was just like, Oh, your parent is crazy. Just like most kids feel that their. Their parents are nuts. Like, oh, they’re crazy. I would never do that. And I swear to God, that everything that I’ve picked up from him over the years that I said I would never do. I’m not that person.

Calvin Tilokee 9:21
Yeah, that’s everybody with their parents, I think.

Miya Ali 9:23
Yeah, I mean, don’t you think your parents are strange?

Calvin Tilokee 9:26
I did for a while. Not anymore since I basically turned into both of them.

Miya Ali 9:31
Right, but crazy. What do you What are you talking about? And I you know, my father would tell me stories growing up of different celebrities or different things he’s encountered over the years and I was just like, this can’t be real. Every single thing that he told me, it’s just like, No, you don’t know.

Calvin Tilokee 9:57
You ain’t never met Martin Luther King.

Miya Ali 10:05
I’m calling play. God he was, I have to say not just because he was my father, he was just an amazing spirit. I have friends that I went to college with and they talk about because my first year of college, I decided I was going to move to Michigan. I’m gonna have all this great time with my dad, because he was majoring and at the time, so it was at Andrews University, and I started out as a physical therapy major. And I was like, Oh, I’m gonna have talent. My dad, he’s like, yeah, we’re gonna do this, and we’re gonna do that. Well, I get down to berrien Springs, Michigan, which is like West bumblefuck. Excuse My French. Listen,

Calvin Tilokee 10:48
we definitely put a label on it so you can get a French one.

Miya Ali 10:54
And I’m thinking, Okay, great. I’m gonna have all this time with my dad. I’m just coming. You know, I was raised a great length of my life in the New York City area. I’m a native New Yorker, we’ve moved here and there, but all right, I’m gonna move from the New York City area and go live with my dad. Well, I went down there and the town had one traffic light. Oh, Lord, my dad had a farm and he bought this farm from Al Capone from Al Capone’s properties years ago. I mean, yeah, the story. That’s, I mean, who would know this, there was a meat locker in our home. So they do with me. I mean, it was a very warm home because my father was warm human being. But I have to tell you, growing up in that I visited there throughout my entire childhood, it was called the farm. Everybody knew he goes down to Muhammad Ali’s farm, you’re hanging out arm, but they were like passageways that were sealed up, you know, you could feel a presence in the house. And then of course, stories from other people. And you know, as you guys may know, Al Capone was, you know, he was Mr. Chicago. And it was about an hour and a half from Chicago. So it was perfect. And that’s one of the reasons why my father decided to buy this place. It was 88 acres of land, they had several things on the property. So he trained there a lot of the times. Okay. And later on, he actually made it home for several years, in his latter years of his life, that I would say it was a pretty interesting experience. But you know, I went down there thinking I was gonna spend time with my father, he was gone 90% of the time. I’m like, I need money. I need this. And unlike when I would think I would need money, I just go take his laundry to the cleaners. cash in your pocket.

Calvin Tilokee 12:53
In this pocket,

Miya Ali 12:55
probably eight $900.

Mikko Miller 13:04
levels, like

Miya Ali 13:05
right now wasn’t even a lot. But you know, you. I mean for him, you know what I mean? To have I of course, I remember we gave away maybe about a quarter million dollars in cash. And you know, as a little kid seeing that much money inside of a briefcase, like, you know, it’s something you see on television, it’s like, wow, I was like, Oh, I want that. He said, No. He said, You want that you don’t need it. And it made so much sense to me. Not at the time. Now. It does.

Calvin Tilokee 13:37
Like I need that ship. I need it

Miya Ali 13:47
was trying to convey to me that I had what I had my needs were met, you know, everything. Around that summer, and this was very common. But that particular summer I remember because he drove from his camp in deer Lake Pennsylvania, which is now owned by the Madden’s So Mike Madden and john madden. Oh, net now, and they’re trying to hit them with it. Yeah, I’ve been down here to go see Mike several times. And he’s a good friend of mine. So he’s just trying to keep the legacy around. But yeah, I did not understand what that need and want was, so he drove and picked me up and my oldest sister Marian was with us. And we went around just handing that cash out. I mean, he just gave it all away, like literally gave it all the way he never worried about money, or how it was gonna come or what was going to be next. He was just like, this is my job on earth is to be calm and take care of others. Yeah.

Steve 14:41
That sounds so simple, but so powerful at the same time.

Miya Ali 14:45
Yeah. I mean, I didn’t look at it like that then like

Steve 14:51
most introspective, however old you were at the time, right? That would never have lived.

Calvin Tilokee 14:57
Correct, right?

Miya Ali 14:58
Correct. But as far as is like having fame and impacting us and things like that. He always made us and I’m saying us, me, myself and my siblings to be very humble people. We are all very humble. People think just that you have a famous parent like, Oh, well, why are you working? I’m like, Well, why are you working? Right?

Mikko Miller 15:22
got bills to pay.

Miya Ali 15:24
Right? In on this man.

Calvin Tilokee 15:32
It’d be like, you know, like, your dad did not. He knocked a lot of stuff out. But he had not got this mortgage.

Miya Ali 15:37
Right? Well, you know what, he bought us all home. So we were always we always made sure, like, obviously, bills or bills come in and life happens. He made sure that we had a roof over our head and food in our stomachs. And that’s what mattered, you know, everything else. He worked hard. He didn’t want fame for his children. It was just not something he wanted. And he told us something as children that I didn’t kind of resignate until now was that everybody can’t handle being a celebrity. Mm hmm. And he actually enjoyed being a celebrity. Like, I don’t know anyone who loves people more than my father. We’ve missed flights because of signing autographs.

Calvin Tilokee 16:22
Yeah. Wow.

Miya Ali 16:23
Wow. And he was the he was the people’s champ, literally. Yeah, you know, he loved people.

Calvin Tilokee 16:31
That’s awesome that he took the time to, to sign those autographs. You know what I mean? Like we have these, these debugs these days, who don’t want to do that don’t want to take the time to address your fans and bond with your fans. Like that’s why you are who you are. Right.

Miya Ali 16:46
Right. Right. No, it is he’s like they made me I mean, his whole story was all by accident. And I don’t know if you guys know this story. But he started boxing when my dad started boxing when he was about 12 years old. He was 12. And someone stole his brand new bike. So he found a police officer. And he asked the officer, you know, he’s like, somebody stole my bike, I need to get my bike back. So the officer asked him, he said, Well, what do you want to do about it? My dad said, I want to whip him. He said, Well, can you fight? He said no interest is

the rest of history. It wasn’t something that was like, oh, somebody put their kid in a you know, athletics and on team sports, and, you know, boxing or any tennis, whatever it may be. It was all just, I mean, that was destiny. Yeah, he had something to fulfill. Imagine if that kid never stole that bike. It’s funny, because I asked my father one day, what would you do if you met the guy who stole your bike? And he said, I think

Mikko Miller 17:55

Calvin Tilokee 17:57
And then hope is this.

Miya Ali 18:04
Guys paid for dues, did he? Right.

Steve 18:10
Imagine there’s a guy. There’s a guy out there just walking around not even knowing that he influenced your dad that way. That’s incredible.

Miya Ali 18:18
Yeah, no. Serious. Well, if the guy’s still alive, yeah, but But yeah, you’re right. You’re absolutely right. You know, I mean, it was I’ve got some some interesting memories that as I’m talking they’re they’re kind of getting jogged. Because you know, you forget about things over the years. And you’re like, wait, wait a minute. Wait a minute. I think Calvin, you and I are also talking about, you know, the pressures of being a child of a global icon.

Calvin Tilokee 18:43
Yeah. Yeah.

Miya Ali 18:45
I don’t let them get to me. You know, I mean, there are pressures because people see you in a certain light, but they really don’t know your story. So at the same time, it’s like, doesn’t really matter. I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. You know, I mean, you have a pressure to act a certain way and be a certain way in public. And I mean, it’s the right way to be so I wouldn’t consider it pressure. I’m just, you know, he trained us and, you know, taught us to do the right things at the right time. Doesn’t mean we always made the right decisions. I mean, we’re human. Right, right. One thing about him is, he always realized we’re all human and it’s okay to mess up and make mistakes. Just do it again. Do it again. You don’t have to take things from people. I’ll tell you right now a friend of mine makes fun of me because when I don’t want to take some shit from somebody, I’m like, I got to take this shit. I leave and he can say about the Chris Rock show. I don’t leave this job. We got through that hole. Everybody Hates Chris. Yeah. And I call this friend of mine. We just bust out laughing automatically. He’s like, Oh shit, who did you tell off? What did you leave? I always have some, I always have something. But that’s awesome.

Calvin Tilokee 20:11
That’s awesome.

Miya Ali 20:14
I’m proud to be his daughter because he was so courageous. And he was so tenacious and he had so much humility and discernment about him and his discipline with everything in life. You know it, I have to follow a discipline. I have friends right now that lent is approaching and I participate in lent and friends of mine. How can you just give up something I was like, Well, if you have discipline, if, I mean, if you don’t have discipline, you don’t have a single thing. So I have to give my dad that also. Because we’re all very competitive. I’m one of nine children. I don’t realize how competitive everyone is until we’re around each other. I remember, I was working out in Puerto Rico with my sister Laila. You know, she was still training at the time. And I finished my workout and I went over by her. And it was water. This was over a bottle of water. So she had her water at mine. She says, Where’s My Water? I said, It’s over there. She says, Well, how did you know that? That’s my water. I suppose I drink more than you. Don’t you know, she tried to finish that bottle in two seconds. Just say she can you be a lover to death? But I mean, all of us have something that’s competitive, different ways, of course, but always that competitive nature and all of us. So it’s a pretty interesting dynamic when you see all of us together, but you know, it works. It works. It works.

Calvin Tilokee 21:47
But it’s fantastic.

Miya Ali 21:49
Yeah, I mean, I’ll take it. I don’t know any different, you know, again, you know, this parent, you don’t know what’s different about having a real, you know, when I say regular, someone who is working a nine to five or you know, in the medical field or in, in law, or and you know, they’re an astronaut, whatever they are, like, you just think of that person as being your family and parent. You don’t think of them any other way. And I’ll tell you that when I learned my father was famous. Well, I knew he was famous. And I thought that everybody did these decals. Y’all remember the D-CON commercials back in the day?

Calvin Tilokee 22:28
Do we have with the roaches?

Miya Ali 22:29
Yeah, I thought everybody had to this father works commercial. I thought nothing of it. And then I remember, I think it was the 96 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. So I got a phone call from my dad’s best friend who is also passed, they all pass the same year. But that’s a whole nother story. But his name is Howard Bingham. I mean, you can look them up. He was my father’s photographer. At the time. They were 18 and 19 years old, and remain friends until both of them passed. Howard called me and he says hey, Mia. Yeah, he’s, uh, you dad’s gonna be an opening ceremonies that said, Okay. He said, Call your siblings. I said, Well, why are you calling me to call my siblings, he said, You don’t really want to stay in one place. And he’s always got the same number. Whatever, I think I may have made the phone calls or whatever. But at the time, my son in 96, my son was two years old. So I was chasing a two year old. I was not thinking about opening ceremonies, any of that. So I’m like, watching I walk away. I’m watching Watch him like he hasn’t been on yet. And I’m watching watching. So finally it’s at the end of the ceremony. I’m like, Well, I’m thinking to myself, I must have missed my dad, right? Because I mean, I’m chasing behind the baby. I’m going back and forth to the TV. I haven’t heard anything. So finally, I’m like, well, let’s watch this last bit of whatever. And I see the woman running up to pass the torch, but no one knows who she’s about to pass the torch to because they kept in touch even from his kids. And then I saw my father liked the torch. It wasn’t even what he did. It was the crowd around him. And I had grown up with crowds, praising and cheering for him my entire life. But I was just I thought that was like this. I thought it happened to everyone. But when I actually saw it from the outside looking in. I said, Oh shit, he’s really famous. He’s been trying to tell me he was that guy for a long time. Audience crying like grown men and grown women, like shedding tears, like, really being emotional about this. I did not realize my father was who he was until that time. I know. It’s a mess. I knew he box. I knew he was the loud mouth. I knew a lot of things about him. But, you know, again, as a child, you’re not looking at your parents that way. You’re just like, oh, Got Here they go. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 25:01
yeah. That’s crazy. That’s crazy.

Miya Ali 25:06
Yeah, yeah. And I have to tell you, this is another great memory and also touches on the most interesting celebrity I had met. So because I’ve met homeless people my whole life, I’ve never like really looked at them that way. Because, you know, it was always kind of drilled into us growing up, is, we’re all human. We all put our, you know, pants on one leg at a time. If you have legs, like Eddie Murphy, in Trading Places. You know, I never looked at celebrities that way. There there were maybe only for I can only think of four that can come to mind. There might be a fifth in there. But the most memorable was my dad was here in Jersey. And he used to do these autograph signings once a year. So whenever you came to Jersey or New York, I would always go stay with him either at his hotel in the city or Hotel in Jersey, whatever it was, even if it was affiliate drive, they go spend time with my dad. So he’s done with the signing. So his then assistant Her name is Kim. She says, Oh, well, we’ve been summons. I was like summons by who? She’s like, oh, Nelson Mandela. Oh, shit. It is many people that I’ve met over the years. I’ve never asked for a photograph with anyone. Right? So we drive to Manhattan. He was president at the time to I think it was the palace that he was at the palace or the Waldorf. I want to say it was the palace. But we went there. And this was back in the day when there was the Kodak cameras. And the one person I asked to take a photograph with, we took those photos and none of them came out.

Steve 27:04

Mikko Miller 27:10
Eddie Murphy. Yo, man.

Calvin Tilokee 27:24
Yeah, of course.

Miya Ali 27:25
So so. So yeah, that that’s that’s what I can say. I mean, again, I’m one of nine siblings, and we’re all really close. We’re all kind of scattered throughout the country. But, you know, we don’t all get together at the same time, because someone’s always missing because adulthood happens. Right? Yeah. You know, I’m just thankful that he made sure because my father had, he liked the lady. So there are many mothers. And listen, you can’t do anything but understand and respect that at that time, you know, this was a 70. So, you know, things were very different. But, you know, it’s very admirable that he made sure all of us had a relationship with one another. One of his big dreams was for all of us. And he bought that property going back to the farm in Michigan, because he thought that we could all build homes there and live. That’s Yeah, that’s, yeah, no, it was it was 88 acres. I’m telling you things huge, but very well imagine being there. I mean, and he was never there. I had a dog that wasn’t allowed to come in, in the house. A Doberman that live with us, great guard dog. But I was in the house by myself. So think about a 19 year old coming from New York City shoved in like the middle of 88 acres of land. So it’s like, even if you’re out the door, you have to drive to the gate. Is it this no walk in late at night? Right. Right. You know, not by yourself. I mean, I’m sure it was extremely safe. This was a very laid back quiet community, but come from like New York and to go into that environment. It was so different. Yeah. You know, yeah. None of us wanted to live there.

Calvin Tilokee 29:12
Yeah, I mean, it’s like it’s like one y’all can live there. All y’all gotta live there. Kids, including me. That’s the only way you can be comfortable.

Miya Ali 29:21
Anything else is crazy. Like it was a big deal when I moved there that they literally built up from the ground up of McDonald’s. That was like the thing of that was a big thing. They’re like, are you going to the grand opening of McDonald’s? Is it good? Why

Calvin Tilokee 29:45
they go ahead and McRib

Miya Ali 29:54
context as to what was like where I was living, like literally, right, right. Right. It was like I got I got around on that particular property using golf carts. And if I left by myself late at night, I was like, I was bringing the dog with me because I knew the dog wouldn’t let anybody hurt me. But it was just, you know, it was a very different environment, but I’m glad I had the experience and it was, you know, good to enjoy and live with my father. But, you know, he being the showman that he is, every time I brought people over to study, he would literally entertain them. I’m like, they’re here like, my grandma. Like what’s happening? And I literally would have to like tell them to go to another house on the property and like meet me here at this time. Don’t ring the bell. I’ll come get you because my and then you’re gonna be his company. Right,

Mikko Miller 30:49
buddy? Well,

Miya Ali 30:50
it was hilarious. I mean, he just loved it. But that just goes to show you he loved people so much.

Calvin Tilokee 30:55
Yeah, yeah, he really did. Now were your friends aware of his his level of celebrity? Um,

Miya Ali 31:04
I will tell you to a degree Yes. I grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and if you know anything about Teaneck, Englewood, that area, you know, I grew up with Tia Isley who was Ronald Isley, his daughter from the Isley Brothers around the corner.

Calvin Tilokee 31:21
Mr. Big,

Miya Ali 31:21
Mr. Big he was over there every single day. And then, you know, my mother was also friends with another group, Sylvia Robinson, who was the head of Sugar Hill records. Okay. So, you know, I grew up with these people thinking that, you know, every This was normal life for all of us and in Jersey, because Stevie Wonder was out in Inglewood. His daughter went to the schools also, it was a very interesting time for a lot of like, local celebrities to be in Teaneck, New Jersey. Hmm. So I would have to say yes, but some of my friends were very much like myself.

Calvin Tilokee 32:01
Right, right. So it wasn’t a big deal to them.

Miya Ali 32:04
No. And that’s what made it that’s I guess that’s the part that made it made it nice. And then for those who didn’t understand or didn’t get it, or thought that I had, Oh, she thinks that she’s all that so to speak. Am I cute? She thinks she cute, right? No.

Calvin Tilokee 32:28
She thinks she cute.

Miya Ali 32:29
Right? Right, literally goes wrong. That’s what it was kind of like in the one to either Got it. Got it. And the ones who didn’t I mean, I got challenged all the time. And it was because jealousy or what have you. And I’m like, I was a naive little sweet thing. Tiny. And you know, I came before moving to New Jersey. I was born in New York. We lived there until I was about four. And then I was in Chicago till I was about eight. So when I moved to New Jersey, at eight years old, it was complete culture shock. You know, I was all black private school in Chicago. That was very discipline, you didn’t have any of that. And I also had a couple of older cousins that were there that are right that people knew not to cross that line. I got my cousins were way older. So I didn’t have that, like, cross that line. So it was you know, it was interested in and there were a couple of people I remember there was a boy and you guys get a kick out of this. He has like a you a girl as I guess I’m a girl. I didn’t know any better. I’m eight years old. He said improve it. I had no idea what he was trying. Well, here’s a great story. So between him who he used to harass me every day and then this girl It was like a bully. She was as I remember as a child, she wasn’t attractive. Maybe because she was just so mean. That I just you know, somebody can be so evil that they’re ugly. So I wake up one morning my mother wakes me up. She’s like, your dad is here. I was like, what’s he here for? He came to the school and we had a whole assembly he shut down the whole school like you are not gonna be like

Steve 34:28
Oh, wow.

Miya Ali 34:31
Higher School, and I had to go without who was bothering me in front of the entire auditorium.

Mikko Miller 34:42
Yeah, what is that, like?

Miya Ali 34:45
terrifying as a little kid, but I’m like, I got my daddy now. goes back to my Chris Rock. I got to take this Now, as you know, I mean, anybody who knows me, Listen, I will do anything. I will be sweet to you. At this age I don’t take people’s shit and as a little kid, you know, it’s it’s it’s scary, you know, people threaten you or making you feel uncomfortable. But, you know, at this point I’m like, Who wants some? Maybe

Calvin Tilokee 35:25
you never had to worry about Yo, my daddy could beat up your daddy word.

Miya Ali 35:32
Here. You pull him out from around the corner. Exactly. Oh, God. Yeah. It was interesting. I mean, another good story that I’ve told people over the years is what I did live in Michigan. So I used to go pick up my dad where his home is. Just to give you an idea where it wasn’t Michigan. It was about 30 minutes outside of South Bend, Indiana. So right next to Notre Dame, right?

Calvin Tilokee 35:59
Yes. Okay.

Miya Ali 36:00
So I would go pick him up from the airport. You know, my stepmother would say, Hey, your dad’s arriving at this time. Go get your dad, whatever. Okay, all good. I get to the airport and everyone knows me there because it’s a small airport. They know my friend My dad is I go there at least every other week to go pick them up. So I you know, guys like oh, watch a car massage alley and go inside. And you know, and never even once have, you know, my dad has said, Oh, he just laughed. I said, What do you mean, he just left today leave with them. I go Jesse Jackson. Like, and I’m like, oh, shucks. So now I was like, Well, do you know where they went? And someone happened to know, they’re like, Oh, we think they went to Notre Dame. I said, Well, what the heck are they doing at Notre Dame? So now I got to figure out how to find my father at Notre Dame on a huge campus with 1000s of people. So I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna figure this out. So I had a friend, a gentleman who used to play he played for Notre Dame and then got recruited and played for a Canadian team called the Argonauts. His name was Raghib Ishmael. And he was the rock of this match.

Mikko Miller 37:14
You know,

Miya Ali 37:21
I’ve never assumed anything. No rocket,

Calvin Tilokee 37:27
nada, the rocket

Miya Ali 37:30
is called the rocket and then it was Quadri. And then there was another one. So they used to call their mom the launching pad, because she I had to call him just so I could figure out how to get around the campus and he happened to be home. I’m like, yo, my dad is on campus. He’s like, you can’t find them. I said, Oh, no, your campus. And he would finish school and his offseason, because his mother if he was going to go play Pro, which he was playing pro in Canada, you know, finish school, whatever. But so that was my only friend down there at the time. So he great guy, but that’s how I had to find my father. And then finally, I found him in this crowd with Jesse Jackson and crowds of people. I’m like, hey, and they’re waving. Hey, come on over me. I was like, no.

Let’s go back to McDonald’s. But it was always interesting, and always an adventure, like, in the mornings, because my father would let anybody into the home at any time. Literally, he didn’t care. I’m like, aren’t you afraid of people killing? You know, God’s got me. And I was like, Okay. I was like, I don’t know how, you know, good. I felt about that at the time. Like, cuz you hear things as you know, as a kid, and people are crazy, but I’m worried about it. He would talk and let anyone and I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with homeless people in the bed with us. I’m like, Damn, like, literally, like he would pick up a family from the corner and let them come stay in the house. I’m like, can you get him a hotel room, like, really. But that’s just the kind of human being he was really an incredible and amazing human. And an amazing spirit. There’s nothing I can say about that man that when they made him, they only made one of him. There will never be another one.

Calvin Tilokee 39:29
That’s awesome, man. Well, I don’t really want to end the segment and move on. So we’re gonna leave it there. But I know you sticking around for the segments. You know? So we were looking forward to see you know what you got for us. But now it’s time for Okay,

Miya Ali 39:48
I’m here for it. guys. Thank you for having me on. I appreciate it. And I’m gonna keep on listening because you guys are awesome. And I’m loving the content. So just keep doing what you’re doing.

Calvin Tilokee 39:58
But you could keep them You can stick around. No, I’m sticking.

Miya Ali 40:01
I’m sticking okay. I’m here. I’m here for it. So all right.

Calvin Tilokee 40:17
Who’s gonna be jerkin first this week? I got

Mikko Miller 40:22
that. Go for it.

Steve 40:24
I don’t want to give this guy’s name out, because I don’t want to attract any attention. But there’s some jackass in my local community. I live in northern Ohio. So for anybody out there frame of reference, everybody around here sounds just like me. They don’t really have an accent. But this jackass is trying to run for a senate seat. And he’s putting on this really horrible, horrible Southern accent. And he just sounds like a complete tool. And I don’t like this jerk. Like one bit. He keeps saying he’s, you know, he’s gonna bring back all these Southern values all this nonsense. The Northeast Ohio dickhead. What are you talking to?

Calvin Tilokee 41:03
Somebody to get him a map?

Steve 41:05

Ah, so yeah, I don’t like the stick. I’m gonna escalate it to the for this guy. I don’t like that deck.

Mikko Miller 41:22
Oh, goodness. Jerk and dick go hand in hand, though. Literally. Say on that note.

I’m gonna call my guy out. His name is Roderick. And this is why I think he’s a jerk, in my opinion. Right. So I recently Well, not recently, six months ago, a won a giveaway raffle on an Instagram page of this guy promoting his new shoe store, whatever. When a pair of Jordans that’s worth about three $400 right now, till this day, he hasn’t sent it. And so I reached out to him on Instagram said hey, what the hell is going on? And he goes, Oh, you know, my shop closed down. I’m lost. I lost all this money. I promise you, I’ll get you the shoes. You know, do this, this and this. And I said, Okay, you could have just told me that like, three, four months ago. You know, I don’t really care about the shoes. It was a giveaway. Anyway, I didn’t spend any money when in it right? And then this guy joins a billion other raffles spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on other people’s raffles. And I’m seeing him because I’m in the same raffles that he does. And I’m wondering the fuck, dude. You know, how can you have three $400 to spend on a raffle and you couldn’t ship awesome shoes over to me? And he’s like, Oh, you know, I’m trying to win. I’m trying to do this. I’m trying to do that. So then he posts his own raffle. And so now he’s trying to get people to join his stuff. And I’m just going online just telling people Hey, he’s a bad dude. Don’t go near him. You know, he doesn’t pay out or he doesn’t ship out his prizes or whatever. And and now he’s mad at me. Because I’m trying to ruin his fucking business. Fuck you.

Calvin Tilokee 43:09
You ruined your own business.

Mikko Miller 43:11
You know if you would have just you know what? Even if he never got me to shoes, if he would have just been like, Hey, bro, I’m starting a store. I don’t have the money. COVID hitting hard right now. You know, is it okay? If I do installments? Or you know, I just don’t give you the prize because I don’t have it. I would have been okay with it. Like I said it’s free anyway. But to ghost me for six months and then pop out of the blue with your own raffle talking about oh, I promise to pay you back. No, get out of here do. Yeah, that’s wack. Yeah, they go whack. whack. You do that too? No. Hi, Michelle.

Calvin Tilokee 43:50
Oh, my jerk of the week. Her name is Lorraine Grohs. All right. I’m gonna go into newskin Yeah. Oh, it was she had the news. She knows it. Okay, so, yeah, it’s all good. I’m just gonna read the story that I found. You’re gonna get a kick out of this. A Florida woman wants an apology from Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. After he tossed the Vince Lombardi Trophy over the Hillsborough river during a celebratory boat parade last week. Lorraine Grohs said the trophy awarded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the Super Bowl victory was quote unquote disgraced and disrespected by being thrown as if it was a real football. When Brady toss it from one boat to another Grohs is the daughter of Greg Grohs, who crafted the very first trophy as the master silversmith at Tiffany and company from 1967. until his retirement in 1994. Brady was seeing tossing the trophy to tight end Cameron Brate who was on another boat during Wednesday celebration here and I quote, I didn’t sleep for the past two nights because of this. I was that upset. Lorraine Grohs says she’s not a football fan. In fact, The only reason she watched the game, she said is to watch the trophy come out. She hasn’t messaged for the seventh time Super Bowl champion. I personally would like an apology, not just to me and my family and the other silversmiths, but to the fans. She just said she wasn’t the fuck out of here. Jesus. God, please show life. Yep. So the first thing that came to mind was that little clip from Rush Hour was like, if you don’t take your little sensitive ass up, there open the damn gate.

Mikko Miller 45:35
What is wrong?

Calvin Tilokee 45:37
fuckin Pete like this shit. You get butthurt about?

Steve 45:41
Can you serious? pitch about man.

Calvin Tilokee 45:43
Unbelievable. You want him to apologize for tossing the trophy? Y’all should see what the rest of the day do with these things. Last time I checked they drink beer out of the Stanley Cup all kinds of shit. Right? You know? Anyway, so fuck that jerk. Miya, you got one?

Miya Ali 46:02
What jerk of the week?

Calvin Tilokee 46:04

Miya Ali 46:10
I can’t mention no names.

Calvin Tilokee 46:12
Oh, that’s fine to be anonymous.

Miya Ali 46:14
I had a jerk. Not long ago, I was working at a hotel. And this gentleman, our Director of Sales at the time, he wanted us to basically do his business plan for him, but didn’t give us any information. So during the meeting, I’m asking questions, so I can understand what he’s saying. He said, Well, you need to listen to the whole thing before you ask the question. So so but they’re coming as you’re speaking. So how can I do this? And he didn’t like that he came back. And this goes back to I ain’t got to take this meeting, literally, and close the door in my office and yelled at me like he thought I was his child. Let me tell you what happened the next day. I mean, he says you shouldn’t be embarrassing me by asking questions. You need to listen to what I’m saying. And then ask questions after as well. This is all newest. It’s very scary for me. I said because I want to get things right. I want to dot all my eyes and cross my T’s. He still didn’t like that. And he was yelling at me in his office closed the door. I walked out of the office went home next morning, I got back into that office. I went to HR, I said, I need to talk to you. He says I don’t have any time this HR director, I said this ain’t gonna take anything but a minute. I said I quit. He said, I was like, yeah, right now. Right now. Like, people just I mean, it’s like a god syndrome. Like you don’t talk to people like that.

Steve 47:41
Yeah, good for you. Yeah,

Miya Ali 47:43
you know, you get more bees with honey. Mm hmm. You know, I’m not going to that fly to shit thing because I used to be the honey reference. But um, I literally left the next day. And you know what, after that, anytime that I’ve had any issue and I know this is maybe it’s not adult, maybe it’s not mature, call it whatever you want to call it. You just don’t have to take people’s stuff. There are people out there that you can work with that are good human beings that are just good people that are willing to work with you, and teach you and do all of these other things to make you succeed and successful. If you’re successful. Obviously, that’s going to be a reflection on them. But if you’re not, I mean, people don’t realize you can’t scare people. You scare tactics. I mean, it’s counterproductive. Right,

exactly. I mean,

I literally quit that job. And I haven’t looked back since I was like, I don’t have to take this. I did not. We don’t deserve that.

Steve 48:41
shit like that.

Miya Ali 48:43
Yeah, exactly. That is my jerk. So that’s one of them. But I got a lot more jerk stories. A series like several seasons.

Calvin Tilokee 49:00
I love it. I love it. I you know we don’t like those jerks, but you know who we do like the person from instacart when they show up with our fresh groceries in as little as one hour. You can have that zucchini delivered that you forgot to pick up and replace the cucumber that you did pick up. You get unlimited delivery. handpicked items based on your preferences. To start your 14 day free trial, hit the link in the show notes and let instacart know that midlife crisis podcasts inch bam. Alright, now it’s time for

all right. And as per usual, when we have a guest, the guest is automatically in the hot seat. So, Mia, I will be answering a trivia question from Mikko. If you know it, you give the affirmative response and we will congratulate you on your big brain. If you don’t know it. You gotta say I don’t know that shit. Keeping it real.

Miya Ali 49:57
Okay, you will do

Mikko Miller 50:02
All right. All right, since I am the resident foodie on the podcast, I’m going to ask a food related question and Miss Mia. And it’s a simple 5050 All right. Tomatoes are they classified as a fruit or a vegetable?

Miya Ali 50:19
They are a fruit.

Mikko Miller 50:21
Ah, see she got it right check out the big brain on me just from Wikipedia tomatoes are botanically defined as fruits because they are from a flower and contain seeds right? But because of how they’re utilized in cooking the Supreme Court actually ruled in 1893 that the tomato should be classified as a vegetable but are scientifically they are a fruit so you are correct cream court you know what they do they make rulings based off a dumbshit and they just because you use it for cooking as a vegetable. They wanted it classified as a vegetable for culinary applications.

Miya Ali 51:07
Okay, we’ll take it but it’s still a fruit

Mikko Miller 51:10
it’s still a fruit Yeah, I gave you that I gave you that. Okay Good Good.

Calvin Tilokee 51:15
All right, now it’s time for

Steve 51:20
I got something real quick with the snow coming down again live in Ohio snows coming down we’re gonna get like eight nine inches. People lose their minds whenever it snows even just a little bit. moved down to Texas Miami somewhere else. It snows up here get used to it it snows every single year. Every year. Almost every month in the winter it snows it’s not like it’s an anomaly like we live in Hawaii and it’s suddenly snowing. Get your shit together. That’s it. I’m gonna keep it short and sweet. Just get your shit together. Act like you live here. I mean, come on.

Mikko Miller 51:59
Get ready say that you bet

Calvin Tilokee 52:04
the same shit over here bro. Like, you know, get a snowstorm you can get shit at the grocery store. There’s lines at the gas station. It’s like it snows basically every winter man like what the fuck is wrong with you people again?

Steve 52:16
It’s not an anomaly. It’s it’s gonna happen again next year to come home and Kreskin. It’s gonna happen.

Mikko Miller 52:25
It’s like when it rains in California people freak the fuck out. It’s like 55 miles per hour to start driving. 20 I’m like, come on. It’s it’s rain. Get over it. Like it’s not even black ice.

Steve 52:37
It’s very good point Mikko and Cal I’m telling you right now, you go out to LA and you get soft. I’m going to call you on it. Listen, I’m telling you, you are east coast. You drive in the snow.

Calvin Tilokee 52:50
I’m telling you ahead of time. The whole driving part is fine. Rain That shouldn’t gonna faze me. I but I’m telling you right now. I’m looking forward to becoming a bitch about the weather.

Steve 52:59
You can pitch about the weather all you want. Just don’t forget how to drive in the in the shit.

Calvin Tilokee 53:04
Oh, yeah, no, no, no. Like, that’s, that’s nothing but I’m telling you. I’m looking forward to the day when it’s 60. And I feel like it’s cold. I’m gonna brag about that shit. I’m looking forward to being that guy.

Steve 53:13
Actually, I’m gonna bust your balls.

Calvin Tilokee 53:19
gladly accept that shit. Today she’s in Miami. She’s like, you know, it’s 82 degrees and it was like it was a little hot a little too hot. I was like, I can’t wait to say shit like that.

Steve 53:30
Yeah, no kidding.

Mikko Miller 53:35
My get off my lawn actually, like falls in line with that topic. Hmm. The people who were like a hoodie and then a bubble coat and on top of it when it’s like 62 or 65 degrees. Like Get the fuck out of here. Like that’s not even cold. That’s warm. You know, especially coming from the East Coast right but people out here to be honest with you, man. 65 degrees. They got on bubble coats. And I’m talking about like North Face jackets, you know, goose down jackets and it’s 65 degrees and they have a hoodie underneath acting like like they’re cooler shit. Like you guys don’t know cold. You guys don’t know cold until he hits you like negative 13 with a Windchill that’s gonna hit you at like negative 15 negative 20 degrees. That’s 65 is not cold. Not enough to warrant a fucking puffy jacket. That’s just fucking stupid. All right, I’m

Calvin Tilokee 54:22
not going that far. I’m not going that far. Maybe I like sweater. Or one of them. You know, core warmers, you know I’m saying like the no sleeve thing that uses zip up. You know, I don’t know do they call them fast

Steve 54:40
or warmer? Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 54:52
Not a vest like with a suit. You know those things like like they’re warm, but they have no sleeves. They’re insulated.

Mikko Miller 55:08
I’ve never heard core warmer ever man

Steve 55:24
look man I learned something new core warmer.

Calvin Tilokee 55:28
Spanish shit

Steve 55:31
baby good cow

Calvin Tilokee 55:42
oh man I might get off my lawn is a little bit different but I don’t know if you guys have watched the the Britney Spears documentary that’s out I think it’s on Hulu yet. It’s actually really interesting. Apparently Britney Spears has no control over her money at all at this point in her career. Her dad does. Right? So there’s a long story, but basically you can break it down to remember that time everybody said Oh, she went nuts and she kind of she was hitting the paparazzi vehicle with an umbrella and she shaved their head and all of this. Around that time she was fighting for custody for kids and all that and she kind of she snapped. I don’t think that she really I don’t think it was anything but just bubbling over frustration, right? But she got put into a home or some sort of like, you know, place where she had to go, you know, get her shit together. During that time her dad swoops in and says something called a conservatorship. So he’s taken over all of her money, scheduling everything and basically that’s saved for people who who are incapacitated, like say, you know, you can’t speak you can’t, you know, do certain things and somebody needs to kind of take care of you like sort of like power of attorney. Yeah, yep. So anyway, check that out, because it’s actually really interesting how it happened, but my get off my lawn is for the people who are protesting in the street for her their chants are fucking whack. They’re like, Oh, what do we want? No. conservatorship. We’ll do we want it now. Really? Trying to stay? You’re trying to save Britney Spears here. She got hits. Remix one

Steve 57:18
little thought into it Brittany would do.

Calvin Tilokee 57:22
Exactly, man. Come on. It’s Britney Spears. You save in not I don’t know. Al Roker. I mean, the fuck. It’s a first name to Kate in my opinion of reason. I just couldn’t think of a like a more plain dude. You know, it’d be I mean it’s Brittany fucking spear. She got hits. You know? I’m saying if y’all pretended to be fans, choreographed some shit. Start a flash mob. Okay. Your chant got to be catchy. Is Britney she she deserves better than that.

Mikko Miller 57:49
Yeah, be like no conservatorship, because Brittany’s data slow.

Calvin Tilokee 57:54
There you go. See? That’s

Mikko Miller 57:55
what I said. A little.

Steve 57:58
Little thought. Thank you. Thank you.

Calvin Tilokee 58:03
Work as anyone who’s getting off your lawn Miya?

Miya Ali 58:08
I’m throwing everybody off my damn log.

Mikko Miller 58:11
There you go.

Miya Ali 58:14
Nothing in the public. I just want these people walking by my house to get off my lawn with their dogs. How about that? Literally? Yeah, I don’t have to get off my lawn. But I do have one about this. I mean, as far as celebrities go, I I told you how I feel about him. I was not impressed except for Nelson Mandela. I can’t think of anything but I gotta tell you that these celebrities right now with this vaccine that they’re promoting. I’m like in a mount that long. Why are you promoting this? You don’t even know what it does yet. Knocking people but yet, I’m sorry.

Calvin Tilokee 58:54
Maybe that’s what it does. Maybe the vaccine makes you promote it

Miya Ali 59:02
You’re looking like something from Lovecraft country? I mean,

Mikko Miller 59:10
I got like a Mongoloid.

Miya Ali 59:12
Right, right. Looking like something something but those are the people get the vaccine people right now again, I’m not judging. But don’t push me to do something. I ain’t ready for it yet. I mean, they say you take the vaccine, but you still gotta wear a mask. Okay, I’m confused. Well, you can give it to other people. So then why take a vaccine? I’m still confused. so confused. So we didn’t get on my lawn. How about that?

Steve 59:39
Fair enough?

Calvin Tilokee 59:42
Yeah, deal deal. All right. Now it’s time for the Chris Rock quote of the week.

Mikko Miller 59:48
Food again, obviously. So do you realize America is the only country in the world that makes people feel bad for being fat? If you’re fat in a world in the world, people like damn, how do you do That that’s amazing. I got hang out with you. Oh, you think you’re all that with your fat ass? I’m gonna put on some weight when we go hang

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:12
love this shit thank you all that much better all right mine is in line with you know with it have just been Valentine’s Day and all that nobody gets a soulmate it don’t have to get in life if you lucky is a mate, somebody to go out and eat and go to the movies with you if you go watch a movie, if you go to Mama’s house, watch another movie. Yep. And in some way and he says he will get Sony.

Shit. All right, all yours.

Miya Ali 1:00:54
The only thing I can think of is I’m gonna get to sucker. Fuck the cup hold in my hand. I’m like, hungry. So So yeah, so that’s what that’s what I have. Sorry, guys.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:25
That’s a good one. That’s a good one. All right, time for the shout out this week. This one comes from at MGM 562 and I quote, Calvin, Steve and Mikko are hilarious and insightful. Always relevant and quick on the jokes. I’ve made listening to these guys a part of my weekly routine. Thank you for the love the five star review on iTunes. Hey you, you are entered to win a free midlife crisis tumbler winner will be announced in February’s newsletter. So make sure you are signed up.

Mikko Miller 1:02:00
That’s right. Core warmers come out separately.

Love you bro. Love Your

Calvin Tilokee 1:02:25
turn out the lights.

google google google vest and see what comes up.

Well, it’s a shaved In this episode, but we got to wrap it up here so outro time as always, this is Calvin. You can find me on Instagram at Revparblems travels growth ref par media and revparblems.com

Mikko Miller 1:03:06
and this is Mikko to Filipino. You can find me on Instagram at Mikko underscore

Steve 1:03:10
eats. And this is core warmer. Steve you can hear him every week on the midlife crisis podcast with Kevin Mikko.

Calvin Tilokee 1:03:19
Do ya got a vest? Oh shit. You want to do an outro

Miya Ali 1:03:33
good. y’all been? Time. Calvin. Thank you for inviting me, Steven Mikko, you guys are awesome. Listen, anytime y’all need extra body or a woman’s point of view. Give me a call.

Steve 1:03:48
Yeah, it was an absolute pleasure. Thank you very much for joining us.

Miya Ali 1:03:53
Oh, anytime. It was my pleasure. I enjoyed it. And again, Calvin is my buddy, my brother from another mother. He’s good peeps. And you know good peeps. Recognize good peeps. So you know that right? Now y’all have my pizza thing.

Mikko Miller 1:04:09
Awesome. Thank you. Thank you.

Calvin Tilokee 1:04:12
All right. Thank you for joining us on another episode of midlife crisis podcast. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please leave us a review on iTunes and you may get a shout out and you think you’re a real fan? Well, now you can prove it and support the pod on Patreon. We have big plans to bring you more exclusive content, videos, live shows behind the scenes footage of Mikko twerking, but we need your support. Hit the link in the show notes or the Instagram bio to show some financial love and become a VIP. You’ll get early access to episodes and extended episodes with behind-the-scenes content. See what we’re up to in between episodes on Instagram at midlife crisis podcast and Twitter at midlife pod show notes for this and all shows are available on midlife crisis podcast.com when you sign up for the mailing list, drop us a note by Let’s know what topics you’d like us to discuss. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you on the next one. Call warmer.

Mikko Miller 1:05:05
Let’s go