Calvin Tilokee 0:00
Hello and welcome to midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin here as always, with my boy Steven Mikko, bringing that flavor to air on a weekly basis. On today’s episode, we’re talking about honeybees. Not those the bee kind. We’re here with James and Carlo of fly Honey Farms. We’ll be bringing you a Chris Rock quote of the week. I don’t know that shit. I don’t like that jerk. And as always get off my lawn. But first, how was the week fellas?

Steve 0:26
decent week? decent week. I got to go sled riding with my kitten. Nice. Got her over the fear of going down the hill fast and shit. So yeah, it was out. That was a high watermark on on the a week.

Calvin Tilokee 0:41
How much snow did you guys get? Last week?

Steve 0:43
I got like eight inches. Jesus. Hey,

Mikko Miller 0:46
geez. Yeah.

Steve 0:48
Yeah, there’s a lot. There’s a shit ton of ice. There’s always the assholes who don’t do their sidewalks.

Calvin Tilokee 0:56
Yeah, I went to my I went to my dad’s house yesterday. I can’t even park on the street. Because like, all the fucking snow is just on the side. So if I park in the street, I’m literally blocking the whole street. Like, yeah, should is ridiculous. And we got more snow today. Wake up this way. It’s like It’s like we live in a fucking Swiss Alps. These days. It’s nuts. It’s nuts.

Steve 1:21
If all I had to do was, you know ski or do something like that, if I just had time to bullshit, I’d love it. I’d absolutely love it. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 1:29
That places to be.

Steve 1:31

Mikko Miller 1:32
Yeah, here in Southern California. We got a lot of snow but not. Not snow kind of ski. Exactly. We do a different kind of skiing out here now. But the week was quiet. It was my wife’s birthday. So we just celebrated that over the weekend. hung out didn’t really do a lot of public outings. We didn’t even go eat out at a restaurant to be honest with you. We ordered a lot of takeout. And then just a lot of reminiscing about Hawaii because we were in Hawaii the last two years. And we were just saying, you know, fuck COVID we should have been there already. Celebrate and sit, you know, sipping on a Mai Tai, sitting on a nice little oceanfront, whatever type of resort and just fucking kicking back but instead, you know we’re here, but I can’t complain. I’m in Cali. So at six degrees can’t really complain. Sorry, boys.

Calvin Tilokee 2:40
inappropriate language.

Mikko Miller 2:46
Oh, hey.

Calvin Tilokee 2:48
Hi, and Aiden, you know, that’s actually a good segue to my week. I’m making progress on my move. So I’m narrowing it down to a couple of houses, put in some applications. We had our first showing of our condo here in New York over the weekend. So things are moving along with that. Now for those who may be tuning in for the first time, I’m moving to LA and maybe a month and a half, something like that. So yeah, I plan on being a douche just like Mikko and like. You said like, Yo, man, it’s a little warm. You know? It’s like 85 sad to see. Yeah, exactly.

Mikko Miller 3:27
Some board shorts in January.

Calvin Tilokee 3:29
I’m going straight. douchebag I’m telling I can’t wait. It’s 40 something years in New York with this weather. I’m over it, man. I’m gonna be the biggest asshole. Yeah, love it, man. So I’m just wondering you ahead of time. Like, I’m going to be bitching when it’s 60 just just because I can’t wait

Steve 3:50
on something every, every week.

Calvin Tilokee 3:54
I probably will cuz it’s hot. I just left this on the counter. Oh, man. But other than that, Bro, I rebranded my travel page this week. So excited about that. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s now called scotch in a suitcase. I kind of took a little hiatus from posting on that page. Not necessarily on purpose, but it was kind of hard to be posting about travel, when nobody can do it, you know? So it’s kind of like, it just hit me and talking to my wife about it. And she’s like, you know, you’d like whiskey. Why don’t you do some more of that on your page? And I was like, it’s a good fucking idea. You know, so I’m excited to post more about that and learn more about it. You know, I wouldn’t call myself a kind of sewage just yet, but I know what I like. And, you know, this way I’ll get to kind of learn more about it and talk about it more and drink more, of course, so I’m excited about research

Mikko Miller 4:54

Calvin Tilokee 4:54
Yes, exactly. You know, exactly. Kind of man would I be I can’t I can’t recommend something without, you know tasting at first that shit ain’t right.

Mikko Miller 5:05
Tell me why that baby face on came into mind. Not baby face. He was a Tony Tony Tony, but no mint condition. Fuck man would I be

Unknown Speaker 5:21
I don’t taste the whiskey

Mikko Miller 5:27

Calvin Tilokee 5:29
Oh man we oldest fuck people out there like mint What?

Mikko Miller 5:37
What candy is that?

Calvin Tilokee 5:43
Oh man but yeah, speaking of Brandon, we got we got the guys from fly Honey Farms on the show tonight, which is a pretty dope branding those of you who will follow us on Instagram you’ll get you’ll get to see it. Definitely a fly honey on the bottle. But Carlo is my guy from back in the day and when each other a long time so we plan on bringing up some animal stories. So stay tuned for that and his business partner James is on the show with us tonight. They are the self proclaimed Oh men from the Muppets. So this shouldn’t be a very entertaining show. Please, please welcome to the man cave. Paulo in James.

Steve 6:23
What’s happening guys,

Mikko Miller 6:24
Welcome, welcome. Welcome. That bootleg wrap.

James Pratt 6:35
He was right into the Muppets. And now where do we go from here?

Calvin Tilokee 6:40
fellas, welcome to the man cave. Welcome to the show. Welcome to the show.

Mikko Miller 6:45
Thank you guys, sir.

Calvin Tilokee 6:47
Pleasure to have you man.

Carlo Esannason 6:47
We excited pleasure to be here.

Calvin Tilokee 6:49
Just give us a bit of your background.

Mikko Miller 6:52
Who who is Carlo? And who is James?

Carlo Esannason 6:57
Okay, I am a newly proclaimed B guy, I guess through through being you know, dealing with my buddy James over here who I will refer to as Pratt. Because that’s my fault. Yeah, it’s but you know, local owners who do kept it local. I’m still around these parts. You know, at some point, I wish to aspire to Calvin’s level and move to the west coast and get the hell out of this cold weather. Why don’t I still live work? hurts my face? I don’t know.

James Pratt 7:28
Yeah, I mean, you could go west coast,

Calvin Tilokee 7:31
like honey everywhere. You’re not gonna do that peer pressure to bring us as

Mikko Miller 7:39
bring the honey to the honey, please.

Calvin Tilokee 7:47
Yeah, man.

Carlo Esannason 7:49
Yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s kind of ideal. Again, I’m just, you know, I’m local dudes still around these parts. And it’s very cool to be even more local in that this whole beam movement, like getting involved in the community and the neighborhoods and all that good stuff. And like catching up with people on some different stuff, right? Like, I caught gal. And I was like, Yo, this honey thing. Like, you know, what I mean, is really cool to link up with people who haven’t talked to in a while and kept in touch with randomly and fun. And cool. James,

James Pratt 8:17
yeah, it’s my fault. I mean, I kind of I kind of started this whole thing. You know, it was a, it was really interesting, you know, like, a moment in time, like, when things just align perfectly. And, you know, without getting into all of the stuff that was going on, in this time of our lives. At the end of 2016, there was one particular thing that happened that really wasn’t very, you know, cool with me. So, I kind of channeled I had all this energy, I had to, like, you know, do something positive and, like, Be the change you want to see in the world instead of just like, putting all these angry Facebook posts out there and memes and all this, you know, angry stuff. It was just ugly. So I said, All right, I’m gonna channel this into something. And, you know, I just happened to be perusing through, like, you know, some Instagram posts or whatever, and it was something about bees and how basically, you know, if they go extinct, and there are a lot of issues, obviously, with these, you know, and we’ll get into those, you know, more later, but you know, like, basically, if they go extinct human have four years to live. I was like, wow, that seems kind of important. that have been around, you know, and I don’t know what it was, but like, it was just like, the perfect alignment of that and timing. And then like, you know, then I see like the Flow Hive posts, and it was like this kit that you could basically, you know, put in your backyard, it was one hive and like they, they claimed that you could just basically like turn a knob in the back of it and like the colony would just like pour right out. You don’t have to do any of the work. You know, I didn’t have to like ruin Carlo’s kitchen and like, his off his wife and all that fun stuff that we did last year. But you know, so, you know, it was like this awesome thing. I’m like, I’m gonna get this cool. And I got it and I just went with it and one hive, start with one hive. And then, you know, he came over one day with our other buddy to leak and it was just like, wow, they’re pretty cool. Like, you can stand like 10 feet away from them. They don’t bother you. It was like, Yeah, like, they really don’t bother you, you know, like, if you bother them, yeah, they’re gonna bother you. But it was like, Wow, it was just so cool to see how one little hive could like start with just the littlest thing. And like, in the first year, I mean, I in just in my mom’s backyard, I saw a huge difference with the flowers and everything. And then, you know, we we started talking more and more at Carlow. And I, and you know, Carla, if you want to tell your side of the story with your family, I mean, it was really cool how we just kind of like, you know, all worked out his daughter, and just the timing of how me I had already gotten started, and he was starting.

Carlo Esannason 10:51
Oh, yeah, but here’s the deal. All right. I’m gonna tell you the real side of it. Okay. Cuz like, Yeah, you got to have very romantic idea, right? So what happens is one day, right, like, he sent me my man, so we go over to his house were like, Oh, that’s actually pretty cool. Like, no doubt, right? left it at that. And then he came over one day to my house was like, Yeah, like the bees are, you know, I think I need some more space. And you know what? I was like, Oh, I got this, but like, you know, like, that’s not gonna twist it. I’m not. And

Calvin Tilokee 11:22
Candyman isn’t

Carlo Esannason 11:24
right. You’re not you know what I mean? That’s not me. Right? So he turns around, he looks at my daughter and goes, Hey, do you want bees? Now? She’s four years old. Right? Yeah, it’s a straight snake. She’s like, of course. You don’t need it. And I’m like, you can just do that. Yeah. And by the time I thought about saying, like, you can’t just do that. He turns around, it’s like, Can we can make them purple? We can make the highest purple. Yeah, that’s,

James Pratt 11:57
that’s that’s the whole thing, Carla and tell him about the purple.

Carlo Esannason 12:03
Rose, purple hives.

Calvin Tilokee 12:04
Yeah. That’s a logo. You can’t even curse him out. Because he because your four year olds there. Right.

Carlo Esannason 12:14
He knows what he’s done. And then fast forward six months, and there are bees on my property

James Pratt 12:19
with the seed man.

Carlo Esannason 12:23
He had a shot with it. I mean, it definitely worked. I mean, at some point, I can send you guys the video of me filming him dump on the property. And it’s just pretty much like flip expletives because I’m like, Nah, bro. Nah.

James Pratt 12:43
It’s been, what, three years or four years now on your property Carlo and still like, you know, she’s one buzzing by. It’s like, Nope, I’m out of here. Damn,

Carlo Esannason 12:50
I’m good. I get it. I love you guys, but I’m good. No.

James Pratt 12:57
So yes, sir. You know, I kind of I kind of planted the seed. But hey, you know, that worked?

Calvin Tilokee 13:05
Well, yeah, that’s, that’s fantastic, man. I mean, it’s not too different from our, our story about this podcast. I mean, it just really came out of nowhere. And I guess, you know, some of the best ideas are just spontaneous like that, you know,

James Pratt 13:18
it was so spontaneous. And, you know, talking about branding, I mean, you know, it started as a hobby for me, I had no idea what it was gonna turn into, you know, but, I mean, I’ve known this kid, for what, since we were 15. You know, I mean, him and I have always, you know, traded our thoughts on, you know, this, whatever, you know, finance thing or, you know, we’ve always thought we knew business. And, you know, the joke amongst all of our friends was, you know, what is Carla do? Oh, he’s a he’s a man, you know? Right.

Calvin Tilokee 13:49
Let’s see. Oh, you know, I want to I want to I want to dive into that. Because I know, I know, confirmation class Carlo, right? No, no. I don’t know High School Carlo.

James Pratt 14:03
Oh, okay. You know,

Carlo Esannason 14:05
yeah, like no account doesn’t know that. Like Cal Cal, and I were like those awkward, like years growing up. Like, I was like starter jackets, and that bad, ugly turtlenecks underneath you. And I

James Pratt 14:19
met you, I met you when you had your UNC starter jacket. And we were freshmen and hackley. And, you know, he had his little hustle. And we had our little crew and it was awesome. And, you know, it just kind of, you know, kept going. I mean, we just kept in touch throughout the years. And, you know, we always I always knew Carlo was he knew his thing with business. Let’s just put it that way. I mean, the man does his thing. And if I’m going to partner with anybody in a business, I knew it was gonna be this guy. And I knew this before the business even existed. It was you know, like I said, it was one hive, and I don’t know where it came from, but the concept was there by When we first started talking about it, we, you know, we sat there we said, purple tape, fly honeys, hip hop, we just started like laying it all out. And, you know, that’s where this kid and what he does, and you know what i do just connected and it was like, you know, we took we took what we were doing with all the, you know, the bees, the good stuff and all the, you know, helping them and saving the bees and all that good stuff and connecting it with kind of like a different level. You know, and Carla, I think you can speak better to that. Because I mean, that’s, you know,

Carlo Esannason 15:31
yeah, you know, like cow you’ve also known the fact that like I always network, I always keep people in touch with people I like connecting people and things right. So it was like, not only the the save the be motivation here, but it was also like, Oh, we got some pretty cool friends who do some pretty cool things like, Can we partner any of this up? Can we link any of these people together? You know what I mean that we turn this whole thing into just a movement of like network, to be honest with you is like, I got an idea. Like, let’s try that out. Like cool. That sounds cool. Legal, we got a legal team, like whose legal team All right, we got legal covered. We got a anybody got some branding ideas? Yeah, we got a branding guy actually a graphic designer. Cool. We could do that. But yeah, you know what I mean? It’s kind of just building and building and building and building and building and rocket with that. It’s been,

Calvin Tilokee 16:18
it’s been fun. Oh, that’s awesome. And that’s something I do notice on you guys. Social media, you, you definitely tag a lot of local people, and stuff like that. So I mean, I think that’s what it’s all about, man, you know, each one help one, right?

Carlo Esannason 16:31
Yeah, for real, especially, especially for me where I would go, we go to these markets, and we talk to some of these vendors. And I’m like, you should talk to that vendor who’s like directly next to you. Because you have a very complimentary product and you don’t, you know, and just, it’s just, it’s just people vibing with each other, which is cool, because people need to know.

James Pratt 16:50
Yeah. So So, and seeing what other people like, you know, versus what we’re doing and seeing what other people are doing and going oh, look what they got, ooh, that would help.

Calvin Tilokee 16:59
Or vice versa. Right. So. So going back to the to the purple. Is that. Is that a call back to the Wu Tang? Purple tape?

Carlo Esannason 17:07
Yes. Yeah, this

James Pratt 17:08
call Did you? I will tell you this. I don’t know what I was smoking. I don’t know what I was drinking at the time. I don’t know how I came up with this whole name. But like literally, it just hit me. And I just connected fly Honey Farms purple tape. Purple is a cool color for branding, funny farms as the girls the fly honeys like it just, it just all started to flow. And I just said Carla, what do you think about this? And we put our heads together? And it was just like, Well,

Carlo Esannason 17:39
yeah, like it’s about refining the idea. Right? Like,

Mikko Miller 17:41

Carlo Esannason 17:42
the funny thing is, we’re trying to be a little bit more urban with it, we’re trying to have a little bit of a different feel with it than like, the run of the mill farmstand type stuff. You know what I mean? Like, if you look at a lot of these funny brands, everything’s like, we’re on a farm stand. And we live on a farm, you know, like, it’s a thing I don’t, we don’t necessarily jive with that here in West. Right, we don’t necessarily dry with that. So we tried to keep it a little more urban, a little bit more edgy. I think the names of our products ring a little bit more to hip hop heads, because you know, we like three different size jars. One is called Biggie, what is called smalls and what is called the

Mikko Miller 18:21
nice, dope,

Carlo Esannason 18:22
you know, our little, our little packages with different thick offerings that we have are like, you know, take care kind of pseudo Drake names. So fresh, so clean, outcast, like, you know, little things like that. We find good and reference the right things for us, right? Um, it’s also hilarious, though, to see certain people show up at the farmers markets and be like, Can I have a Can I get a true pig, I get a true kick out of like an older person who’s like, I’d like a new list, please.

Calvin Tilokee 19:00
I’d be like, you gotta get all three because Biggie Smalls is the illest

Carlo Esannason 19:04
Exactly, exactly. But it’s cool when people were like the younger demographic see it and get it and like the way it’s posted on the board and they go like yeah, that’s that’s different.

Calvin Tilokee 19:15

James Pratt 19:16
like that. When they walk across the market, literally because they’re drawn in by the purple and they go That’s dope logo.

Carlo Esannason 19:22
Yeah, happens all the time.

Calvin Tilokee 19:25
So we’re gonna get into that who who drew the logo because that that that one is kind of fly.

Carlo Esannason 19:32
Yeah, buddy. That’s exactly though.

James Pratt 19:36
My school my ex girlfriend,

Carlo Esannason 19:37
so I wasn’t gonna go there. Damn. You wanted

James Pratt 19:44
to I just put it out. No, no,

Mikko Miller 19:53

James Pratt 19:54
I have not worked on USA boys. That’s my man’s you know. That’s his

Carlo Esannason 20:00
Yeah, I mean, go back to the Ultron throwback. I mean, I was I was the unofficial Night Manager as for Sportime USA from like 16 to 19. Like, used to generate manager ever in there who just be like, hey, you’re smart hear these kids go ahead and he’d like lock himself in the back room and get stoned. No Oh my god. But it was great because I had met tokens whoever needed tokens I was that dude.

James Pratt 20:30
Tip All right, so

Calvin Tilokee 20:37
in the in the post show the behind the scenes, we’re gonna bring up the names you’re not gonna do that. For the for the general public. But you know, me and Steve, were up and elsewhere. We need to know who the model was for this for this be just just out of curiosity. Just know.

Carlo Esannason 20:50
I mean, yeah, we’ll do that.

Calvin Tilokee 20:53
Shall we are put out the edited version right to play for your wife and your four year old.

Mikko Miller 20:59
And then you know, we have Yeah, we need to know who has that. Who got that?

Carlo Esannason 21:07
Yep. Right. Right. Mikko who got that.

Mikko Miller 21:11
Right. That’s right.

Carlo Esannason 21:14
Yeah, the logo was made by a buddy of ours. Um, you know, another another hackling cat who’s just really creative. And we had an idea of like a pinup girl.

Calvin Tilokee 21:24
I love the fact that she’s bootleg. That’s just

Mikko Miller 21:30
not me.

Carlo Esannason 21:35
Now, we get these t shirts for the summer. We have some new t shirt designs covered for the summer. Hopefully so

Calvin Tilokee 21:39
nice. Be good. Okay. Okay. Now, but I mean, yeah, for real. I mean, you guys branding is definitely on point. It’s catchy. I can’t honestly remember. Carla would mean you kind of connected on this. But I the first time I saw it, I was like, Yo, this is dope. This is dope. Yeah.

Carlo Esannason 21:56
I was another one of those things. It was like, who like who would understand this cow? You know what I’m saying? Like,

Calvin Tilokee 22:04
he gets me, he would understand what this means. So in in you guys time doing this? What’s the most interesting thing you say? You’ve learned about bees?

James Pratt 22:15
Oh, wow. I mean, how much time we got? I mean, the thing I think, and Karla, I will believe me, I’m not going to talk my ear off. I’m, you know, talking with yourself about this. But, you know, I’m the one who’s got my head in the hive most of the time. So, you know, I’m kind of seeing it, you know, reading it, living it. And I guess the thing that I realized the most is how prolific they are truly, in every sense of the word and how misunderstood they are, and how, how, how unappreciated, they are just in terms of the impact they make on the world, the impact they make on everything around them, the positive impacts that they make, you know, to everything, all the animals and plants and all of that. And, and the fact that we don’t really realize that, you know, like, as human beings we totally under, under appreciate that, you know, when you tell somebody that one third of everything you eat is basically produced by, you know, agricultural products are produced by bees, you know, pollinating and those kinds of things. And people don’t even realize it. And, and when you, when you think about the amount of products, the amount of things that bees naturally produced, and I’m just talking tangible things, I’m not talking about, you know, the spiritual benefits and some of the other, you know, more kind of controversial, you know, usages, like people use it for, you know, to have, like apitherapy for, you know, for pain relief for even for Lyme disease, I mean, but just, you know, I’m just talking about producing wax and producing propolis and producing honey, obviously, and producing, you know, God, what else pollen, you know, I mean, you know, I could, probably forgetting a few, but I mean, just the amount of things that just by them existing as a microorganism and thriving and doing their thing, if we just leave them alone, the amount of stuff that they can sit there and produce one hive. I mean, we’re Carlo and I recognize this year last year, from, you know, being able to focus, you know, on the hives, I mean, COVID gave me the ability to do that all year last year. And it was a blessing because, I mean, what we were able to produce was amazing. I mean, we exceed far exceeded our expectations, and, you know, came at a great time, because, you know, we’re going, you know, everything’s going on around us and, you know, it’s kind of depressing to see the world, you know, falling apart, you’re sitting there going, Oh, well, we got a business, you know, but, um, you know, so like, just seeing all those kinds of things like as I’ve, you know, been through it and gotten a, you know, a few, you know, through a few seasons and overwinter them and, you know, learn to appreciate what they endure and what they you know, face and what You know, is out there, you know, it’s, it’s amazing to see how well they can do even with all those challenges, you know, like, pesticides and just, you know, stupid humans. And you know, I won’t even get into that. But I mean, like, you know, they’re just, they’re incredible creatures, and we need to know more about them. And I think that that’s part of what Carlo and I are trying to do is just get that message out there, and especially to kids, because they’re the ones that are going to inherit this world that we’re destroying for them. And, and, you know, like, if one of those kids can can get involved and make a difference, then Carla and I have left the world in a better place. And, you know, you know, for me, especially, that’s really my, my biggest thing is, you know, making the world a better place with this and just helping some Yeah,

Carlo Esannason 25:46
I think, to kind of touch on that point, like, what’s been most impressive to me is the fact that as a communal animal, like a camino be like, these, these animals do so good for the area, and being able to explain that to people who, at the markets who just have questions, it’s really interesting to see like, it’s not like we have to sell at these farmers markets, we just have to answer questions. Because we’re so drawn to what these what they understand about bees, and what they think they know what they don’t know what we do versus them. Like, it’s really interesting just to have these conversations where we go, like, you know, we just got to post up and answer questions, and people just to really know,

James Pratt 26:34
they know, it’s a good product.

Carlo Esannason 26:35
Yeah, it’s really cool. And on top of that, I think that, I mean, one of the biggest benefits to me has been the community sense of it, like, these bees operate within a community right there themselves, and there’s a hierarchy there for them to follow in. And by all I do good, like, you know, we tried to put that out into the, into our little communities, right. And we can learn so much from them on that point. Carla, you’re so right, yeah. And it’s become, you know, again, it started off as a save the bees thing, but it’s turned into, you know, we could put this into the hands of kids who may not be able to eat right at home, or may not be getting the right stuff, you know, or access to the good stuff. Because they don’t may not have the financial means to do so for their family and might not. But if we could, you know, get this honey into the right hands and donate it, you know, and put it in schools, where the schools take care of giving it to kids, you know, you can’t ask for a better venue, or avenue to get this stuff to, to the right people, other than being in the community to do it.

James Pratt 27:41
It’s like, amazing, it’s like, you’re good to them, and they’re good to you, you know, and I mean, it’s like you treat them well, you protect them, and then look what they produce, they produce this amazing product that’s healthy for you gets all these, you know, you know, benefits with allergies, and, you know, replaces, you know, sugar and those types of, you know, types of products, which are obviously not good for you. And, you know, just there’s just this reciprocal, you know, sustainable element to all of it, which just, you know, if you could, if you could take that microcosm and just blow it up to what else is going on in the world, man, Jesus, like, we could really make a difference. But, you know, like Carlos said, it’s just like you see them and how they operate. And it’s like, wow, why couldn’t you know, why can’t everybody just stay in their lane? And you know, like, do their thing and like, you know, everybody wins. Like, it’s like, that’s a much bigger conversation. But, you know, the bees just, they’re just a shining example of that.

Calvin Tilokee 28:33
That’s deep in the steep. Yeah.

James Pratt 28:36
You said hey, you said I could go for a little bit, so I did. So that’s it. Oh, no. Hey, listen, I

Calvin Tilokee 28:41
got no idea. No, we got no problem with that, man. No, I just, it’s just interesting. How much impact that can have right I mean, that’s really cool, but I’m gonna let I’m gonna let the fellows jump in with some questions for you to

Steve 28:56
I gotta say, hands down the naming convention you guys used for the sizes best I’ve ever seen ever. And yeah, out of anything I’m looking at as I’m looking at everything I’m like Biggie Smalls. Oh shit. And then and then yeah, the entire thing thing guys is just fascinating. I was you know the the murder Hornet thing let last year I’d love to get your take on that and what the status is of it because I you know, kind of got out of the the new new news cycle real quick, but do you guys see a lot of problems with the mites that that attack the hive?

James Pratt 29:37
Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah. Carla, you want to you want to go first? I mean, I could talk forever about

Carlo Esannason 29:43
Yeah, I mean, I’ll go I’ll go for the olive genes for the technical side of the mites situation and in print don’t get too deep with it. Like, yeah, yeah, it’s

James Pratt 29:53
like, it’s like it’s like a four letter word as

Carlo Esannason 29:55
far as like my best part about that is that like my what my daughter will like James James is here. And she’s been doing it ever since she was like, you know, kind of old enough to realize what was going on in the backyard here. Like she she will straight up, open the windows and just scream at him. There better not be any mighty my Hi.

James Pratt 30:15
Oh god.

Carlo Esannason 30:17
I make sure I close the window

and the murder thing. I found that really interesting. And again, I like I stated this, like, I’m not a B person per se. I didn’t start off a B person. I am now a huge fan, right? Like, the worst thing in my nightmares is Japanese yellowkorner. Like that has always been the case. So when I hear that, like coming to the States, I’m like, Oh, that’s a good, right. And then at one point, I think I told Fred, I was like, yo, if I go outside, and I see like, any of those things near the hive, I’m definitely taking a shotgun and a flame thrower to the whole. My whole joint lay waste. But um, I think they stopped right. I think they stopped the progression of it. Or it’s a temporary setback of an inch. I guess they found that

James Pratt 31:18
while the dragon’s breath round.

Carlo Esannason 31:25
Oh, you know what? You know what, though? I will say that, at least we made it through 2012. We made it through 2020. Without a full murder Hornet infestation. Whether or not 2021 is going to rear that. We’re not sure yet. But right now.

Mikko Miller 31:42
I’m good.

James Pratt 31:43
Yeah. I mean, I’ll give you my take, I think bullshit. Basically, you know, it’s one of these. It’s another one of these sensationalized marketing media, you know, things that they come up with, so they can have headlines and things to talk about to scare people get you to pay attention. It’s clickbait. I mean, when they came up, they came up with the whole concept of killer bees. I mean, that was a classic example of it. I mean, there’s no such thing as a, killer B, I mean, how many, you know, Wu Tang songs and all kinds of other things. Right, I mean, you know, I mean, how can you not, but it’s it’s classic marketing and branding and scare tactics. I mean, you know, that whole thing with killer bees, all that was was Africanized bees that had made it into other, you know, areas of the world like Europe, or North America or Central America or whatever. I mean, and and that’s, you know, it’s just happens. I mean, you know, that that actually is a good segue to talk about mites because mites is a similar type of situation, where it was a type of a parasite that I forget what it fed off of it was I think it was first found in, in Asia somewhere. I’m not sure the technical, you know, background history of them. But But varroa mites have spread, you know, all over the world, I think the only place in the world doesn’t have them is Australia, New Zealand. And they are responsible for the majority of the deaths that you are hearing about, and beekeepers are dealing with across the country. And it’s an invasive species, you know, it’s not a it’s not a natural pest. So it’s something that bees on top of all the other challenges with pesticides, and, you know, God knows what else is going on out there. Global warming and that kind of thing that they have to face, and as a beekeeper, and as, you know, two guys trying to get a small beekeeping operation off the ground. You know, we knew in the beginning and I knew, especially because of all the, you know, teachers, I’ll say, my YouTube, you know, teachers because I all I did was watch YouTube videos or all this stuff. I mean, they just preached and preached and preached and preached about varroa mites. And, and it’s an important thing. So, you know, we learned that we had to have a program for it, and how to treat it and how to address it. And you know, we were very systematic, and we were very, very good about it every year. And then, you know, even this year, last year, we were good about it, but, you know, we learned some things the hard way. You know, and that’s just the way it is, you know, but you have to at least plan for the worst. And I think that’s something we learned collectively as business partners and, and friends and beekeeping beekeepers and bee owners. I mean, you know, you have emotions involved, and you see bad things happen. But, you know, you live in you learn in it, and you have to plan for, you know, for the worst, and that’s what we’ve done. Nice. Nice. So

Carlo Esannason 34:32
I feel like I feel like my my little motto for us, or, you know, personally, for me at least is like, sometimes it’s hard to take that l right. So like I’ve got too many wins, take that l and inevitably, it’s process. It’s like you got to have a plan. So you don’t have to take that big of an L as best as you can. Right. It’s just planning. It’s just planning. Like James said, we’ve been real good about just sticking to a schedule and to a read regimen and approach to taking care. And it’s worse and it speaks to being sustainable too. Because

James Pratt 35:02
if you’re, you know, sustainable, you can recover from, you know, NOx, you know, from hitting, you know, if you keep if you have to get pulled out every time you get knocked down and you’re obviously not a sustainable operation, yeah, you know, you got to be able to weather whether the punches and that’s what we’ve learned, especially after.

Calvin Tilokee 35:20
That’s a really good point, I think. Yeah, that’s, that’s a really strong message for for any business, you know, but I mean, to see the two guys pretty much really ramped up during COVID. And, you know, thrive in this that’s that’s that’s a great story for anybody. But something you said earlier Pratt, in your in your statement, you were talking about, like the African bees. I don’t know if you guys are Simpsons fans at all, but that sure reminded me of when Moe started beekeeping you remember that shit? Yeah, so for those el don’t know, the joke mo is like, he’s in the barn. He’s got he’s got these bees, and he’s trying to get them to meet so you know, they could they can flourish and build a whole community and Homer’s tober systems like, Well, how do you have this? And he’s just like, well, I ordered out of a magazine. I ordered excited African honeys, and this is what they sent me.

James Pratt 36:23
Yeah, that’s that whole play on those words is why we’re sitting here with

Calvin Tilokee 36:30
fantastic. Yeah. Mikko

Mikko Miller 36:35
mind simple, I think is something that they touched upon on their website and under blog, but the good honey versus bad honey. Like, what you guys just take on good honeys. Birth versus bad. Oh, yes.

Carlo Esannason 36:49
So here’s my here’s my intro to honey. Right. So Pratt comes into the house after I think of our first full season of having some hives here. And he’s like, you know, a little jar. And he’s like, here, dude. Here it is. This is it. And I’m like, Okay, great. Let me taste it. I hate honey. I’ve just like I hated the bees, right? I hate honey. So I taste this. And I’m like, What the hell is this? He’s like, this is this is the honey dude from the hives outside. And I was like, No, this isn’t He’s like, Yes, honey. So real honey tastes like and it was like, right? Like, this is crazy.

James Pratt 37:22
Sweet and you’re sour.

Carlo Esannason 37:26
Exact ratio that I turn around, and I look at my wife. And I’m like, yo, you know, things like this existed out in the world you didn’t put me on? I’m like, kind of kind of relationship is this dog? Like? What is this? She’s like, yeah, that’s what real honey tastes like. I was like, why don’t we have any what else happening in this place? Like, you know, there’s such a drastic difference in the quality and taste of what we have been able to take from these hives locally, in the 914 area. And in four or five area, it’s it’s absolutely breathtakingly different from what you’re going to find on a store shelf for the most part. And I again, I hate to sound like a salesperson. But we don’t have to sell it. Like, it really does taste different. And just to get to the business, the business side of the practice, right? Like, there is such a crooked, crooked, crooked side to this whole really funny business. And we pride ourselves in not being part of it. If you go to on Netflix, if you have the chance, I think it’s the series is called rod and the first episode is about honey. Yep. If you watch that episode, you will never ever, ever want to buy honey from a store. ever again. It’s history facts, Mikko like, you’re gonna be like, Nah, I guarantee if you have something in your house right now, and you go and see it says me from somewhere that’s not local to you or none like really recognize then like you’re gonna you should check that. And

James Pratt 39:02
it’s, it’s so egregious. It’s so regional.

Steve 39:09
Like, how come? Because Because I I use honey all the time. I use it in my coffee. I sometimes put in my hair to make it stand up.

James Pratt 39:17
Well, I could say you might be using a honey and I’m really glad you said something about coffee. carlinhos Why? Well, we’ll come back to that later. I love it in my coffee.

Anyway, um, what are we talking about? I’m sorry, it was too much.

Steve 39:33
Why is why is the bad honey bad? What’s so bad about it?

James Pratt 39:37
Oh, so literally, I mean, what Carla was talking about is exactly you know, kind of the frame of reference that to give you to explain why i mean it’s it’s pure math. Let’s just call it what it is. It’s a simple matter of and rotten display perfectly lays this out. Literally, there’s three times the demand on the world market. Honey producers can actually meat, you know what I mean? Like, there’s, you know, the world wants 3 billion, you know, gallons of honey a year, plenty of producers can only produce real honey, you know, to me the third of that demand, so there’s a huge vacuum, a huge, you know, opportunity, and that that’s being filled by people that are cutting it, you know, with other syrups and other agents that, you know, God knows what it is. And in a lot of cases, it’s coming from, you know, you know, parts of Asia, which are, you know, significantly reducing the price and really crushing the United States honey producing industry in general. That’s, that’s another story, but just just just just the adulterated honey, the scale of which it’s, it’s being done. I mean, there’s just so much money to be made. Yeah, that it’s, it’s almost impossible for, you know, people to not, you know, go after it. You know, it’s just it’s so easy. It’s so hard, it’s so hard to trace a honey source. Like there are literally labs, where you can, you know, like, send adulterated honey, and, you know, like, let’s say that the shipping container says it’s, it’s come from Singapore, or the Philippines, it really could have came from China, and just been, you know, circumnavigated around, whatever, you know, tariff, they wanted to circumnavigate around. And the only way to figure that out is to actually do a DNA sample of the honey. And they’ll actually say, Oh, well, okay, there’s plants that are common in the southern part of China, in this honey, so therefore, this honeys from China, like it, like they have to get that scientific with it to be able to tell where it’s from, you know, and they’re not going to do that, you know, on every level. So there’s such a huge opportunity. And, you know, and that’s, that’s at the big commercial side. And we’re Carlo, and I thought would be the best place to go is this local thing like Carlos talking about? I mean, you know, it’s like people want to one support a local business to get a local progress produce locally, three has local local benefits with all the you know, allergies and those types of things. I mean, it just like you said, it sells itself. You just sit there you go. Yeah, we have hives, literally on both sides of the bridge. Oh, really? Okay. Why why I live in Tarrytown. Cool. It’s just a

Carlo Esannason 42:17
Yeah, I mean, the, again, to tie to tie into what James is saying, like, we are small to person, for the most part operation, we have friends and family who support where we need to help, right. But like, we act as if we’re a bigger operation, just because it makes sense for us to have best practices, right. So, you know, I’ve done extensive research and spoken to some like really big commercial, honey, like, I guess the analysis groups at these places who kind of take those DNA samples for trying to figure out where this money is coming from. And they’re like, you know, you guys are small, it doesn’t make sense for you to have to do it. But I appreciate the fact that you do. Because ultimately, it’s going to make your brand stronger, it’s going to make the business stronger, if you can stay, we are from here, anything we source it from here. And that’s a stamp behind that, right? Like, you get some of that stuff at wholesale at Whole Foods, like you know what I mean, some of these smaller brands that are out there also think, to operate that way. But they don’t get that they don’t take it to the last step of getting that certification on that stamp. So that’s what we’ll be hopefully doing in the next couple of years is just like, you know, we did a bunch of factfinding. Last year, we’ll be implementing some of that this year. So that next year, hopefully we get that, that real certification and stamp for like, you know, this is real official honey from blah. We are already New York State grown and certified, which is close to you can’t make honey organic. You know, that’s up for interpretation. But as far as New York State is concerned, you can’t consider honey organic, because you don’t know what these bees feed on, per se. So we are but as close as you could possibly get to that is this New York State’s grown a certified stamp of approval, which we are. So you know, we think we take huge pride in that man. You know, it’s again, another step that a lot of these APS have not gone through. And it’s not offensive. It’s just, you know, talking to people, right? It’s talking to the people at the state, letting them into your operation, because we have nothing to hide, right? Let them do the operation. Let them see what we do. Let them see how we take care of the bees. They come and inspect the facilities. And they give you a sign off and they give you a stamp of approval. That’s a huge step for you know, some local dudes

James Pratt 44:44
say like it’s just a matter of approval for us. Yeah, it’s

Carlo Esannason 44:48
dope. It’s a really it’s a really good feel to really good feel. That’s awesome.

Calvin Tilokee 44:51
All right. So you guys out there. You know where you get. Get the real honey, the real honeys, the fly honey farm. Get get them real homies on both sides of the bridge. Oh, that’s great, man. So we moving into our segments now hopefully these guys are hanging out with us in the man cave. Yeah, we’re here for the long run. Okay, so now it’s time for so just a reminder for you fellas This is where we just talk about whatever asshole this I’m stupid.

James Pratt 45:32
Oh my god, can I come on the show every week?

Carlo Esannason 45:40
I was gonna say like, honestly, like, this is where we get into that whole like the two grouchy guys. Yeah, on the Muppet Show. We just sit at the farmers market.

James Pratt 45:56
Wow, I might have to just hijack this whole segment.

Carlo Esannason 46:01
All right, go for it.

James Pratt 46:03
guy I’m not gonna be that guy. But I do have one thing that came right off right off the top of my head when you brought this up. I got I got it. I gotta say though. Ted Cruz. Oh, yeah. Sorry, man. That dude gotta go. That was bad. Yeah, so bad.

Mikko Miller 46:31
Bermuda snow.

Steve 46:31
No. What do you can to Mexico, Mexico, Mexico with the kidney.

Carlo Esannason 46:38
You know, I mean, I just I just I cannot I can’t fathom what goes on in some of these heads of the politicians, right. Like, like, I mean, you your whole states in the state of crisis literally is state emergency and you’re like, Alright, my kids want to go away. So we’re gonna go away. How do you put that on your kids though?

Calvin Tilokee 47:03
is bad enough to go? Secondly, you know, yeah, that was my kids fault. Really? Man the fuck up dude. It’s fucking kids.

Steve 47:20
Did anybody see how he left his dog at home?

Calvin Tilokee 47:24
I heard about that shit, too. Oh, dog. prick.

Steve 47:27
He left his dog at home in like some reporter was at his house. And he’s taking pictures of the dog. The house is freezing. And there’s dogs inside and it’s a little last dog.

James Pratt 47:39
I didn’t even know this is even worse.

Even worse, bro. You can

Steve 47:43
guys every hole.

Carlo Esannason 47:46
Oh, yeah, man. That’s that’s a violation right there.

James Pratt 47:50
Yeah, I mean, dude. Seriously, I mean, I didn’t even know that and I threw his name out there because I was like, yeah, you put that on top. That works worse dude. All right. Well, got you got me on that one. That’s my target a week.

Calvin Tilokee 48:08
Yeah, that’s a good one. Hi, Steve. What you got?

Steve 48:13
You know when gweneth Paltrow is out there saying that she pioneered wearing face masks. She just she just needs to shut the hell up

Mikko Miller 48:28
in a way that she did for

Steve 48:31
businesswoman actress she that’s a stretch though.

Calvin Tilokee 48:35
She’s trying to say she invented facemask basically. No, not that

Steve 48:41
but pioneered wearing face masks. And so this is also coming from I’m having sells a $75 vagina candle that smells like a vagina

Calvin Tilokee 49:00
maybe that’s maybe that’s why she started wearing the mask. Maybe

Steve 49:06
something wrong

Carlo Esannason 49:11
with processing saying dog like sheep. How does that make

James Pratt 49:20
this a gift box set was in a candle and a you know

Steve 49:26
something with something here let me break it down for you here here. Here’s the headline. When it’s Paltrow is mocked by fans after insinuating she pioneered wearing face masks. Now that’s the headline that caught my attention on the candle bit. She’s got this website that where she so she took a lifestyle website and she has had a vagina candle on there. I don’t know what it smells like

James Pratt 49:54
what what is the vagina can dude sounds like Yo, I’m not even kidding you guys like we see some real bougie ass coat like competitors with some like candles that they’re selling and we’re like, What flavor you would watch? Like, I was like, they’re coming up with some like, you know, Valentine’s Day combinations and I’m just like, Okay, cool. I get the whole wax you know, natural beeswax, all that kind of stuff, but I’m just like, man, I guess anything to sell a candle boy. $30 I guess you gotta push them hard. So.

Mikko Miller 50:32

James Pratt 50:35

Mikko Miller 50:36
That’s crazy. I think little old Chinese ladies invented the Oh no, I don’t want to be racist. I don’t want to Chinese little Asian ladies. They’ve been wearing masks for a long time. Yeah. I don’t know. Anyway, so that was your Steve that was mine. Wow. Mine is a James from Ralph. he’s a he’s a local Bagwell. Rouse is kind of like your food giant or Food Lion or Albertsons or whatever’s Kroger’s, whatever’s out there in your area. He’s a bad boy.

What do you remember? Mars? No, no. All right,

James Pratt 51:35
guys, come on.

Mikko Miller 51:43
Jameson Rouse, he kept staring at his co worker while he was bagging my groceries and ended up putting bread and eggs on the bottom of my bag. My oj and milk on top of said eggs and bread. And it’s fun. I had a nerve to tell me I have a nice day. I knew I saw what he was doing. You know? I didn’t say anything. Because it’s I think he’s like, 16 1617 you know, and the girl that he was looking at was like, probably like his classmate or whatever. And she was cute, you know, for whatever. 16 years she was cute. And I’m just thinking to myself, my 16 year old self would have just like said something instead of staring awkwardly, you know, instead of like, fucking up my groceries. My advice to him would just be like, just say hi. You know, don’t fuck my shit up. Just say hi to the girl. You know, get your night off tonight. If you said hi back. And you know call it a day. Don’t Don’t go on daydreaming fucking on my shit. Right? You’re asking focused.

Calvin Tilokee 52:44
smell bad. You’re ready to fuck up bagging groceries.

Carlo Esannason 52:49
I’m gonna I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna make an audible on my pick. Now hearing Mikko story, okay. I’m gonna have to say my pick is probably gonna have to be Mikko.

Mikko Miller 53:02
Because bro, you. Oh, you can’t

Carlo Esannason 53:06
let that man just live through life like that, bro. You gotta hold that out. You gotta be your elder statesman. You gotta be like, yo, nah, go get some new eggs. rebag that whole joy

James Pratt 53:20
back while you’re going to get

Carlo Esannason 53:25
a new bag. Throw that in this bag. And you’re gonna learn your lesson about watching too many other things that you should be focusing on your job.

Mikko Miller 53:40
I think you lost in life already for me to even like put that back down on like that. So he was staring hard at the girl that she paid him no money she didn’t even knew like, she had no clue he existed whatsoever. She was just doing her own thing. And he was just like, gawking at it. Like bagging up my shit. I’m just like, what the fuck? Do I say something?

Oh, man.

Calvin Tilokee 54:08
Alright, so my mind is uh, you know, speaking of punk ass kids. My mind is the punk ass kid who taunted Cam Newton. Oh, I’m

James Pratt 54:16
so glad you went. Oh, yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 54:19
So for those of you guys out there who don’t know the story Cam Newton puts on this. He puts on a camp like a lot of these athletes do. I believe he does his for free. He doesn’t charge some young kids for for participate in this camp takes his personal time to teach these kids how to play football. He’s walking past and just one kid starts talking to him about tell them Oh, you’re a free agent. You’re a free agent. So cam kinda is like in shock. So he goes back Djokovic, he’s like, Yo, I’m rich. And again, again, the kid goes well, you bought to be broke soon. And I’m like, yeah, first of all. First of all, dead wrong. Can you beat that man’s made like over $160 million in his career. Like, he ain’t gonna be broke ever. Okay? Unless he’s a fucking moron and he’s not. But secondly, what is wrong with these fucking kids, bro like you showed up to this guy’s football camp, as you’re within earshot of somebody who’s played in the Super Bowl, who’s won a league MVP, not to mention a national championship in college, ask a question. Or maybe even better shut the fuck up and listen, you might learn something. But you know, you you want to you try to show up for your friends get some social media clout or whatever, you’re trying to go viral. And I just, I just can’t wrap my mind around that man. Like, I don’t know what the fuck is up with these disrespectful as kids. But

Carlo Esannason 55:44
it sounds like the kind of kid that sounds into kids kind of get to put some eggs at the bottom of a bag.

James Pratt 55:55
Calvin, I’m gonna say, you know, Carla for a long time, and Carlos known me for a long time. And Carla knows exactly what I’m thinking right now we’re talking about crazy ass kids, running them out at sporting events. Let’s do it and doing. And I don’t know what it was when we were younger. But like, we would do things like that without social media being around without the cameras. I don’t know what it was. But like, I guess it was just like, showing off for your friends kind of a thing. You know,

Calvin Tilokee 56:23
it definitely was an element of that. I think it was like you act like a tough guy. And, you know, funny friends or whatever. But, I mean, I Well, there’s this.

James Pratt 56:33
We were bad too, though. That’s what I’m saying. We were Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 56:36
I would say there’s there’s two points to that. Number one. It wasn’t no camera phones back in the day. Right. So thank God for that. You know, because this is just, you know, hopefully it is this is like one mistake this kid makes hopefully is the worst thing he does in his life. Right. And, you know, I personally have never done no shit like that. Not to an elder, you know, talk shit to other classmates, athletes, of course, but to what you know, to a coach basically now, but first to be somebody in a position like that. That can teach you so much about where you want to be. And this is the route you decide to take.

Mikko Miller 57:15
I don’t know about that one.

James Pratt 57:16
But and you’re at his camp. Yeah,

Carlo Esannason 57:19
I mean, it’s just just straight. It’s just rude. lack of respect. It’s all it’s all that for sure.

Calvin Tilokee 57:29
Anyway, Carlo, bring us on. But

Carlo Esannason 57:32
I mean, I’m good. I think Mikko got me a little fired up.

Mikko Miller 57:48
I mean, I,

Carlo Esannason 57:50
I kind of, I had earmark, rush limbaugh thing. But at the same time, I don’t even want to give a second thought to it as much as you know what I’m saying like, hey, yeah, you out. That’s it. Like, it’d be like that. So, like, I don’t really not even to get into politics or anything like that, because I don’t like talking about politics, but like, see ya. Peace. That’s it.

Calvin Tilokee 58:16
So, see ya. Okay. Well, we don’t like those jerks, but you know who we do like the person from instacart. When they show up with a fresh groceries in as little as one hour, you can get some bread delivered. That would be at the top of your bag. You get unlimited delivery and handpick items based on your preferences. To start your 14 day free trial, hit the link in the show notes to let instacart know that we sent you. Alright, now it’s time for you like that I had to hit through hit it with the remix.

Alright, now it’s time for. All right. So as per usual, when we have guests on the show we automatically in the hot seat. So the only question is, are you guys playing as a team? Or do you want to separate questions?

James Pratt 59:14
Ooh, tough one.

Steve 59:17
We’re going down together. Okay. Okay.

Calvin Tilokee 59:22
All right. So he had a rules. When asked you questions, if you know the answer, give us the answer. And we will, you know, tell you what a big brain you have. And you’re a smart motherfucker. If you don’t know the answer, kind of like Are You Smarter Than a fifth grader? You have to say, I don’t know that shit. keeping it real. Okay. All right. Here is your question.

Carlo Esannason 59:50
You guys got sent you guys need like soundboards for this?

Calvin Tilokee 59:53
Yeah, we have. Yeah, well, we had that shouldn’t after. So we have some nice you guys something nice, you know dramatically Leaving this in for you. In the 1995 smash hit something for two homies by Montel Jordan. After he turns around his baseball cap, what does he have sitting on his lap?

James Pratt 1:00:20
No the video

Carlo Esannason 1:00:23
no the video too.

When he turns around is BS. Oh, Carlo. I’m

James Pratt 1:00:33
gonna default.

Carlo Esannason 1:00:35
What does he have? Besides sunglasses on his face?

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:42
Yeah, yeah,

James Pratt 1:00:43
he’s wearing batting gloves told me he wasn’t

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:46
nice. It’s the lyrics is the lyrics. He says,

Mikko Miller 1:00:48
oh, yours.

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:49
Oh, can I turn around my baseball cap? Oh, gotta sit in on my lap.

Carlo Esannason 1:00:55
Oh, God.

I gotta be honest with you. I don’t.

Even real though.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:13
The answer is a 40.

Carlo Esannason 1:01:16
Oh, no. me for anything. 1991 to 19 r&b hip hop, you should have known that as a failure.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:32
Turn around my baseball cap. I got a 42nd on my lap. That’s how the song starts. God.

James Pratt 1:01:43
We felt that Carlos you This is why I connected with you.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:51
All right. Give you another one I get I get another bonus.

Carlo Esannason 1:01:57
Bonus. If he’s coming. He’s a good.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:59
You guys might. If it’s wrong, forgive me. You know, I founder off Google. You guys might know better. But the question is, how fast can a honeybee fly?

James Pratt 1:02:16
Think it’s 33 miles an hour. I might be wrong.

I’m gonna say 33. But I may not know that should

Carlo Esannason 1:02:29
I don’t know that. I’m keeping it real.

Calvin Tilokee 1:02:37
Well, I mean, Google says 15 mph.

James Pratt 1:02:41
15. Okay, all right, man. I don’t know. I was just throwing it out there. That was a good one.

Carlo Esannason 1:02:46
I mean, like I feel like there’s like other there’s other random ass effects that we could hit. You know what I’m saying? Like that’s probably why I haven’t

Calvin Tilokee 1:02:56
listened yet. y’all gotta notice he doesn’t know how to get the honey out. That’s There you go.

James Pratt 1:03:07
They go they fashion they bring it back Come on.

Calvin Tilokee 1:03:09

Alright, now it’s time for my sponsored by fly Honey Farms. small spaces. making big changes. Dave hit him with a

nice night. All right, who wants to set it off? This is this is our This is our old man situation was like you know, get off my lawn. Right? You kids fucking shit up. So as opposed to one particular jerk. It could just be anything else that needs to just get out of your way.

Carlo Esannason 1:03:47
Speaking of get out of your way, what’s what the jerk who drives about 40 miles an hour in the left hand lane on the highway?

Mikko Miller 1:03:53
Yeah, you go first. Speak on it.

Carlo Esannason 1:03:56
Why didn’t you do that? Why don’t you do that? Well, what are you trying to prove?

James Pratt 1:04:02
That’s exactly what they do in Miami. And it’s off at night going down the wrong way.

Mikko Miller 1:04:10
Terrible. Yeah.

James Pratt 1:04:13
I don’t know. People got that. COVID craziness.

Carlo Esannason 1:04:16
Terrible. Speaking of COVID craziness, what’s what the jerk who doesn’t wear the mask over his face actually, and just keeps it below his nose? Yeah,

Mikko Miller 1:04:30
fuck that guy. I don’t get you know.

Calvin Tilokee 1:04:36
Maybe he maybe he was

Mikko Miller 1:04:39
trying to get somebody? Yeah.

What’s the smell like baby smoke.

Boomerang My

Steve 1:05:02

James Pratt 1:05:03
How do we get from the lawn to this?

Mikko Miller 1:05:08
It’s a big lawn. It’s a big lawn.

James Pratt 1:05:11
Man. Okay, I’m just gonna throw it out there. I’m in day seven of quarantine. I’ve literally been sitting in my house for the entire week. Because some jerk that I was working with literally shows up last Tuesday after the nice three day weekend, comes in works, doesn’t say anything to anybody, you know, whatever, I guess he gets out of work gets a call from his buddy who I guess he had been hanging out with two days before. who tested positive he went got a test that night, literally. So within like an hour of leaving work, that guy somehow magically has a test and says he’s positive now. You know, okay, I’m all for being safe and everything but man, I literally been with a new job for like five days and then boom, like quarantine. So it’s been a fun, fun week. So wherever that guy is, I didn’t know his name was I but I just started I’m like, dude, you not not cool. Get off my lawn.

Mikko Miller 1:06:05

James Pratt 1:06:10
You know, it’s always more you know, critical than anything else. So got tested and getting

Mikko Miller 1:06:19
all good so far. Hopefully the best bro.

James Pratt 1:06:21
That’s migration. There you go. For sure.

Mikko Miller 1:06:26
But mine is actually people that drive sports cars. 20 miles below the speed limit. What? What? What’s the point of a 300 horsepower sports car if you’re going to push 30 on a 65 zone? What the fuck is up with that shit. Get off my lawn with that shit. speed limits are there for a purpose. You can get a ticket for driving too fucking slow. Trust me. My mom did it. She got a fucking ticket. Don’t do it. Be the fuck up. Yeah. All right.

Steve 1:07:03
I’ll keep this quick. I live by the Great Lakes. From time to time they get frozen over like like they’re not completely frozen over but they get frozen. They’re frozen over right now. This past weekend. 10 assholes had to get rescued by the Coast Guard. Because they were too far out and the ice broke off. So they started to drift. It was 10 ppm. Six adults in four kids. Yeah. It’s not been there. I would have said just let nature handle those people. If they get back they get back. Right You know, they’re there. They’re not doing anything but damaging the GR when is shallow and look like a fucking kitty. On the ice assholes. Don’t go on the ice. You see some frozen water over there. throw a stone at it through through. throw something at it. Don’t go on it. But you have to go on it. And then take your kids out. You guys are assholes. That’s it.

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:07
And off the motherfucking ice and

Steve 1:08:08
off the fucking ice.

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:15
Mine is simple, mighty simple. dogshit pick it up.

Mikko Miller 1:08:20
Yes, please.

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:21
I mean, just just because there’s snow on the ground. Like people act like because there’s snow like it’s not going to melt at some point. Oh, the shits not going to be there. I mean, like we had a couple of half warm days. I get 40 so it’s just like melted. It’s like walking through a fucking minefield. Man. There’s shit everywhere. Pick up after your dog snow. No snow. Just pick it up. No, I

Carlo Esannason 1:08:45
kind of vented real quick on that other one.

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:48
had let it go. Oh, good. Oh, good. All right. So now Now it’s time we wrap it up with the Chris Rock quote of the week.

James Pratt 1:08:55
Yeah, I’m completely unprepared to let

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:57
let our guests go first. Do it.

Carlo Esannason 1:09:00
I don’t really have a good one, man. I don’t really have a good one. All right. We all know what I started. I started watching the movie. He had bad hair.

Mikko Miller 1:09:14
You’ve seen that one? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’ve actually never watched any of that. But I know about it.

Carlo Esannason 1:09:18
Yeah, it was like, the whole Yeah, it was a whole thing about because there were some good hair quotes in there. And, you know, I was gonna give a funny quote about my sister. And then I decided I was like, Nah, cuz she’ll hear the podcast and she’ll come after.

Calvin Tilokee 1:09:36
safe. That’s safe.

Carlo Esannason 1:09:39
Yeah, I was like, Oh, wait, that’s more she’ll kill me.

Mikko Miller 1:09:44
I keep mine quick since we were talking about you know, Biggie Smalls and the sizes and all that. On I believe is bigger and blacker on this one. He goes, I’m watching the news, too. Tupac Shakur was assassinated, Biggie Smalls assassinated struck down by assassins bullets. No they weren’t. Martin Luther King was assassinated. Malcolm X was assassinated. JOHN F. Kennedy was assassinated. them two brothers got shot. Shit. I love Tupac. I love biggie. But schools will be open on their birthday.

Calvin Tilokee 1:10:29
March 9 is coming up. your kid’s gonna be it’s not gonna be no zoom.

Mikko Miller 1:10:36
Gotta go to work that day.

Calvin Tilokee 1:10:39
Yeah, yeah. So mine is cuz we were you know, of course seelos My Boyfriend Back in the day. You know, they reminded me of the hip hop days go into the club. Go into the tunnel. You know, club Hollywood with Steve. Big so this one is a don’t go to parties with metal detectors. I’m sure it feels safe inside. But what about all those motherfuckers waiting outside with guns? You know you ain’t got Oh, all right. This is Calvin. As always, you can find me on Instagram at Revparblems my own new rebranded travel page scotch and a suitcase. Social media coaching at Revpar Media and if that’s too much to remember, just go to good old Revparblems calm

Mikko Miller 1:11:31
and this is Mikko to Filipino. You can catch me on Instagram at Mikko underscore eats catch you there.

Steve 1:11:39
Hey in the Steve you can catch me every week with Calvin Mikko on the midlife crisis podcast.

James Pratt 1:11:45
Hey, what’s up guys, I just want to say thank you, this was an awesome opportunity. You can check Carlo and I out of filing forms calm, you can check out everything we’re doing our mission and what we’re trying to do help save the bees and just help make the world a better place. I let my partner keep it real and go from there.

Calvin Tilokee 1:12:04
Awesome. No, that’s all Thanks, guys. It’s

Carlo Esannason 1:12:06
been a great little experience for us. You know, it’s it’s been so fun to lean upon some of the local cats we can talk to and just connect with on doing this kind of stuff. It’s been real good. It’s been really good and to kind of bring it all home. It’s It’s nice to be part of a community. You know, being your listening group to welcome us into listen to us for a little bit here. It’s been a lot of fun. Can’t can’t really be mad about any of these things coming up. So it’s been fun to do. But like Jenny said, follow us on Instagram. Follow us on Facebook. You know follow us online flying.com We are open all the time and we are definitely looking to grow so it’s been great. Thank you guys.

Calvin Tilokee 1:12:52
Awesome. Awesome. It was great having you guys man. Now we all know a little bit more about bees and honey. Yeah, buddy. And and in the after show we’re gonna find out about Carlos honey.

Carlo Esannason 1:13:06
Bro, whoa.

Calvin Tilokee 1:13:08
Is this an episode that’s only gonna be for your Patreon members who paying for that extended cuts so you’re not gonna hear right but thank you for joining us guys.

Carlo Esannason 1:13:23
If you’re silent right now you can hear my wife subscribing to the Patreon trying to get me in trouble.

Calvin Tilokee 1:13:38
You know, whatever it takes whatever it takes to get through subscriptions, right.

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Mikko Miller 1:14:45
Let’s go