I am a horrible procrastinator.

I always have been. I wrote my Masters thesis in 72 hours from start to finish. Although it may sound like I am bragging, I am merely explaining how bad my case is. 

I was stressed, super irritable and my “plan ahead” husband could not understand why I didn’t do a little bit at a time over several months like most “normal” people would.

Frankly, I didn’t understand why I didn’t just chip away at it over time either. 

For the longest time I was convinced that it’s just who I am. I even spun it into positive: I am great under pressure. ????

And it’s true. My thesis was a 4.0 and all my deadlines are always met with quality of work that is exemplary….. but…… 

Did you know that there is an actual scientific explanation for procrastination and it has nothing to do with time management? 

People procrastinate because they are unable to manage negative moods associated with having to complete a task. 

It’s not an inability to manage time. It’s a coping mechanism. A way to manage emotions like: anxiety, fear, perceived lack of knowledge, frustration, self doubt and more.

It’s a short term mood repair. So next time you label all of your spice jars instead of completing a work project, it’s because you would rather feel good about something than endure the negative feeling associated with what you really have to do. 

How do you fix it – easier said than done – but it’s about learning how to manage emotions. 

So no need to download yet another time management app or buy a new planner – it won’t work! 

Leave a ❤️️ in comments and I will share some tips on what will work to remedy this “ailment”.



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