Calvin Tilokee 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steve & Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol and a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry. If you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. If you don’t know what CDs are, you’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving, or just sitting around wondering why a backer so let’s get this show on the road. Hello and welcome to midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin Camus always with my boy Mikko bringing that flavor to hear on a weekly basis. Steve is on a leave of absence, taking his pilgrimage to Mecca, so he’s gonna be out of commission for a little bit. On today’s episode, we’re talking love and hip hop with Kevin Yari of the wolf and unicorn podcast. We’ll bring you our Chris Rock quote of the week. I don’t know that shit. I don’t like that jerk. And as always get off my lawn. But first time was the week we go.

Mikko Miller 1:30
You know what? Since I’ve talked about sports cards and Pokemon the last couple of podcasts, it was a big week for Pokemon. It was their 25th anniversary a lot of fans out there bought out almost every single Pokemon anything in the market so you can’t really find anything and sports cards was huge because that Luca Don chess rookie card sold for $4.6 million today, I believe.

Calvin Tilokee 1:56
What so?

Mikko Miller 1:57
Yes, a piece of cardboard with a guy’s face on it. sold for $4.6 million.

Calvin Tilokee 2:04
Holy shit. I mean, all respect to Luca, because the maphack is nice, but already.

Mikko Miller 2:12
Wow, the most expensive sports cards in the history of sports cards collecting over Michael Jordan. Overall, it was rookie cards. Yeah, $4.6 million, bro. It’s crazy. Wow.

Calvin Tilokee 2:26
Wow. Well, I’m gonna use one of your jokes from a previous show. That’s how good it is to be white.

Mikko Miller 2:36
That’s so fucking true, man.

Calvin Tilokee 2:39
That’s wild. I mean, I’m obviously joke. I’m not trying to make it a race thing. But I think it’s more of a generational thing. You know?

Mikko Miller 2:47
What is the beast? Don’t get?

Calvin Tilokee 2:48
No he is don’t ever I mean, that dude is nice. He’s What? Like 20?

Mikko Miller 2:53
Like 22 I believe? Yeah. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 2:56
I mean, he’s, he’s insane. But

Mikko Miller 2:58
shit already you think? Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 3:00
You know, a couple

Mikko Miller 3:01
years ago when when the couple rings MVP or something. But Wow, what two or three he’s benefiting from you know, Gary Vee talks about them all the time. I don’t know if you guys know Gary Vaynerchuk. I’m pretty sure you guys do. But he talks about him all the time and collecting his cards. And plus, he balls out. You know, he just made like his What? Second All Star game. I mean, he balls out. So you know, that guy that bought it, I think believed that the car is gonna actually like double up in value. So can you imagine a car for like $9 million in fucking hazy? I know. That’s crazy. Yeah. Anyway, how is your week sir?

Calvin Tilokee 3:43
Not bad, not bad. Moving is still kicking is you know, just trying to get everything set. We had actually put an application on a house. Okay, and we made what we thought was a really good offer away and I plan to move into April. But we said hey, listen, if you could, you know, bump up our application to the top will will pay for half of March. realtor was like yes, she that’s a pretty good offer. You know, Sony put this in, doesn’t get a response for like a day and a half. And we’re like, fuck these people waiting on. Right? I mean, this was like, Wednesday, if you wanted somebody in March, and you had an application for March 1, you would have took that already. Right? Right. So right and to wait and come to find out. Somebody paid them for the whole lease upfront.

Mikko Miller 4:26
Yeah, man.

Calvin Tilokee 4:27
I was like, Man, fuck this person. You got that kind of money sitting around? You got that kind of money sitting around and you hear renting a house? Yeah, yeah, that’s true. Then. Go buy something in Beverly Hills with that, like what the fuck

Mikko Miller 4:45
is out in LA?

Calvin Tilokee 4:47
That house was in Burbank.

Mikko Miller 4:49
Okay, okay. Okay.

Calvin Tilokee 4:50
So you know a little bit more. That’s technically not la but it’s like right outside, kind of like where I am now White Plains to New York City. Which I think is kind of why We gravitated to it. It’s pretty much the same dynamic for us right now.

Mikko Miller 5:03
The LA market is just crazy like that because the second someone finds out there’s an offer and a property, you know, they sleep on property. I mean, they just completely sleep on properties. They pay no attention to it, but the second someone shows interest. I’m not gonna fucking call about Chinese buyers. The second someone shows interest in a property that they were kind of looking at the kind of sleeping on waiting. They buy that sheet and cash. Pay for the whole fucking thing. They do it all the fucking time. That’s why it’s so fucking hard to buy houses out here because the second someone shows interest, international buyers just cash out and buy it. Sucks. You know, it sucks.

Calvin Tilokee 5:42
It probably is exactly what happened. Because the landlord is definitely of Asian descent. I can’t obviously tell from the name. But no, I mean, I ain’t good like that and be like, Oh, that’s definitely Korean last name. Yeah, I don’t know. It was h Su. How would you pronounce that soup?

Mikko Miller 5:59
soup? Yeah, that’s probably Korean.

Calvin Tilokee 6:02
Korean. Yeah. But yeah, man, but other than that is like just trying to figure out little shit, right? Like when you move stuff you don’t even think about like, Where am I get my haircut? You know, the same barber for like, six years. And the guy I was going through before that was like seven years. You know? So I’m starting to get a little worried because I keep thinking about like, these West Coast rappers and shit. And I’m like, most of them ain’t got Yeah, they’re like nobody got a tight fate. It’s like shouldn’t like bold Yeah, they all ball you know the game bald, Kendrick braids. Snoop got braces like 95 he ain’t trying to let them go. I’m starting to get worried or they’re just not good Barbara Yeah, he’s

Mikko Miller 6:48
getting braided up or shaved out

Calvin Tilokee 6:50
Yeah, exactly. Nobody got it like a nice nose like that that tight nose feed nobody got it out there so I’m starting to get a little worried

Mikko Miller 6:59
that you’re gonna have to go to like someone’s house you know someone home is a live at home you know then we got no spot for no seat then paying for no barber seat so those guys be coming home you got to find those guys. Exactly. Little Juju Lord.

Calvin Tilokee 7:16
Exactly. You know catch me down and LBC right that’s right. I’m out there with my fucking crypto

Mikko Miller 7:29
That’s right. Oh,

Calvin Tilokee 7:30
boy. All right. All right.

Mikko Miller 7:33
Let’s go

Calvin Tilokee 7:36
Let’s go see the whole regulator to get into it. But you know speaking of 90s hip hop our two guests today don’t know nothing about that because they kind of young but we go we go Welcome to the man cave. is today’s another first we’ve got Kev and Yari from the wolf and unicorn podcast. They are the first couple to enter the man cave. Please welcome Kevin yard from Wolf and unicorn podcast.

Yaretsy 8:07
Happy to be a first the first

Kevin Rucker 8:10
this is actually our first podcast. Yeah, another podcast. So exciting. So our first podcast appearing very nice. First today

Mikko Miller 8:20
indeed indeed.

Kevin Rucker 8:23
On March 1, right, yes.

Mikko Miller 8:24
Oh damn.

breeze man. T three songs.


Calvin Tilokee 8:47
You know Mikko Mikko just go straight in

Mikko Miller 8:52
their mind anyway.

Calvin Tilokee 8:55
Anyway, anyway, Kev, why don’t you tell the audience how we know each other maybe you could explain it in a more clarified way than I did backstage.

Kevin Rucker 9:05
So in simple terms, your brother’s best friends with my brother. So that makes us obvious friends. So you know, they went to college together. We you know, we don’t hang out all the time. But you know, when we see each other it’s all love it’s always love So yeah, I think that’s an easy way to put it.

Yaretsy 9:21
I think so. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 9:22
Yeah, that’s pretty good. That’s pretty good. And and Yari introduce yourself to the audience please.

Yaretsy 9:27
Yes, so my name is yet it see my k daddy. And I have been with this young man here for seven years so Actually, no, you know, cow and calf through him obviously. You know, your brother Kevin’s very competitive. I actually played with him beer pong, and I was kind of cheating. He was really mad at me.

Kevin Rucker 9:50
Yeah, we at least do these crazy house parties. Yeah house and you know, gallons of honey were poured those yet and Beer Pong played all night and was Kev Kev was with one of my boys on a team. And Yachty he shot the ball on Yachty like slap the ball. Why the shoot? Yeah.

Yaretsy 10:14
So that’s like the most viral memory. But yeah, going back to like the intro like

Kevin Rucker 10:24
beer pong is sacred. You kinda stepped on the toes of sacred ground here and

Yaretsy 10:31
I was having a blast.

Kevin Rucker 10:37
silo your girl gotta chill, bro. Yo,

Calvin Tilokee 10:45
yo, speaking of competition, we used to play spades heavy. Yeah. Ah, me and Mikko Went, went to University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. So HBCU. Right. Nice. And Mikko let you tell your story after but I don’t know if you remember this one. We had a friend named James. He had a girlfriend so his girlfriend used to come and she was wanting to play spades. But y’all know I mean, y’all. People of color. You know how competitive spades gets? Oh, yeah. And she wasn’t very good. But that’s his girl. So he got to play with her. So, every night but we used to have the tournament lined up, they’d be in the room. And you could hear him through the door like giving her like sort of a pep talk, but kind of like, yo, if you don’t want to play like don’t really play. like, yo, yo, you got you gotta take it serious. All right. Listen, I know I know. It’s a game I know be playing but I’ll just take this for real. Okay, I think speaks to the heart.

Yaretsy 11:42
Yeah, that’s us during a beer pong, but you know, the time you’re five beers in is like, I haven’t so much. And he’s like, bro, you focus like ever made a cup in like, 30 minutes. So yeah,

Kevin Rucker 12:01
he hasn’t stepped on the speeds table. You know?

Yaretsy 12:04
I’m, like, very afraid to

Kevin Rucker 12:06
Yeah, so she’s seen how really gets nervous. I think we’re in Virginia that time they tried to get you to play. Yeah, I refuse. But yeah, she’s Yeah, we’ll get her in eventually. You know. It’s gonna happen. You know, if you lose, you lose. You know?

Mikko Miller 12:35
They threaten people’s lives over space.

No, that’s just crazy. You know how old we are. We’re so old. I don’t think we ever played beer pong. In college.

Yaretsy 12:55
No way. No, no, no,

Calvin Tilokee 12:57
that wasn’t a thing, man. No, that was Yeah, that wasn’t a thing. Wow. No, honestly, honestly, for real. Like our generation didn’t do drinking games. We just drank like, we were just happy to be drinking. I actually had this conversation not too long ago with with with some people, like some colleagues from work, and they were, you know, younger, you know, probably in that mid 20s range. And it’s like, they talk about Oh, you never played this game. Like they had shit. Like they would take the pizza box and play battle shots. Like battleship. And like, like, ya know, the game battleship.

Kevin Rucker 13:33
I know. Yeah, yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 13:35
Yeah. So they would they’d make a checkerboard on a pizza box inside, right? So they have like two pizza boxes back to back. So you can’t see the other person’s board and you’d line up shots where you think they are. And if you call out the number and other person’s board, they got to take a shot. And I had never heard of this before. I was like, What the fuck? And they were like, Oh, you never heard of this. I’m like, see y’all. privilege. priviledged Okay, yo, yo, alcohol is is accessible. We were just happy to have it. So the minute we got it, we just got fucked up. We didn’t have time for games. We have

so now we’d have played beer pong and shit like that. That was way after for me. I did that at like office parties.

Yaretsy 14:21
That sounds really interesting.

Calvin Tilokee 14:22
Yeah. Oh, shit. We got some wild office parties. But we’ll save that for the post show. I’ll tell you about those afterwards. But um, so how did you guys meet? You know, we got a we got a hit a love story. How did the wolf and unicorn get together, though? So

Yaretsy 14:37
it’s a very modern speaking of you know, aging ourselves is a very modern love story. We actually met on Twitter. Oh, so yeah, so we were obviously Well, for those of you who don’t know, I’m from Providence, Rhode Island. So I’m not a New Yorker. So we were actually long distance for a while. So Kevin I was following me and he would always like reply to my tweets and like even when they were like in Spanish there he would like like it and stuff. I always saw his name it was just like a common name to see like in my notifications, but I never thought anything of it.

Kevin Rucker 15:14
Oh my name.

Yaretsy 15:15
Oh god Roy T. Thompson that’s like is like that was my burner cats.

Yeah and then the photo it wasn’t his face like it was just he was like smoking hookah and the photo so you couldn’t see his face?

Kevin Rucker 15:36
clouds. Yeah,

Yaretsy 15:36
yeah, that’s why I never really paid attention to him. Because it’s like, it’s not a person. Like there’s nothing attached to this account. Like there’s no person. So since he was like a common, you know, name that I saw, I would see him on my timeline as well. So one day he tweeted like, oh, for my next day, I’m gonna bring her to the casino. And I was like, oh, when are we going? Like as a joke? And he DM me, like, immediately. Like,

that’s so funny, cuz I don’t even like the casino. I was just like, joking around. And I was like, oh, for real, like, yeah, like, I’ll go out with you. And then he’s like, oh, text me. And I’m like, I don’t even have like, what is this? So we started talking and texting. One part. Oh, boy, was the part cuz I was like,

Kevin Rucker 16:29
I’ll come scoop you right now.

Yaretsy 16:30
Yeah, yeah, he was like, I’ll come right now. Oh, like a free you know, we have like a kind of like a virtual thing going for a little bit like we FaceTime and toss and tax. And then about a month and he came to Providence and like, took me out on a date. And everyone was convinced that he was gonna murder me. You’re gonna go meet this guy you met on Twitter? Like this is super weird and right. And I was like, No, it’s fine. Like I’ve faced him before. And everyone’s like, bro, do not go to this date. Like this guy.

Kevin Rucker 17:28
I’m a bit of a creep. Meanwhile, I mean, well, yeah.

Yaretsy 17:38
I forgot anything else? No,

Kevin Rucker 17:40
I think that that took us about a month to get together and actually meet but uh, first thing went well, so we carried on from there. Yep.

Calvin Tilokee 17:49
So what was the first date? Did y’all do?

Kevin Rucker 17:52
We did like, Good shit. No, we, what did we do? We went to dinner first. And then we went to get some drinks at this bar. Yeah, didn’t even like who’s I don’t know.

Yaretsy 18:08

Kevin Rucker 18:10
She picked it up.

Yaretsy 18:12
I don’t know. I was like, I don’t know what to do. Like, when you think about someone from New York is like people from New York have like access to absolutely everything. So when they come to like your small town to visit, it’s like, I don’t even know what should we do? Like, I don’t know. We went to dinner and they went to the bar into the hookah lounge. It was a very interesting day like it was raining outside and we had to. We went to the Hookah Bar, and they were like, Oh, it’s BYOB. So we were like, walking around trying to find a liquor store in the rain. And then you

Kevin Rucker 18:40
had like a Dominican delivery.

Yaretsy 18:42
Yeah. bootleg liquor before

Kevin Rucker 18:46
before drizzly was out there is this Dominican guy. Really, you know, making making a business out of it. So I

Yaretsy 18:52
texted to be honest.We were together the whole day. I wasn’t even thinking of, you know, like, crazy as day it was just like, you know, just going on a date. But it turned out to be this like, crazy adventure with this guy from New York, right that I never met.

Kevin Rucker 19:32
It was very big. Our entire relationship has been like an adventure. Yeah, I think that’s what kind of keeps it going.

Yaretsy 19:38
Yeah, that’s true.

Kevin Rucker 19:38
We have a blast. Like, every day. Yeah. Even we’re not doing that. And it just, you know, we could be live and I say something crazy or funny and we just laugh like an hour. So yeah, that’s pretty much how we met.

Calvin Tilokee 19:53
Nice nice that you remember them days Mikko?

Mikko Miller 19:56
I do many many, many moons ago. A woman I’m not even gonna front To be honest, my wife and I have a very, very, very, very good sense of humor. And I think that’s what keeps our relationship strong is the the fact that we can just crack the fuck up and like sidesplitting hurting type of laughing and that’s probably the highlight of our relationship. You know, fuck all the sex and all the other mushy stuff. The laughter the jokes. That’s what kind of like, keeps us together? I guess you can say that’s like the glue of our relationship.

Calvin Tilokee 20:33
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Oh, for sure. Man, for sure. Like, the other day of the day. My wife’s cooking, right. And she had a lot of shit to do in there. So I want to be a dick. And just like, I don’t be on a PlayStation, you know? So like, let me hang around to help us. Um, no, but she really want me to do anything.

Yaretsy 20:52
I said help in quotes.

Calvin Tilokee 20:54
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I was like, you know, just different moral support at this point. You know, so I was just like, I’m hanging around. She put on some some old too. And so like, I started feeding in some songs, some old reggae some shabba ranks and shit like that. shaba so I just thought, Yeah, I just started dance. I’m like doing the Bogo behind her shit. Like, she’s like, What the fuck is wrong with? You definitely. Definitely gotta keep it fun. Definitely. I keep it fun.

Yaretsy 21:24
Yeah, I mean, we we have a ton of fun. Like Kevin said, sometimes we just like laugh for like, hours at a time. Like, just joke after joke. And there’s like, no limit, you know, like, we push our boundaries when it comes to comedy. Like it could be, you know, very dark or crazy. Something that we would never say like outside, but we just say here like, laughs

Kevin Rucker 21:46
I was telling her the other day, I was like, I’ve been in past relationships. And everything I say is like offensive person sounds like. So I could literally say anything. And either it’s funny, or it’s not. But I could just say it, right? It’s not like, oh, get out of my house.

Calvin Tilokee 22:07
What’s the worst thing you said? to an ex where she was just like, you know what, man get the fuck out of here.

Kevin Rucker 22:15
kind of thing. You know, I don’t think about other women. Honestly, I can’t think of one offhand. I mean, it’s just like a blur. It’s like, you know, eight years ago now at this point? Yeah. Yeah. Last time I was in a relationship. So it’s hard to think of any way I remember some offensive things. But, you know, I’ve never been kicked out of the house per se. I’ve been slapped once or twice, you know?

Yaretsy 22:58
Crazy. That’s crazy. But

Kevin Rucker 23:00
Yachty knows I say some outlandish things. In here, yeah. But a lot of people, most people, I think most people won’t be able to take some of the, you know, things we feel comfortable saying at home. Sure. But you need to be able to be yourself. That’s

Calvin Tilokee 23:17
exactly right. Nothing worse than somebody who ain’t got a sense of humor. So it is important, but I’m gonna feed in a quick story. So I can tell you where, like, I knew me and my ex just wasn’t gonna work out. Mikko already heard this story. So he’s going to join us again. Again, we went we went to school down Eastern Shore, Maryland is like nothing to do there. Right. So you either go to that one liquor store in princess and Maryland, or you have to drive to salsbury where there was a mall was like 20 minutes away. So not a lot of restaurants. So I took my girl out to the Olive Garden. So that should have to be a big it had to be like anniversary or some shit like that. Because you don’t just be going Olive Garden.

Kevin Rucker 24:04
Mm hmm.

Calvin Tilokee 24:05
So when Olive Garden and my ex had grown up in that area down in like rural Maryland, right, so I get there, obviously we get in pasta. She gets a plate of pasta. She doesn’t know how to twirl it. So I’m not judging that I mean, you just don’t know shit, right? So I’m trying to teach her how to do it. And she tries once she tries twice, couldn’t get just fuck it. I’m just gonna cut it. And she takes out a knife and fork and starts cutting her pasta. And I immediately you know, you don’t know how to like it was you know, commercials like with it with the record, scratch it like that you’re wondering how I got here. You know, I’m sitting in here like no joke, like shit flash in front of my eyes because I’m big on traveling. I love traveling. And I was always like, that was the moment where I realized how important it was to me. Because I’m like, Listen, I want to go to Italy. I want to get like handmade pasta and go to these little mom and pop restaurants and get the real shit. And you ain’t gonna be embarrassing the shit out of me. Oh, wait outside. Okay, well, I’ve finished my shit. No, you know, no joke in that moment. I was like, Nah, this is done.

Yaretsy 25:18

Calvin Tilokee 25:19
Yeah, that was a wrap. We stayed together for a little bit after that, but when I look back, that’s when I knew the show wasn’t it wasn’t gonna work. The beginning of the end. Yeah, that was it right then like, because it bothered me the fact that you didn’t even really want to try something new. Right? I’m not judging that you don’t know people know things, you know, but no, no, I’m just gonna cut it and then like we’d go out to restaurants you just want to get chicken everywhere that you notice other things? Cheesecake Factory menu is like encyclopedia does a lot of pages. things here besides chicken?

Yaretsy 25:58
She wasn’t adventurous.

Kevin Rucker 26:00
No. Are you would you know, in my younger days, I would enjoy that. You know, because I didn’t want to spend money. If I can get Friday’s date, happy hour, half off the wings and Eve always

Yaretsy 26:13
calculate every little thing. Like, you know, like, just look at every single detail and be like, Alright, cool. I can make this

Kevin Rucker 26:21
bigger stretch. Stretch this mistake all the way up full all day, girl.

Mikko Miller 26:29

Calvin Tilokee 26:50
Cool. All right. Let’s start getting into the hip hop portion of this this episode. Alright. Oh, you know, I mean, gosh, shout out. Yeah, ages, you know like that. But obviously, no, Mikko and I 40 Plus, y’all, not 30 plus.

Mikko Miller 27:12
I believe in a

Calvin Tilokee 27:15
generation gap here. So we know we want to talk talk to him hip hop, about how y’all view things. So the question I want to start out with is what era of hip hop is the best? And why is it the 90s?

Yaretsy 27:33
Okay, I feel like I’m gonna get judged so hard during this portion of the podcast,

Mikko Miller 27:40
because you said Little Yachty I’ma leave right now.

Yaretsy 27:48
I’m like, kind of embarrassed to say, you know, just because like, first of all, I I feel. So what’s the question? Like was my favorite like rapper? You can

Calvin Tilokee 28:00
start with that. I said, best era, but you know,

Yaretsy 28:04
for like, I don’t know, anything, you know? Like before the 90s. So I’m gonna say the 90s. But I’m also gonna contradict myself when I say who my favorite rapper is?

Kevin Rucker 28:18
Who’s your favorite?

Yaretsy 28:19
I’m embarrassed to say because it’s Drake.

Kevin Rucker 28:28
He’s got the heat right now.

Yaretsy 28:30
I mean, I feel like there’s there’s room for everyone for like, there’s room for like the hardcore lyricist. There is room for like, you know, the freestyle god, there’s room for like people who just mumble rap this or that. And I feel like, in the most recent, like years, Drake has kind of slid through all of those. So I definitely feel like he’s covered a lot of ground. And I really like his style. I really like that he can like, kind of just adjust with anything he can make, like how people say like the bops. And he can also make, you know, like, right, like hard hardcore raps and like, obviously, he was like, in a crazy beef with Meek Mill and he kind of handled himself there. So I that’s why I’m gonna say and that’s my

Calvin Tilokee 29:23

Yaretsy 29:24
But he was very influenced also by like, 90s rap. So I think my my answer is yes, respect. That’s cool.

Calvin Tilokee 29:34
I’d say my opinion. I mean, Drake is a great artist. Okay. I don’t know how great a rapper he is. But he’s a good artist that in my opinion.

Yaretsy 29:48
I can take that.

Calvin Tilokee 29:50
When when I really kind of just gave up on Drake. I’m gonna be I’m gonna be real like I like a lot of the songs that is called bangers right. Yeah, you know, like, Listen, he’s on some hits. There’s some songs out there you’re gonna be like, yeah, this motherfucker spit in right now, you know, but once I heard the rumor about him need having the Ghost Rider and all that it was like you know, you know as all heads we lose respect for that because not everybody wrote this shit and if you didn’t that was like the ultimate this. Yeah it wasn’t right and you should it was like yo this week. So that rumor kind of perpetuated for a while. And what I really lost it was when the Raptors won the one two championship. Yeah, I was like, What? Oh, no. All I knows is I got my chips with the dip. You’re supposed to be the best rapper on the planet. That’s the best wordplay you can give me right now. I was like, Nah, bro. I was like, he definitely has a ghost writer. That that solidified it right there. There’s no more debate whether he has that solidified because somebody does shit. He says on wax. There’s not that.

Yaretsy 31:09
I have my thoughts about like ghost writing, too. And I feel like maybe it is like a generational thing. Like I actually don’t mind if like to know that artists have other people help them with their songs. Because I feel like for like, singers, you know, they have songwriters. So it’s like, kind of your instrument is like your voice and your flows. If you have somebody assisting you in the in the lyrics department, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. So I do think that maybe that’s like a generational thing. Because I do hear a lot of like, you know, people who are fans of like, older rappers and like the legends and like the biggies, and the Tupac is always like, Oh, you know, it’s all about, like, who writes the raps? I don’t like, but it’s, I mean, is it really, cuz you’re so like the persona, you have the voice, which is the biggest instrument, which is like, kind of like the talent, right? And then you have like, the image and the brand and everything. So it’s like, I kind of don’t mind that, that rappers have, you know, people who help them in writing their lyrics.

Calvin Tilokee 32:12
Yeah, Ghost writers. He was he wasn’t in the room when she discovered written

my last piece on and I’ll let you guys jump in there. I think it’s more important to the older heads and hip hop for stuff to be written because of where it started. Because it was all about a message. Everything when hip hop started in through the 90s was like, we’re telling stories with telling about the black experience life in the hood and everything. And now, the more recent rap is just, it’s a bit more generic, where it’s like, Hey, we just out having a good time or whatever. And I guess yeah, it’s not as important now. But that’s why the overheads like us is like, if Listen, if you didn’t write it, we ain’t trying to hear it. You know, because everybody wrote this shit back then. And it was like you’re telling something that was unique to you and your story? So the minute you we found out that hey, he didn’t say that. That wasn’t really him or he wasn’t really living that life is like, well, you’re weak now.

Mikko Miller 33:14
You mean to tell me saying Gucci gang 100 times in a song is not a genius.

Calvin Tilokee 33:22
I mean, at least least you know, he wrote that if he needed help with that. He got real.

Mikko Miller 33:27
Yeah, if he had a ghostwriter for Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang. Oh my god.

Kevin Rucker 33:34
Just add on the Drake thing real quick. I’ve been a Drake fan since like, oh 607 comeback season mixtapes and I know he can spit. Like I know for sure he’s got bars before he had any money or friends. He had mixtapes and if you don’t believe he’s writing his rhymes, listen to those tapes. He has bars I’m telling you. I know a few things. He probably didn’t right. You know, there’s reference tracks. I think everybody has reference tracks. You know if they like something they use it if they don’t, they don’t use it, but I can’t invalidate all of the stuff he’s done. Just because of a couple of rumors. Honestly, because I know that man I know the boy cuz fitment

Mikko Miller 34:12
I know defend yo shit. There you go defend yo shit. Man.

Kevin Rucker 34:23
Might be a few bars in you know, maybe somebody sent him you know, whatever. But

Calvin Tilokee 34:28
I’m just saying I was very disappointed. chips with the dip.

Kevin Rucker 34:33
You got me on that.

Calvin Tilokee 34:37
I was like, wait.

Kevin Rucker 34:39
The man is a cornball.

Yaretsy 34:46
He’s a cornball and that’s just that.

Calvin Tilokee 34:51
Everybody you know you gotta be like a school shit. My

Mikko Miller 34:59
favorite. retired now.

Calvin Tilokee 35:02
Oh yeah, sure you can still spit though. Yeah. You know, he

Mikko Miller 35:06
tried to make a comeback that shit flopped. So, for all the red man red man in the 90s was my favorite rapper. So,

Kevin Rucker 35:13
okay. Yeah,

Mikko Miller 35:15
so he’s a he’s a nobody now, so shout out to red man.

Yaretsy 35:21

Kevin Rucker 35:24
Method Man. I see more acting he doesn’t really rap anymore. The other day.

Mikko Miller 35:31
relevant. I think Redman had a one track that he came out with maybe two, three years ago, but then I had nothing else after that. Yeah, it’s all good, though.

Kevin Rucker 35:41
Yeah. Not everybody’s built for you know, longevity. Yeah.

Mikko Miller 35:44
Okay. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 35:46
This he had a moment. Yes. Right. I mean, Redman is a legend.

Kevin Rucker 35:49

Calvin Tilokee 35:50
He’s definitely on the I won’t say Mount Rushmore because it’s like three or four.

Mikko Miller 35:57
I mean, I liked the guy.

Calvin Tilokee 36:02
Used to get in. In high school. We liked it, like the top students in the country like he’s in that book of

Mikko Miller 36:09
National Honors or whatever. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 36:14
He’s not on a roll. on a roll.

Mikko Miller 36:20
Maybe? Me? Maybe.

Calvin Tilokee 36:26
I know, I would think so. I mean, if you talking top 50 for sure. Without a doubt, without a doubt. I think bread man’s got to be in there. Alright,

Mikko Miller 36:37
I’ll give you that. I’ll give you that.

Calvin Tilokee 36:39
So Kev, who’s your favorite rapper,

Kevin Rucker 36:42
rapper from the 90s. or just in general, every

Calvin Tilokee 36:44
all time.

Kevin Rucker 36:46
I have to go with Jay Z. Just I grew up listening to my brother. You know, that’s all he listened to all day. That’s all I listened to. Just to see him still making music in the recent years. It’s amazing to me. And still making good music, not just music. So I have to go with Jay when it comes of all time favorite,

Mikko Miller 37:07
favorite album? What’s the favorite app? Um,

Kevin Rucker 37:13
I know what I’m supposed to say. Well, reasonable doubt, of course, is obvious, but I really like that hard knock. Volume Volume One. That’s like, one of my favorites.

Mikko Miller 37:30

Kevin Rucker 37:31
I could jam to that anytime. And low key the rock la familia. It’s not all him. But that album goes hard to

Calvin Tilokee 37:39
yo. You got me remembering CD covers.

Kevin Rucker 37:43
Oh, yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 37:47
That’s that’s when you have to listen to the whole album because like, you had to put that shit in your Walkman. Right? Use that little cassette adapter? For an album, you listen to that album? Yeah, yeah, that big book would like with the CDs use a slight different time slot. Yeah, I gotta be driving Mikko will be on that. But like, yo, let’s let’s put in the CD. Listen to that. Let me hear one more time before we change the CD. Yeah. He’s that he needed a DJ and straight out. So for me for me is DMX. dmx back in it. He

Kevin Rucker 38:35
used to be my favorite, you know? Yeah, but I just think about the longevity. We’ll see he’s supposed to drop a new album, right?

Calvin Tilokee 38:43
I don’t even know. I mean, listen, I listen to DMX new shit. I mean, yeah. That’s why that’s why I say because we get into these kind of debates on here a lot when you know people talk about you know, like, like the gold LeBron or Jordan or whatever. It’s like, Listen, he could be your favorite but yes, yeah, exactly. It makes it my favorite. I would never say he’s the best rapper. They got the longevity of Jay and a lot of guys but right from like, 96 Yeah. 2000 you can do shit with DMX. Right?

Kevin Rucker 39:26
No, I love the dude. Man. He gets me so high, but I still have a lot of his music on my gym playlists. Oh, yeah. You know, you have to you have to.

Yaretsy 39:35
He was recently on the verses he did.

Kevin Rucker 39:36
I was shocked by the belly. Yeah, man.

Mikko Miller 39:43
That was no Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Kevin Rucker 39:46
yeah, that was Snoop Dogg first dogs. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 39:50
Yeah, yeah, Max was just known for that just like jail body. You know me. You know I saw somebody say somebody was like, Listen, you know what that mean? He live in good because back in the days that was that was coke DMX and like struggling.

Kevin Rucker 40:09
Right, right.

Calvin Tilokee 40:09
I mean he lived in good now so good for him. Alright, so since you did Jay Z fan on a panel, you gotta ask the age old question. Who won Jay Z on us?

Kevin Rucker 40:30
I think longevity longevity? You know, I think Jay Z still releases music whenever NAS does to this day. Yeah. But not shut New York down with those diss tracks, man. I don’t know, man. True. You.

Calvin Tilokee 40:50
You think ether was better than takeover?

Kevin Rucker 40:53
I have to say ether was better. ether. ether. I don’t know, man. We were bopping that for years, man. Yeah. That’s like when when Drake made the song for me. And he was doing full stadium tours with that song. Man, I just remembered the bombs dropping on on radio flex. Just drop it in the ether. I was just like, yo, yo, everybody like everybody’s a fan out sila. Yo, you heard that shit. Yeah, I don’t think Taiko was fire. But I just feel like ether had more effect on the culture.

Calvin Tilokee 41:31
impact. Yeah, yeah, I can’t I can’t disagree with that at all. That last statement for sure. I think is because everybody says that when you talk about a diss track or anything like your that was the ether of whatever. Right? Right. Yeah, no, I definitely won’t debate that. But I think if you just go track for track, I’m going crazy.

Kevin Rucker 41:50
You gotta you gotta I mean because nobody thinks about any of these other tracks except

Calvin Tilokee 41:56
no even even takeovers. either. I would go take over because yeah, yeah, I mean, cuz I don’t think it’s standard test the time you listen to ether now. Nas gets in his feelings a lot. He talks a lot about the way Jay Z looks. And it’s kind of like this weak dog like Jay Z with facts. And you come to about Yo, you got big lips. Really. All I hear

Kevin Rucker 42:19
is the boom folk jersey in the background and back.

Calvin Tilokee 42:26
Like if you really listened to my Spotify it over the past few years and I’m listening to it is the same thing. You know that that beat coming, you’re like, gosh, then you actually sit there and listen, and you’re like, wait, why is he talking about how he looks

Kevin Rucker 42:37
right? And I’m thinking about the time period, like we were roasting each other crazy back then. Like getting roasted on a track was a big, like a huge deal. You know, like, people at the top of the world in the hip hop game roasting just what we do every day. So it’s like yeah, no. It was probably childish, but uh,

Calvin Tilokee 43:01
I guess back in that time.

Mikko Miller 43:08
longevity wise we all know Jay Z you want I mean, fuck Jay Z Beyonce. Jay Z. I just leave that in. Notice that shit

Kevin Rucker 43:25
is winning. We gotta

Mikko Miller 43:29
we gotta get in the game of life Jay Z one hands down.

Calvin Tilokee 43:39
We go find out Jay Z is like a witness of

Mikko Miller 43:47

Calvin Tilokee 43:48
it’s like some shallow hell shit. Like when do you see Daisy?

Mikko Miller 43:57
That’s a hunk of a man right there. That’s some chocolate. What is it? What

Kevin Rucker 44:02
is the big thing babe? What do they think about Jay? Oh,

Yaretsy 44:07
Jay Z.

Mikko Miller 44:11
Oh, yeah.

Yaretsy 44:12
Yeah, I mean, before he you know, before the infidelities and before lemonade. The you know the beehive. Yonsei his fanbase wasn’t like too fond of him because they the same thing. They’re always like, you know? She deserves more like that’s our queen. place she deserves so much more. And then after lemonade came out and everyone found out that he had been you know, faithful and stuff. People just absolutely hate him. Like they hate his guts. Like how dare you cheat on me and say you know you cheat on me and say let them

Calvin Tilokee 44:47
for real

Yaretsy 44:52
cheesy. You can even catch your breath when you’re on stage. He old man

Calvin Tilokee 45:10
So if the beehive could pick an appropriate match for Beyonce, who would it have been? Oh,

Yaretsy 45:16
I don’t know. That’s a really good question. I really feel like there’s no one. Like, like, like I said, we’re like, you know,

Kevin Rucker 45:26
she’s a sexual.

Yaretsy 45:28
She’s just just be herself. Just be the queen by yourself. I’m trying to think like, I know that the there’s a lot of like, rumors about her having like a little crush on LeBron. And a lot of people, a lot of people play into that because they’re like, Oh, you know, he’s ballplayer. He’s super successful. He’s like a sweet man. He treats Savannah like the queen. Like, she should have ended up with him instead. So I’ve seen a lot of LeBron.

Calvin Tilokee 46:00
So maybe you’re the dude who could like from a star status. could even compare?

Yaretsy 46:07
Yeah, probably. Yeah, that’s true.

Kevin Rucker 46:09
Yeah. Tiger Woods.

Yaretsy 46:12

Calvin Tilokee 46:30
is like the definitely in the same stratosphere? Right. Like stars that has but they couldn’t be more different. Tiger Woods would be

Mikko Miller 46:42
like, I can’t even be

Calvin Tilokee 46:47
at a concert with that black. That black fitted cap in the front row.

Mikko Miller 46:57
chiclet teeth. Teeth boy.

Calvin Tilokee 47:07
All right. All right. So before we wrap up the interview with whichever podcast Tell us about your show. How’d you guys get started with that?

Yaretsy 47:16
Yeah, so we got started with a wolf and unicorn First, we named our brand live wolf. And the podcast was named the hunt. So Kevin had a kind of like a, I don’t know, what would you call it a brand? or?

Kevin Rucker 47:32
Yeah, I mean, we I still use the name wolf house for a lot of the stuff we do. Because that’s kind of how all this stuff got started. You know, I was hanging out in the wolf house, which was my parents house at the time. Right. Just having drinks, having a good time. So the actual podcast, we know, we threw parties and stuff, but we started a podcast, me and my boy, Greg, it was originally called the hunt. Like, yeah, he said, but uh, I was just I was kind of just, you know, I’m a quiet person, I don’t really talk outside of the podcast, honestly. So we just needed a place to kind of speak our mind vent and talk trash, say whatever we want, you know, and also give people some type of inspiration, because I had just got out of surgery that year, the year after I had a spine surgery. So, you know, I, you know, I was like, let me use my voice a little more. So, you know, as a chance I couldn’t walk possibly wouldn’t be able to live, you know, so, you know, just like, I’m gonna use my voice and speak to people and, you know, and just have a good time. So,

Calvin Tilokee 48:35
yes, I try to get through to why should we even have? Yeah, I

Kevin Rucker 48:45
only mentioned it like, once on the podcast, like that first one of those first few episodes, but that was that was the only time I really mentioned it. But yeah, it’s a crazy experience. But you know, when I got back to normal, I was like, let me get my thoughts out, let me get these ideas out. So we were doing that for a while podcast wise, and blog. And then, you know, I guess a couple years, we podcasting for like, four years now. And I would say, you know, during those first two years, Yachty would come on as a guest every now and then. Mainly because she lives in Rhode Island. So she couldn’t just, you know, get on the pod whenever the technology really wasn’t like it is now or you know, everything like we can just do this and we’re all in different areas in different places. So when she came over, we did it. And then once she moved here, we officially made the name wolfen unicorn for the podcast, change the website, change the branding, and she’s you know, she really loves marketing. So, you know, really having her on here. So for I was kind of doing everything so, you know, definitely bringing her on and she definitely does, you know, a good amount of work and, you know,

Calvin Tilokee 49:56
that laptop now Thank you.

Kevin Rucker 50:04
Congratulations, you’ve been promoted. Yeah, that’s kind of how the podcast came about.

Yaretsy 50:16
Yeah. I mean, we, like you said initially were just you guys were just venting talking. It was pretty wild. It was. Yeah, it was crazy. It was just two guys in the studio drinking and this Yeah,

Kevin Rucker 50:29
we would like get blasted like wasted.

Yaretsy 50:31
Yeah, it was. It was chaotic.

Kevin Rucker 50:34
I’d edited sober Of course, but the original, the original letter here actually some of the unedited version Oh boy.

Yaretsy 50:47
What are you guys doing? so concerned. But But yeah, we in the beginning, I was just kind of like an outlet to vent and have a good time. But when I moved to New York, we we kind of just polished up on like our, our mission and what we wanted to bring to to our listeners and our audience. So we have been just focusing on you know, collaboration and relationships. So building relationship with our guests, and also having our guests build relationships among themselves. So before pre COVID, we had a lot of events, we would have, you know, live music and comedy and poetry and raffles and a lot of fun stuff. And you know, our guests would meet each other and end up collaborating themselves. So we were just really fostering community and building relationships with with a bunch of cool dope ass people. Yeah,

Kevin Rucker 51:37
yeah, that’s the idea of wolf house is bringing all these crazy cool people together. And you know, just kidding. We all share something in common. We like to have a good time and have a couple drinks. Some people like to smoke whatever your pleasure is. You know, we’ll have a wolf house. Come on down.

Yaretsy 51:54
That stole from the unicorn. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 51:56
Okay, okay. Well, that’s a perfect outro perfect though, so you guys sticking around for the segments we got? I don’t like that jerk. We got get off my lawn. We got a lot of stuff. Yeah,

Kevin Rucker 52:09
we’ll stick around. Let’s do it right off. Right.

Calvin Tilokee 52:11
All right. So we set it off with that job. So this is segment where we just talk about whatever asshole this ridiculous this week.

Mikko Miller 52:23
Right? I don’t like that jerk at McDonald’s. That forgot to add my chicken nuggets sweet and sour sauce to my bag and tossed in some tartar sauce in a cup instead. You’re lucky I didn’t notice that I was back at work had to eat dried chicken nuggets. Fuck you dude. Actually was fucking crazy. I ordered six piece chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce. That input sweet and sour sauce on it. Instead he put tartar sauce in a cup. Put it in my bag, rolled up my bag and sent me on my merry way. No Madison a cup bro.

Fuck you.

Calvin Tilokee 53:13
This dude was like yo, I can’t find a page. Just throw some. Some tartar sauce in it. Go for this motherfucking

Mikko Miller 53:20
chicken nuggets one. Which you know what? I’m gonna put barbecue sauce. You could have put ketchup. I would have accepted honey mustard. Fucking sweet and sour sauce got replaced with tartar sauce. That’s just fucking retarded.

Calvin Tilokee 53:34
Oh my god. That’s ridiculous.

Mikko Miller 53:36
Yeah, so fuck that guy. Oh, so heated. I was so fucking pissed. I swear to God, I was so heated, man and I didn’t notice till I got to work. I got to work part. Yeah, went to my seat, open up my bag and said fuck.

Calvin Tilokee 53:59
Oh, shit. Guys. Good.

Yaretsy 54:03
I don’t like the jerk at the deli who was ordering my sandwich was like, Oh my gosh, you’re so beautiful. I can’t believe someone like you know, comes here lives around here. What’s your name? And I’m like, bro, I’m just trying to get you know, Italian sandwich like leave me alone. Meanwhile, I’m like and I know this doesn’t excuse like people’s you know, the the way that women dress shouldn’t be like a trigger or an excuse to how men approach women but I do like to mention that I was wearing like, Kevin’s coat like oversized coat. Like a huge, huge coat. I was wearing a hat and a mask. So you don’t even know like what I look like.

Calvin Tilokee 54:47
He was ready to shoot the shot though.

Yaretsy 54:50
like China like you know, spit game and I’m like trying to get a sandwich at the deli and also he was like, 80 years old.

Calvin Tilokee 55:01
That’s the most important part.

Yaretsy 55:04
Yeah, so yeah, I don’t like that jerk.

Calvin Tilokee 55:08
Got to give him credit. I mean, listen, he’s obviously clearly not worried about the looks. He’s just trying to get to know you, you know, but at I put him in a matter of Hey, you know, I see her coming all the time. I think she’s nice. She’s like, she’s she’s female. I don’t care. Right?

Mikko Miller 55:28
Yeah. 5050 shot right. Yes. It’s feeling frisky Yeah, I

Kevin Rucker 55:43
don’t know if this says Get off my lawn or I didn’t like that jerk might be both. So let’s get into it real quick.

Mikko Miller 55:49
You know,

Kevin Rucker 55:50
we live in a nice building, you know, got a parking garage there you know, I come home from work, you know, whatever, you know, parking garage. In here what six months? So we’ve been coming home from work you know, parking garage for six months now. In the last two or three months we got a new super in the building, right? And he blocks my spot every fucking time every day. It’s like consistent like he’s there every time I come home and he’s blocking my fucking spot and I fucking wait and maneuver around his car and figure out ways around

the shitty super to you know, it doesn’t take the garbage out when he needs to. Yeah, it’s like over overflowing all the time. His friends are always here. Yeah, he’s always smoking weed with his friends and like, you know, painting the walls and shit and like, do your fucking job. So yeah, I don’t like that jerk. Like that jerk.

Calvin Tilokee 56:52
Mine is uh, I stayed on the hip hop route. Because I came I became aware of these lyrics recently. Meek Mill. Now I’m talking about Meek Mill made some lyrics mentioned in Kobe, quote unquote if I ever lack I’m going out with my chopper. It’ll be another Kobe. See? You know what? Bitch like I never like Meek Mill. Again, he’s got a couple of songs but he always screaming on the track for some reason. He sounds like he’s always yelling I can’t stand that shit. But this might be why you should have a stop you Korea after Drake body the shit out of you? But be maybe hire his ghostwriter because this is probably why you shouldn’t write your own shit this is a case study in when you should probably put the pen down Come on bro. Like I’m not about canceled culture but fuck Meek Mill for that.

Yaretsy 57:51
I agreed.

Mikko Miller 57:55
You want here smash it after two?

Yaretsy 57:57
Yeah, he was like the fun of themselves. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 58:00
yeah, you post this up? like fuck your feelings or some shit like that.

Kevin Rucker 58:04
We deleted it after But

Calvin Tilokee 58:07
yeah, I mean come on dude like this. Like the whole culture you know stood up for you when you were in jail and all that shit and this is what you do. I mean, I don’t even know how that crosses your mind to be like really? Just write it down and then spit it out like really? At no point did that should say huh you know what? That’s a bad idea

Mikko Miller 58:35
you know use them you know dreams a nightmare says album. The intro. That’s like my favorite Meek Mill song and that’s saying something. I like the intro in one of his albums. Seriously,

Calvin Tilokee 58:49
I mean, I like my favorite song is that is a Rick Ross I don’t know whose actual song that is but

Mikko Miller 58:56
I don’t like Rick Ross either fuck that guy too.

Kevin Rucker 59:03
We got another episode. Maybach music

Mikko Miller 59:09
you know what I give props to walay but that’s about it in that group, Wally only only cuz he read Baltimore, but you know, or DC basically but as Baltimore’s close enough. Okay. Rick Ross. Rick Ross sucks, Bro. Bro.

Heavy breathing.

Calvin Tilokee 59:38
Like big fun back in the day. I can leave and listen to big fun songs anymore.

Nobody can edit that shit out.

Mikko Miller 59:50
You guys. You guys no Big Pun or no

Yaretsy 1:00:00
He asked me to name one of his songs. I’m gonna have to log out.

Mikko Miller 1:00:04
Only I like twins and don’t want to be a player. That’s us. You know? Everybody likes those.

Kevin Rucker 1:00:11

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:13
I got I got a fun fact about big pond. Y’all know the hotel he died in. I used to work at.

Mikko Miller 1:00:21
Wow. fact

Yaretsy 1:00:49
that Netflix show about the hotel. That’s

Mikko Miller 1:00:54
just crazy. I still haven’t watched

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:56
it. Yeah. Do you guys watch American Horror Story?

Kevin Rucker 1:01:00
No, I’ve seen a few episodes. I’ve never like watched.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:03
Okay, okay, because they did. They did a season called hotel. And I know for a fact this was like, they pulled a lot of stories from there. What they always do they pull real life stories and, and put it into the show. And after I saw this, I was like, they definitely pulled a lot of this stuff from there. But uh, yeah, that that series on Netflix is crazy. It’s crazy. All right, we don’t like those jerks, but you know who we do like the person from instacart. When they show up with fresh groceries. in as little as one hour, you can get unlimited delivery of handpicked items based on your preferences. And if you sign up by March 14, you can get an extra $20 off. Use the promo code new to zero off. To start your 14 day free trial. Hit the link in the show notes to let instacart know that midlife crisis podcast sent you. Alright, well. Now it’s time for. So this is a trivia segment. And as you guys are the guests he automatically in the hot seat. Oh, Mikko is gonna ask one trivia question. If you get it, we will congratulate you. If you don’t get it. You gotta say oh, no, that shit. keeping it real.

Mikko Miller 1:02:17
All right, you guys ready? Ready. So this this should be a pretty simple one since I’m the resident foodie in the podcast, and I recently had that little mishap at Mickey D so I’m going to ask a McDonald’s question. According to thrillist.com and read it. What is the most popular Chicken mcnugget sauce?

Kevin Rucker 1:02:48
I know what my name is like. You know? He know. I think everybody I’ve known as only ordered barbecue sauce with their nuggets and their fries. Yeah, maybe you might put a little honey mustard in your barbecue sauce. But never, never the other way around. So I just think their barbecue sauce is very distinct. Yes. And I’ve never tasted another barbecue sauce. Like their barbecue sauce. I agree. I’ve had better honey mustard before.

Yaretsy 1:03:29
Yeah. So so I’m between the barbecue and the sweet and sour. I know a lot of people will like that. But like you said like the just the barbecue is just so unique and so different. So if I had to pick between those two, I would definitely go with barbecue. And that was

Kevin Rucker 1:03:46
that one they released in like China. That was like crazy for a while. The sweet chili sauce? No, they had like, I think it was like, I don’t know, it was like a special China edition of a sauce and they had it out in America. Everybody’s like going nuts for a while.

Calvin Tilokee 1:04:02
Don’t forget tartar sauce.

Kevin Rucker 1:04:10
They just throw it in the bag. Well, you order the fish nuggets.

And I think we agree that final answer.

Mikko Miller 1:04:31
Actually, you know you guys were on the right track. According to thrillist and read it they did a poll and honey mustard is the most Yeah.

Honestly, I thought it was sweet. Or hands down. I completely thought it was sweet and sour hands down. But then you know the hood. They love that barbecue sauce. So I was like, barbecue sauce too. But yeah, honey mustard. You know, honey mustard, white people love honey mustard.

Kevin Rucker 1:05:08
They got McDonald’s too. I’m thinking, you know, I’m only thinking about my environment. Yeah, right. Yeah, me too.

Mikko Miller 1:05:15
But you know there’s a lot of Becky’s out there that love honey mustard.

Mr Becky’s shit.

Calvin Tilokee 1:05:33
Okay, now it’s time for my little rip.

Yaretsy 1:05:42
What if we don’t have a lawn?

Mikko Miller 1:05:47
I forgot. Okay, let me let

Calvin Tilokee 1:05:51
our guests live in Queens, right. So we’re going to rename it this week to get off my stoop.

I want people to get off my loan, which unsolicited opinions. Okay. So on Instagram, I put up questions because from time to time, and I might be asking a specific question. Some people feel this the time to give me opinions that I ain’t fucking asked for. Okay. recent example, I put out again, I’m moving to LA I’m looking for apartments. And I said, Hey, does anybody know good apartment buildings in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills or Burbank? Right? So simple fucking question. Somebody comes back with Beverly Hills is overrated. Did I fucking ask you? I don’t recall asking that question. That’s not helpful. And it ain’t what I asked the question to yourself. either answer what I asked you. Or don’t, but I didn’t fucking ask you how you felt about Beverly Hills. Get off my lawn.

Mikko Miller 1:06:59
That reminds me Samuel L Jackson when he goes I didn’t ask you a goddamn thing.

Calvin Tilokee 1:07:05
I don’t remember asking you what

Mikko Miller 1:07:06
you got. from both fiction if you guys didn’t know that’s from Pulp Fiction. Yeah.

Yaretsy 1:07:17
So I have a work related to get off my lawn. And it’s those people who email you on Sunday, Sunday afternoon with a special request. And then Monday 830 in the morning they want to follow up Oh, I just want to follow up on the above or below you know, it’s it’s it’s time sensitive. What are you? Are you serious right now? I just want to be like, Are you kidding? First of all you the initial email was during the weekend and you want to follow up before the day even starts. You want to follow up on the below please get off my lawn

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:06
love it

Kevin Rucker 1:08:08
Yeah, mine I think is fairly simple. You know we have to wear our masks and you know all day if you’re out of your house and all this stuff so I find it odd you know people are still smoking cigarettes in front of me when I’m you know, walking around. So blowing their fucking smoke I just was like, Where’s your math? How are you smoking the cigarettes? What’s your mask on what’s going on here? So yeah, get off my fucking stoop.

Mikko Miller 1:08:39
Mine is it’s 2021 emails been around for a long time everybody knows how to send emails whether you’re on your laptop your PC your Mac your cell phones everyone knows how to send a fucking email Mike get off my lawn is those people that like cc everyone accidentally on a big ass company? group mass email and then the assholes who respond and CC everyone else saying this doesn’t pertain to me. CCS everybody else and then have other people respond saying please get off this thing and cc’s everybody else on the fucking distribution list. Like get off my lawn with that shit like fucking reply to the last person that sent in just say Hey, take me off this list. call it a day. Why didn’t need to BCC or CC the whole distribution shit. You’re just as guilty as the first person that fucking did it. Get off my lawn. Amen.

Calvin Tilokee 1:09:35
Amen. You know, this will always remind me of the people in the movies who go you louder than everybody else. Shut the fuck up. Right?

Mikko Miller 1:09:47
You allow them. Okay,

Calvin Tilokee 1:09:49
we were done with that.

Mikko Miller 1:09:53

Calvin Tilokee 1:09:55
For you. Yes. Amen. That’s a great one.

Yaretsy 1:09:57

Calvin Tilokee 1:10:04
All right, now it’s time to wrap it up with the Chris Rock quote of the week since we were you know, talking relationships, and he goes, you know, after a while y’all won’t even talk. You just walk in housing. And you know why you stopped talking? Because at some point you have heard everything this person has to say, and it makes you sick to your stomach. It’d be like a baby you remember the time yeah but a time once you go with kidnap have some new shit happen to you.

Mikko Miller 1:10:35
makes you want to stab them in the back of the neck with a pencil.

I guess I’d go I guess I’d go again back to relationships to um, you know, men. us men and Chris Rock was talking about how you know us men thinking that we can just buy sex from women. You know, we always think we can buy sex. If I take it here. She’ll give me some if I buy her this she’ll give me some nothing gets you nothing. A woman knows if a woman knows if she’s gonna fuck you within the first five minutes of meeting you. women know right away they shaking the hands like I’m a fuck him. I hope you don’t say nothing too stupid.

Calvin Tilokee 1:11:21
You say something donut patties are coming up mighty fat.

Mikko Miller 1:11:25
Coming up mighty fat.

Kevin Rucker 1:11:34
Lord, Allah I’ll do pooky from New jack city.

No, I just googled it. I googled one.

Have one ready but this one I completely relate to. It’s not it’s very short. There are only three things women need in life food, water and complements. I don’t even know that’s Chris Rock quote. And I completely 100% agree with that. If I do those things daily and provide them to Yachty the day is much better.

Mikko Miller 1:12:16
And you know the men version of that. Chris Rock said it to in all men need is feed me fuck me and shut the fuck up.

Calvin Tilokee 1:12:39
All right. All right. We own a way out here. But I realized we forgot to do one thing. Mikko if we forgot, we’ve got to put Kevin a hot seat. Oh. Next. You know, man, a man. You know, I’ve known you a long time. How long were you with your girl before you propose?

Kevin Rucker 1:13:03
When I proposed

Calvin Tilokee 1:13:12
me it was about a year for me. And I’ve been married almost 14 years now. How about you Mikko?

Mikko Miller 1:13:18
You know what I proposed to my current wife now after the first year of meeting her and actually we’re celebrating our we just celebrated our fifth so yeah.

Kevin Rucker 1:13:29
Wow. What was it the you know, the first year?

Mikko Miller 1:13:33
Was it like waiting in the hot seat, bro. You are?

Kevin Rucker 1:13:37
I would never do it in the first year ever. Ever. Dude. Like for me.

Mikko Miller 1:13:43
For the first year, we didn’t have an argument. We laughed at every fucking thing that we’ve anything that we did. We always had a good time. I thoroughly enjoyed her company. And I already told myself I could just see myself spending every day with this person. Not be bored and not be miserable in it. I was like, that’s it. You know? That’s it. There’s no one else is gonna be like this for me. She’s like my perfect mate. So why if I mess this up later on, I’m gonna knock it out and lock it down right now before somebody else does.

Kevin Rucker 1:14:13
Right? Right.

Calvin Tilokee 1:14:15
Trust me, it’s like when when you know, you know? Yeah, it was. I just I just knew it. There was there was no other thought really. I think after about three months, and I was in love with her. And that was it.

Mikko Miller 1:14:31
She was like wildly bullshitting.

Calvin Tilokee 1:14:43
Never ready to settle down. We surrender.

me today before I show up I

Mikko Miller 1:14:56
got any other questions for Mr. Hot Seat over here.

Kevin Rucker 1:15:01
If you want to ask me other questions,

Calvin Tilokee 1:15:04
not I’m gonna just let you marinate and that was it.

Yaretsy 1:15:11
Yeah, let’s hear it. Let’s hear.

Mikko Miller 1:15:15
Yes, right,

Kevin Rucker 1:15:16
I can elaborate. No, obviously, we love each other. We wouldn’t be living in the same house, if we didn’t. For this long, at least, you know, some people are, you know, in situations they can’t get out of, for financial reasons and need that other person for that. But there’s a lot of love between us. And I would say the only reason we aren’t engaged or married at this point, is simple. I mean, we been together for so long, but we’ve only been together consistently, like, in the same place for just about two years now. So it’s, you know, we were long distance for so long, and I know what it felt like to miss her. And now that I don’t miss her anymore, and I can see her all the time, I feel like the relationship has just started a new branch. So not to say, you know, we’ll never get married or anything, but I think, you know, when the time comes, it’ll happen and it will happen. It just hasn’t happened yet. But we are on that path, obviously. Will for unicorn together forever. But yeah, it was it was just more, you know, the eight years it sounds crazy. Seven years, eight years sounds crazy on paper, but when you look when you dig in the details, it’s like, you know, she just moved here two years ago, we, you know, I didn’t know what it was like to see her every day. Yeah. So for me to make that decision would be, I think, irresponsible of me and her to just get married before we even live together. And really know, I mean, we knew each other, but it’s like, you don’t really know each other. So you see them all the time. And that’s in their element in, you know, true in their worst in their work, woman kind of thing. So yeah. You just have to make sure those things before you jump in, I think before you jump into marriage, but yeah, I’m not you know, it’s definitely gonna happen at some point just just hasn’t happened yet.

Yaretsy 1:17:05
Okay. Oh, I’d like to add to that, because I feel like from people expect the the woman in the relationship to be bitter or angry about it, you know, if it’s been a while and you know, your partner hasn’t proposed or whatever people tend to, kind of like egging you on and be like, you know, you should be mad, you should be demanding this, you should be this, you should be that. But I feel like our relationship, you know, there’s so many layers to it. And like you said, we were a long distance for a while. To add to that we, you know, when we first started dating, like, I was a child, like, you know, I was still in college, you know, really just blossoming into the person that I’m supposed to be. And I’m still not done with that journey. So like, I feel like for us to be able to move to the next level in our relationship, I definitely feel like we definitely should embrace like our own journeys, and you know, living together and being best friends and working together is definitely helping that partnership. But I feel like for us to have a successful, like marriage or life together, we definitely need to continue to grow as individuals first. Yeah. So if you had proposed, like, the first year, the second year, the third year, I would have been like, something’s wrong with this guy. Because I’m in no position to like, be a wife. You know, so definitely, I’m, I’m not angry or bitter about it. Like I like to make jokes about or whatever, but I understand like, you know, we have we have plans and I know that, you know, you’re not just trying to play me.

Kevin Rucker 1:18:36
Long, long game. game here. Yeah, I’m playing chess, not checkers. Right. Right.

Calvin Tilokee 1:18:47
You know, game of chess could take forever. So

Mikko Miller 1:18:53
a class on that shit because it took too long.

Kevin Rucker 1:18:54
Right? Right, right.

Calvin Tilokee 1:19:00
That’s good. That’s good. As long as everybody’s on the same page, you know? Yeah, you go bust your chops, cuz of course, of course, we

Kevin Rucker 1:19:06
were bothered me all the time. Like, what’s up, man?

Yaretsy 1:19:09
Yeah, baby, my man. Like we’re gonna have a baby on my oh my god.

Calvin Tilokee 1:19:15
That’s like step three. Right. Right. Right. They didn’t get there yet. Right. Okay. All right. All right. So now we’ll do the outros. This is Calvin. As always, you can find me on Instagram at Revparblems my own new rebranded travel page scotch in a suitcase. Get your social media coaching at a ref par media. And if that’s too much to remember, just go to good old Revparblems calm

Mikko Miller 1:19:39
and this is Mikko the Filipino you can catch me on instagram on my food account at Mikko underscore eats.

Kevin Rucker 1:19:46
Okay, you can follow us at Wolfie unicorn at wolfing unicorn. It’s a podcast and if you want to check out our YouTube videos, our links are all in there. And you can check out our podcast with unicorn co we got plenty of content there. So check us out All right. All right.

Calvin Tilokee 1:20:02
Thank you for joining us another episode of midlife crisis podcast. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please leave us a review on iTunes and you may get a shout out and get a life. For as little as $5 a month you’d be you can become a life member on Patreon and get early access to episodes, extended cuts featuring behind the scenes content and the ability to send in your own get off my lawn. Hit the link in the show notes and become a VIP member. Keep up with us in between shows on Instagram at midlife crisis podcast show notes for this and all episodes are available on midlife crisis podcast.com Thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch you on the next one.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:39
Let’s go