Man in upper class seat on airplane
If all cubicles were like this, I would be more productive

Those of you who follow my Instagram account will know that I recently returned from a two week journey across Europe. Those of you who don’t, need to have a word with yourselves -_-

In any case, as this was a birthday celebration, I decided to treat myself to Upper Class tickets on Virgin Airlines on my trips to and from London. Anyone who has done a bit of traveling I’m sure will agree that while being at your final destination is exciting, getting there isn’t always fun. The upper class experience at Virgin will make you feel as if vacation starts the minute you enter the lounge. 

The space is plentiful, lots of room for you to spread out and relax before boarding. If you want, you can even take a shower. Yes, you read that right. The bathrooms have full showers that would make most hotels jealous. A great space to refresh or put your face on before a long transatlantic flight.h

Once you’re refreshed, grab a seat and take a look at the menu. All items are included with the price of your ticket, so don’t be shy! I refrained from the alcohol as it was a bit too early for that..

I did however indulge in the breakfast egg sandwiches which came with your choice of bacon, or sausage. I got one of each so that I could do a thorough review for you all. Not all heroes wear capes. 

Sausage and egg breakfast sandwich
Delicious sausage and egg breakfast sandwich at JFK Virgin Lounge

Just when you think it can’t get any better, it’s time to board the plane. The seats are private cubicle style with the option to recline into a full bed. But, before you do that, would you like a glass of champagne before take off? Why yes, yes I would. Once airborne, the real fun begins. Food!! lol I like to eat. The Upper class experience includes a 3 course meal paired with impeccable service. Did I mention the full bar on board? Wine, Champagne, and my personal favorite, Whiskey. You can enjoy all from the comfort from your seat or sit at the bar. As long as there is no turbulence that is…

In flight meal on Virgin
Sam Jackson - "This MFer eating again!?!"

Now on the way back home is where things get really sexy. To quote the man in the pic above “hold on to your butts”. If everything described above didn’t get your motor running, then the Virgin Upper Class experience at Heathrow should do it. Once you check in, you are directed to an elevator just steps away from the desk, complete with a red carpet. This elevator takes you to a PRIVATE security line for upper class guests only! No need to worry about lines and waiting for people to remember they got loose change in their pocket. There was one man in front us here. Heaven. This part of the experience alone may be worth the price of admission. 

Private security elevator at London Heathrow Airport

As you would expect, the Virgin lounge at Heathrow is every bit as luxurious as the one in New York. What you may not expect, is that it is at least 3 times the size!! Once you enter, you are welcomed by a large, expansive bar that would rival most nightclubs. Just step right up and pick your poison. 


If that’s not enough…and why would it be?…You can get a drink anywhere right? But what you can’t get anywhere, is your hair done right before your flight!! Yes people, there is an Aveda salon in the lounge. And if that’s not luxurious enough for you, how about a massage? I know, crazy. I wanted to get a massage before the flight, honestly just to say I did it. However, there were no time slots available before my boarding time. So make this your first stop if you are interested to book your appointment! 

All in all, the Virgin Upper Class experience was luxurious from start to finish. A wonderful way to start and end a long trip, and I would highly recommend treating yo’self to this when you have the chance. Until next time..

Virgin Upper Class Experience