SoFi Stadium is the newest addition to the glitz and glamour of LA! What makes this stadium so unique? Well, for starters, the field is below street level! Since the stadium is so close to LAX, there were restrictions on height. So when you arrive, you’ll be walking down to the field. However, the most unique part of SoFi is that the “roof” is really a canopy. There are openings on both sides of the field to let in air, and the ceiling is made of glass to let natural light in. So while you won’t get wet if you happen to go on one of the 4 days it actually decides to rain in LA, you will need that sunblock!

Once you get inside, you’ll be blown away by the stature of this stadium. It. Is. HUGE! It seats 70,000 people on a regular day and can expand to up to 100,000 for high profile events such as the upcoming 2022 Super Bowl, the College Football Championship in 2023 and the 2026 Fifa World Cup. They do a great job of creating atmosphere too. There is an MC leading the events during timeouts, a drumline that plays before the game and during breaks, and even a DJ!

This was a birthday gift to myself and I splurged for the VIP tickets. Let me tell you, this was money well spent! The seats are amazing, and I don’t just mean that they are close to the field. I mean the actual seats. They’re cushioned! If you can actually sit down during all the action, you’ll be comfortable while doing it! But the best part of the VIP experience, is the access to the SoFi Club

The VIP Club was WAY better than I expected. When I got the tickets it said “food, beer & wine included” What it didn’t mention was that there is access to an exclusive area with field access! Ok, maybe not “field access” exactly, but you can literally walk out and be roughly 10 feet from the field!! You’ll want to get to the game early to enjoy the food and drink and soak in the pre-game atmosphere from a unique perspective

Get to the stadium early to see the warmups from the VIP Club!

SoFi is an amazing stadium and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. But if you’re celebrating a special occasion like I was, or looking for a great experience, the VIP tickets are the way to go! Absolutely the best game day experience I’ve had!