1. Adequately and honestly assess your performance over the last 12 months. Proceed to step  #2 only if you have been an above average associate with stellar results (and not just in your opinion). For example, if over the last 12 months your boss praised your performance on 3 -5 occasions – its safe to move to next step. If that did not happen – make it happen; only then ask for an increase. Asking for an increase while not performing above average is not going to yield a result
2. List your accomplishments with specific measurable outcomes over the last 12 months – you will need to speak to what you accomplished! 
3. Identify company needs that you want to add to your responsibility. Raises are a result of a person doing extra work, not a mere desire for more money
4. Schedule a time to speak to your department head/decision maker (scroll below for the script)
5. For the meeting: be on time; check your emotions; don’t demand; don’t threaten to leave. Be cool and prepared
6. Share your experience over the last 12 months and how you feel you have been performing; highlighting your bosses feedback (remember the 3-5 times they actually praised your work). Note that you want to continue growing and as such identified these key areas (#3) that you would like to add to your responsibility. Share that you feel these areas are critical to the business and operation and explain why. As such, you would like to discuss compensation that would be associated with these additional responsibilities. 
7. Share your proposed increase. 10% or more. Why? Because if it ends up being less it will still be an honorable number. Always negotiate from a higher number.
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How to schedule time with your boss - Script
I was hoping to schedule some time with you to discuss my progress as well as my current role and compensation associated with it.  Please let me know if the following DATE/s and TIME/s would work well for you. If these are not a good option please let me know what works with your schedule and I will send you a calendar invite.
Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you. 


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