Well, maybe not everything. But here is a list of items you can negotiate for when you get a job offer. 

1. Salary 
2. Title 
3. Paid time off aka vacation days 
4. Benefits (medical/dental)
5. Relocation/moving expense
6. Sign on bonus
7. Exit package/severance package 
8. Flexible work hours
9. Telecommuting 
10. Ongoing professional development 
11. Annual conference attendance 
12. Tuition reimbursement 
13. Stock/Equity options 
14. Commuter/transportation reimbursement 
15. Childcare expense
16. Parking  
17. Wardrobe allowance
18. Professional dues 
19. Guaranteed bonus
20. Tech items: phone; laptop etc
21. Phone bill reimbursement 
22. Dry cleaning 
23. Meal stipend 
24. Employee Discounts 
25. Retirement Plan Match contributions 
26. Gym membership/use of on site gym
27. Weekly therapy 
28. Travel style (business class; hotel ranking)
29. Travel companion – trip for spouse to accompany you 
30. Paid sabbatical every 5 years (4 weeks)


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