🐍Cobra (consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act) gives associates who lose their health insurance  due to employment loss an ability to purchase health coverage directly. 
How/why you lost employment doesn’t matter. You will qualify for COBRA as long as you had coverage while employed. 
🆘If you lost your job medical coverage ends at the end of the month in which termination of employment occurred. 
Example: you resigned/got laid off/fired on September 2nd – your coverage should run until September 30th. If you resigned/got laid off/fired on September 29th – your coverage ends on September 30th 🙀
✉️Cobra notice will either be given or mailed to you by whichever company is the provider. They have 14 days to get your the documents.
🧮Cobra is NOT automatic! You have to elect it and fill out some forms. 
✅You have 60 days to enroll in COBRA following date of notification. 
💰The cost is typically high because you would have to cover the entire cost (employer + employee portion). While you work most of the cost is paid by employer hence the price point change.
⏱Cobra can last between 18-36 months (check your plan). It can be cancelled at any point. 
🗝Cobra (if elected) kicks in the day after your employment ended! 
🩺If you elect COBRA you can keep seeing same doctors. 
If you don’t want to elect Cobra – just ignore the notices! 
🔬If Cobra is too expensive – you may have other options through www.healthcare.gov 
🔮Cobra coverage can be negotiated for both during termination and upon hire. There is no guarantee that your employer will agree to pay for it – but it never hurts to ask.


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