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Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steve and Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol and a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry. If you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. If you don’t know what CDs are, you’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving. Or just sitting around wondering why a back hurts so let’s get this show on the road.

Hello and welcome to midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin here as always, with my boy Steve and Mikko bringing that flavor to hear on a weekly basis. On today’s episode we’ll be discussing overthrowing governments social media morality. I don’t like that jerk. I don’t know that shit. And a very special get off my lawn. At first. I was the week fellas.

Steve 1:21
There’s a wild week. Yeah, that’s for sure. Our capital got invaded for the first time since 1814. By queue and unbelieving Trump supporters. Yep, yep. given direction by him. Bananas.

Calvin Tilokee 1:38
What’s the world coming to?

Steve 1:39
It’s crazy. Yeah, but just watching that the fallout of it. That was pretty intense to watch. But the fallout of it has been fun as hell like seeing who all the people are. Who stormed the Capitol. Like just seeing all those people like the guy who they’re calling the shaman that idiot with the horns

Mikko Miller 2:03
with a buffalo suit, whatever the fuck he was.

Calvin Tilokee 2:06
Yeah. Yeah, no, I haven’t heard much about him. But what’s his deal?

Steve 2:10
Dude, he’s a 3233 year old maybe 34 year old unemployed actor who lives at home with his mom in Arizona and drives a beat up hoopty have a Hyundaihas a bunch of conspiracy theory

Calvin Tilokee 2:25
fucking racist the man sandwiches and for those of you who don’t know go back to Chris Rock where he’s talking about what most of the country’s made up of is white people like that.

Mikko Miller 2:42
Middle America

Steve 2:45
lives in Middle America

Calvin Tilokee 2:49
as you well Should I think

Steve 2:52
it’s like that it I forget which Chris Rock thing it was there was the one where you see a headline and it’s like, oh, so so and so shot somebody and you’re really praying that it’s not someone please don’t be a white person or Please don’t be a black person or Yeah, yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 3:08
Be from Ohio. Please don’t let them be from Ohio.

Steve 3:10
Yeah, please don’t let it be from you know, whatever. Anything that even remotely resembles me I don’t want to be associated with that.

Calvin Tilokee 3:20
Little bit funny if he if he came out the Cleveland Browns jersey.

Mikko Miller 3:23

Calvin Tilokee 3:26
Shout out to the Browns by the way. Oh, Steve, are you a Browns fan now? Because you live in Cleveland?

Steve 3:30
No. I mean, I look I I’ll give my quick feeling on sports. It’s all just colored clothing just ramming into each other or catching something thrown at them.

I had a crappy experience as a kid meeting one of my heroes and he crushed me. Absolutely. Oh yeah. And ever since then. Yeah, I don’t care about the players a team type I like watching it a ton.

Calvin Tilokee 3:55
They just you don’t get into it.

Steve 3:57
I just want to see a good game but the bronze smack the hell out of the Steelers and I thought the Steelers were gonna beat the doors awesome. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 4:07
Not you know where the Steelers fucked up is the Steelers rested all that players last week so in the last game of the regular season they were playing the Browns the Browns needed to win to get into the playoffs. And Pittsburgh rested Roethlisberger and a bunch of other stars and they kind of were like yeah ton of guys and they were like fuck if you get in you get in which kind of disrespectful you know, like it’s a it’s a division rival. You should want to stomp them out. But basically they shrug their shoulders like fuck it if you play your next week we play you next week. I would take exception to that if I was a browns, big bands. What I think

Steve 4:43
that that’s just the dumbest thing on the planet to do when I just stomp them out and get them out of the way completely. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Mikko Miller 4:50
I agree. Cuz those AFC North teams fuck them all except for Baltimore, obviously. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 4:57
That’s right. I was waiting for you to jump in there with that.

Mikko Miller 5:00
Raven baby.

Calvin Tilokee 5:04
And from why I said as a pats fan fuck all y’all for being in the playoffs. I hope COVID cancel. Oh shit.

Mikko Miller 5:12
Yeah, that’s the one thing that’s gonna stop us from winning the whole thing man fucking COVID

Calvin Tilokee 5:19
make a comeback and say, Hey, Superbowl canceled patriots can’t be in the Superbowl. We don’t have one. That’s right.

Mikko Miller 5:26
Hey, I wouldn’t put anything past the NFL. Yeah, they do something shit like that. You know, you know, Goodell. What’s the Patriots owner? You know, they got a good relationship.

Calvin Tilokee 5:36
This shit. You couldn’t tell from all the fines we get?

Mikko Miller 5:42
Let’s just keep the

Calvin Tilokee 5:43
Yeah, probably. Probably. Honestly, I honestly do think some of those punishments have been over severe. Yeah, because he doesn’t look like he’s playing favorites.

Mikko Miller 5:52
Yeah, craft is like okay, yeah, yeah, give me the $100,000 fine real quick. That’s just chump change.

Oh, man, I guess my jet.

Oh, man. But how about you Mikko? How was the week? anything different to that? Or? Actually, yeah, because you know, I wasn’t here last week. Sorry. Oh, we did the whole fertility thing. You know, we’ll find out if we’re pregnant. Soon. You know, we got our hopes up. But I’m one of those like, I keep a level head. So if we are great. If we’re not, then you know, we just we move on. So I try not to get too high or too low. We’re also house hunting. So they’re just like that. Just added to that too. You know, so cow houses are in the seven hundreds right now. median price. And it’s it’s killer man. And I know New York is in the same range. That 700 is like a two bedroom townhouse. It’s not even like a full on. Yeah, single family residence. You know what I mean?

Steve 7:00
So how many square footage are we talking about?

Mikko Miller 7:03
You’re talking like, you know, that could range in depending on the zip code from 1200 all the way to about 2100 square feet. And if I say 2100 square feet, that’s not like ranch style. That’s like, up and down. Gotcha. You know, so you’re talking like 800 square foot per floor type shit. For sure. Okay. Yeah. And, yeah.

Steve 7:25
Do they have basements in California?

Mikko Miller 7:28
No. earthquakes would fuck that shit up. Not we don’t have basements. They don’t do basements only because the foundation has to be you basically don’t want anything underground. Let’s just put it that way. Apparently. earthquakes. Yeah, we get a lot of earthquakes. A lot of earthquakes. And a lot of them you don’t feel but they have. I think they say that’s like 17 to 20 earthquakes a day. That happened in California. Wow. Yeah, it’s a lot. And we don’t feel probably like 75% of them. You know, but when they start registering up that Richter scale, you know, fives and sixes then yeah, we feel it for miles. But I mean, I could look it up. When you guys are talking. I look up how many earthquakes hit today and I can let you guys know it’s fucking crazy.And then just ravens baby.

Calvin Tilokee 8:24
Yeah. Hey, man, I’m wrong with that. You know, my Jackson got the monkey off his back. Got the first playoff win. So shout out to the Ravens. Shout out out there. I’ll be I’ll be the bigger Patriots fan. That’s a shout out to y’all. You know, congrats. The only team I could stand in the AFC right now because I just we have no history is the browns. Everybody else. I hope they lose victory.I want you to brown to the soup bowl. Okay, who they played?

Mikko Miller 8:51
Ooh, that’d be crazy. Dude. Man, that’s crazy to see them. I mean, I don’t to be honest. If they win the next game, and they play us if we win our next game, too, but whoever wins out of that should win the Super Bowl easily. The NFC teams are a joke. You know, even Casey, they’re not looking as great as they did last year.

Calvin Tilokee 9:14
No, I did not. But I mean, they’re always dangerous, man. I mean, yeah, like, snap of the finger and they can score 30 you know?

Mikko Miller 9:22
Yeah, that’s true.

Calvin Tilokee 9:23
Those guys play shitty games and put up 30. So, Alright, so we’re just going to jump into the topic for the week. And obviously we touched on it a bit, but what’s on everybody’s minds is the events at the Capitol this week. So we’ll just start there. Fellas, what were your thoughts when you found out about it?

Mikko Miller 9:41
Fuck Trump. you know what, it was surreal. Honestly, like like watching it, and then watching it live when all the news stations are kind of like broadcasting the same thing and you just see like this mob of people just kind of like making their way through and I never expected Did it to be to the point where they get in and start breaking shit and smashing windows, I actually thought that they would just kind of go up to the steps make it all the way up to the top. And it kind of turned around and start chanting like, you know, we don’t want Biden or recount or whatever the fuck they wanted to chant but seeing the type of destruction and damage and it was surreal, and that’s coming from me that’s not really political that’s not a Democrat or Republican, but seeing that as surreal for a person like me.

Calvin Tilokee 10:32
I agree. Yeah.

Steve 10:33
You know, when I saw it happening, you know, the gravity of it, of like the capital being breached for the first time, since 1814. That didn’t set in on me, because I mean, I didn’t know that fact until it was after it was reported. first couple things I started thinking about was, if the protesters were black, they would have been mowed down, I have a strong inclination that they would have just shot the shit out of them. So facts, I was grateful that that wasn’t the case. I also thought that it was just going to be a wild reckoning for everybody involved. For the protesters going in who are emboldened by this lunatics damn near hate speech to everybody up and down the chain of command who let that happen. And now you’ve got two dead police officers as a result of it one as a result of the actions of the writers. The second guy took his own life after it happened, and he’d been on the force for a long time.watching all of this happen, you knew that it was going to come back because of what Trump said. Again, after he is out of there, like him, his daughter, his son in law, they’re cooked. They’re cooked. Who would want to touch them? From an endorsement standpoint, from a business deal standpoint, who would want to touch them? Nobody? Yeah, and he can’t go back into Florida. Do you guys know that he can’t live at like Mar a Lago? His deal would have been that with the state of Florida. He could only live there two weeks. I didn’t know. I didn’t know that. To me. It really just galvanized all of the bad shit that’s going on these last four years into that act. And the come up instead, the man is going to get as a result of these last four years, I think, is that right right there and him inciting that right? That is going to ensure that he gets what’s coming to him? Because it’s just bananas.

Calvin Tilokee 12:30
Yeah, I really hope you’re right. I mean, yeah, me too. I’m not as hopeful as you on that, because there’s still so many people that adore this man, for some reason, you know what I mean? And once he’s done and out of office, and all that, at some jackass, like another Alex Jones, they’re going to give him some kind of network or something, I think he’s still going to be able to rile up these morons, you know, what I hope for is that, it’s just going to be noise, right? Like, we have to put him in a position where this through impeachment or whatever the case may be, where he could no longer run for office. So then you just another loud mouth, and we could ignore that, right? You’re not dangerous.You know, but I really hope you’re right, to be honest with you, nothing would be better than for this to be the final nail in the coffin. If if people would finally be like, Alright, you know what, dude? way too far?

Steve 13:18
Sure, no, but one other outcome of that whole thing. And I agree with you that there will always be a base that can get riled up by him. Totally agree. But I think what that act did, is that act caused a lot of other Republicans who were previously like, Oh, yeah, I’m along for the entire ride. And then to find out that they’re now associated with that group of assholes who stormed the Capitol. A lot of them are now finally realizing that I screwed up, and you can see it on the news. You know, on the news, there was countless CEOs coming forward, saying, look, I voted for Trump. I messed up. I didn’t know it got to this.

Mikko Miller 13:56
How do you not know how to do it? For years? How do you know?

Steve 14:01
Yeah, but this was the act that finally pushed a lot of people over the edge to the point where they’re like, Okay, you know what? You’re right. And if this is what it took, it’s a shame that it took this long, but at least that is happening. People can start recognizing that we need to have more of a conversation.

Mikko Miller 14:20
Or think about it this way. Think about it this way. It’s, what, nine days until Joe Biden is sworn in. Maybe it’s perfect timing for other Republicans who were kind of pro Trump but not really on the fence to be like, Oh, yeah, fuck Trump, because now there’s like a switch and power, right? And it’s easier for them to just be like, Yeah, fuck Trump. fuck that guy. Because now it’s a perfect like that gave them that gateway, like Steve said, like, that gave them that opportunity to be like, Yeah, he’s not as good but now it’s perfect timing for us to just be like, okay, we’re not associating ourselves with that. We’re still gonna be Republicans, but when that that Trump ish, you know, I mean, it’s like Perfect timing almost.

Calvin Tilokee 15:00
Yeah. Yeah, it’s it’s an easy out. That thing is easy.

Mikko Miller 15:05
Yeah, exactly.

Calvin Tilokee 15:08
Yeah. And I think you know, that’s the point Steve is making. It’s like, it’s such a huge thing where it’s, it’s very easy to be like, whoa, whoa, you know, where I’m coming from on that is like, it shouldn’t have taken this long. Because when, when I when I saw the news, I’m sitting there working, I get a text from my dad. He’s like, yo, you see what’s happening? I’m like, no. And then before I can even turn on the news, my mom texted me, I’m like this, you got to be big. So I finally get the news on, I’m seeing all of this stuff. And I’m just sitting there. I guess your word Mikko of surreal is probably the best one because it was like, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. But at the same time, I can believe what I’m seeing. Because what all the shit that this guy has been talking the platform he ran on the way he’s riled up people for four fucking years. This isn’t surprising. You know, these people like this one, you think there’s a load like they’ve gone as low as they can they find another one. So it wasn’t surprising from that standpoint, that these people would be so riled up and so into Trump, and however you want to phrase that, that they would take this step, because they’ve completely been brainwashed that you know, the election was stolen, you know, regardless how many facts you put in front of these people. But that’s been the case for four years. Everything that doesn’t support their belief is fake news. You know, you know, so it wasn’t really surprising. But then at the same time, I was like, What the fuck am I looking at here? This is America. Goddamnit. Like, really? Like, how is it possible for a group of people regardless of color? And I think Steve made the point at the top, so I’m not going to even go over that again. But how is it possible for a group of people of any color, race, creed, whatever, to storm the capital of a country and get in and get in and be taken selfies and got your foot under the desk know what the fuck has happened? And like, how is that even possible in this country? This is shit we see around the world. And then we invade and go in and say, let’s show you how to do it. Right. So how the hell’s happening here?

I mean, fuck, you invade the American Embassy at any other country. We’re fucking bombing the shit out of the country by the next day. You know what I mean? Again, and it’s fucking crazy. No, I feel Yeah, I got goosebumps right now even just thinking about the shit to us. It’s fucking nuts.

Yeah, it was unbelievable. To watch. And my first thought when it really like kind of sunk in, I was like, so is this what qualifies is great. This was what yall was after? This is a great country right now. Like, I don’t care how much you’ve supported Trump. And I have a lot of theories about anybody who’s still supporting that clown at this point. My theory is this because I was having a conversation with someone last week. And they were in disbelief that this person was talking about how COVID is a liberal hoax and all the other shit you hear from that side. And maybe like, you know, this person is intelligent. I was like, I’m gonna stop you right there. They’re not. You know, I think at this point in the game, if you’re still supporting what this man is doing, and saying, after all this time, you’re not an intelligent person you and intelligence never met. Okay? You might be good at your job. You might know seven languages, you might be intelligent, not a lot of other ways. But if nothing that’s happened over the course of the four years, and looking at how this country is going backwards, and that culminated in that, if none of that stopped you, you’re not smart. You’re not intelligent. You are You can’t even be confused with those words for the rest of your life.

Mikko Miller 18:46
I think they republicans call that sheep.

Calvin Tilokee 18:51
Yes, yeah. Yeah.

Mikko Miller 18:52
It’s what we call democrats all the time, like sheep. You know, you’re right. I agree with your sentiments. Exactly. I mean, if you’re gonna sit here and still follow, and still be a part of whatever movement, that fucking thing was, your sheep. You can’t think for yourself. Sorry.

Calvin Tilokee 19:10
Yeah. I mean, this man is doing all your thinking for you.

Mikko Miller 19:30
Alaska, Alaska.

Steve 19:32
wasco asked for something with Scylla and Tina Fey

Exactly. Good impersonation. And they just got weird from there. Like they they all just got weirder and weirder, because they know her outrageousness. And Trump’s showing them what happens when they actually get what they have been looking for and shit. Now you’ve got you know, senior republicans like Colin Powell, Colin Powell. He’s no longer a Republican. Yeah, got a lot of heavy hitters coming out against this now they’re gonna sort themselves out. Hopefully they will end up sorting themselves out to get back to a neutrality. Because Christ it is just bananas.

Calvin Tilokee 20:15
Yeah, it has to and like I said, I hope you’re right. I hope that this is it. My sentiment is still it shouldn’t have taken all of this, it really shouldn’t. It shouldn’t take something happening for the first time since 18. Fucking 14, for you to say, you know what, this guy may not be all that he may be given us a bad name, you know. But yeah, one thing I know, we we kind of chatted offline about that I wanted to bring to the audience like these a lot of these scenes reminded me of, I mean, let’s call it what it was, it was an attempted coup. It was a an attempt to overthrow the government. Right? If they didn’t like the results, and they said, well, we’re gonna fuck shit up and take over this building, so we can get our way. And when I was a kid, I was actually in Trinidad when that happened. So in 1990, a group of insurgents took over the country. And we have brother and I were there. I’ll say, quote, unquote, alone, my parents have gone home, right. So as I’ve mentioned, in some other episodes, you know, we would go every summer and spend, you know, the full three, four months before school would start. And my parents left, like a week earlier, they left me and my brother, dad, my dad’s mother, and we were just hanging out with family. That week was when it happened. So could you imagine being my parents, they just left. And now some, like his martial law, as soon as they as soon as they leave the country,

Mikko Miller 21:38
they’re probably freaking out.

Calvin Tilokee 21:40
Oh, God, they had to be, I couldn’t even imagine what that would feel like, you know, but I mean, at least we would family. So they knew we were taken care of. But anyway, so we’re watching news one night, and I’ll never forget it, this guy is sitting there, all the way in the right hand side of the desk. And there’s three men at this table with him with rifles. And I’m sitting there, well, what the hell is this, and they making the announcement that, you know, this group of people have decided to take over the country at that time, there was one TV station in the whole country. And so they took over the TV station, and it took over parliament. And they took the Prime Minister hostage. And I think they had six hostages in, in total. So this over the course of a few days, they’re trying to tell the prime minister to tell the police the army to back off, he says no, he actually said the opposite. Whenever he was able to communicate, he said, Come in with full force, they shot him in the leg. Andyea h, and then the Brigadier General, the leader of the army, said to them, you’re either going to leave, or you’re going to die, we’re going to come in and kill everybody in the building. And six days later, they came to a negotiation, and walked out peacefully. But that’s what this was. And Trinidad, a great country as it is a great place to go on vacation. It is a third world country. Okay. That shit is not supposed to happen in the United States. You know, what we were talking about earlier is, you know, you see this in Iraq? How is this different from Saddam Hussein? And then we say, we got to go in and fix it for you. You know, how did we end up at that level? I want people to really put that together and understand what the fuck just happened. Something that happened in a third world country in 1990, is what just happened here in 2021. That’s nuts.

Mikko Miller 23:34
Yeah, and people shouldn’t take this lightly. They shouldn’t take this lightly, because there were people that were caught with zip ties. Likethey were looking to get people hold them as hostages tie him up, if this wasn’t like some kind of Saturday afternoon of, hey, let’s just go storm to whatever they had bad intentions here. And for people that go on believing that this was just like an ordinary riot, like, what BLM and all those other people did back over the summer, it’s bullshit. It’s not the same thing. There were bad intentions here.

Steve 24:09
That’s a pretty key point there. The bad intentions. I mean, the zip tie guy, the guy who was you know, screaming, let’s get them again. It’s gonna be fun to watch what happens to these people. The guy with the horns has already been arrested. Your zip tie guys been arrested?

Mikko Miller 24:24
Like 15 of them. Right. I’ve been arrested so far.

Steve 24:27

Mikko Miller 24:28
I mean, how many people stormed it? I mean, are more than 15 Oh, it’s gonna be a slow process.

Steve 24:33
It’s just a matter of time.

Calvin Tilokee 24:35
Yeah, I mean, they should have been arrested that day. You know, I don’t know how had that escaped. But, you know, just a point. I’ll come back to later. I don’t ingest hours and hours of news, right. Like I saw, I saw what I needed to see. And, you know, I’m done with it. I’m not saying that consume, consume my mind, you know, but I don’t know how to get out of there. But one thing I will tell you is the means the fucking

Step. Oh yeah. Big time. me this Periscope. My favorite is the lady who got maced Elizabeth from Nashville, Tennessee. She is my favorite if y’all haven’t seen the Animaniacs remix that they did with her. Oh, I’m gonna have to match it up. Imma share that shit is hilarious, dude. I’ve watched it 100 times. So I’ll share that on our Instagram for you guys to see it. For my two co hosts. I’ll send it in the group chat. So do trust me this this quality content here. But I’m moving on to our next topic, which has some trump ties, Trump zip ties if you want to do that. I’ll let Steve take it from here. Steve is Our political correspondent for the evening.


Mikko Miller 26:13

Steve 26:15
All right.

Calvin Tilokee 26:34

Mikko Miller 26:35
Yeah, I’m gonna say no.

Steve 26:45
All right.

Calvin Tilokee 26:46
I don’t remember it. I’ll go. I don’t ever guess.

Steve 26:49
Yeah. So I’ll give you one more. Okay, okay. Pokemon.

Calvin Tilokee 27:07

Mikko Miller 27:08
And I’ll say yes, I don’t know.

Steve 27:11
Alright, so the answer is no, he doesn’t have a black tip on the end of his tail. The other one was the kitkats do not have a hyphen.

You guys did pretty well on this except for stuffers. It is not Stouffer stovetop, it’s Kraft stovetop. So craft craft. There’s other examples out there. What all of these are examples of a phenomena called the Mandela effect. And so where this whole topic came about is, there was something Trump did not too long ago. And we were having a conversation about, could you imagine simply the telephone game effect of an event happening, and then, you know, a wild version of it happening down the line. And then I started looking into this more. And then then this phenomena called the Mandela effect came about. And what it originally was, is, back in 2010, a study came out talking about memory, and they were testing memory, and all of this. And people swore up one side and down the other that they saw the funeral on TV, and everything that Nelson Mandela died back in the 80s. And when in reality, what they saw was a bombing of a railway station and a funeral from that. And so it all of this is involved in, you know, a lot of collected false memory. There’s some people out there with some wild theories about it. There are people with theories out there that say, I believe this. So you know, I believe that the that it is Stouffer stovetop stuffing. So that means I may have been from an alternate dimension, or there’s an alternate reality that I’m privy to, naturally, you know, there’s no, that’s quickly bullshit. What it what it has to do with no, what it has to do, though, with is like how your brain just processes and collects data, and how it spits it back out to you. As we’re talking about all this stuff that’s going on with Trump and all of these, these wild events that are taking place 10 1520 years from now, how are people going to remember, January 6, what happened that day? How are people going to remember, you know, other events that have unfolded even recently, and how will we all react to it? Will we all remember it the same way? As you’re talking to people as you’re as you’re having conversations with people, it’s fun to see if they remember things the same way that you do? Because I swore that the raisin brand like son on the on the cereal box. I swore that son of a bitch was wearing sunglasses the entire time.He never ends when sunglasses but those commercials came out around the same time that I was watching the California raisins. Yes, yeah, right. And those guys all had sunglasses. Oh hands.

Calvin Tilokee 30:02
Yeah, that will be some cocky shit though for the Raisin Bran sun to be wearing sunglasses like man, I’m so bright I can’t even see myself bro. Shine is so much I don’t even want to see myself because I might go blind

not some cocky shit.

Mikko Miller 30:27
Yeah. That’s interesting, Steve. That’s That’s fucking that isn’t just yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 30:33
Those are like, 90% of my arguments in the household is like, like, yeah, I said that. Or you did that. Like No, no, I say to you, and you never said that shit to me. And then that’s pretty much how it goes back and forth. That’s what Dave Chappelle had that home stenographer. Yeah. Yeah, remember that? For those of you out there is its first season of Chappelle show I just rewatched a few weeks ago, yeah. One of the early episodes is like episode three or four is like right at the beginning of the series, but he’s proposing it’s the same thing, a husband and wife get into an argument. And he’s like, No, I said this. And then she’s like, no, this is what you said. And he’s like, I never said that. And they have a stenographer in the bedroom, just taking notes, like, like a courtroom person, just taking notes. And she reads it back to tape. And he did say it, and he got in trouble. He had to go sleep on the couch. So amazing. I actually wish they really had some shit like this, because this is the cause of 90% of arguments.

Oh, good. Shit. I like that exercise. We should do that more often. I know.

Mikko Miller 31:54
That kind of made me think a little bit. I like it.

Steve 31:58
I like that. I like that here. You know what, here’s an area that may help you out. So this dude who was doing the study, his name is Steve Ramirez, that the brain the way that it gets all the memory, all of the memories together. He said that the resulting recollection is by nature impure, and he said, every memory is kind of almost a mild false memory. Because the way that you’re pulling all this information together. That’s something you could use in an argument. say, look, it’s not me. Not me. It’s Steve Ramirez. Dr. Ramirez from Brown. says that your recollection of this event of what I said about your mom,

Mikko Miller 33:00
Reminds me of living color with Damon Wayans a smart guy in prison.

Calvin Tilokee 33:07
also allow me to ejaculate on this microphone tonight. Oh, man, yeah, we given out a lot of shit to Google. You’re gonna be heavier on YouTube during this episode. Make sure to go check out all that shit right there. Yep, yep. Oh, man. All right, so we’re gonna we’re gonna get into our segment early because I got a heavy hitter this week. All right. So now it’s time for

those of you who follow me on Revparblems probably know what I’m going to talk about right now. Because in the midst of all of this, Trump and storming the Capitol stuff, I posted a meme. And I had the audacity in some people’s eyes to use a picture from that day’s events because I’m sorry, I thought that’s what means were is using popular pictures and putting it in a different situation. Right? So what I did is I made a joke, and probably everybody seen this picture by now with the guy walking out with the Speaker of the House podium. Yeah, smiling his ass off and posing for the camera. He’s got the peace sign up and everything right? So I use that picture. And I made a joke saying you know when you put in your two weeks at work, and you start stealing shit, right. See, I thought it was funny. So I mean, not that I’ve ever really sat down and broken down means these things just got to come to me right? I don’t spend a whole lot of time constructing the joke. Well, you know, if you look at the way he’s looking at the camera, he’s you know, clearly in a in a positive mood. It’s like whatever the guy’s smiling. He looks ridiculous. It’s a ridiculous photo. This motherfucker is in the capital. Building, walking out with the Speaker of the House podium shit that you only ever see on TV and he’s walking out with it like what the fuck you want to put in your mancave

Mikko Miller 35:08
cheese and cheese. And while he was out she’s in.

Calvin Tilokee 35:11
It’s just it’s a ridiculous photograph. So what I did was put it in a work situation, and completely spin it around, right? And I figured, hey, listen, I’m poking fun at the picture, not the situation. Right. But I had a few people and I guess, listen, to be fair, you know, everybody reacts to things differently. tensions were high that day or whatever, but part of comedy. And part of the way I deal with stress is to crack jokes. That’s basically what I’ve built my entire social media platform on. Right. And what I dealt with that people had a few people saying, oh, too soon, this isn’t funny. Okay, you’re entitled to your opinion. Right? But what happened is somebody reported it to Instagram, and Instagram took it down. So that’s where I had a problem. Because you don’t get to tell me what I can or can’t say. So to to retaliate. I reposted this bitch, four times on my stories. And then I repost every posted that picture again, with a caption saying, somebody reported and got taken down, please like and share this, because I’m gonna keep reposting this shit. As long as y’all keep taking it down. I’m gonna keep putting it back up. That’s bullshit. You don’t get to fucking tell me what I can and can’t say this because you’re too butthurt. about what’s going on? Doesn’t mean I can’t make a joke about if I feel like, you know. So what I want you guys to jump in is because I think people try to be too righteous to woke as Steve put it on social media. Because who? Like why would that? Why would that bother you so much?

Steve 36:53
You know? It is. I don’t even know how I would react. Man, I got to applaud you for not just flying off the handle? I would. I don’t have unlimited patience for something like that.

Calvin Tilokee 37:10
I don’t have much. I mean, I think I’ve dealt with enough of these these kind of situations and people where it doesn’t really affect me to that point. I guess what, what gets me and the reason I’m talking about it now and I engage with these people is because I like to try to figure out where you’re coming from? Sure, you know, because here’s the thing, my entire page, my entire page is built on taking situations that stress us out and making light of it. So we can laugh about it. Right? I make jokes about missing budget, right sitting having to sit in front of your your Go or owner and tell them you’re not going to make budget or forecast. That’s not fucking fun. That’s just not fun. I make jokes about guests yelling at you that shit ain’t fun when it’s happening. Sure, unless these people are these people trying to convince me that they haven’t fun when that’s happening at work. No bullshit? Of course not. So how is this different? You know, and my thing is too is those things directly affect your life, when you’re standing at the desk, and a guest is screaming at you because you’ve got to walk them to another hotel that is directly affecting you. If you’re not making your numbers at work that directly affects you. This didn’t directly affect, I’m going to venture to say 99% of the people who follow my page. Let’s be real. Yeah. You know, you’ve listened it was upsetting to see, it was upsetting to watch. upsetting to understand that this happened in our country, and that’s where we’re at. But in all likelihood, you had dinner, and you went to bed at night. Right? Yep. And slept just fine. I think none of this actually. Was was that

Mikko Miller 38:49
butthurt it’s, you got offended by some shit you saw on Instagram, grow the fuck up, man. It really is the whole purpose of a fucking meme. Right? And you know, the photo, the guy’s cheesing. Like he’s in a happy go lucky place. stealing something he shouldn’t be stealing. He’s probably about to get his fucking life ruined. And he’s just cheesy and happy. And someone took the perfect photo. And it just happened to me a couple of sentences that kind of like enlighten the situation about how someone’s, you know, last day at the job and they’re happy to leave whatever, whatever stealing shit. Somebody got butthurt That’s all it is. It’s either you’re a super Trump supporter. But even if you are, you can’t be that sensitive. How many times did that report your page? Four times five times?

Calvin Tilokee 39:38
Well, somebody I don’t know how many times but did the only way Instagram would have gotten word of it or you know for it to be flagged was if somebody reported it. And then I repost it four times on my stories. A couple of others got taken down too, which is what led me to do what I did next when i when i reposted the actual post. here’s the kicker and hit it This is what was bringing me to the next point I wanted to talk to you guys about about people and their morality on social media and the morality of the social media platforms. I reposted the same fucking meme this exact same picture, I still had it saved on my phone, I just reposted the same thing. But I sent it to Instagram and ask for a promotion. Let me let me test y’all. I’m gonna give you $10 to promote this to a larger audience over the next two days. Guess what, it’s still fucking sit in there. They took the money, and it was accepted. So then why did you take it down in the first place

Mikko Miller 40:37
fucking crazy, right? Facebook the same way they’re the same entity, because they’re owned by Facebook. You know, Facebook will ban you for like the spacing of your fucking photo or the words that you put, like, you know, when you’re doing overlay on the photo, they’ll fucking ban you and not post your shit and not send it out, whatever. But the second you put your credit card and you want to promote that shit. Oh, now all of a sudden, it’s all okay. It’s forgiven. You know, it’s okay. And that’s money. It’s okay.

Calvin Tilokee 41:07
Yeah. And I was like, so those of you who did report it. If you think that, you know, Instagram is so moral that they took it down because they just believe in the fight. They don’t give a fuck. I handed them 10 bucks and they put the shit back up. Alright, so don’t waste your time. On that point, I wanted to bring up to you guys. What do you guys think about Twitter finally blocking Donald Trump.

Steve 41:36
It’s definitely about time. It’s it’s a good thing that it happened Facebook to block them.

Mikko Miller 41:42
I think like 10 social media platforms banned Trump though. I think that’s what’s out there like 10 of them?

Calvin Tilokee 41:48
Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Mikko Miller 41:50
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, like pretty much all the big social media platforms all fucking ban his orange ass

Steve 43:11
you know, the companies were just making money for the amount of bullshit that they that they’d have to put up with from him.

Calvin Tilokee 43:19
Yeah, I see a point. And it’s, it’s a rhetorical question, right. I mean, they needed it’s like they they needed the smoking gun to finally be like, okay, you know, what this is we can directly correlate this to an event that was, you know, illegal. get done. Yeah. So, but it’s, it’s like, you know, I, I wish these platforms had the morality that those people who reported my meme think they do. Right? Because, quite frankly, somebody tweeting that kind of bullshit for that long, shouldn’t be allowed to use it.

Steve 43:48

Calvin Tilokee 43:50
And it shouldn’t matter how much money you’re getting from it. It’s it’s dangerous, the kind of shit that was being spouted. It shouldn’t take a fucking capital invasion for somebody to say, Hey, you know what, that might be going too far. He went too far, three years ago, you know, but Mikko to what you were saying before. I pulled up the picture about all the platforms that that blocked him. So here’s the full list. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tiktok Spotify. He, he can’t even listen to this podcast. He’s new to YouTube YouTube. Google. This motherfucker can’t use Google.

They shouldnt have banned him on go because he’s dumb as fuck. Let him look shit up, at least.

TWITCH you know he can’t stream himself playing video games. Twitter, obviously, Reddit Facebook And my personal favorite Shopify.

Steve 45:05
That’s a big moneymaker for him.

Calvin Tilokee 45:07
If he wants groceries delivered to his house, he can’t have it happen. But he could use instacart I don’t see instacart on that list, which is the official grocery delivery service of midlife crisis podcast, hit the link in the show notes and get 10% off your next order.

Steve 45:26

Calvin Tilokee 45:27
And if we have a camera, I would wink at it right now. Smoothest advertisement and history of podcast boy. You know, I’m about to order some raisin bread and my shirt will have shades on it.

Oh, man. All right. And this is my last point I’m I get off my lawn. And then I’m gonna let you guys get the shirt off your lawn. But there’s a lot on my lawn this week. So I need you to help me carry these trash bags out to the curb. The last point is listen to everything I said about the post. I honestly don’t care if people like it, dislike it think it’s funny. Not funny. That’s all subjective. Okay, agree to disagree. That’s fine. I know when I’m making a joke like that everybody’s not gonna like it. I know when I’m talking shit about a certain department. Or, you know, if I’m talking about sales in a meme or whatever, you’re not really supposed to like it. You might say I yeah, that’s kind of funny. I’ve seen somebody do that before, but I don’t expect you to like it if the jokes directed at you. Right? So you have a couple of options. You could tell me that say I don’t find it funny. And I’ll say okay, cool. Whatever. Okay, you know, but then you also have the option to stop following me, which is what I always get, like, I didn’t ask you to follow me. Right? So if you don’t want to follow me, just go. Don’t leave a comment and tell me that you’re unfollowing. I don’t fucking care.

Mikko Miller 47:01
It’s like a suicide note. I’m gonna kill myself.

Calvin Tilokee 47:07
I don’t give a fuck. I really don’t care just walk out. So this is on the reposting one. Right. So I guess this person missed it the first time. And I’m going to read you the actual comment. It says this was one of the darkest days in our history. I’m unfollowing. And, you know, I read it. And I was like, I responded. I said we could have done without the announcement just like who cares? Go, right. But this is how wild social media is. You want to know this person’s IG tag? The name is whore with diseases.

No, I looked this. It’s a public account. It’s a regular person. Could you imagine getting morality advice from someone that’s called whore with diseases? Only on social media get this kind of shit happen?

Mikko Miller 48:02
Jesus, Jesus,

Calvin Tilokee 48:05
you want to get on your moral high horse with that name. That’s the name you put out there for the world to know us. That’s how you want to be introduced to the world on social media. And you’re getting in your high horse talking to me about the darkest days in our history. Yeah, I know it was dark on you. And it ain’t history

Steve 48:25
bring me up to speed on something. If I’m on Instagram, can you just change profiles real quickly? So like someone could have multiple profiles on their Instagram?

Mikko Miller 48:35

Calvin Tilokee 48:36

Steve 48:37
Okay. Hmm.

Calvin Tilokee 48:40
What is somebody like? a troll account?

Steve 48:44
No, I do I have I have no idea. I have. I’m not on Instagram, you know, you know that. And I didn’t know like, if someone you know, maybe maybe they forgot that their x rated Instagram profile was commenting on your stuff.

Calvin Tilokee 49:04
Oh, I see what you’re saying. I see what you’re saying. I mean, that’s, that’s certainly possible. But the person’s page is, it’s public. So I was able to go on her story. And she was posting a lot of stuff from that day about, you know, just different images and, you know, videos from the events. So I think it’s aligned with with the comments. She left. I don’t think it was an accident or some somebody trolling I think, you know, this was a point I was I was leading up to earlier I I think people spend way too much time watching the news. And you think this shit affects you a lot more than it actually does. Yeah, yeah. And I actually hope people take that as advice because I’m not a person who watches the news a long time ago, I realized, when have you ever watched a news and felt better afterwards? You know, it’s it’s it’s a mindfuck It really is. Everything has a slant to it. Everything has somebody’s opinion on it. And it formulates the way you think. So that day when I got the news, I watched maybe an hour of everything in total. And then I went back to work. I had shit to do. Because ultimately, thankfully, I don’t live in DC. I don’t live at the Capitol. These people weren’t storming into my house. I’m not hurt. Nobody I know was hurt. And again, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, most people that saw that meme and this horror with diseases, you don’t know anybody that was hurt. So why are you getting all uppity about it? Why are you letting it control your mindset? To where seeing a joke that’s even even remotely around it? Is offending you to the point that you want to unfollow an account that you were enjoying? It’s like, I got shows that I like, I love the Simpsons. Is every episode funny? No, but I don’t stop watching it because one episode I saw I ain’t like you know, and I certainly don’t write Matt graining a letter and say, yo, that episode was smoking bullshit. I’m not watching your show anymore. Like this is what these people are doing. And people do this.

You probably right you’re probably right. I’m just I guess I’m just not at that level. But you’re probably right it’s probably the same people who write you know, nasty letters to producers it shit my child was with me when I was watching this movie and they saw a nipple and they were too young for that. Why does he pick any pants on yes those inappropriate

Steve 52:00
Absolutely. Dude. Think back to college. And tell me if this will not sound like a legit statement. Hey Mikko I saw so and so down the street completely Porky Pig in that he was wasted off his mind. Yeah, yes folks at home Porky Pig is wearing a shirt no pants. Yes. Harold and Kumar three were the kids having a party it’s a pant you knownobody’s party is a giant Yeah.

Mikko Miller 52:32
My kind of party

Steve 52:38
what kind of party like that? I don’t want to deal with that nonsense.

Calvin Tilokee 52:43
It’s gotta be a button down there’s no top and yeah, I wasn’t wearing some sort of like vessel like button now. He was classy with his

Mikko Miller 52:56
Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 52:58
Business up top party at the bottom. Oh, man. All right. So I definitely took the lion’s share of get off my lawn. But if you guys got any Go for it.

Mikko Miller 53:22
Mine’s short. Mine is just the people that hated on the Baltimore Ravens making the playoffs. And all those announcers fuck you guys. Everyone that said Oh, Lamar was a one hit wonder. He won the MVP. And look, they schemed and now he can’t do what he was doing. He had what the second or third most rushing yards in playoff history for a quarterback. He ran for more yards than fucking Derrick Henry, who was the rushing king of the season.

Calvin Tilokee 53:57
Only on one play. He had more yards than Henry on that one touchdown.

Mikko Miller 54:00
Yeah, Henry only had 40 yards. Yeah, yeah. And Lamar Jackson was making people look like fucking video game players and Yeah, fuck you guys for hating on the Baltimore Ravens. If we win this championship in the Super Bowl, oh my god, I’m a Porky Pig it dude.

Calvin Tilokee 54:21

Mikko Miller 54:23
Dude. That’s it. That was it.

Steve 54:27
Mine is on the young lady I was talking about last week, the Soho Karen. I’m not even going to use a real name. Initially I took a maybe it was something else other than she’s insane angle last week. But quickly realizing that she was insane and now she’s just doubling down on the insanity. It’s just amazing. Absolutely amazing. Again, I’m not going to give any not given her name out. None of that. This person is just absolutely ridiculous and her behavior over the entire matter. everything she’s talking about is completely ridiculous. So if you all want to see it, just google Soho, Karen, she comes right up. And there was an amazing interview with her and Gayle King on CBS where this girl just had complete and utter disrespect for everything, including her own lawyer who she didn’t even pay any attention to. And the way the lawyer tried covering up for her own client was amazing to watch. It’s an incredible train wreck to behold.

Calvin Tilokee 55:32
Yeah, I didn’t watch the whole video. Actually, I saw a bit of it where she, she tells you Enough, enough, right now. She’s out of control. She’s out of control. And you know, you’re trying to be a classy gentleman. I respect that. But her name is Mia Ponsetto. All right. We need to name and shame.

Steve 55:51
You imagine is that where you’re the lawyer, you get this case, you’re going to go on CBS in front of Gayle King. And this chick shows up in a leather coat a tube top with her midriff exposed. And she’s she’s rubbing her daddy had put the fuck, she’s rubbing her belly through part of it. You know, it was just the weirdest thing.

Calvin Tilokee 56:14
She had that MC rib.

Mikko Miller 56:22
Maybe she’s the whore with diseases. I wouldn’t I would not put it Oh, maybe you know,

Calvin Tilokee 56:34
this could all be full circle.

Steve 56:36
It’s bananas. Yeah, she can get off my lawn with just being in the news.

Mikko Miller 57:01
let’s go. Let’s go.

Calvin Tilokee 57:03
lets do it.

Steve 57:04
So recently, the Cleveland Browns played the Pittsburgh Steelers and Trumps them again. We already covered this earlier but Pittsburgh receiver Chase. Claypool had to take the tick tock following the team’s loss. And he had to say that the Browns are going to get clapped by the next team they play. Just really taking a shot. And instead of just saying, Look, man, we blew it and they played a better game. Yeah, he’s gonna come on.

Calvin Tilokee 57:38
Yeah. That seems to be going around on that team.

Steve 57:41
Does It Really?

Calvin Tilokee 57:43
Yeah. Because JuJu he did the same thing. He he Well, first of all, he’s like a tick tock champion, apparently. And he was he was dancing on the low on the Browns logo. Yeah, like that was just a thing he did. He did a dance on Tick Tock on other teams logo every week. And it became a distraction. They got they got to ask what I’m assuming he did that, that last game against the browns. And they had a conversation with the coach Coach on cut it out. He cut it out. But then before the playoff game, he’s getting interviewed. And he’s like, Well, you know, it’s just the same old browns. They got a couple of good guys over there but just the same old browns and saying that I mean, the Browns have have never won a Super Bowl did not have to they haven’t made the playoffs since I think it’s like 18 years or something like this like no more than that because Baker Mayfield wasn’t even born the last time this the Cleveland Browns won a playoff game. So they’re not known for being good. So when he’s saying not just the same old browns. It’s a disrespectful comment. So obviously the Browns took all of this and beat the shit out of them last night. And then after the game, they asked him Hey, do you want to you know, retract your comments. And he’s like, No, you know, that same old Browns blah, blah, blah. I’m like, Dude, it’s okay to just be like, Hey, you know what? They may meet my words. Good. Good for them. You know? You guys are really doubling down on the bullshit, so I’m with you on that one.

Steve 59:23

Calvin Tilokee 59:25
Yeah, man, it’s got his midlife crisis, bro. You gotta like Jay Z DMX. Only no Drake because you can’t get away from him.

Mikko Miller 59:44
blueface is a up and coming young one of these young rappers who just spit nonsense and don’t make rhyme or reason or any sense in his rap. But he had a song called a Plan C and in the song he created like a little Tic Tac or Instagram video where he’s saying, no baby, we can’t have a baby. If you don’t take this plan B, you’re gonna be my plan C then he proceeds to take his baby and throw it across the room. Oh, what the fuck real baby, but you know, it was ingest more than likely right? Like a joke somebody probably caught the baby or he threw it onto the bed or something, you know, trying to get people to like, make it viral on tik tok and Instagram and whatnot. So, it caught on. And now there’s these motherfuckers that are making this video of them, you know, singing the song and then at that very spot where they say, oh, if you don’t take this plan B is going to be my plan. See, they’re throwing their fucking babies across the room. And it’s like, why would you do something fucking dumb like this? Because you know, this started back. Okay, midlife crisis. Have you guys remembered watching the movie called the program? Yeah, yeah, the football movie, right? So there was a scene in that movie where the quarterback lays down in the middle of the road on a freeway and then cars are driving by and he’s just sitting there like that was his way of like, dealing with a stress or whatever. When that got released into the movie theaters, they took that scene out because people were fucking doing it and getting killed. Yeah, fucking idiots. And I think they did that also for Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell where they had the cougar in the car. Oh hidden guys over there like a cougar or a Jaguar in the car on some DVDs or whatever. They took that scene out because people were like, filming themselves putting like wild animals in the car and then trying to fucking drive off. So people can use a machete. And this is years ago. So now why would you make a video like this? We’re faking like you’re tossing a baby. And you know people are gonna fucking do it like the whole tide. tide pods? Yeah, tide pods. You know, people do dumb shit. Like, like, why even start something? Even if it’s a joke or whatever, understand it’s a joke, and people shouldn’t take it seriously, but you know, some motherfuckers are gonna take this shit seriously. And throwing a baby across the room. It’s not a funny fucking thing.

Calvin Tilokee 1:02:03
Yeah, I mean, that’s that’s import taste Anyway, you know, but like, everything’s a challenge now. And people see something in a movie. And it’s like, oh, let’s let’s let’s do the challenge. Do the blue face challenge. Man. Listen, like it sounds like life enough is a challenge for you. Right? I’m not just trying to get through the day without doing some fucking stupid. I like that challenge I went to high school with I think it’s obvious High School was busting my ass. Oh, man. All right. Well, I got a jerk this week. This one is not any one specific jerk. Its quote unquote, that jerk. These people who leave comments on my minions saying, you know it’s like, Alright, I might make a joke about I made a joke that same day, right? This the same day in question about sales responding to leads why like the world is ending outside, right? Yep. And then there’s always that jerk who wants to come in and says Oh, what group leads? Oh, what guess? What business? motherfuck I get it. Okay, well, almost a year and into quarantine were more than a year into COVID I know the industry’s fucked up. I know people ain’t God guests like that. I know. People don’t have business like that. I don’t need you to fucking say it. Shut up. Yeah, it’s it’s not you’re not funny. You’re not clever. It’s almost a year pastor. You think you’re the first motherfucker to make that joke? That it’s like Shut the fuck up. You’re not it’s not funny. It’s not cool. It’s not clever. Shut up.

Mikko Miller 1:04:02
Jesus Christ.

let’s do it.

Calvin Tilokee 1:04:13
Mikko is in the hot seat. Because you know you were out last week. So was the little turn. And I got you. I’m the host. Okay, okay, so here we go. All those Spam is considered a popular Hawaiian treat. What state did it originate in?

Mikko Miller 1:04:33
Oh, fucking no spam. I don’t know. I don’t know that shit. Keeping it out. I really don’t know.

Calvin Tilokee 1:05:02
Yeah, we need to have your prince. Oh, look. Oh shit.

Mikko Miller 1:05:14
Yeah, you would if you would have given me 49 guesses Minnesota would probably have been the one that I leave out. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s like it’s especially considering it’s known as a Hawaiian thing now that’s about as far from Hawaiian culture as you could get as fucking Minnesota. Because if I was gonna guess I was I was gonna guess, you know, like California. I was gonna guess you know, Washington, Oregon, or like the coast. I never would have thought fucking Yeah, Minnesota, you know? Hey, that’s good to know. Yeah, man. I’m thinking like, Oh, 4043 in this shit.

Calvin Tilokee 1:05:52
Yeah, we got to start keeping track of the ship.

All right, time for the Chris Rock quote of the week,

Mikko Miller 1:06:07
in light of the whole protest and storming of the capital and stuff. There was a line I don’t remember it word for words. I’m just gonna read it, but it applies to it. So much that I thought it was like funniest shit is when Crick Chris Rock goes, you know, you see these weird white guys getting overly patriotic. Right? And they go I’m American. I’m American. Fuck all these fucking foreigners. I’m American. I’m American. And I was like, Hey, calm the fuck down. And there was a lot of accepted racism. You know, when the war started? It was accepted. I’m American. I’m American. Fuck these foreigners. And that was cool. I’m American. I’m American. Fuck the French. That was cool. I’m American. I’m American. Fuck all these Arabs and that was cool. Then they went to I’m American. I’m American. Fuck all these illegal aliens. Then I started listening. Because we know black people in Jews. It’s next.

Calvin Tilokee 1:07:09
That trades never late.

Yeah, that spot on that one spot on.

Mikko Miller 1:07:21
Guys, man. I swear countries fucked up.

Calvin Tilokee 1:07:26
Yeah. Well, the one I got is some other shit. Obviously still impact in society with COVID and the vaccine. But there’s a rumor going around out there that that the vaccine disproportionately affects black people in a negative way. Right. So recently Chris Rock was sitting with with gales gales had a busy week.

Mikko Miller 1:07:47
Gil’s been busy.

Calvin Tilokee 1:07:49
Busy. And she asked him what he thought about that. And he goes like, like, Gail. I don’t know what’s in Tylenol. Gail. All I know is my head no longer hurts. I don’t know what’s in a Big Mac. And then she started saying to all buy all beef patties special sauce. I don’t know what’s in that sauce. So now, you know, since we since we got you as the expert wasn’t the sauce Mikko. Do you notice special sauce?

Mikko Miller 1:08:15
I don’t notice special sauce. To be honest. I want to say it’s just a mixture of if I were to make a Big Mac sauce, it would be ketchup. A little bit of ketchup, a lot of mayo and maybe some relish. Okay, but they don’t they don’t give us that secret sauce. Ingredients when we worked at Mickey D’s you know, we weren’t privy to that kind of information. Yeah. Gotta be famous.

Calvin Tilokee 1:08:40
You know, so, hey, nobody knows what didn’t sauce but we know it tastes good on a Big Mac. So if you black, get the vaccine, it ain’t gonna kill you any faster. It will kill anybody else. So yes, vaccine. Don’t get it. Don’t be worried. And oh, and shout out to our top fan, Nicole Gallagher for sending me that video. So that gave me my Chris Rock quote for this week.

Mikko Miller 1:09:02
Thank you, Nicole.

Calvin Tilokee 1:09:04
All right. All right. As always, this is Calvin. As always, you could find me on Instagram at Revparblems ref Park travels rapid growth ref par media or just check out revparblems.com

Mikko Miller 1:09:16
and this is Mikko to Filipino. Check me out on Instagram at Mikko underscore eats. catch you on the next one.

Steve 1:09:22
Hey, and this is Steve. You can hear me every week with Calvin Mikko on the midlife crisis podcast.

Calvin Tilokee 1:09:27
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Mikko Miller 19:14
And that’s not a good thing.

Steve 19:17
I think it’s gonna finally cause the republicans to put forth a candidate who’s a serious candidate. I feel all this happened back with Sarah Palin, if anybody remembers her. Yeah.

Alright, everybody. So for those of you out there listening, and to my two friends in this podcast, a couple quick quick questions for you before we kick this off. candy bars, chocolate candy bars, kit cat candy bars. Does the word kit cat have a hyphen between it?

How about the the Fruit of the Loom logo for the loom the commercials back in the 80s with those all those assholes dressed up as fruit is that logo.

Calvin Tilokee 26:26
We’re gonna look at like the mass singer and shit.

Steve 26:28
Okay. Does that logo have a cornucopia behind it?

What about stovetop stuffing? Remember who makes it over?

Because the main Pokemon guy, the little yellow guy, Pikachu.

Mikko Miller 26:59
Right? Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 27:01
Does he have Yes.

Steve 27:02
The tip of his ears are black. Is the tip of his tail black?

Mikko Miller 30:19
it’s kind of funny cuz ain’t looking at shit.

Yes, you did.

Calvin Tilokee 32:46
because it’s because you and your brain is the way you want it to perceive it. That’s why it’s coming back to your synapses like this. And you’re gonna get what take your sin asked to the couch.

Mikko Miller 41:34
About time.

Yeah, I

Calvin Tilokee 42:02
mean, I think we touched on this earlier. But like, what do you guys think about it haven’t taken so long, right? I mean, I get that the last post he made was directly inciting what happened. But again, he’s been leading up to that for four years. Why not have done this before?

Steve 42:20
I think the money was just too much. And the money was too much in the end that the blowback as a result of him continuing to be on their platforms was tolerable enough. Until the Capitol got invaded, that was again, trying to look at like, at least a brighter side of this whole thing is that he banned now on all those platforms, you know, did it take them too long? Look there? I mean, if you were going to take them off for something, what would it have been? If you wouldn’t have taken them off further? Right? What would you have taken them off? For? Would you have taken them off for dispelling all kinds of nonsense about COVID and resulting in 350,000 American deaths? When would you have taken them off? You know, what, that

Calvin Tilokee 43:07
one sounds good to me.

Unknown Speaker 43:09

Steve 45:47
Take a picture of that. Please take a picture of that.

Mikko Miller 47:46
What if that’s just a troll account?

Unknown Speaker 48:22

Mikko Miller 51:08
They do they do that?

Steve 51:46
but our side note that that is one of the greatest things to say. He was over there Porky Pig in it and it was just running running.

Mikko Miller 51:57
Is that a thing?


Calvin Tilokee 56:42
Yeah, she could just get the fuck out of here. All right, cool. All right. If we got anything left now it’s time for

Steve 56:53
I got one. It’s sports related. I think this is the most I’ve talked about sports and easily within the last five years collect you know,

Mikko Miller 59:14
Yeah, I wish mine was sports related. Mine is fucking retarded. Do you guys know a rapper called Blue face?

Haha, very funny, motherfucker.

Calvin Tilokee 1:03:54
Damn, man. Like I’ve been hearing that joke since March 2019. This Shut up already.

Anyway, now it’s time for

Spam was created in Minnesota was in 1937 by the Hormel foods Corporation. Yep, Minnesota. No fucking Minnesota.

Mikko Miller 1:04:57
huh yeah.

not as smart as I thought.

Any day now?