Calvin 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steve and Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol on a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry if you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. We don’t know what CDs are. You’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving, or just sitting around wondering why your back hurts. But let’s get this show on the road.

Hello, and welcome to midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin. Here, as always, with my boys, Steve and Mikko bringing that flavor to your ear on a weekly basis. On today’s episode, we will be discussing changes and how our tastes have evolved over the years. We’ll give you our Chris Rock quote of the week. And as always get off my lawn. But before we jump into that, how was your week, fellas?

Mikko 1:25
week was good. Can’t complain a little bit long. Work six days this week. So that kind of made the week drag a little bit. But all in all a good week I did a I guess you want to call it a volunteer mandatory volunteering at a covid drive thru tent at the house. Oh, yeah. Because one of the managers take turns and it just happened to be my turn. I’ve been kind of avoiding it since like June. So I finally got my opportunity and just did that for Saturday did like opening and closing with some volunteers. And we just kind of like, you know, people that want to get their test. They come through, they get swapped at the parking lot area. And as they’re going through, they just get a drive-through testing, like right then and there, then they get to go home and wait like two or three days for the result. Like it’s just a quick swab test type thing.

Calvin 2:11
I actually have seen it one of my friends on Instagram, ask a concierge shout out to Sarah. She’s actually shown in her stories a couple of times about her taking the test. And I think she recently came back from Mexico took another test. And she actually did the whole story where she drives up, do the swab right in the car, drop it off out to the person. So it was actually very informative and learn on Instagram. I was like that actually looks pretty cool. If there was something like that around where I was I would probably do it just to make sure to see if the antibodies or whatever.

Mikko 2:42
There probably is, though you just got to look around.

Calvin 2:45
I haven’t actually honestly even really looked into it. I guess maybe I should. Maybe there is something like that around here. I just haven’t heard you would think that they would make some sort of announcement or you’d hear around that. Hey, you can go get your COVID test here, but

Steve 2:58
I haven’t done it. Okay, what about you, Mikko

out of COVID test? Yeah, no. I haven’t had symptoms. Usually for us. It’s referral based, we call them to a number we saying, hey, My throat hurts or a headache or My stomach hurts whatever they go through like a series of questions regarding the possibility of having COVID. And if you’ve answered enough questions to be deemed the person that needs to get tested for COVID and they send you to the drive thru. But other than that, they’re not just gonna randomly give you a COVID test. There’s a city in Carson, which is about a half hour drive from me where you can just pull up and get tested. But for me where I work at, and the area that I work at, it’s all by referral basis.

Calvin 3:44
Gotcha. Okay. Okay, cool. Interesting, interesting. Well, I’m gonna use my space in this segment to do something that is very important to us here on midlife crisis podcast. You know, we try not to offend anybody with our content. As we’ve discussed in a lot of our episodes, we have very diverse crew of guys here who come from very diverse backgrounds, and we’re very welcoming and respectful of all people and, and cultures. And, you know, I personally said some things last week that that offended one of my followers, and I got to take this space to apologize for that. And for those of you who may want to know what that was, I received a message from my buddy Eugene, on Instagram on Revparblems. And he said, and I quote, on behalf of the entire DMV, we need an apology for the unwarranted careless slander of our native music. And for those of you who may not have listened to the episode last week, he’s referring to gogo music. And I made some disparaging comments about gogo music last week on the episode as we referenced our time back at Maryland, Eastern Shore, back in the 97 to 2001 days And I guess at that frame of mind that space and time I wasn’t really open minded to gogo music or anything really other than hip hop. You know, I think that was my main thing. In those days and true story after the show. Because Steve hed never heard gogo music. I had to go on YouTube to look up some music form that I could send to them. And I listened to it for about two minutes. I’m like, you know what? This ain’t that bad.

Steve 5:25
I gotta say, I loved it right away. I really did

Calvin 5:30
Oh, yeah, no, I believe you know, I was listening to it for a good two minutes and I’m sitting there and I’m like, yo, that shit aint that bad. What was I frontin about? Like, how come I didn’t like this back in the day? So a humble apology to Juleswinnie 87 on Instagram, Eugene, and to entire DMV, which is Delaware, Maryland, Virginia. Delmarva area. midlife crisis podcast. Host Calvin is apologizing to you all for the slander, unwarranted slander of gogo music because that shit rocks. Alright. So this has been the inspiration for today’s episode of how our tastes have changed over the years since we were young whippersnappers. And I’ll let one of you guys kick it off. Obviously, I’ve admitted that I fuck with gogo. I could probably I could rock to that. Now. I could see myself at a concert with a nice drink a nice strong bourbon, and just kind of knocking some gogo I get that I fuck with it now. So that’s mine. To start off. What about you guys?

Steve 6:33
I think it was around 11th grade. I mean, I listened to nothing but hip hop and rap. Going all the way back to like spice one I listen to spice one for a bit.

Mikko 6:43
I was like spice girls What the?

Calvin 6:47
Hey, don’t go there I like Spice Girls. Yeah, you know, so yeah, we got we will get there. But go ahead

Steve 6:55
I started listening to some, just like more rock and roll rock music. I guess what transition me over was 311 because they’re not real, you know, hardcore. They’re a nice mellow band. And a couple other songs and I started listening to something else might have been Nirvana at the time. No, yeah. I thought yeah, shit. I didn’t listen to all of it. It didn’t change my life. But I just started opening up to, you know, more things music wise. And then it wasn’t until in my late 20s I started listening to jazz a lot. Okay, if I’m driving, I put on jazz just mellows me out. I’m

Calvin 7:33
like on those a Sirius radio?

Steve 7:36
It is on Sirius radio. Yeah, real jazz who like jazz station? Easy now? I don’t I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But the elevator stuffs not for me.

Calvin 7:45
I gotcha. Gotcha.

Steve 7:46
Herbie Hancock, stuff like that.

Now as of just a few short days ago, gogo.

Mikko 7:56
Nice Nice.

Steve 7:58
I’m serious. Yeah, no, it was like immediately I started thinking of a New Orleans band.

Calvin 8:02
Yeah, yeah. In a way. I get that vibe, too.

Steve 8:05
Yep, just all the horns and stuff and love it.

Calvin 8:08
Awesome. See, Eugene? you got a fan! You got a fan!

Steve 8:12
No. Have you guys ever heard this one? I was gonna ask it if you’ve heard of the type of music but I don’t know what type of music This fits into. But the artist is big freedia.

Calvin 8:23
No, I don’t think so

Mikko 8:24
oh yeah, now that’s a bigger New Orleans joint. I think he or she is kind of a bisexual or a trans but the music is like really upbeat and New Orleans right? That’s a New Orleans style music.

Steve 8:35
We’re talking about the same person. I don’t know if she’s from New Orleans. But holy crap. blew my doors off as soon as I saw this first video, I had a co worker turn me on to that. Her and her husband would go to this big freeda concert whenever she came through Chicago.

Yeah, commercials that I saw for big freeda was like a big band. Like a lot of remember those Calvin from black colleges would have like the battle of the bands.

Calvin 9:01
Yeah, with like, drumline that kind of Yeah, I love that kind of music. I could actually listen to that type of band music all day. I love that kind of music. I even suffered through watching drumline because the music was so dope.

Mikko 9:16
Nick Cannons dope bro

Calvin 9:17
No, No, he’s not. No. Damn. I mean, we definitely don’t get off topic, but I mean, Nick Cannon has got to be the most overpaid, least talented person in recent history.

Steve 9:33

Calvin 9:35
What Is he good at? What is Nick Cannon really good at?

Steve 9:38
I’m not a Nick Cannon fan. But he’s an entertainer. In the Ryan Seacrest. Dick Clark form of being an entertainer.

I was gonna say that he’s like the black Ryan Seacrest.

He was on howard stern recently. And I mean, he was going for this like doctorate in some kind of psychology. I imagine so he could figure out why he ever went with Mariah Carey. Whatever that was a whole nother thing that they were getting on. Shit. He seems like a decent guy. But he easily could be a douche.

Calvin 10:10
I don’t think any of that about him just because I have a strong opinion about his talent. I don’t dislike the guy.

Steve 10:16
Okay, I think I get what you’re saying.

Calvin 10:18
No, I don’t I don’t dislike him. I’m just calling it what it is. I mean, he started out trying to do comedy. He’s no, Chris Rock who we talked about on this all the time, right? He’s no Kevin Hart. No, he’s not any of these guys. He tried to rap for a while. He sucks. We’ve watched drumline, right. Does anybody think he can really act? No, come on. No, he’s not even winning a BET award much less than Oscar Anything else? You know? I mean, Nick Cannon is not really good at any of those things. He’s a hustler, right with wildin out. And all this stuff that he’s done. He knows how to market himself. And yes, I’ll give him he’s a great entertainer. But yeah, I would say that if that’s the talent, then I’ll give you that He’s talented at marketing, finding the right things that are going to be big. Maybe that’s his talent, but you know, he’s a decent host and stuff like that, but he’s not really good at any of the things he’s tried to do. And somehow is like Nick Cannon non stop.

Steve 11:19
You know what it is to I think he’s easier on the palate. As far as a African American entertainer goes, You know what I mean? Like he’s not street. He’s not heavily like into cursing all the time. Like, he’s just kind of this clean cut. black guy that’s easy to market for white people, I guess. palatable. palatable. Exactly.

Calvin 11:44
Yeah. Yeah. Listen, I definitely see that I think he certainly fits in that description. And again, I got nothing against the guy is just like, sometimes you really wonder how did he get to this level of fame because you point to anything he’s done. None of it’s really good. It’s decent. I like again, drumline was decent, but it’s not because of him. It’s because the music’s great. You know, nobody’s gonna look at that movie and be like, shit, I gotta cast Nick Cannon, you know? That That didn’t happen. I don’t think he’s done a movie since.

Mikko 12:19
What’s that movie with Christina Milian?

Calvin 12:23
Oh, God, you know, I’m on Google right now.

Steve 12:26
It’s where he’s like an undercover like a nerd. And then she fixes them up to go date with him. And then he becomes popular.

Calvin 12:34
Love don’t cost a thing.

Mikko 12:36
That’s right.

Calvin 12:37
That’s it with the shittiest braids I have ever seen in my life.

Mikko 12:42
I mean, he knows how to market himself.

Calvin 12:43
Yeah, listen, and again, if that’s the talent, all due respect, he’s doing this thing. Ain’t nobody hating on Nick Cannon. No, Kenny’s definitely done what he’s got to do to be where he is. But sometimes you just really break it down. It’s like, well, how’d that happen? Everybody who’s famous doesn’t mean that they’re good. They’re just good at hustling. Right? Don’t get me started on the Kardashians. They’re not good at anything. They’re not talented. They’re just good at whoring themselves out.

Steve 13:10
Yeah, Nick will tell you that though and wilding out if you notice all his cast members, even himself, they always clown him for his rap music. Yeah, for comedy and his movies.

Calvin 13:19
Yeah, definitely. So yeah, he’s a good sport about it. So we can respect that and again, all due respect, and they can nobody hate and it’s just just an observation. But getting back to what I came on Google for before I completely sidetracked this podcast. Freddy Ross Jr. Better known by her stage name big Frieda is an American musician known for her work in the New Orleans genre of hip hop called bounce music

Steve 13:42
bounce bounce music. That’s nice. Yeah.

Calvin 13:46
Modern website right now. definitely gonna have to add that to the playlist. I like that kind of music. But what about you Mikko? What’s Uh, what’s changed in your in your playlist over the years? You know what, I’ve always listened to

Steve 14:00
all genres and music from rap to rock to ballads and country and all that stuff. If you listen to my iPod right now, you get everything from NAS to Biggie to Taylor Swift to you know, Green Day to Marilyn Manson. A whole genre of music but I started off really falling in love with like Redman

Calvin 14:23
Yeah, I remember you the biggest Redman fan I knew. Yeah. Man heavy.

Steve 14:27
Yeah, high school college. Yeah, you know, that whole funny punch lines that kind of like dirty grimy rap along with like epmd and then when he joined up with red and meth, you know, when they created that, you know, I thought that was dope and then it’s kind of evolved into like, Nas, and Biggie and POC and most def Blackstar people that had lyrics, people that told stories like your slick Rick’s that then people moving toward all I don’t care what the word say I fuck with a beat. I don’t care about the beat. You know, I cared about what rapper was saying. And then as I got older, then I really started hating on like the hubba hubba hubba bubba, but it’s like, What are you saying? Right? I don’t understand what you’re saying. Even though I do understand like, don’t get me wrong. I understand the words that you’re saying. But it’s like, doesn’t mean anything. You’re just spitting out stuff that rhymes together. Yeah, people used to love Missy Elliott, back in the day. I couldn’t stand Missy Elliott, because she would just write sounds with words and just get away with it. And respect it, like, find a word that’s gonna run with something. But now, as I got even older now, I’m starting to appreciate like newer artists, non mainstream people. Hmm, I’ll name a couple people. Travis Thompson. He’s like, I think in Seattle, he’s like a fat white kid that raps and his rapping skills are decent, good beats but he spits words and forms thoughts with his rap. Guys like Jay Printz I don’t know if you know him. I even listen to this newer cat Josh pearl who I got put on like a couple of weeks ago and his shit is dope. He’s like from the Cayman Islands. Oh, I listen to shit like the French rap. PnL it’s a French rap duo. And I even go as far as the more mainstream like Spanish rap like bad bunny. Like his last album dope. Like I listened all day long. I don’t know what the fuck he’s saying. But I listened to right I thought much about this. I just listen to like your trippy reds or your blue face or whatever his name is like I don’t listen to that kind of rap.

Calvin 16:41
I don’t know none of these people you talk about? Funny I’ve heard of. Yeah, yeah, bad bunny. The only person

Steve 16:49
Yeah, but see this new generation of rap like trippy red. He was on I believe like the double XL cover. It’s like the new IT person and people like even a little yachties and little uzi vert, and all these people like I can’t listen to, I don’t find joy, listening to their music. But there are other newer artists that are young that are coming up that I could listen to.

Calvin 17:10
Yeah, like I said, I don’t. For me, the music journey started at home. And again, being from Trinidad, we listened to Soca in the house. And that’s what I grew up on. And even that genre of music has changed a lot. It used to be very similar to rap in a way. It was very lyrical, a lot of politics, you know, heavy messages and a lot of music. But similar to rap, that genre has kind of gone a bit more towards just Hey, we’re here having fun, right? So now it’s more about Carnival, and grinding on a girl and having a drink and whatever. And not most of the mainstream stuff is not too lyrical. In that sense. It’s not you know, you have some guys that really can put some words together. And as far as that genre goes, like, my favorite as far as a lyricist is Bunji Garlin, he’s about as close to rap. Lyrically, as you’ll get in that genre music. He’s good. He really puts words together nicely. reggae was big in my house. You know, dad was a big Bob Marley fan and Steel Pulse and all that. So that’s really what I grew up on. And then at some point, I discovered Onyx. I Oh, yeah. I’m assuming it’s when when slam came out, right. That was on the radio, somewhere. I don’t even know when that came out. Exactly. But that should came out. And I was like, What is this?

Steve 18:32
Like? 9596?

Calvin 18:34
Yeah, I was like, Yo, this. This is hard. Like, I like this. So I remember going to buy the cassette. And you know, you had your Walkman and the little shitty headphones. Yeah, yeah. But those of you who may not know what that is, go Google. What a cassette is.

Mikko 18:51
Google a Sony Walkman? Please? Sony Walkman.

Calvin 18:55
Yeah, cassette. And I bought that. And this was like the dirtiest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. Y’all know that album. The album’s called. Yeah, that was called back the fuck up.

Steve 19:05

Calvin 19:06
That was the first album and you know, me being like the good kid. I was. I was scared to listen to it anywhere. I would go into the garage and hide and listen to the whole album on repeat. For as long as they could. Yeah, I would just sit there with my Walkman. Listen, I didn’t even want my parents walking in the room. What you listening to? Nothin, I was just in here, you know, looking at a playboy

Mikko 19:28
No, nothing serious.

Calvin 19:36
Yeah, nothing to worry about just normal shit going on here. I remember there was a time I was listening to that album in the backseat of the car. So you know, I have a younger brother, right? So yeah, with your mom running errands and you’d like rotate. Sometimes I get to sit up front. Sometimes you sit up front, whatever. So I was my turn to be in the back and I’m listening to my Walkman or whatever. And my mom is trying to be nice and she’s like, Hey Cal, do you want to put your tape in the car? I’m like, nope,

Mikko 20:01
no. Oh no.

Unknown Speaker 20:03
She’s like, are you sure? I’m like no no, I’m good. I’m good.

Calvin 20:07
She would have kicked me out of the car. Oh bad but that’s when I really got into rap. So was that and obviously you know DMX but like 97 DMX was big and you know DMX is my favorite. That’s Redman. For me, Mikko, he is the man can’t do no wrong. I can still rap every DMX almost.

Mikko 20:30
I know. I know. Yeah.

Calvin 20:31
So that’s what I really came into college with was all of that. And then, as I mentioned on an earlier episode, somehow I went to a black school and got room with two white boys. My first year. No, three, three, my first semester, my entire first year I had white roommates actually.

Steve 20:49
Yeah, you did. Nate. And

Calvin 20:52
what other two I can’t remember though. It was Nate, Nate and Kevin. That was semester two. Yeah, that was more across the hall from you. And then my first semester was this kid named Eric. He was a loser. He didn’t really go out much.

Mikko 21:04
I don’t remember him.

Calvin 21:05
Yeah, nobody does. All right. No, no, I didn’t. I wouldn’t. He wasn’t. He wasn’t he didnt party he didn’t do shit with anybody. He just was there

Mikko 21:17
I know. Yeah. In our hallway.

Calvin 21:19
Exactly, exactly. He was like that. But these guys turned me on to a whole bunch of different kinds of music. So for starters, like we referenced the Spice Girls, they were into the Spice Girls. And of course, me being me being the New York hip hop, reggae Soca dude, like the fuck y’all listening to man? The next thing you know I’m sitting there like if you want to be my lover I’m like doing the DMX. But if you want to be Oh, yeah. So I can justify it, you know? But I was like, Okay, this music good! This is different to what I’m used to. This ain’t bad. Then you Steve, you said you went kind of light into the rock. I jumped all in they got me into Rage Against the Machine.

Mikko 22:07
Yeah, I remember going to Ocean City.

Steve 22:10
Listening then I got into it hardcore. Yeah, against machine Rob Zombie. Yeah, Rob Zombie was my shit still is

Calvin 22:18
Yeah, I jumped head in. I was like, yo, something about that music just spoke to me Rage Against the Machine. It was like it was rap and rock at the same time. And I was like, yo, I fuck with this. This is this is good. I can still listen to that you throw that on when I’m at the gym. I’m those 15 pound dumbbells are going up. But that was like college every like then I was all over the map at that point and started listening to a whole bunch of different kinds of music. And now it’s the same as you Mikko like, you throw in my playlist. It’s a bunch of different things. And it really just depends on what mood I’m in. You know, I can go from Soca to rap to, I’m, really into like, indie pop now, Pumped up kicks is what got me into that. Like, that was another song. Yeah, that song came out. And I was like, Yo, I like this, like, what is this? and it’s so catchy. And I got into them. I got their album and they opened me up to that whole genre of music. And I listened to a lot of that my favorite band right now is two door cinema club. Yeah. Yeah, I love them. They’re a band out of Ireland and absolutely love that kind of music.

Mikko 23:25
Didn’t you like matchbox 20 or Adam Levine I kind of remember you like going to see them

Calvin 23:31
Yeah, yeah, well, yeah, the maroon five. We’ve we’ve been a lot of concerts. Yeah. So that actually is more of.. you’ll be on get a little sappy now. Ladies get your tissues out. That actually has a story behind it. So when I met Anna, I met my wife. That was the first gift she ever gave me was their first album. out okay, that Listen, you know, I listened to it in you know, I’m romantical now you know, I’m putting all my suave, my eyes are fluttering. And she gives me a romantic album, like into this now. So that actually was the first band and first album that got me into what you would call I guess, pop. You know, I mean, of course there was the Boys to Men and stuff like that before. But you never got into that you play that when the ladies were around, you know for a purpose. Yeah. Nobody bought a boys to men album. I didn’t. But by the time we got to Yeah, maroon five. We’ve kind of always looked at them as like that’s like the soundtrack for our relationship. We have been to, I think three or four of their concerts. I have all their albums, and I love it.

Mikko 24:34
Yea Maroon five is dope. I like their music.

Calvin 24:38
But it’s funny. I went to a two door cinema club concert. On my 35th birthday. It was kind of a weird, out of body experience. So they were playing right here in New York City Friday night. And when you go to buy the tickets, you could either buy general admission which would have been just on the floor, no seats. Again, I said this is my 35th birthday like nah man I need a seat like, you know, I might have to take a song or two off, can’t be standing up the whole concert. So we were up in the mezzanine up on the balcony, and concert started everything and you know, I’m up, I’m, I’m into it. And I realized I look around everyone on the mezzanine is sitting down, but me. I’m like, what’s happening here and what it turned out to be was the parents of the young ass kids that were downstairs were up top, just kind of waiting for the shit to be over and take them home. I was the only person on the balcony that was actually there for the music, but it was different. It was a weird feeling. It was a weird feeling.

Steve 25:47
You know what my buddy does that when his daughter was younger, like, she would go to a concert and him and his wife would buy tickets. Not necessarily really want to listen to the music, but just to kind of be there just in case. Something happened or just to watch their child right kind of good parenting, I guess.

Calvin 26:03
Oh, yeah, of course. Yeah. Of course. It just kind of made me feel like it’s just music too young for me or something. Like why do I like this? And everybody else who likes it needs a chaperone. Like, what am I doing wrong? But yeah, just not worry about I’m like, Listen, I like it. I like it.

Mikko 26:21
Okay, I’d go to a Taylor Swift concert. I don’t care. I’d be jamming Yeah, shit, too. I would I mean, I’m just comfortable enough my own skin to like, that kind of music like I don’t care. I’ll blast Taylor Swift out of my freakin car window.

Calvin 26:38
You’re gonna be like the boy we talked about in the other episode. first you don’t succeed. And try again. Right? Yeah, roll down the window. Shake it off! shake it off!

Steve 26:51
Oh, exactly. I’d be rockin dude, whatever.

Calvin 26:54
Listen, she got some hits. Man.She got some hits cant front. For sure. This is actually a funny story. My my wife has a co worker who was walking around a grown man probably our age. You had a couple of kids walking around. He was humming some song and she was like, What are you singing? He was like Taylor Swift. What do you mean? He’s like, wow, how dare you? How dare you ask me such a question? Right. How uncultured Do you don’t know Taylor Swift everybody knows it. So that’s music. I think we covered that. But what about anything else? Is anything else changed for you guys like movies or anything like that?

Steve 27:31
Yeah, as I got older, this is kind of it sounds so weird, but I like ROM coms. Okay, I really like romantic comedies. Like, for some reason. There’s like this sensitive side of me that likes it. When a guy likes a girl. She destroys him for somebody else he makes himself better, finds her in a small town where they grew up and they patch it up. They argue, make backup. And then happily ever after. Like, for some odd reason. Like I like movies like that. I love horror movies. I love mysteries, but especially funny ROM coms. Hence romantic comedy, those type of movies like I’d watch all day.

Calvin 28:18
Shoot man, whatever. Oh, what’s your favorite one?

Steve 28:21
Oh, definitely, maybe by Ryan Reynolds, I believe in Isla Fisher, where he’s like a single dad and he’s telling a story about how he met her mother who he’s divorced. Oh, yeah. I’m Ryan Reynolds. I’m a fan. A huge, huge Ryan Reynolds fan. I think his shit is just genius. Whatever that persona is, or if that’s how he really is. Any movie that he does Action, Comedy. Whatever commercials his fucking Twitter’s funny,

Calvin 28:55
you know? Yeah, I was gonna say it seems like it’s a real thing. Because on social media, he’s he’s pretty damn funny.

Steve 29:01
Yeah. And I get it. I like the movies. And especially with that movie, like, just his funny one liners. And it just gets me plus the whole story of how you know, he’s like looking for her mother and whatnot. It’s it’s kind of cool.

Calvin 29:12
Yeah, I became a fan of him after Deadpool and I didn’t really know much about him until then. And I watched Deadpool and I was like, Okay, this guy’s hilarious.

Mikko 29:21
Yeah, blade Trinity. You didn’t see him in blade Trinity? Mm hmm.

Steve 29:27
My first Ryan Reynolds movie was either just friends or waiting.

Okay. I don’t know. I don’t know how we turn into a Ryan Reynolds episode. But

Calvin 29:35
no. Shout out to Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds, but nothing wrong with that. Everybody you know, we respect Ryan Reynolds. Big shout out Nick Cannon shout out Ryan Reynolds. Absolutely. No, we’ll see who’s next before we finish this segment you never know who might be next.

Steve 29:52
Yeah, no, but movies. Yeah. As I gotten older, romantic comedies if you can make me kind of tear up a it’s a good movie.

For me, I’ve been I’ve always loved sci fi movies. I remember seeing Empire Strikes Back in the theater. Shit scared out of me hadn’t run out. Yeah, I was like three or four. I mean, it’s still love sci fi movies. I’ve been getting into just different form films lately. Not anything serious, but still like a sci fi movie in a foreign language or series that are like that. I’ve just been really into those. Yeah, just been really into those lately. What got me into it was a was watching a few of those movies in Korea.

Calvin 30:38
When I was over there. Have you seen parasite?

Steve 30:41
Oh, yeah.

Calvin 30:42
I figured

Steve 30:42
Fantastic.Yeah, parasites. So true to form.

Calvin 30:47
Yeah. Yeah. I was wondering about your perspective on it. Since you lived there for a while.

Steve 30:52
Yeah. Whenever you would hear them do like the whiny voice. Just a playful way of trying to get what you want. Okay, I watched that with a couple people. And one guy was like, What? Why are they always bitching? Why are they always? Why do they sound like that? It’s a it’s just another way of getting what you want. But growing up yeah, it was always sci fi movies. And now I’ve lately I’ve been just going back and watching the 80s movies non stop. Okay, shit. I was watching a secret of my success last night. It’s a great movie. Huh? Yeah. And Mikko? Yes on the rom com tip. 16 candles. Forget it.

Okay. Molly Ringwald. Yeah,

absolutely. Yeah, I fuck with that. All day long, dude. All day long in Anthony Michael Hall is the geek was fantastic. Yeah.

Mikko 31:49
What about you Cal?

Calvin 31:50
Well, I don’t watch that kind of shit. I’m a real man. So

I’m gonna I’m gonna go do since since y’all said the rom com and made this a safe space. The first time I watched Love Actually I cried like a baby at the end.

Mikko 32:11
Okay, okay.

Calvin 32:13
That movie touched me. Good. That’s a great movie, that I look forward to Christmas, just for that movie to be on TV non stop. Yeah, that’s true. I watched that. And I’m gonna give you another fun fact that probably nobody would guess one of my favorite movies. And it’s like a tradition to watch around Christmas is the sound of music.

Mikko 32:32

Calvin 32:33
Yeah. My dad and I used to watch that. I remember watching that with my dad a lot as a kid. And it just became like a tradition around Christmas. It was it was always on TV. And in those days, it was you know, there’s no DVR, whatever. That was the one time a year you saw it on TV. So we’d sit then we’d watch that movie. I love that movie. My wife is like, what are you doing? And I was like, just go do what you got to do for the next couple hours. I’ll be over here. Watching my favorite things. Okay.

Mikko 33:00
Got my Vaseline ready.

Calvin 33:06
Who there? No. But Steve, you mentioned something about being scared for a movie. Yeah. I have a very similar story. So I was a huge Michael Jackson fan when I was a kid. Oh shit. Yeah.

Steve 33:24
Yeah. Who thriller. Oh, Michael Jackson.

Calvin 33:27
Yeah. Michael Jackson.

Steve 33:30
Yo, thriller, huge Michael Jackson fan.

Calvin 33:33
Man. I got thriller for Christmas. And I’m pretty sure I begged my dad to get it for me. thriller came out in 1982 so I was like three years old. And I wasn’t ready for thriller, he should have known better. I should have just got something else, you know, should’ve known better. But he gets me thriller. And I start watching this shit. And I’m like scared out of my mind. I don’t I definitely didn’t finish it. On the first watch. In our house, we just have this kind of weird tradition where once you open the gift, you just kind of leave under the tree for a while. And I remember being in the house and not wanting to walk too close to the tree. That’s how bad the shit scared me. I couldn’t look at it. I couldn’t look at it for years. And then remember at some point we got some kind of book and in the middle of the book was like this two page photo of the characters from thriller with like Michael Jackson in the middle and like all the zombies around him and to fuck with me my brother would surprise me just open it to that page. It Yeah, I get I get scared or pissed off or whatever. And this went on for ages. Until one day we were on vacation. We were in st Maarten and I’m guessing I might have been around maybe 14 years old at this point. And we go into the store to just pick up food. And they had the TV up on the shelf. And as we’re standing there waiting, my dad just kind of nudged me he just like did a head nod to the TV. And I’m looking at it and it’s thriller. So I just started Looking at it and then I’m like, this is what I was afraid of? Yeah, this shit is so fake! You know? And I’m telling you I missed out on like, Nightmare on Elm Street. Halloween I didn’t watch anything horror related for a good 15 years, because I was just so afraid. I was like, I’m done. I’m not doing anything remotely scary. And then I saw it again and I was like this? and now horror is one of my favorite things to watch. I’m a huge American Horror Story fan. The ring, like psycho is actually my favorite horror movie I’m into it now. And it’s like damn funny how something like that would change just from you know, fucking Michael Jackson always messing with kids one way or another

Steve 35:44
shit thriller To be honest, I had the same reaction as you when I first saw thriller like I could not watch it because it scared the shit out of me. It wasn’t even like the music video right you talking about like the full on like the 15 minute movie?

Calvin 36:00
Yeah,yeah, turn there was no music is like, you know, like you got the hand coming out on the floor. And like when he turns into and like the eyes go yellow. No, hell no, man. I was scared.

Steve 36:10
But see my experience after that was like after, I think after a year of just kind of like watching that bits and pieces. And I finally watched like the whole thing. One of my friends. She was a girl and she was just like, that’s not real. These aren’t real people, just characters and after she said that, then I started to watch thriller even more, and I was like, okay, Michael Jackson’s not really a monster. He’s not really like a zombie. He’s just playing a zombie. And, you know, I got into Friday the 13th. heavy. I got into Nightmare on Elm Street heavy. I got into Halloween heavy. And I just started watching all of those and looked forward to like the next, you know, one and then it just turned me on to that genre and was like, I love it. Look, you and I. We went to New York one time. It was the first time that you saw the ring is when we went to the mall and watched it. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Like the ring was like one of the first ones like Asian ones who knew? And then I got into that even now. I think Asian horror movies are better than American Horror movies. Sorry, America.

Totally agree.

Calvin 37:12
Yeah. Have you ever watched the original ring? Yes. That’s just much worse. So yeah, I remember. I remember when we did that. And I think you had seen it already. But you were like, y’all watch it again. It was that good.

Mikko 37:29
Yeah, exactly.

Calvin 37:30
Let’s go. Those who have obviously seen the movie, I mean, fuck a spoilers that shit is old. If you haven’t seen it by now. Yeah, that’s just too bad for you. But the whole thing is about this videotape that kills people and within seven days when you watch it, and the first maybe half an hour of the movie, you don’t know what’s on the tape. It’s just this mystery. And then when the kid finally puts the tape in the VCR and you know, you’re gonna see it. I remember I started sweating. I was getting itchy. I was like, Yo, what the fuck is gonna be on this tape. And then it’s just a bunch of really random images that I was like, okay, it wasn’t scary, but then it’s psychologically scary. Because you’re like, Well, what about this is so messed up that somebody’s going to die after watching it. I love that movie. And that was one of the more recent horror movies that like really got me into the newer stuff. Well, I’ll tell you one movie that I’ve done, the biggest U turn on? That is the village. Ah, nice film. Yeah. Yeah. So when my wife and I first started dating, we watched that movie. And this has got to be a 01-02 whenever that came out. So I’m watching it. And again, fucka spoiler, this movie is 18 years old, you know. So it’s, it’s about this group of people who are living in a remote village, and they live off the land, they just self sufficient take care of themselves. And by the end of the movie, you come to find out that each one of the elders, they all came from a different family that suffered some sort of severe trauma, like someone was killed in an accident, and all these different things, and they just kind of ran away from the world and started this community. And at the very end of the movie, you find out that they’re living in modern times. And they just kind of were hiding and they were off the grid. So the movies kind of preface like as if they were living in this, like colonial time and everything. There’s no electricity, the kids weren’t allowed to go into the woods, otherwise, these monsters would get them. And the end of the movie, you find out that it was just a bunch of people running away from the troubles in life, and they started this community. And when I first saw this movie, I might have been 22-3-4, somewhere in that range. And I was like, Yo, this is the dumbest fucking movie I’ve ever seen. That movie Physically made me upset. I was mad at the end of that movie. Yeah. Because I was like, yeah, I’m like, you can’t just run away from problems. You know what I mean? Like, this is stupid. Like, what? Who made this fucking and I was going off you guys, my wife I was going off. But now we watch this maybe five years ago. And I was like, You know what? If I could take just the people I care about? Yeah. And just live in a remote place by ourselves, I would absolutely do that. That’s my only dream in life at this point. Because you can’t fight all the stupid out there in life. You really can’t. No one person could fight all this dumb. So it’s better off you just excuse yourself. So I’ve apologized many times to the village just like I apologized to Eugene at the top of his episode. You know, I should really learn not to have such strong opinions.

Steve 40:54
Nah Fuck that.

Calvin 40:57
So I’m gonna apologize to Nick Cannon up front because he gonna do some that’s gonna turn me around at some point. And be like, you know that Nick Cannon is pretty good. So I’m gonna just apologize up front there, because with the way this is going, I’m gonna just have to do that.

Steve 41:14
Movies dope. I was the same way as you when I first started, like, what the fuck? And why are you sending the fucking blind girl? What the fuck, but I understood. I was like, okay, they didn’t want her to see anything. And then when I realized they didn’t want to see anything, because it was a modern time. And they were fucking based out of fucking, you know, the 1600s and whatnot. Yeah, I’m looking at like, wait, there’s a fucking car. Like, like, Oh, yeah. And then, you know, I do research like, I usually do like a my fucking nerd. And there’s like experiments where people did this shit in real life. Really? And that’s what it’s based out of? Yeah. Oh, yeah, there’s actually like, I think Cornell or one of those, like, intellectual University, they took like a group of people, scholars and their families and actually, like, started our own little community and kind of kept it in the old olden times where they kind of wanted to forget about, you know, technology and all the stresses of like, you know, having to work to pay mortgages and stuff and just live off the land. Like there’s actually like an experiment that happened and that I think that’s what it’s based on.

Calvin 42:17
Oh, wow. Wow, I didn’t know that.

Mikko 42:19

Calvin 42:20
So that is interesting. Yeah, yeah.

Mikko 42:22
Where do we go from there?

Steve 42:23
How’d that experiment end Mikko?Je

I think to be honest, they just they had to like kind of just like go back. Yeah, and it I don’t think they were able to like sustain like that type of lifestyle without means of income and you know, foods coming in like there’s only so much land to live out I think if any one of us wanted to start a community in the middle of nowhere it would struggle because you know, where are we going to get our food we can’t live off of like corn and wheat and shit like that all day. You know we need some sort of food chain food supply I think I could be dead wrong.

I’m hooked on soda stream so I’m not living in

Mikko 43:06
cousin Jeb ain’t making no sodas

Calvin 43:11
if he does you don’t want to drink it oh man.

Steve 43:20
That’s not apple juice. Don’t drink that.

Calvin 43:27
The the apples are salty this year. This harvest is a is a quite quite salty harvest.

Mikko 43:36
quite quite pungent.

Calvin 43:40
We shall dilute this. Oh my god. Oh my god. We always go there. Love it. We always go there.

Mikko 43:51
Yes, we do.

Calvin 43:52
All right. Yes, we do. So it is time for the favorite hottest segment get off my lawn.

Steve 44:00
I will kick it off. So recently moved into a my first house ever. And I love doing the yard work. I take pride in the yard. I enjoyed hedge clippers and all that crap. So I’m responsible. I put all the clippings in the bag in the brown paper bag that you put out on the lawn for the garbage guys to pick up. Hmm, I’ve got the most dipshit garbage guys ever. They either take because there’s the recycling the garbage than the lawn clippings. Everybody’s got those three things. Sometimes these guys, they don’t want to pick them all up. They just want to pick one of them up. And then I’m left with an overflowing garbage can because of these dipshits. So that’s my get off my lawn for this week, do your job. You got one job, pick up the garbage

Calvin 44:47
and literally get it off his lawn

Steve 44:49
get it off my lawn. What I don’t get is that all three things are in the same truck. It’s not like there’s like multiple trucks coming around to pick this up. All things are on the same day. truck. You put them in a specific order they pick them up. It’s super easy. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t and it’s like a comical thing amongst all my neighbors. You know, garbage guy didn’t pick it up. Fuck that. what? what?

Calvin 45:13

Steve 45:14
How are you tolerating this?

Calvin 45:16
Here’s the thing? Could you imagine I always ask that question. Sometimes it’s imagine being that shitty at your job and keeping it.

Steve 45:23
It’s incredible.

Calvin 45:25
Like, you know what I mean? Your entire purpose is to pick the shit up and throw it in the truck. And imagine fucking that up and still keeping your job. None of us could do that at work and keep the job and be successful.

Steve 45:37
People I feel who could have that degree of autonomy or whatever and how shitty they can do their job, weathermen. Think about it, they get it wrong.

I said it was gonna snow yesterday and it was 80 degrees dick on the weatherman. What are you gonna do? I got one more get off my lawn for this segment. Yeah, go for it all for about a neighbor. You know, I live in this neighborhood. It’s got these gorgeous big trees. But some of these trees you can tell the trees are rotted on the inside. I had one on the back of my house before I even moved in. Had to get that bitch chopped down because the homes are close together and you can hurt someone, the neighbor to two houses down he’s got this like 75 foot oak. And what happened two weeks ago, a limb fell down on the street. And this thing’s got like a 18 inch diameter. It was a couple hundred pounds. And it’s completely rotted and the next one is aiming right at his house. And this dickheads still has not gotten this tree chopped down. And my get off my lawn is for my dumb ass neighbor to cut down the stupid tree before it hurts somebody. Probably him.

Calvin 46:52
hey, just make sure you get it on on Instagram.

Steve 46:55

Mikko 47:01
Alright Mikko

Mine is more of a general get off my lawn thing. People who can’t follow directions COVID times and I know we brought this up before but I think it’s worth bringing up again. You go into a store that says wear your mask you put on your mask or they don’t give you service right? It’s almost automatic. Now when we go outside we put on a mask we go into an establishment we do what we got to do we come back out easy. in the workplace, there’s still people that I have where, oh, I’m coming in from lunch, I got to go clock in, swipe their badge and walk all the way through across our department. Mind you, we’re in a warehouse with no mask on and I’m asking this person. You know, you wouldn’t do this at a convenience store. You wouldn’t do this at a fucking gas station. Would like one guy at the cashier and like one guy at the frickin Slurpee stand? Why would you do it here when there’s like 50 people across of view like that work here? Why would you walk across this be like, Oh, I’m still at lunch. That doesn’t give you a fucking reason to not have your mask on. If you’re eating that’s one thing, I can understand that. But if you already ate your lunch you clocked in you swipe your best the sliding door opens up. Here’s the whole department you’re gonna walk across. I don’t know if you have COVID or not. I don’t care, you know, just follow rules. Like they’re there for a reason. And I can’t say when people do if you don’t believe in it. That’s fine. But you work in a place that believes in COVID that believes in having these rules. So fucking follow it.

Calvin 48:36
Yeah, I mean, I don’t believe in getting up at 6am but I got to do that shit to get to work on time. So give a fuck what you believe.

Mikko 48:44
Exactly. Motherfucker.

Calvin 48:47
Jesus, I tell you.. people.

Mikko 48:49
What you got Calvin? I know you got somethin

Calvin 48:52
Yeah, you know, it seems like these days I have multiples that I could pick from

Mikko 48:57

Calvin 48:59
But I’ll give you a new one because there’s a new thing that just kind of getting on my damn nerves these days and cyclists on the street.

Mikko 49:09

Calvin 49:11
Again, as I said the top of the episode we respect everybody. All right. I respect the fact that you’re have the passion to get on a bike and ride and get the exercise Good lord knows I ain’t doing it. You know me I can do that shit. So I give you all the respect for getting up early on on a Sunday morning. Put in your your spandex on your helmet and get on a bike and just hitting the miles right? But Can y’all get out the fucking street please? The street is for cars. Not you. All right. In my city, they actually have some bike lanes right on the main street. drive in those the ones that don’t have it. either get on the sidewalk or do your best to be off to the side. today. I’m driving. I’m in the right lane. These two assholes are next to each other taking up the whole lane, man. now if y’all gonna be in the lane acting like your car ima treat you like one. Okay, so we’re gonna need to get the shit up to like 35-40 miles per hour, okay? on these local roads and if you can’t do that get the fuck out of the way. And then what gets me about it is that if you come too close to them or god forbid beep The horn because it’s like, yo, get out the way there’s traffic now you’re being offensive somehow it’s like, oh my god, this is not made for you. The streets are made for cars, not your fucking bike. even worst part about is around here. They shut down a whole Parkway on Sundays for cyclists to ride like 20 miles go there. What’s this other places for you to do to should get a fucking peloton, but why is your spandex laden ass in my face when I’m trying to get somewhere? I don’t need to see this shit.

Steve 50:55
Man. You know what? Just to kind of piggyback on your shit real quick. When I used to work in McDonald’s we used to have this douchebag on a bicycle go through the drive thru and try to place a fucking order. And at that time, you had to be a certain way because you had to be a car in order to activate drive thru.

Calvin 51:13
Oh, right. Right.

Mikko 51:15
So he’s gonna have to be like, Hello, hello. Hello. Hello. And I’m like sticking my head out the window. You got to pull up the front pull up to the front. Like it’s not reading and he’s like, Oh, yeah, I just, I just want some water. Like Fuck you. Oh, my God.

Calvin 51:31
He would have got some of that special apple juice.

Mikko 51:38
Oh, I got something for you

Calvin 51:41
Remember, Eddie Murphy got special wonton soup for him

Mikko 51:50

Calvin 51:54
Oh, man. But no, Steve, I heard your question. Yeah, they shut down the Bronx River Parkway around here. It’s like for a good stretch. I mean, it’s probably a good 20 miles, you know, and that they do that every Sunday. for cyclists. That’s lame. Take your ass over there, man. Again, at the very least, if you’re gonna be on the street, just don’t be in the middle. Don’t act like your car and we’re supposed to go around you. You don’t belong here. Right? If I go on a bike trail with my ATV you’re gonna look at me crazy.

Steve 52:23
Can we extend that same behavior to tourists who are walking down a sidewalk? If there’s like four people in the tourist party? They’re walking four wide on the sidewalk? Yep. I hate that shit.

Mikko 52:33
Yeah. Yeah, that was on my shit last week. Mm hmm. The fuckers and now bunch up. Make some space. Please be you know

Calvin 52:49
Exactly, exactly. Le’ts get the mood back up. Get the mood back up. Time for Chris Rock, quote of the week.

Steve 52:59
We were talking about music earlier. So I kind of wanted to loop it around to that. I’m not sure if you guys had the same thing. But um, it’s when Chris Rock was on a stand up and he goes, uh, it’s hard to defend rap music. It’s hard to defend. I got hoes in different area codes. It’s hard to defend. Move, bitch. Get out the way.

Calvin 53:25
Well, as you can see, he’s got some hoes. He needs to move. You need open your eyes to get the bitches out of your way.

Mikko 53:36

Calvin 53:36
Oh, man.

Mikko 53:38
Yeah, love it full circle. Full Circle.

Calvin 53:42
What you got Steve?

Steve 53:44
He just did a an interview with New York Times about his Fargo. The season of Fargo coming up. Right? And I forget where he said it. But he was talking about Trump. And he goes, No one has less compassion for humans than a landlord. Trump being the you know, a real estate guy he clearly was. I thought that was fantastic. There’s another really good one he had in there about just staying out of trouble. And you have to be comfortable with being boring. If you’re not comfortable with being boring. Occasionally. You’re gonna get in trouble. I thought that was great.

Keep your ass out of the strip club. That’s all that is.

Calvin 54:32
Oh, man. Yeah. So the one I got is from tambourine from the new one.

Mikko 54:38

Calvin 54:40
Stop telling your kids that they’re special. Stop telling your kids that they’re special when you leave this door when you leave this house. Nobody cares for your opinion. Matter of fact, a few people in the house don’t really care for your opinion.

Mikko 55:01
Got a true love it love it. Oh, so true. So relevant. So so relevant.

Calvin 55:07
All right, and now we’re gonna squeeze in a brand new segment. It’s called shout outs. All right, so we got some great shout outs this week from our loyal fans. And first one this week comes from Nicole at Nikki gal on Instagram, who I said and I quote, if you’re not listening to this podcast, you a damn fool. We happen to agree, Nicole, so shout out to you. Thank you, thank you for the love. So be sure to leave us some reviews on Instagram or on iTunes and yours may be read on an upcoming episode.

Steve 55:42
Yes, and if not, we’re gonna read Nicole’s again. So yeah,

Calvin 55:47
exactly. Yeah, if you want to just send in another one. You know, we just keep rocking with you until we get some new shit. All right, great, episode today guys. Good talk. As always, like what? This is Calvin, as always, you know, you can find me on Instagram at Revparblems or just go to revparblems.com to get it all in one place.

Mikko 56:10
And this is Mikko Mikko underscore eats on Instagram com follow me if you want to see some good foods and the places that I’ve eaten that piece.

Steve 56:18
And this is Steve, you can hear me every week on the midlife crisis podcast with Cal and Mikko.

Hey, there you go. Alright.

Calvin 56:27
Thank you for joining us on another episode of midlife crisis podcast. If you’ve enjoyed today’s episode, please leave us a review on iTunes. And you may inspire the next show. And also Do you guys remember the end of Joker where he’s laughing his ass off? And then the therapist asked him What’s so funny? And then he says, Oh, you wouldn’t get it. Don’t be that guy. share with a friend. if you hear a good joke on this podcast share with a friend they want to laugh to and keep up with us on Instagram at midlife crisis podcast show notes for this and all episodes are available on www dot midlife crisis podcast.com where you can also sign up for the mailing list. Hit us with some topics you want us to discuss. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you in the next one.

Mikko 57:15
Let’s go