Calvin Tilokee 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steve and Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t mix our alcohol on a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry if you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. We don’t know what CDs are. You’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving. Or just sitting around wondering why your back hurts but let’s get this show on the road. Hello and welcome to midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin here as always, with my boy Steve and Mikko bringing the flavor your ear on a weekly basis. On this week’s episode, we’ll be talking about our new President

Joe Biden, and the whole election process. Pretty much this whole episode might be get off my lawn. We’ll see if we have anything more diverse for you by the end but stick around i think you know what this is all going to be about. Fellas, how was the week? I’m pretty sure we know so let’s just dive right into it man.

Steve Rudolph 1:28
Great week because Biden got elected the Cheetos out all of his nonsenses out outside of that. I mean the week was pretty good. I shared with you guys that pictures of that table I made Yeah, so yeah, I mean we’re gonna dive into the Biden thing here in a minute but yeah, other than that great week.

Mikko Miller 1:48
What about you bought in one so that’s definitely the highlight of the week one a couple of shoes on raffles so a couple of $500 shoes on one for like 30 bucks can’t complain there and go America

Steve Rudolph 2:05
right how’d you get $500 shoes for 30 bucks

Mikko Miller 2:10
I do these uh, raffles online and like, let’s just say 50 people enter $10 each and the one in 50. That wins. shirt.

Calvin Tilokee 2:20
Nice. Good for you. Yeah, so what do you do with this? Because when you get them are they for personal use or you resell them?

Mikko Miller 2:26
It depends on the shoe to be honest. If it’s I don’t wear a lot of high tops anymore because I don’t play basketball because my ass is so fat. Hey

Calvin Tilokee 2:35
that shit aint stop Oliver Miller ain’t no excuse.

Mikko Miller 2:42
Like 600 pounds

Calvin Tilokee 2:43
out there looking like Cecil Fielder we go throw all the old ass references. y’all gonna be smashing Google during this episode. who the fuck are these people they talking about?

Mikko Miller 2:58
shoes flat as pancakes after a day. I wear this low tops. I wear him if it’s not my size, sometimes it raffled off shoes that aren’t my size, and I just resell those. Hmm, yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 3:17
Cool, cool. Cool. Yeah, man. Oh, this week, you know, the obvious. I think we were all caught up in all the Election Day, which turned into election week. But other than that, it’s been pretty chill. Nothing too outstanding, except the fact that, you know, last couple of years I’ve gotten into fantasy football. And I don’t know what took me so long to get into it. Because I’m like, addicted to this shit now. And yeah, like I really get into it. I think it has actually, it’s a lot of the analysis and just trying to project and figure things out, was very similar to what I did in my career. So it’s like a natural thing. I get excited about trying to figure out who’s gonna do what. So this week, though, the Thursday night game, Green Bay was playing whoever they were playing and the guy I’m playing this week just traded for Aaron Rodgers. He had like a shitty quarterback and gets an Roger and Roger stones for like four touchdowns and score like 45 points. Yeah, you went off. And I was like, Okay, my weeks over. Because the week before I played the guy who had Patrick mahomes. And basically outscored my team by himself. He had five touchdowns. I’m like, Oh, God. So I’m like, I gotta do something here. And I made a trade for Kyler Murray, who just had four touchdowns today, so he put me right back in so I’m really excited about that. And 90% of the audience right now is like you fucking nerd. But hey, this is what gets 40 year old man excited or at least me. So Exactly.

Mikko Miller 4:41
Yes, this is our mental viagara dude.

Calvin Tilokee 4:49
I can’t play sports anymore because I’m too old and shit like that. So I got to find other ways to get the competition get the get the juices flowing. Yo Yo, seriously. This week. I was sitting by My wife, and I just moved and like my shoulder cracked. And she was all the way across the room. She was like You okay? I was like you heard that. She’s like, yeah.I was like, Damn, yeah, then I’m at this stage where

Mikko Miller 5:21
sitting down for a long time. I got to move a little bit around otherwise I get stiff.

Calvin Tilokee 5:25
Exactly, exactly. I got to brace myself when I sneeze so I don’t pull my back it gets real it gets real good so that those y’all in your late 20s early 30s enjoy it because she gets Make sure to take care yourself.

Steve Rudolph 5:46
Recovering takes so much longer.

Calvin Tilokee 5:48
Yep. Imagine you gotta call out of work. My back What happened? I sneezed.

Well, we were told a couple episodes ago about vampires in Brooklyn. That’s what happened. Running around the deck of the ship trying to find his eye

oh, well, since we bringing up all basketball players who was the dude, Antoine Carr remember you said like them goggles? Yeah, you got them got it. So your eyes don’t pop out

Steve Rudolph 6:35
was that the guy with a goofy Andre 3000 shit on the said everything.

Calvin Tilokee 6:40
Okay, no, no, he had like a regular regular haircut. But he used to wear these goggles. But I mean a few guys back in them days like Horace grant warm but his wore orange for some reason. Like they were orange tinted. was fun. That was the basketballs orange. Like, don’t you? Like how does that work?

Mikko Miller 7:01
Fucking would you want

Calvin Tilokee 7:04
Why would you want an orange tint on everything? All right. I don’t get it.

yet, but I think I think I don’t know. But yeah, I think I’m still a little delirious from this week. Man this week was emotional rollercoaster.

Steve Rudolph 7:21
Big time.

Mikko Miller 7:22
For real for real.

Calvin Tilokee 7:23
I mean, I was obviously like, everyone else is anxious excited for election day, because I just wanted to get this guy to hell out of here and just see what was going on. And then I stayed up pretty late that night, hoping to get the results and I realized it just wasn’t comment wasn’t gonna happen. Oh, fuck, it shouldn’t even be this close. When he won. I think it was done that night. You could just tell like, Hillary can’t come back, you know. And I was guess I was hoping or expecting it. To be like that. I don’t ever remember an election dragon out for multiple days. And all day Wednesday, I had a headache, man. Just I know. It was completely stress induced by the election. I just was constantly looking at CNN. I just was like, waiting. And after that when when Wednesday passed, and nothing happened. I was like, Fuck this. Somebody just told me when it’s done, because I’m not watching. This is too much. I was like, I can’t do this to myself anymore. But that was it for you guys.

Mikko Miller 8:20
For me, I was watching Fox to be honest. I knew CNN and MSNBC and those channels, were gonna be pro Biden. So I kind of wanted to see what the other side was talking about. You can see the change maybe around Tuesday night. When Yeah, I think that projected Trump at 214 and binding it to 64 at that point. Hmm. And then the tune became, it went from, oh, Trump kind of shot. We don’t know what’s going on. People need to calm down, votes are still coming in. Someone’s saying it might be like some illegal votes. They went from that job is decent. He’s the more republican democrat or more republican ish of a democrat than anyone else. And he’s not adding other people were saying, Hey, you know, actually like Biden, and he’s okay. And I think we’re just trying to get favors now because they knew that there Cheeto last. Yeah. So yeah. Putting nice shit about Biden now. And that I thought that was kind of interesting, because the rhetoric was, oh, Biden is gonna lose. He’s a cheater. He’s corrupt. And then it went from that. He’s okay. He’s not too bad.

Steve Rudolph 9:38
To Mikkos point. I’ve been impressed with what Rupert Murdoch’s been doing this whole time, as far as telling Trump to either cease allegations around his bullshit with the voter fraud thing. Yeah. And then urging him to leave office with dignity. Nice, but Damn, that’s a hit and a half. Yeah, right. Right there, right? Yeah. I was hoping to see something, you know, just get an answer, but with the amount of mailing ballots and whatnot now, it was getting counted that night. Yeah. But yeah. Really glad it went the way it did.

Calvin Tilokee 10:17
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think that was something I didn’t really account for or didn’t think about was that you know, especially, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. in the Oval Office over the past four days. This is see him descent into madness. That would have been beautiful to

Steve Rudolph 10:35
watch. It would have been incredible. I don’t think he’s conceited yet. But what I wanted to ask you guys see. Do you really feel that Trump likes being president?

Calvin Tilokee 10:46
That’s a great question.

Steve Rudolph 10:47
I think the guy’s fucking full of shit. He doesn’t want to be president. I’ve read that book. Fire and fury. Hmm. Um, you listen to people who who know the guy and every one of them is like, he doesn’t want to be president. They never planned for him to be president. And now him hanging on and all this bullshit. all this nonsense that he’s that he’s doing right now. He said from the very beginning, he was going to do this. If he lost. He’s like a fucking child, that you’re taking away something. Yeah, from you know, and he. But the worst part of it is that the guy I do not believe he wants to be president. He’s just doing this to rile people up so that he can plan for his, whatever the next fucking thing is, which I can’t wait to see who’s willing to, you know, go and buy airtime there. See what kind of backlash they have from half the country?

Calvin Tilokee 11:36
Yeah, I agree. I think with him, it’s all about the power and control. And it’s all ego. And I’ve actually had people that I’ve worked with that I think are obviously not to that extent. But it’s one of these situations where you want to feel like they have the power, but you don’t actually want to do any work. And I’ve had multiple general managers like that, where they want to feel like they control everybody. They want you to be different to them, and respect their power. But then when it comes time to actually do some work, they don’t do shit. They are in headlights. It’s like, well, well, you do it, and they will they want to delegate everything. But it’s not not delegation in the way it should be done is delegation as passing the buck, you know, yeah, I’ll give a quick story about that this one GM I had, we have a budget meeting that you would do every year with the ownership, right. And you had to put together entire book, the presentation, basically. And I put this all together, because it fell on me to do it. But I gave it to the general manager when it was done and completed and gave it to him. Now you would expect if he’s not going to bring them all to the meeting, that he would delegate that to somebody say, hey, okay, all right, make 15 copies, make sure we have on blah, blah, blah, I had my copy. And quite frankly, I was too busy focused on getting my presentation together to be worried about everybody else’s books, you know. So we get to this meeting. And they’re looking for books, and he’s looking around the table. Well, like, who brought the books, and I’m like, I got mine. I don’t know what the fuck the rest of y’all doing. But my shirts together. You know, I mean, like, I and I swear to God, I didn’t do this to show anybody, but it’s like, it wasn’t my responsibility to make sure the whole team got this shit together. That’s your job. You’re the coach. Right? You wanted that responsibility. You want to walk around and puff your chest out and like you’re the big man didn’t make sure it’s getting done. And he was complaining about it afterwards. Because the owner is now like, well, how come we don’t have books? And he’s looking around, he’s, I’m talking to you. And he’s like, he’s like, Well, you know, they didn’t and he’s like, they and he’s like, you know, okay, yeah, it’s my fault. But he said it sarcastically, but it’s like, it is your fault. It is your fault. You want the power, because it’s strokes, ego, but you don’t want I should do any work. You don’t want to make sure. That’s what Trump me reminds me of is it’s the president. It’s the biggest title you could have in this country, maybe possibly around the world, right. He called the leader of the free world. So you can’t get a bigger title than that. But, you know, he doesn’t actually want to do any of the work comes with being in that position. Absolutely not.

Steve Rudolph 14:13
are either of you guys. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans.

Calvin Tilokee 14:17
I’ve actually never seen it.

Mikko Miller 14:19
Yeah, me either. Okay, sorry, Steve.

Calvin Tilokee 14:23
Hit us with is man, I bet you half the audience seen it

Steve Rudolph 14:27
There’s an episode called Wolf Cola, where they make up this fake cola business. But then they need to produce it to fight off an audit. Long story short, the one main character he’s promoted to be like the senior vice president. And he says, I don’t want any of the responsibility that goes with this. I just want the authority. I just want the title. Anybody out there, go out there and see wolf cola episode of It’s Always Sunny explains Donald Trump and his behavior and all With all of his nonsense to a tee, it’s Dennis’s character. There you go.

Calvin Tilokee 15:05
Yeah, I agree. I agree. And what’s interesting, and this is something I wanted to bring up, like going back to the beginning, is that General Manager I just talked about that was the hotel I was working at, when Trump said he was running for president. And every day we go have our have our lunch in the cafeteria, and it usually be news on and I remember the day when he announced he was running, and I laughed out loud. I was like, get the fuck out of here. Donald Trump, the guy from the apprentice. I was like, Who the fuck is bone fame? This is a joke. I was like, this would be over in three weeks. Moron. I severely underestimated the stupidity and racism in this country. So the eggs are my face big time. But I’ll never forget that moment. And like, Where were you guys when when you found out he was either running or got elected?

Mikko Miller 16:00
That was what, four years ago, three and a half years. Jesus, I had just started back at my current job. I had just gotten rehired. And I just remember kind of like the same thing. It’s like no fucking way. Like, there’s no way he’s gonna win. There’s no way you should even be in this race. There’s no way he’s gonna get the nomination and then you’re right egg in your face. Dude. we underestimated Middle America.

Calvin Tilokee 16:27
Mm hmm. Yeah. Big.

Steve Rudolph 16:29
I remember seeing seeing the lineup there. And I’m like, Herman Cain. Okay. You got the guy who has the pizza chains. You got this guy from the apprentice. You’ve got all these other people. I mean, I was surprised herman cain made as far as he did, but let alone Trump. I was just floored. I was absolutely floored.

Calvin Tilokee 16:50
Yeah, I couldn’t believe it. And I still I still can’t believe we suffered through that for four years. Yeah. It’s, I think it’s it says a lot about the state of the country, and how much people are willing to tolerate in the name of their own politics?

Steve Rudolph 17:07

Calvin Tilokee 17:08
really got me. And there were a couple guys that I know. Obviously, Trump’s main thing was, was the wall and promoting nationalism and anti immigrants and all of this stuff. And two of the most vocal Trump supporters I knew had wives that were immigrants. And I’m like, oh, all y’all hypocrites. Or, like, what? I mean, what the fuck is wrong with you people? And, you know, I know I mentioned this a social media episode with the guy and his kids and stuff, but the kind of things that people were willing to ignore. Yeah, about the things he was doing and saying, because he was down with their gang. You know, I’m Republican, so I’m gonna support any republican out there. That, to me, is really stupid, but is mine. But like, you these, these people are coming to me and telling me all this stuff. And it’s like, you don’t realize how stupid you look right now. So you love a man, you’ve never met more than your wife. Right?

Mikko Miller 18:15
Like, you know what he’s talking about? I’m gonna kill her first, just to show these people I mean business

Calvin Tilokee 18:24
Exactly. Oh, man. But I wanted to bring up this conversation that I had, because I think this to me, really brings home that point I just made as far as people just ignoring all kinds of things. And there was these people I had a conversation with on social media, and it’s a young Jewish girl. And she’s probably now around early 20s. Like you definitely I’m getting 25 I’m guessing 20 to 23. So very young. And I was following her and I saw a lot of things that she would post about, you know, going back home to Israel. And I mean, these are, these are Orthodox people. So they live in a community not far from here that you know, they’re one of those communities where they kind of all live together, pray together, where they work is is all in the same neighborhood. So not a Jewish person that is out amongst secular people, whatever the word is. Yeah, so she very vocal republican Trump supporter, and I got to know her well enough where I felt like I just wanted to understand I was seeking to understand how you could support Donald Trump when he’s so pro wall. When your own religion, a lot of what Judaism stands for, is to make up for the Holocaust, especially these orthodox sex of, of Judaism is all about. They have a lot of children to to make up for all the people that were lost in the Holocaust. That’s one of the beliefs in a lot of these, these very orthodox sex and gotcha. So actually Esther said, Listen, I’m just seeking to understand this want to have a conversation? How is it you can support that? When this is what happened to your people? And the first thing I got was, well, that’s not what happened at, you know, Hitler kind of just went in and was smashing people’s houses and pulling them out. And I’m like, well, it didn’t start with that. Right? Like, you can’t do that day one. Yeah, you know, that would be crazy. It starts with demonizing a set of people, like he did with Mexicans, and calling them rapists and murderers and drug dealers and demonizing people and getting you afraid of them. So then you’re like, yeah, you know, what we do need to keep these people out? And then the next step is going to be well, you know what? Yeah, why don’t we just kind of hoard them up and ship them off somewhere? You know. And this is, again, this is a girl whose grandfather has a holocaust tattoo. I’ve seen her pictures, I’ve seen her share pictures of stuff. So they’re very connected to the history. And it boggles my mind how you couldn’t see the connection between what’s happening now. And what happened to your own people who you’re very connected to religiously? It’s either that you didn’t you didn’t see it, or you didn’t want to see it. But in the name of politics, like that wasn’t bad enough for you to say, you know, what, maybe not this Republican. And so did you ever get like a, you know, a strong argument from her? Nothing that I would consider valid or strong. You got the same excuses you get from anybody you have that kind of a conversation with politically, it’s about always for the better of the country. And, you know, he’s not saying that. And you know, what it was Obama that started the whole gates at the borders Anyway, what Trump didn’t even start that and it’s like, and Hillary is like, I’m not talking about any of that. Right? what we were talking about Trump building a wall and how it relates to demonizing a set of people as an empty, I don’t give a fuck about Hillary’s emails. That’s not what we’re here to talk about. But that’s always the excuse you get, it’s always a, you know, deflection of back to Oh, well, Hillary was the was corrupt. Who cares? She lost. Y’all spend four years talking about the person you beat. Right? You know, but no, I mean, short answer the questions. No, if you just you got the same kind of excuses you would have with anybody else. And I tried to get through, you know, I felt that this was a person that okay, maybe you could get through to one person and help but just maybe see the other side of this. I even brought up the thing with Charlottesville, Virginia when he talked about very fine people on both sides. Yeah. And she’s like, Oh, well, you know, I’ve never seen a peaceful protest from the left. Oh, no, like, Okay. Yeah. When you start using terms like the left or the right, or Yeah, making blanket, stuff like that. I’m done talking to you. Exactly. Exactly. And in some way throughout that conversation, too, she told me Well, back when Obama was elected, that, you know, she was crying. Like you were what, 14 at the time, shut the fuck up. It’ll be, you know, enough. 14 to be crying about who’s elected president. And if you don’t shut us up, and wesam

Mikko Miller 23:07
who cries because Obama got elected anyway. I mean,

Calvin Tilokee 23:13
well, I think it goes, it goes to show the level of brainwash,

Steve Rudolph 23:17
zero chance she fucking cried.

Calvin Tilokee 23:19
No, I believe, and I’ll tell you why. Because I think she, especially with somebody that young, and she’s so passionate and so right minded, that this has to be coming down from the parents. So your parents have brainwashed you into thinking that anything that’s not conservative is wrong, evil, whatever. And because I’m sorry, the 23 year old, especially a 23 year old, that’s live their life in a secluded community, you haven’t lived enough life, to have that strong of a feeling about anything. You have enough life experience to be sitting here having these type of strong opinions. You just don’t. And for you to be out there. I do believe she cried be but because her parents have probably been telling us and she’s two years old. You know, all democrats are wrong, and they want to ruin the country, and they want to start communism, and they want to do this and all the other bullshit that you hear. So I kind of believe it. In this case.

Mikko Miller 24:17
I mean, I’ve had conversations with people. This one guy in particular, just as early as yesterday. You know, he made a blanket statement about how he never voted for Democrats, because people like Joe Biden, molest women. And I said, Oh, I’m kidding me. Like, okay, one. What do you think Donald Trump is famous for? And he goes, Well, no. Biden did. It’s like, okay, let’s just say Biden did it. Let’s just say he did molest people and he’s accused of whatever these things that he’s done, right. Let’s set them aside. Let’s isolate Trump for a second. Did Trump do these things? Well, I just want to talk about Biden. No, no, no, no, no. Did Trump do the thing that he He’s accused of these 13 sexual assault charges that he has and probably numerous more that he’s paid off to, like, you know, shush. How do you speak on that? And he was like, Well, I’m forever going to be a republican so whatever they do, I’m okay with I just don’t like it when the left democrats do this, and I’m like, You’re a fucking idiot. Because you’re not even looking at the the guilt that your man did, the stupid things that he’s done. You forgive him just because he’s a republican. And just because the left the democrat did, you know, a small iota of wrongdoing now you’re gonna chastise him and say, Oh, he’s the evil one. And people like that. I think you’re right. When they start talking left, the left the left like I just tuned them out. It’s just stupid to listen to.

Calvin Tilokee 25:46
Yeah, yeah, I can respect that kind of mentality. It’s like the like the the Chris Rock quote you brought up a couple weeks ago, you know, there’s some shit I’m liberal about. Shit. I’m conservative about you know, no normal sane person is one thing all the time. And I think he summed it up by saying, if you’ve made up your mind before you hear the issue, you’re a fucking idiot. Yep. Yeah. And I don’t think truer words have ever been spoken. If if you’re saying Oh, the left the right. And you don’t want to hear what this person has to say. You’re a moron. And you dummy, you don’t think you don’t think and it’s that’s how it’s easy to be brainwashed and easy for people to have done what they did in this country for the past four years and vote for this fucking idiot who has zero political experience.

Mikko Miller 26:29
But they call us sheep, right? They call democrat? Yeah, for the people that follow the republican mantra. They’re all sheep and snowflakes, but they do the exact same thing that they call us out for, which is stupid.

Steve Rudolph 26:44
One good thing on COVID is that we’ve, we can be limited from getting together with people that we may not want to get together with. And then at the same time, I’m thinking about that. You know, I gotten into a conversation a couple weeks ago with a friend who she’s very far left leaning. And anybody who was right, she didn’t want to talk to them. She didn’t have anything in common with them, and blah, blah, blah. And, you know, my whole thing to her was, Look, you’ve you’ve got to find commonality with people, if you have any hope of just having civility, you’ve got to find common ground because they’re not an enemy. They just think a different way. Al Qaeda is an enemy. Right? Answer me, your fucking next door neighbor with a Trump flags none enemy. It’s just a guy. You got to find commonality with people. And I’m telling her this. And I could tell it was kind of sinking in when I phrased it the way that that I did. Hmm, no, but there was still that anger. And I’m like, you know, shit, you’ve. So the reason I bring that up is Biden, he’s got a lot to go, you know, he’s got a lot ahead of them in his first hundred days. You know, he’s got to get his arms around COVID, he’s got a good get his arms around a lot of things. One of them that I hope he really leans into hard that he talked about in his acceptance speech, was working with people working with rural people, trying to find, again, that commonality between, you know, with them, so that we’re not so divided. And it I think, being able to do that, if he was able to get like 610 15% of the vote back, you know, that would be an amazing win. I’m already looking for years ahead. But if you if he was able to actually do that shit, that would be absolutely incredible.

Calvin Tilokee 28:40
That’s a great point. And I think that’s something that we we touched on during our travel episode too, because it’s about being it’s about exposure to other people and other mindsets, right. And this is this was part of the conversation I had with that Jewish girl, is that it’s easy to tell someone in Middle America in rural, whatever, that a Mexican is a rapist and a drug deal. They’ve never seen a Mexican. You know, they might live in a community where it’s 99%. Caucasian, and they’ve never seen a person of color. So for them, it’s easier to scale those people because they don’t know any Mexicans. I know. You know, people like us who have been in bigger cities, we’ve seen people from all over the place and Okay, some of them might not be the best people. But by and large, you know, you’re not going to do a whole race because like just just one person was a dick. You know what I mean? It’s like we’ve, you’ve met multiple people from different races and Okay, some Mexicans I know, assholes, but not all of them.

Steve Rudolph 29:41
are like all Canadians are nice people. There’s some real assholes up in Canada. Yeah, there’s a couple of them.

Mikko Miller 29:47
Sorry eh

Steve Rudolph 29:49
There’s a lot of great people and like,

Calvin Tilokee 30:03
thanks for Justin Bieber idiots.

Mikko Miller 30:06

Calvin Tilokee 30:11
Yeah, give you a pass on Drake he and he that you know bad Biggie Oh pass on Drake, but that’s Rogen is from Canada.

Steve Rudolph 30:17
We can give him a pass on Seth Rogen. That’s

Calvin Tilokee 30:19
funny for sure. Yeah. Now Yeah, he makes up for a lot. He makes up for a lot

Mikko Miller 30:24
No, no, yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 30:25
Listen, listen, I’m a fess up I gotta listen to my fair share Celine Dion. My wife’s a fan, so I’m gonna do you know,

Mikko Miller 30:33
I like silly

Calvin Tilokee 30:35
shit. Are you gonna do is you know, I even know the name of the song. What’s the one what’s the what’s the one from from Titanic? My heart will go on man. But sometimes your heart gotta go on.

Mikko Miller 30:47
I realize I can’t sing so I’m not gonna do it.

Calvin Tilokee 30:51
just got to do to beat

Mikko Miller 31:06
Oh, you know, the one thing just to kind of change this. A little bit of of Celine Dion

Calvin Tilokee 31:15
Dammit already?

Steve Rudolph 31:19
Woman’s a national treasure in two countries.

Mikko Miller 31:22
Right. Yeah. And you know what she’s dope in Vegas to her shows are awesome. But whatever. Did you guys listen to the thing last night with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Like to speak to speeches, the speech? Yeah. Like one, I felt a sense of relief, like a weight lifted off of my shoulder. And I know a lot of people felt the same way. But I’m really wanting to hold on to what Joe said about not being just the president for Democrats, being a present for the Americans. And if he holds true to that, and I think it’s going to be such a powerful thing that this country is going to need because we’re so divided right now. Yeah, so fucking divided right now. And if you can do that, and really work on both sides and not be partisan, that’d be great.

Calvin Tilokee 32:10

Steve Rudolph 32:11
hundred percent agree.

Calvin Tilokee 32:12
I agree. And that’s the way I think this whole, you know, left, the right mentality gets people messed up. Like, I’ll be honest, I have never considered myself a political person. I never got into politics. From a young age, I kind of backed off of it, because it’s so partisan, it’s it’s always Democrat or Republican, blue, or red. And I’m not a person who I like bringing people together. And to me, politics does nothing to serve, but to create differences in people and push them apart. And I just, it just never vibed with me. And the first time I ever voted, was to vote against Trump. You know, because I could feel that he was the person that was going to really do what he did. And just just separate people, everything that this guy was talking about in this campaign was just making people more and more divided. And I said, You know what, I’ve always also always lived by that thing. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain. I just never complained I never gave a shit. You know? Yeah. We’ve also never been in a position, at least not in my lifetime, where you had to. the President of the United States has never been a daily source of conversation in my life until this guy. Because you never knew what the fuck was going to happen. All right, you know, it’s like, I kind of was thinking about it. It’s like a referee in a game. Right? If you’re watching a game and the referees the focus of attention, he’s fucking up.

Mikko Miller 33:38

Calvin Tilokee 33:39
for sure.

Right. You know, we should all just be going along our daily lives and worrying about what we got to worry about. And the President should just be kind of moving things along. Maybe not. Right, exactly. Not drawing attention to himself. That’s not leadership. And like, that’s where I knew this guy was a problem. So that was the first time I voted. And I voted again, obviously, to get him the fuck out. And the point I want to drive home is it’s not because he’s a republican. It’s because he’s a dickhead. He’s a horrible human being. He’s a shit human being, period.

Steve Rudolph 34:16
Completely agree

Calvin Tilokee 34:18
And I won’t sit here and say that I would never vote Republican. It really depends on the candidate, if that’s what we need at the time, if he or she’s policies are something I’m aligned with that could happen. Yeah. And that has been my problem with everything about the Trump campaign and the supporters is we’re going to continue to support him simply because he’s wearing red. Like he’s done with our gangs. I don’t care what he does or says, I’m down with it that you’re a fucking idiot.

Mikko Miller 34:46
Agreed. I just told that guy yesterday, too. And I said, I don’t care about Republicans. I don’t care about Democrats. I care about the issues and that’s what I listened to. And for me, it’s not about wanting a republican out of office. I want that fucker out of Yes. That was been this dance since day one. I just want that guy. Oh,

Calvin Tilokee 35:07
yeah, I mean, I’m sure y’all could do better than that. Yeah.

Mikko Miller 35:12
Yeah, yeah.

Steve Rudolph 35:14
I was floored that all of those other guys lost to him. Lord, I’m talking 20 2016. The report, Florida. Like, who was it was Cruz it was Rubio. Those two fucking nitwits. At least you knew that with them. They’re just throwing through politicians they have right. At least they have some semblance of a moral rudder. Yeah, where would they were savvy enough not to get caught? You know, right. As many times as Trump did.

Calvin Tilokee 35:49
That’s the thing, too is how did we get to a point as a country where somebody with no experience in the in the job was somehow the more attractive candidate? Right? How was that the right thing. And I remember saying then think about how hard that must be for women. And we can certainly bring that forward. Now with having Kamala Harris as a VP, I think, ultimately, that’s a win for women, right. But at the time, you had a you had a female, forget about President or whatever it just say this was a job, a female that had spent her entire life in this industry who lived and breathed this industry and knew what she was doing, versus a white man with zero fucking experience and bragging about the fact that he had no experience. And that was what that somehow was gonna make him better at the job. And he got it. How the fuck does that happen?

Mikko Miller 36:42
Is it because Middle America, low income whites kind of gravitated towards someone that wanted to not be experienced in government? They wanted that kind of change. You know what I mean?

Steve Rudolph 37:00
They wanted that kind of change. They also wanted someone to blame. He was never going to fix anyone’s problem. But he will tell you all day long, who to blame, and why he’s the better guy to solve it. Because he’s an experienced businessman, doing big, ugly things with his big brain. It doesn’t matter what he solves, or if you solve them, the fact that he’s telling everybody that he he can solve it was enough. And all he did was tell him, this is who to blame. I’m not going to again, I’m not going to solve your problem. I’m going to make it worse. Because stoking fear makes me look attractive because I know I can save you. puppet Trump will save you wait, you know poor white people.

Calvin Tilokee 37:42
Living in the trailer park, fucking they sister eating mayonnaise sandwiches. Listening to john Cougar Mellencamp records.

Mikko Miller 37:53
exactly what I was thinking about. This fucker get into power. That’s so crazy. Yeah, man.

Calvin Tilokee 38:01
You know,

Steve Rudolph 38:03
it was this. It was that message that we’ve got to understand that the left have to understand they have to understand why, you know, what is it about this message that resonated with these people? Because it was a razor thin margin of victory. You got to have a better grasp on things going into the next election. Yeah, you know, or it’s or we could get into this flip flopping thing. And let’s not forget the fucker can run again in 2024.

Calvin Tilokee 38:33
Mm hmm.

Mikko Miller 38:34

Steve Rudolph 38:34
So he’s got to be able to, you know, talk to both sides and help them realize that they had a maniac in place. Please put someone credible on the ticket for the republicans. JOHN kusik.

Mikko Miller 38:50

Steve Rudolph 38:52
Anybody but him

Mikko Miller 38:55
other than that,

Calvin Tilokee 38:55
yeah. Oh, that’s true. And I think what it is to were just my personal opinion, I think where Hillary messed up in her campaign where she was, she tried to be too aboveboard. She tried to play the high road too much. And it goes back to the to that Chris record about bullies, right, like a real bully came along, and nobody know how to deal with it. And we did a whole episode on this. And the constant theme between all of our stories is the way to deal with bullies is punch him in the fucking mouth.

Mikko Miller 39:26

Calvin Tilokee 39:26
right. That’s what stopped all of our bullies would fucking with us, they needed to get the axe whip. And then it was like, okay, even if you knock them down, like in Migos case, he still stopped messing with you because he was like, I can’t just even know. I’m standing. I’m not trying to get hit in the chin every time. I feel like messing with this guy. I would just find somebody else like a pushover. And I feel like Hillary didn’t do any of that. And I was confident in Biden once I started to pay attention to him because didn’t Biden say something like, Hey, you know, I’d love to take that guy into the bleachers and just give him water. It was like I see not that’s how you deal with this dude. You know, you can let him say all this nonsense and then just back off and I’m going to let the people see who the high road people don’t get that you got to punch him in the face. So, you know, hopefully we survived these next four years. And if God forbid, I you Steve, you just hit me with some shit I forgot. Does Nuka run again? Yeah, Lord have mercy. Yeah, maybe I need to find somebody.

Steve Rudolph 40:26
The Republicans have. I’ve got to find someone, man. Because if this nitwit runs again, it will be nuts. It’s already bad enough that there’s a couple of q&a unbelieving nitwits, who are elected into office. I mean, that is just, um, um, um, I was blown away by that blown away.

Calvin Tilokee 40:47
And I think that’s that goes back to the point we’ve we’ve all been making here is, you know, just because the person is running under your flag doesn’t make them a good candidate, and the amount of Republicans that turned a cheek and turned a blind eye to all the shit he was doing simply because you know, what, he’s probably gonna win and put us in power, power can’t come at the expense of civility in this country, it can’t come at the expense of racism coming to the to the forefront the way it has, and sexual harassment and all it is other everything that he brought to the surface, which I will say in hindsight, I think we’re going to look back at him and be like, an almost thank him in a way because he helped us fix a lot of these issues, or at least bring attention to it and realize they needed to be fixed, you know, with blacklivesmatter. And me too, and all of these things I that was needed. He needed. I think he brought all the ships to the surface. And I think we all realize that, you know, with the living in the 40s. You know, yeah, so some got to be done about this. But I think I would hope to Steve’s point, I hope by now the republicans realize Look, he’s just a bad look. He Yeah, he could win. But you know what, he’s not making republicans look very good. We’ve got to get a real candidate in here and just just, you know, tie him up because he gets put them on a timeout of some time ago downstairs and you know, in a cage,

Steve Rudolph 42:10
I hope to God that he really is the bottom for the Republican us. I thought Sarah Palin was fucking bad. And all her crazy fucking nonsense. Yeah, this was worse. I mean, this was worse because he won. But Christ Oh, yeah. They cannot keep you know, saying, hey, what if we like crank? You know, Trump up to like, 15? Because appealing was already, you know, yanked up pretty high. How much worse can it get? It can get Trump fucking worse. What’s worse than that?

Calvin Tilokee 42:39
Yeah, we can’t afford to find out. No, you know, definitely can’t afford to find out and how do you tell?

Mikko Miller 42:47
How do you tell the people though, that voted for Trump that continue to still believe in Trump’s idealisms and rhetoric? How do you tell those people though, that, you know, he’s not coming back, you guys are gonna have to like find another, another candidate in the next four years? Like, how do you tell those people who to vote for now? You know what I mean? Like, there’s no, there’s no one like Trump that ran? Or and hopefully no one ever will be like Trump that runs again. You know what I mean?

Calvin Tilokee 43:17
Yeah, well, well, I think I think a lot of those people voted frames again, simply because he was read. Right? So whatever percentage that is, they’re going to vote for the person who’s read Anyway, you know, those mayonnaise sandwich emo fuckers, we got to just don’t, we can’t give them anybody to root for, like, you know, this is falls in the republicans now to make sure a guy like him, never shows his fucking face again. Just don’t make him an option. And they’re gonna have no choice but to either be quiet and don’t vote, or pay attention and vote for somebody who may actually be a legitimate candidate. But if they allow him or someone like him to rise up again, it’s going to be on him. Yeah. And I hope they realize he’s just he’s just making them look bad. It’s like, I you know, I remember like, he’s lowered the bar for President. so low. So fucking low. Remember when we were all joking on george bush? insane. You know, he was the worst president we could ever fuckin have. Yeah. And looking back, he, you know, he was presidential. At least he looked the part. He acted the part for the most part. He was a fucking moron. Yep. But that’s when we had standards. That’s when it was like, look at this guy. He’s an idiot. He makes us all look bad. And then we went from that to this dickhead. Yeah. You know,

Mikko Miller 44:37
hopefully doesn’t go any lower.

Calvin Tilokee 44:39
He knows. Before we move off of that, I do want to make a point because you know, Millennials get a bad rap. Yeah, and we got to give him a shout out for getting out there and voting because the amount of people that I know who’s who are in that age bracket and the amount of active activism they want social media, you know, every day posting my get out and vote and the information that we’re sharing my god that generation eight, they make their voices heard and record numbers of voter turnout for this election so props to good shit.

Mikko Miller 45:14

Calvin Tilokee 45:16
Time to move on to I don’t like that jerk I wonder who its gonna be this week? Steve its actually your turn so I don’t know if you want to

Steve Rudolph 45:35
I think we’ve got a pretty solid hold on the Cheeto and I don’t like that jerk. Chet Hanks All right, yeah. Your dad is the nicest. He’s like the nicest guy on the planet all the way back from from when he was on bosom buddies. Always like I could only imagine him being my dad. And then you get Chet Hanks doing a fucking a tirade on a video in a Jamaican accent. This has got to stop. Oh, it’s gotta stop. Get some medication sober up, whatever. But this is just silly. Silly.

Calvin Tilokee 46:32
Yeah, right. Exactly. I’ve been actually so uh, mean to that effect? A while back because you know, he has he has Colin Hanks who’s an actor also a

Steve Rudolph 46:41
really good actor.

Calvin Tilokee 46:42
Yeah, very good. Um, I saw a meme. Like they put them both side by side and it was like, Listen, parents. If you name your kid, Colin, you’re gonna get a Colin. You name him. Chet. You’re gonna get a Chet.

Steve Rudolph 46:59
God damn it.

Calvin Tilokee 47:03
I mean, exactly. I mean, you we might just have to blame Tom Hanks for that one. Chet, bro. Like chets a nickname. That’s not something you put on a birth certificate.

Oh, good. Yeah, good one. Good one. All right. Time for get off my lawn.

Mikko Miller 47:29
I’m gonna stick to the theme. I had something different. But since we’re talking about Trump in the election and everything. This is for Trump lovers. Don’t be sore losers, right? Sheesh, he lost your beloved Cheeto loss, except that everything is not rigged. Stop saying that shit. You were all guaranteeing with that high energy a couple of years ago. He’s gonna be there for a second term deal with it. America said no. I know you wanted him to be the supreme Emperor for life like he wanted no term. That fool got stuck with only one term that makes him only the 10th president to only serve a single term. But hey, at least he made the record books for something positive this time. Eat a dick.

Steve Rudolph 48:23
Very well done.

Calvin Tilokee 48:25
actually looked at that yesterday because no president since I think like Carter, yeah, in like 82 or whatever. That was just a fucking loser.

Obama over there. Like I got two you can’t get one!? Exactly. Yall was talking all that hardship. Now what? season 26 of the apprentice January 31.

Steve Rudolph 49:10
That would be incredible.

Calvin Tilokee 49:12
That’d be incredible. He’s gonna he’s gonna do some he’s got to keep his, you know, attention harass out there. So he’s, you know, he’s gonna do something.

Mikko Miller 49:21
It’ll be a book. It’ll be a book. I’m sure how

Calvin Tilokee 49:24
he got to see it. Better get a ghostwriter. And talk forget about right. Or creation,

Steve Rudolph 49:31
knowing that he needs a great deal of money. I mean, seriously, what do you mean? Do you think he’s gonna get caught up in like another TV show? Do you think he’s gonna try and pull off his own network?

Calvin Tilokee 49:44
To be honest with you, man, I don’t I don’t know. It’s it’s gonna be something and again, you know, you’ve brought it to the table that he could run again and for years, he’s going to keep his name out there. He’s going to do something to keep his constituents riled up and just crazy. Yeah, riding on his coattails. He’s gonna do something, you know, it could be a network he might be the next Alex Jones and just start like his own radio show and spouting ridiculous nonsense, right? That they all want to hear, you know, is unfortunately he ain’t going away the only thing that’s going to take him down before a possible running again is you know, a Big Mac. You know, a good like, you know, we got to hope McDonald’s finally does its thing.

Mikko Miller 50:28
You know, he’s gonna get his own combo meal watch. Yeah, it was gonna

Calvin Tilokee 50:37
be like 80 piece McNuggets.

Steve Rudolph 50:40
trying to think of what his meal could be.

Mikko Miller 50:45
Double quarter 20 piece nuggets. Everything super sized.

Calvin Tilokee 50:51
Yeah, be like 45 everything. Everything. 45 nuggets. And 45 patties. Exactly. 45 fries and a forty five ounce drink. Milk Shake.

Mikko Miller 51:05
People would buy that shit.

Calvin Tilokee 51:11
Lord have mercy.

Steve Rudolph 51:15
I got a real quick. Get off my lawn. Today Sunday, I got the news that Alex Trebek died from pancreatic cancer. Fuck you cancer. Just put it out there. And I know a couple of people who have passed from pancreatic cancer. That just fucking sucks. Yeah, hell of a guy. I mean. So yeah, just

Calvin Tilokee 51:42
yeah, I’m with you on that, man. Yeah, I was big Jeopardy fan. Yeah. And he was seemed like one of the real good guys out there. You know? That wanted that stuff. Canada.

Mikko Miller 51:52
isn’t he Canadian?

Steve Rudolph 51:53
He is Canadian Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 51:55
You should. Canada, Canada. reppin. Celine Dion. Alex Trebek might be alright. And they gave us maple syrup. So that’s true. That is right.

Mikko Miller 52:06
How do we feel about Canadian bacon?

Steve Rudolph 52:08
No. it’s ham

Calvin Tilokee 52:09
Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Who cuts bacon in a circle. Kind of kind of remedial shit is that? I mean, come on. It’s like a basic shape man. Like oh, Circle Triangle square. Circle. Bacon ain’t supposed to be circular.

Unknown Speaker 52:43

Calvin Tilokee 52:48
Oh, just remember we put this in a comedy category of podcasts. Just because he talks politics don’t meet me and a bunch of fools on this.

Unknown Speaker 52:56

Steve Rudolph 53:01
that’s some shit you get if you’re at you know getting like square pancakes. You know some like circus restaurant. square pancake. Kids can get it. Yeah, right.

Mikko Miller 53:11
Exactly. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 53:15
Like those those animal shaped chicken nuggets and shit.

Mikko Miller 53:18
Chicken stars.

Calvin Tilokee 53:24
Come on, man. Oh, shit, but this might get off my lawn is actually food related. So that was that was a good segue. The people that could get off my lawn are all the black people in Popeye’s commercials that act like they never had chicken before. Or like they don’t know the stereotype. I’m gonna need for yall to calm down you’re giving us all a bad name. And then the one most recently I know if y’all see you know the dude, black dude walks into his house with a fucking bag of chicken singing babyI got Popeye’sAre you serious? You singing to chickenand you don’t see you don’t see the problem he as a as a black man in this country will see the problem singing to chicken.

Mikko Miller 54:13
Oh my god.

Calvin Tilokee 54:14
Come on, man. We have come too far. We had a black man in office for God’s sake. Stop singing to fried chicken. Probably had a watermelon soda too.

can we be here? Right? welch’s grape and right. IActin like you the happiest brother on earth because somebody gave some fried chicken man Come on.

Mikko Miller 54:47
Because that commercial with that old guy when he eats in his mouth is full of that chicken scratch thing. He’s like, Oh, this is so good. Like, you’ve never had chicken before. You’ve had chicken.

Calvin Tilokee 54:58
acting a fool man.

Mikko Miller 55:03
Only you could say that joke dude, Steve and I can’t say that

Calvin Tilokee 55:06
that’s right that’s why they gettin off my lawn. stay on your lawn if you want to get the fuck off of my lawn with that shit, right and take your chicken with you

Mikko Miller 55:16
is Popeye chicken. Exactly. Ah

Calvin Tilokee 55:23
All right, that that wraps up another entertaining episode of midlife crisis. As always, I’m Calvin Revparblems aka travels aka growth. midlife crisis podcast. You know what it is? Follow me on revparblems.com to get everything you need in one spot.

Mikko Miller 55:45
And this is Mikko the Filipino. You can catch me on Instagram at Mikko underscore eats I’ll catch you there.

Steve Rudolph 55:51
Hey, and this is Steve. You can hear me every week on the midlife crisis podcast with Kellen Mikko.

Calvin Tilokee 55:56
Thank you for joining us on another episode of midlife crisis podcast. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please leave us a review on iTunes and tell a friend keep up with us on Instagram in between episodes at midlife crisis podcast. Also follow us on Twitter at midlife pod. Show Notes for this and old episodes are available on ww midlife crisis podcast.com where you can also sign up for the mailing list. Drop us a note let us know what topics you’d like us to discuss. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you on the next Let’s go