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Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steven Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol on a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events and trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry if you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. You don’t know what CDs are. You’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving, or just sitting around wondering why your backyard but let’s get this show on the road.

Hello and welcome to your midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin hay with my boys, Steven Mikko, as we do every week, bringing the flavor to hear. That’s that should give you a hint of how old we are. If you don’t if you don’t know that song, just log off right now. Okay,

Steve 1:21
Craig Mack rest in peace

Calvin 1:23
Exactly. That’s right. He died. Yeah, man. I forgot Craig Mac died. Yeah. Rest in peace. Right. So on this week’s episode, we’re gonna start off with our weekly. How was your week? Anything interesting, fun. Angry happened this week? We’ll just chat about that. Then we’re talking about changing team names and mascots in the public, should we should we not? Where does this come from, and why? And then we’ll talk about managing people, the pros and cons of having people report to you in the workplace, and then going to go into movies last time any of us actually. So moving into theater which I think may have been some time ago, chat about that will give you a Chris Rock quote of the week. And then as usual, get off my lawn should that way angry about right now that you kids keep doing. So let’s jump right into this. How was your week who wants to kick it off?

Mikko 2:18
week was pretty good not not to actually online week was kind of crap I work with another manager and that manager happened to be put out for the rest of the week due to unforeseen circumstances. So opening and closing kind of kind of just bums me out you know you start your day at 5am in the morning. You end your day at like seven o’clock at night. no bueno. no bueno

Steve 2:44
no bueno

Calvin 2:45
Not at all. That sucks, dude.

Mikko 2:47
Yeah, I know tell me about I mean, it’s, you know, should happen. People get sick stuff at home doesn’t go as planned. You know, but the workplace has to continue you know, we manage 50 people, so The work gotta keep going. So we got to show up.

Calvin 3:03
That’s it man grind never stops.

Steve 3:06
By You see, my week was pretty good man. I got a tremendous amount of work done at the house. This is gonna sound like the dad of all dads but I organized shit out of my garage.

serious man I went on Pinterest. I saw how you could put turn the PVC pipe into caulk

Calvin 3:25
before you found the right thing.

Steve 3:27
I got two and a half inch caulk or

Mikko 3:31
did you get on that one?

Steve 3:33
I got a I got a it’s wide that I gotta put my fuckin

Calvin 3:38
that’s more than enough. That’s a joke.

Mikko 3:40
We call that a chode in the business.

Steve 3:42
Exactly. chode. And for anyone out there who doesn’t understand what he’s saying it’s it’s something whose diameter is greater than its length? That is correct, sir.

Calvin 3:53
See, see you laugh and you learn

Mikko 3:56

Calvin 3:58
to said this was an education

So I organized this I Pinterest did did did that.

Steve 4:08
And that was my week.

Mikko 4:11
Nice. Nice.

Steve 4:12
Valid. That was like the highlight of my week. So yeah, good. Good time all around.

Calvin 4:16
Yeah, that’s good shit, man. That’s good.

Yeah, well this week, I’m excited. As you guys may know, I’m a huge soccer fan Arsenal specifically. So yesterday actually we won record 14th FA Cup, which is the second largest trophy you could win in England. And we’ve had a shitty season. I mean, there’s really no bones about it. There’s a worst season we’ve had since 1977. But we ended on a high note yesterday, and I went to my dad’s house and washed it with him, which was pretty special because my favorite vacation that I’ve ever taken was three years ago, my dad and I went to London together to watch them. Also when the F Wake up in 2017 against happened to be the same team that they beat yesterday, Chelsea. So it was kind of funny to reminisce because that was a special trip for both of us. You know, growing up, my dad and I weren’t always the tightest there was a lot of tough luck, right? And you don’t really understand that until you get a bit older. Right. So that was a special trip for us. That was his first time to London. And to kind of be able to do that for him and take him there. Show them around the city. We spent the weekend and to finish it off with a wind like that. It was just I mean, you couldn’t have scripted it better. And it was just funny because we kept sharing the stories about what we did. When we were there. Like we went to this, this pub rails right outside Wembley Stadium prior to the match, which paid five pounds you got in, you got a burger, a beer and fries for five pounds, right? That’s exactly and it gets better. So then after the match, if you want to go back in you just have to show that same tickets w didn’t date and argue again. It was incredible. It was like an America that would have cost you 50 bucks just to get in. Yeah, both ways.

Unknown Speaker 6:08
You know, Angeles born child, right?

Calvin 6:13
So yeah, yeah, exactly the left my eyes. They’re like,

Unknown Speaker 6:17
I can’t get it for free.

Calvin 6:18
But what was funny is I was talking about the difference. We always said, Hey, listen, if they make the FA Cup Final width, that’s got to be our trip. And they did it again. But obviously we couldn’t travel because of covid. And hotel my dad yesterday, do you remember after the match when, I mean, it’s a bar full of drunk arsenalfan is just going nuts. And it was incredible. And we we were hanging out with these guys. And this dude is literally less than eight inches from my face. By the end of the night. He’s just talking because it’s loud in there, right? So you got to get really close to people and start talking. And as he’s talking, he’s kind of spitting and you know, that happens and it’s like the person is looking right at you and As bad as it sounds, you don’t want to embarrass them by wiping your face while they’re talking. And it was just this whole dichotomy of how different life is now because if it was that close to me number one, he would have got pushed back ASAP and if God forbid you spit in my face is going to be a problem right at this point right you know to be so it was just such a wild thing to watch a game that had no snow fans in the stadium and then just to remember how different it was just a couple of years ago, and how different things are now that to deal with but

Steve 7:31
that’s cool. That was your week, man. You know, I as you’re telling me that a couple of things come to mind you know, as you’re talking about the spittle coming at you and and judge me all you want, but I maintain that these are good songs. The Milli Vanilli song blame it on the rain. Oh, my mind real quick. Whoo, tell me that song. And then your point about not being that clip. No, certainly not being that close to someone But second, being people being far less tolerant about about someone overzealous saliva gland

Unknown Speaker 8:10
in your face, you know, that

Steve 8:13
all that’s got to change and those are the things that were running through my mind as you were saying,

Unknown Speaker 8:18
Yeah, it’s it’s such

Steve 8:22
a I got to do that.

Calvin 8:23
Yeah, it was. That was an amazing trip, man. I mean, I’ve taken a lot of nice vacations, I’ve been blessed to have done that. But that trip really stands out for me, for us to just go spend that weekend and spend that kind of time together and you kind of felt the build up in the city the whole weekend. You know, it’s a it’s a big competition and for us to just go I was like, Hey, listen, I will I want to see is a goal that matters from Arsenal like I don’t want to be down for one and we score and it’s like, Yo cares, right? I was like, that’s all I want just to have that experience of of scoring a goal that matters and feel that energy and we scored early in that game and I was good after that. I said, no matter what happens, I got what I came for. And for them to top that win it and for us to just have that experience of going to the pub and then leaving the pub going back to the hotel on the on the train, people celebrating the drunk all over the city. It was amazing. kind of crazy that we did it again and beat the same team by the same score. And years later it Yeah, it was. It’s kind of surreal. It’s hard not to look back and be like shit, you know, if it wasn’t for COVID, we would have been there and had this exact same experience again, but is what it is. Yeah, so it’s a good segue into our second topic, discussed in sports. Recently, the Washington Redskins, as they formally have been known have changed their name to the Washington football team, because apparently that is the most creative they could come up with

a whack I’m sorry. Terribly wack. I mean, how could you not do better than that?

Steve 9:58
my four year old daughter could come up with With a better name than that, absolutely. The first time I saw that part of me thought, you know, we’re the under pressure so much that they just had to call it the basic thing, rather than, you know, even spend an iota of creativity with a new name. Or were they again, where they just so scared and this goes back to our last conversation. Last week’s episode about canceled culture, you know, were they so afraid of, of the possibility of that, that they just called it the most absolutely vanilla. sensible thing you could possibly call some something. It’s like a Ford Bronco. Instead they named it large truck with large tires. In a big as engine looks okay. And helps you overcompensate for a chode size member.

Mikko 10:56
I like how you round it back out to that

one. Exactly.

Steve 11:00
Got a call back, everybody.

But seriously, I thought good on them for actually changing the name, huh? But shit, put some imagination into it if you’re going to change the name, and you know, maybe they just got under too much pressure and they had to do it so quickly.

Mikko 11:16
Well, I think that’s what it is. I think it’s just being afraid of just offending anybody. And what’s the name? What’s the most vanilla generic name that we can come up with that will offend an iota of the population? Hey, let’s call it the football team. Oh, effin stupid is the Washington football team name. They are now well, they’re already the laughingstock of the league. Now it’s even worse because now they’re gonna make means out of Hey, look at this Washington football team. Well, what’s the name? It’s the fucking football team.

Calvin 11:55
Who’s on first there’s gonna be the new Who’s going first. Exactly.

Steve 11:59
So our Are they changing the logo also? Or just?

Mikko 12:03
To what a question


Steve 12:07
Really good once you change

Calvin 12:09
the logo, they definitely have to change the logo because it was, you know, like a headpiece of a Native American. Yes. Yeah. So that has to go I don’t know if there is a new logo what it’s gonna be, but it has to.

Steve 12:21
It’s just some stupid cartoon kind of like the Philly fanatic where it’s something completely no one can get offended by the Philly phonetic,

Mikko 12:28
or just the football. Just a plain effin football logo

Steve 12:33
that’s on brand with their team name, Mika. That’s very good point.

Mikko 12:37
That’s stupid. It’s just

oh my god.

Calvin 12:44
Yeah, you know, it’s funny. You guys looked at it that way because I actually didn’t didn’t think of it that way. But you’re probably right. They’re probably like, Listen, we spent so many years using this name that was inflammatory to Native Americans that we’re just not going to take any chances at all. We’re just going straight. Oatmeal here. No, we’re not putting any cinnamon on it. We’re not taking any chances. We’re going as bland as fucking possible.

Steve 13:07
white, gray brown oatmeal in creamy outer.

Unknown Speaker 13:14
We’re ready to go. Chris Rock coated the week. The brown beige liquid, the liquid

Mikko 13:20
liquid was that big

pig feet. That was the

big feature. If you don’t know what you’re looking for is

Unknown Speaker 13:30
nasty as pig feet.

Mikko 13:32
Not that one, not the one with a nail in it.

Unknown Speaker 13:39
And that is how we fill up this show folks. Exactly.

Calvin 13:45
Yeah, I mean, going back to the topic, I don’t know if you guys heard there was a local guy in that area in the Washington area who went and trademarked a bunch of different potential names. Oh yeah, yeah. Anything from The Washington hogs because I think that’s what they call their fan base. Yeah, he took it was a lot, I would say 50 at least different potential names that he wouldn’t trademark then I was like, maybe they just didn’t want to pay the guy. Maybe they were that cheap or upset by it, that they were like, Listen, you know what, I’m not gonna let you do that. That’s what I thought because to me, it was I was just as dumbfounded as you guys by the name. And I just couldn’t believe like, there has to be a bigger reason that you wouldn’t come up with some actual name. I mean, there’s fedexfield right there sponsored by FedEx, call it the Washington envelope for like here because we deliver on Sunday. Like whatever man like, there has to be barriers. Yeah, you know, but to the larger conversation about that. How do you guys feel about these teams getting pressured to to change their names in the first place?

Steve 14:54
It’s about time. It’s about time that they changed the names when the sports were created, when the teams were created. It was a completely different century, a completely different mindset. And it’s time that they change the names.

Calvin 15:09
Agree. I do agree with that.

Mikko 15:10
Yeah, I agree with that sentiment as well.

Steve 15:13
Not to something as basic as Washington football team for Christ’s sake.

Yeah. And a lot of it’s directed at Native Americans. I mean, I think they’ve taken enough hits.

Calvin 15:23
Mm hmm. Yeah, that that is for sure. Yeah, it’s just about time. Yeah. And see, I don’t know if you knew, because they may have changed by the time you came to high school, but our high school team used to be called the Red Raiders. And it had a similar logo. So it was kind of Native American looking caricature with the tomahawk and the feather. So the first few years I was at Hamilton, that was our name and they did change it somewhere along the line and we just were known as Raiders. And they got rid of rid of the logo completely. And I didn’t realize that That the word Redskins was offensive to Native Americans. And I guess you don’t know what you don’t know. Right? So we became accustomed to it and not realizing that this was offensive to an entire race of people. Could we flip it? Okay,

Mikko 16:13
not to cut you off. But could we flip it? Could we could we look at it that I’m just going to play devil’s advocate here? Could we look at it as Hey, Native Americans are toughest shit. They lived off the land or so they survive without any type of technology. And they’re just gifted or strong or athletic. You know, they chased down buffaloes and hunted buffaloes and deer and broke things with their bare hands. Could we look at it as maybe heroic and say, Hey, I’m gonna name a high school laughter these Indians because they’re strong, they’re willing to do whatever it takes for victory. And that’s what we want like our mascot to be like, model laughter

Calvin 16:52
Hmm. I absolutely could see it that way. And that was a point I was going to get into I I don’t know any Native Americans, right? So I don’t know how offensive that word is to them. What I do know and what I have read is that they have bigger fish to fry than that. And to the point Steve made earlier, I think we’ve done a lot worse than name our teams after them. And it kind of brings me full circle to a point to present day that we’re talking about with a lot of the Black Lives Matter and people are now not calling the largest room in your house, the master bedroom because they feel like the word master is offensive. Yeah, and speaking as a black man, I don’t give a fuck. I really don’t. Who cares? That has never bothered me my entire life. I’ve never even thought about it that way. That the largest room in the house we call the master bedroom because that’s where the master or slave owner would would sleep. Why would he need to do that the slaves and sleep in a house? Yeah, you know what I mean? Why would he need to signify that this is my room? This is the master bedroom because it’s is where asleep? It’s like, dude, we know you got the whole house, right

Mikko 18:05

Unknown Speaker 18:08
That’s enough.

Calvin 18:10
Chris Rock, part two. Let’s see, we should see how many times you can fit it in to a conversation. We probably can we probably can. I actually I had one a few seconds ago when we’re talking about them. Yeah.

Mikko 18:22
How many? How many? How many Indians Do you know? Like I went to the Macy’s Day Parade.

And it was two real Indian

Indians, a bunch of Puerto Rican zwicky feathers and

Jennifer Lopez.

All day long rows all day long.

Calvin 18:44
All day log me that that didn’t take long at all. I thought we might struggle with it, but I guess not. But going back to it the other day, I watch the waterboy you guys all know that. Yeah, yeah. fantastic movie. And I finally noticed, man, we’ve seen things in the news. where a lot of these streaming services are taking out potentially offensive scenes from old movies to kind of, you know, because oh, this is now look back as offensive for example, there was an episode of the office where I think Michael Scott puts on blackface. So that episode is no longer going to be available in any streaming service. And I love the office. I have never ever been offended by that show. I’m also not a person that gets offended very easily. Yeah, there’s a difference between being offensive and there being comedy. And I don’t think we need to go back. And not to me, I could find a better phrase not to whitewash that kind of thing. It’s not to me, it’s not necessary. We would rather not have to be worried about being killed on a simple routine traffic stop than me seeing Michael Scott in blackface. That’s not going to bother me that much. And when I was watching the waterboy, the other day, and if you guys remember the scene where the kicker was, he was about to kick a field goal and he envisions that The Football as the head of a kkk person with the hood on the scene, you make classic scene, classic scene. And I realized that they cut that scene out like they show him lining up for the field goal. And then next thing you know, you see the ball going through, but you’d never see that whole thing. And I was like, This is what people are talking about is what they’re doing. And I just kind of had to shrug my shoulders. It’s like, this is stupid that that had never offended me. And like, why would it?

Mikko 20:27
You know, and I think Dave Chappelle touched on that on one of his stand ups where he’s just saying, either Dave Chappelle or Kevin Hart. I think it was Chappelle though. stuff that’s in the past that was tolerated in the past, she just stained the past and it should be tolerated because that’s a different time. I mean, the 80s and 90s are completely different than present day. So of course, a lot of the stuff that we see or hear today, a lot more people are exposed to a lot of things a lot more people are sensitive to a lot of things nowadays. But you know, back in the day in the 80s, when you called someone You know, we’re gonna hate this like, like gay or a fag or like words like that where it was just commonly used. No one was really offended by it. I think I mean, my uncles would have gay uncles and relatives and they call themselves those words. So to be called that it wasn’t offensive to them because they knew like that’s, that’s just what’s up. But now you have to understand now you can’t say but back in the times when it was okay to say why are we like deleting all of those scenes from movies? Why are we deleting all those things from textbooks? All of those things from like TV shows. People just have to understand that was the time back then. We can’t rewrite history by like hiding stuff. That’s just how I feel.

Calvin 21:40
I agree with that. I mean, one thing I would say I don’t think it was ever right to say those things.

Mikko 21:46
Right. I’m not saying it’s not right. But it was accepted. Yeah,

Calvin 21:48
it was right. It was more widely accepted. And you heard it in a lot of hip hop. I mean, I go back and listen to some songs. Now. I know we were talking about DMX a couple of weeks ago, but because he had that The thing with Snoop and some of my favorite songs with him and like, now I listen to him like, I can’t rap this anymore. I can’t, I can’t. I can’t say that with you. Like, I’m gonna just not to the beat until you get to the point where you just start saying motherfucking you know, the technically,

Mikko 22:16
we can say those words.

Calvin 22:18
Right, right. Yeah, that that doesn’t offend me, or quite frankly, anyone. But I think people have been saying in the black community is like, y’all given us everything except what we want. And it’s like, we don’t care about that stuff. We don’t care about the master bedroom. And you know, the scenes in shows and movies. I would assume again, I don’t know what Native Americans personally but I assume, given everything that’s happened, even as recently as Fourth of July, I’m sure you guys heard about that, where they did a fourth of July. fireworks display at Mount Rushmore, which I never realized is on a Native American reservation.

Mikko 22:57
I didn’t know that either.

Calvin 22:58
Yeah, I think found that out around that time, so we had a big fireworks display behind Mount Rushmore. Which, first of all, it kind of got me that we had Mount Rushmore built on Native American land, which is okay. These guys had everything back in the day when we got here as Americans and annihilated them, pushed them into these, maybe three or four little pockets of the country. And then we built a statue to our people on that land. I’m like, I don’t know how much more could you disrespect? People did it. And then they took it a step further, apparently, because some of them were there to protest. And they got arrested, you know, on on Fourth of July when this all happened. So I would venture to think they’d rather not have that kind of shit happen to them. Then the Washington football team. I don’t really think they give a crap about football, or the names that somebody seems not saying we shouldn’t do it. But I think it’s in the same category. Have these movies and stuff? It’s like, dude, how about y’all just, you know, treat us equally and stop fucking with our land and stop trying to build pipes through our land and stuff like that y’all can keep the Braves and the Indians but if you do that, you know, maybe maybe we’ll be square.

Mikko 24:16
Yeah, I agree.

Calvin 24:18
So now we’re going to talk about a little bit more of a serious topic because we get more serious apparently than Native American. Like if, on this show. We’re going to talk about managing people, the pros and cons of having people report to you in the workplace. And all three of us have worked in professional capacity and in corporate America, and I think this would be interesting conversation. So

Mikko 24:45
it’s, it definitely takes a lot of patience to manage people’s I manage entry level employees where I work at and we got these people that are fresh out of high school. 18 years old, fresh out of college with a BA No degree that can’t get experienced anywhere else because no one’s going to hire them because of the whole stupid, we’re not going to hire you because you don’t have experience but you can gain experience unless you start working somewhere. You know, it’s flattering to see them kind of expand and grow and learn things. But the second, they make a mistake, this goes into like the con, of managing people. The blame is on you, as a manager, as a supervisor, as a trainer, you know, when they mess up when they have grossly abused the call out policy, and they’re being hounded by HR because, hey, they called out 20 times this year. You know, who gets blamed for that? The manager does. As far as pros go, when we talk about managing people, it’s a beautiful thing to see like young people, even people that are older that come into our workforce and learn and grow and progress in advance of different careers. That’s nice to see the con, dealing with the BS that they bring to the table after They’ve given you their 90 days of perfection. And then now you start to see the real personalities Come on, and now you’re just like, Fuck

you. Why did I hire you? Right? Sorry, guys?

Calvin 26:12
No, no, that’s that’s real talk. So I think the best part of managing people is when you do get the right person and you get to impart your knowledge on these people and see them grow. And in my role as a, as a director in hospitality, many of my employees were very entry level, either straight out of school or maybe a year or so out of school. So, you’re looking at people that are, you know, anywhere from 21 to 25. On the high end, you know, this one employee in particular, I hired her as an intern in the city and she followed me to my next hotel as my coordinator and then went to be an analyst and now she’s a regional director in her own right and it’s it does make me proud to see that I played some part in helping her achieve And I do like to teach, I like to see people grow. So that does make me happy. But for every one of those, there’s this three or four that that just give you constant headaches. You know, before I go to the cons, I will say I think the other pro of managing people is you do develop the skills of personality management. And I kind of pride myself as being the kind of manager that is flexible, so I can be a jerk if you need me to be a jerk. If you need the iron fist to get to work and get your shit done. I can do that. That’s not how I prefer to manage I prefer to more lead by example and kind of you see what I’m doing. You keep doing it, ask the right questions I teach you and keep you on the path type of thing. But I kind of pride myself on being able to flip that switch based on what it is I see that you need. And I think that that helps in life with dealing with people and you know, looking back to some of the tough love. We got growing And, you know, we all have siblings, and seeing those different. The different way I parent treat siblings specifically is you can’t you can’t manage each child the same way because everybody has a different personality. So in hindsight, I think I don’t have kids yet, but I would hope that those skills would translate well, I would be able to say, Okay, well, child number one does this and they react to this type of management, this type of a parent thing, but the other one needs, you know, as far as cons, there’s plenty of them, right? Because you’re different, you know, you’re managing different personalities, then you have to deal with all those different personalities. And a lot of people are not easy to deal with. And you’re also dealing with that person’s life or whatever’s going on outside of work. Not everybody knows how to leave that at the door. And you got to deal with that. And my first director position, I was working out actually at a hotel not too far from where I live and I inherited this young man who was in like the group coordinator position. So he was kind of just there holding the spot, so to speak, because his predecessor, the person that was in that spot before left, and he was only one who kind of knew how to use the systems. And he was just there. And when I got there, they told me, Listen, he doesn’t have the job permanently, but work with them. If you like what you see, he can keep it or we can go hire somebody else. So I said, Fine. There was a young Jamaican guy, a nice kid. But after a while of just watching the way he worked, he was very entitled, very entitled, he kind of felt like, well, I’m the only one who knows how to use this system. So nobody can take this job for me. he’d sit there, and he’d be on the phone for like 45 minutes. At times. I’d hear him in there. And I would just periodically check in because I don’t care about that. As long as your work is getting done. I don’t really care. I’m the kind of person I work with music on and I can talk to somebody and get my shit done. But as long as you can do it, fine, the minute the work stops getting done, then we’re going to have a problem. So, tos part of the story ends where after a couple of months, I realized, you know what, this isn’t the guy that’s going to help me succeed here. So I went to HR and I told them, well, let’s open up the interview process, and interviewed a few people. And there was a young lady that I wanted to hire. But I also needed to quote unquote, interview this guy and give him a fair shot. So we could tick the box and say, Well, hey, he’s been interviewed, and given the course of your time working with him, this is what you saw. So this guy’s office was literally across the hall from me. I don’t even call it a hallway literally from my door to his door couldn’t have been more than three feet. I scheduled an appointment and interview for him at 2pm I cleared my desk, I close my laptop clear my desk and I sat there and I waited. He strolled in at a quarter after to

Mikko 30:57
wow entitlement and

Calvin 31:00
Yeah, I purposely did get him I purposely didn’t remind him because it’s an interview, you need to take this seriously. And what I should have done is said, You know what, 15 minutes have passed your late interviews over. Right? You miss your chance, but I did interview him. I went through the motions, because obviously, you know, I’d already known over the course of the month that you weren’t going to be the guy for the job. And then you just proved it with this. And he sat there you slouch in his chair, and he’s kind of like hanging out, you know, again, he’s he’s got this under control, apparently, and didn’t get the job. We went with a young lady for his position. And he was very taken aback by that because he was just supposed to get the job apparently, you know, because he already had it. And those are the kind of things that make managing people frustrating, annoying. And not that this next good this next year was better at the job, but Mikko you reminded me of this part of it with with But the call outs and stuff like that, so is where this story gets kind of funny. She turned out to be So we had hired this guy to be a director of front office and he moves from like, South Carolina or something like that he moved with his girlfriend. She was living in the hotel. That’s who we we turned out, ended up hiring because she wanted to work and she had some experience working at the front desk. She had some hotel experience and is like, Listen, for you to be a coordinator for me. You don’t need to have tons of experience just know how to put some stuff in a system be on time and be efficient. So we hired her, but maybe three to six months into her tenure. She wanted to take a vacation to go to her brother’s wedding. No biggie. You know, I’m not gonna make you miss your brother’s wedding stuff happens, right? Cool, no problem. So she put in her paperwork, took care of that and she and she got the approval. Now, a few weeks after me approving that she comes and request two more days. The week after that wedding, and I told her Yeah, I’m like, you’ve only been here for three months, you don’t actually have any vacation to take. We granted you that because it’s your brother’s wedding. But you don’t have vacation to take. So no, you can’t go to both. And she told me she needed to be there. Because her boyfriend was going to some wedding that he was in, he was the best man or whatever. And she just had to be there to be with him. And I said, Well, this is the best I’m going to do for you. And like one wedding, you can go to your brother’s wedding, where you can go to that wedding but you’re not going to both and do a fit. She was should talk to me all around the office and other stuff. And the way she decided to handle that situation, was by going to her brother’s wedding and did not come into work the next week, and she never came back to work again. Oh, wow.

Mikko 33:54

Yeah, it’s employees like that. Were not that it was a way To your time, but it kind of is because you know, you take the time to learn someone interview someone, train them a couple of days, even a few weeks. And like I said, with my staff, it’s, you know, it’s a 90 day. What do you call that probate. And, you know, the crappy thing about that is everyone’s going to show you their best foot forward for 90 days. They’re not going to call out they’re not going to call in sick, they’re going to be the best employee, double the productivity. And then it’s after that 90 days when they’re locked in the position. Then now the true personality, the true work ethic shows up.


Calvin 34:37
So another thing, something that came up this week, and it’s interesting because I wanted to bring up this topic on on this, this today’s episode, was being friends with your manager on social media.

Mikko 34:52
No, no, no, no, I wouldn’t. I mean for me, like my I have a lot of my staff that want to Follow me on social media and I just, I really don’t let them do it, I blocked a request. Because the last thing I need for them to see is me. Not that I would post anything that would like, put me in a negative light or embarrass myself, I’m kind of well aware of how I act in public and how I behave, but I don’t want them to feel too friendly. Like, I’m friendly with a couple of my staff, but I don’t want them to feel too comfortable because I feel like it gives you room to be taken advantage of a little bit. And okay, we’re friends. Hey, we went off for a couple of beers. Hey, can I get to stay off? I know the vacation days full. But you know, we’re cool, right? Like, no, you know, and I can cut it off to where like, Calvin, I can be the type of manager that I need to be depending on the staff that I have.

Calvin 35:48
No, agreed. I think that’s spot on. I would say that’s a cardinal sin of managing people these days is being friends on social media because it completely blurs the line. between management and employee. And once, once you get too familiar and too cool, it’s exactly like you’re saying they’re going to expect preferential treatment. And when it comes time for you to be the manager to lay down the law and be that hard hand, they’re going to be like, well, I thought we were friends, and it blurs that line too much. And I’ve had that experience, unfortunately, where I took over a hotel from someone and they were friends with the analyst on social media, which number one, created a situation where this analyst was kind of allowed to run wild because my predecessor made that mistake and then didn’t have the backbone to be like, Well, no, you can’t do this. No, we’re not allowing you to take this extra time off. No, you can’t talk to me like that. We’ll do these type of things. And I come in and I have a complete different approach, but she’s already been conditioned to think that this is cool. So within the first two weeks She tried to add me on Facebook and I was like alright, so now we’ll jump into movies. What was the last movie you guys saw in the theaters?

Mikko 37:13
The one that I can last remember seeing I could be wrong. I have to check my real accounts and things but I think one of the last ones for sure was Ford versus Ferrari.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
Okay. Oh, nice.

Mikko 37:24
Oh, was that you know what it ended up being? I think one of the better movies of 2019 we ended up watching it on a I’m pretty sure everyone has it. You guys have those like little VIP movie theaters where they serve you food and all that kind of? Yeah, yeah. So there was showing like a special showing over there. But as far as the movie go to damn good movie, Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Yeah, I think they hit it off. The chemistry was good. The plot was good. It was I thought it was all about cars and being like a racing type of move, but it was much more. So my wife and I, we thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed it two thumbs up.

Calvin 37:58
Okay. Okay. Interesting cuz I, I saw the previews and I’m like I’m not into cars like that I

Mikko 38:04
was saying I was like, Yeah, fuck this movie but then you know what VIP free, not free food but like free refills, serving foods we were like I will take a chance at it and then it was good.

Calvin 38:14
Nice nice about you Steve, you remember the last one you saw?

Steve 38:19
It was either Ford versus Ferrari or the Joker. And Ford versus Ferrari, I thought was a fantastic movie, great movie about friendship. And the Joker was the other one that I saw that I think was around the same time and I like Batman. I like the genre. I like the Joker. He’s one of the best villains but this none of it. I just couldn’t get into. I mean, I mean, he didn’t like it.

Mikko 38:44
Interesting, interesting

Steve 38:46
that he’s performing his performance, very good. But I don’t feel that they needed to get the name of the Joker and everything that comes along with it all of the connotations that come along with it. Tell the movie I think that it could have just been this weird guy Arthur fleck who started a movement. And you’ve been through all the same bullshit. Joker character went through, but in the end, he didn’t have to be the Joker. He was just some maniac who ruled a bunch of other maniacs. Hmm, I didn’t think it had anything for the Joker brand. Again. Good movie a bit long. I don’t think it had to be called the Joker. It could have been just been called asshole.

Like the same kind of a thing.

Mikko 39:34
That’s a movie.

Steve 39:37
Songs starring Jacqueline. They’re not. No,

Calvin 39:45
definitely don’t Google that one at work.

Mikko 39:47
Yes, please don’t do

Unknown Speaker 39:49
this whole movie. Click,

Steve 39:51
assholes. Walking, walking.

Mikko 39:54
See a bunch of fishes around the screen.

Steve 40:01
everybody’s name or instead of their picture next to their name is their asshole Mexican.

Unknown Speaker 40:06
Yeah, very avant

Mikko 40:08
garde very not the SpongeBob folks.

Steve 40:15
That was my take on Joker. It was it was a great movie, but it didn’t it didn’t do anything for Joker other than steal all of the cash that comes with Batman and the Joker. That’s all he did with that. It’s like the Catwoman, like with Halle Berry coming out with that woman, it didn’t have anything to do with Batman. Look at

Mikko 40:36
Halle Berry and the cats out people.

Steve 40:39
I’m not talking about Halle Berry in a cat suit. Right? You can’t You can’t argue anything about that. But the story there the that’s some talk.

Calvin 40:49
Yeah, I don’t remember that movie very well. But I love Joker. I love joke. I don’t really disagree with anything you’re saying. Because Yeah, you’re probably right. It probably didn’t really do anything for The franchise but I really loved that take on him where he was just this sick demented type of type. Yeah the the over the top version of what Heath Ledger was which, who I thought was excellent as a joker too. I really enjoyed this character. And this was very different. This was very dark psychological. And yeah, I really like those those kind of movies and I think people went in not expecting that and I heard a lot of people walked out of that movie because it was just so heavy for large portions of it. Oh, that. Oh, yeah, I heard a lot of I wrote a lot of people who said they didn’t finish it. They walked out of the theater because it was like it was just too heavy for them.

Steve 41:42
I almost walked out of it just because it was dragging on forever, but then I kind of challenged myself to see where it was gonna go. Yeah, you know, the only other movie I’ve ever walked out on i i believe is Cloud Atlas, and rightfully so.

Mikko 41:58
The Tom Hanks

Steve 42:00
Tom Hanks Tom Hanks is the Cockney gangster throw something up at you. I was told that she’s come on. Come on. Yeah.

No gangster throwing anyone off a building. I like Tom Hanks. Well said,

Mikko 42:15
Well said,

Calvin 42:18
The I remember a fellow show where the Paul Mooney asked a black dude.

And he was like he was like you taught when he was talking about movies. And he’s just like, another movie that offended me. The Mexican starring Tom Cruise. He’s like, I mean, what is that about the Mexican certain Tom was like, I’m gonna make a movie. It’s gonna be called the last N word on Earth. starring Tom Hanks. How about that?

That’s fantastic. Oh, but the last one has movie I saw in theater was was endgame Avengers, endgame. Okay, okay, which I really, I loved it. I kept up with most of that series, and I didn’t see everything. But I saw enough to where I was like, Okay, I need to see this and I wanted to see it in the theaters. And we don’t really go to the movies like that anymore. It’s just not something we’ve done. I just think it’s like a whole day excursion to go to the movies. And we just don’t got that kind of time. You know, so we wait for things to come out on TV and, and stuff like that. But my wife is traveling for work. And I think she left on a Sunday and I was like, Well, I’m not about to sit in the household data is boring as hell. So I decided I was going to go watch a movie. So dropped her off and then there was a movie like around say, 330 in the afternoon. Go to the theater, my dumb ass because I haven’t been to the theaters and so long don’t realize that she’s probably gonna be sold out. I’m thinking I could show up at 330 for 345 movie on the opening weekend of Avengers like yeah, that was really stupid. So I think Get there. And the next available ticket was for, I think, like the 445 show. So I bought that ticket. And I was like, I’ll hang around here for a while, and then go into the show, but then I see this long line. So like, well, I’m just gonna get on line and I’ll just sit in a theater and play on my phone or something like that until the movie starts. So I get on there and I risk my ticket. And I’m just going and halfway through and I’m like, you know, what, how much is going to the showman?

Mikko 44:26
Nice. And

Calvin 44:29
it was one of those theaters where they assigned two seats. He had to pick the seats, right? So I picked the one and it was like the front row, the front front row, which I’m like, oh how know if I’m enjoying this because you kind of sit in, like with your neck craned up the whole movie, but I’m like, yeah, no biggie. Right. So I go and I sit there and I’m just sitting there trying to look innocent, like no, this is totally my seat for this show. And then these these group of guys come in and he’s he’s confused and I’m looking confused. And and he’s like, you know, I think you have Seaton I played dumb, like, Oh, you know what, man, I got the next show in my bed. I’m in the wrong theater. So I get up. And I walk back, like two rows where there was one empty seat where they kind of have, you know, the ones where I think for wheelchair access, yeah, we’ve got the seats. It’s like two seats next to each other than a lot of space and then two seats on the other end. So one seat on the end was open. So I just went and grabbed that seat. So I’m sitting there, I’m just crossing my fingers that nobody comes to the seat. Until a few minutes before the movie stars like the preview start in everything dad comes in with two kids.

Mikko 45:42

Calvin 45:44
and he’s like hovering around. He’s like looking for the seat. And he’s like, well, I thought we had a seat over here and I’m just sitting there like, just watch. I’m just watching the movie. I’m like, you should got to show up one time and like Jesus Christ, like sit down people trying to watch a movie. You know? So he’s like hovering around. He’s like, Hi, guys. You know, we were supposed to have one seat and like one of the force of debate but I guess these are our seats right here. Like we gonna sit on the floor. So they actually they sat on the floor for the whole three hour of interesting. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:17
you asshole.

Calvin 46:23
Well, listen, listen, I look at it this way. How else was it gonna work out? It was one dad and two kids. What was he was he going to sit on the chair and put the two kids on the floor? Or put one kid in the seat and then the other kids upset and switch? No, I did him a favor. Everybody’s on the floor by is equal. That’s fair.

Mikko 46:39
Yeah, see if he would roll in there like Christopher Reeve. You had to get up though.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
rolled in there and cooks.

Mikko 46:48
That’s a joke. As a joke. That’s a joke.

Calvin 46:53
Make sure we edit this episode properly. Yes, please make

Mikko 46:59
mistakes. Do so edit that out please.

Unknown Speaker 47:03
makes even Oh, midlife crisis podcast Mikko makes fun of the handicap. Exactly

Mikko 47:07
cancel due to mikos comments Mikko the Filipino is Meiko canceled. Oh yeah,

Calvin 47:16
so what what’s your guys favorite movie? Of all time?

Mikko 47:20
Good. See, this is a tough one for me.

Steve 47:23
I can’t pick a favorite movie, man. I mean, it’s a series of movies depending on the job.

Mikko 47:28
Yeah. Can we do genre?

Do you can.

Calvin 47:32
Anyway, I’m kind of the same way. So yeah, we could do that.

Mikko 47:37
Yes, sir. So

pick a pick. And then we’ll go off of it.

Unknown Speaker 47:41
All right. Let’s go. Let’s go with

Unknown Speaker 47:45
drama. Pulp Fiction.

Calvin 47:48
Okay, quality film. The only person I know that can quote that movie, in any spot is on this podcast.

Unknown Speaker 47:57
Mikko knows that shit back to front. That is correct, sir. Hidden with the same Jackson.

Mikko 48:03
See what uh, can I dare you? I Double Dare. I say well one more goddamn time. Do they speak English and what? What in the country I’ve ever heard

Unknown Speaker 48:12
that’d be looked like a bitch.

Mikko 48:15
Does he look like a bitch? What?

Does he look like a bitch? Why don’t you try to fuck him? Like why? Marcellus Wallace doesn’t like to be fucked but no one other than Mrs. Wallace yeah can go on whatever you

Unknown Speaker 48:31
know, that could do that shit. Watch that shit all day long in college man. Yeah man,

Mikko 48:36
Jesus. Yeah, that’s a classic that that was my favorite would have been drama that in Scarface probably if Scarface is considered a dramatic series or

Calvin 48:47
Yeah, I wouldn’t say drama that’s pretty broad like any like, not horror, not comedy, you know? Yeah, not action, like the Terminator or something like that, that I think that all kind of falls and it would mean Siskel and Ebert. Exactly. Take some liberties. What drama means I can see

Mikko 49:01
somebody going daddy.

Calvin 49:03
Yeah, you know exactly. That’s not a drama.

Mikko 49:06
That is a complex blah blah blah like, Gone with the Wind motherfucker.

Pride and Prejudice bitch.

Calvin 49:20
So for me, it’s always been a toss up between Gladiator and Braveheart. Oh, really, really close but Gladiator edges it for me because I went to the Coliseum a couple years ago. And we actually did a unique tour where we actually got to go underneath the Colosseum where they were coming. Yeah, it was sick. Both apps and that must have been epic. It was really good. Apparently, like less than 2% of people who visit the Colosseum actually take that tour and go underground. So we did it through Airbnb. They have Airbnb experiences that you can kind of add on when you stay And so this tour guide actually was American guy living there and gave the tour. And for me that just took that whole experience. And as a consequence, the movie, it just took it over the top for me because you actually got to see and walk on the ground where they came in. And you saw those cranks that they would crank up the animals and raise the gladiators up to the level and just the way they explained everything and to actually see it and be in it. I was like, that movie takes on a whole different meaning now.

Mikko 50:28
Wow, did you come out going this is Sparta.

Just fucking with you. My bad. Yeah.

Calvin 50:39
It was crazy. So Gladiator edges it for me for that reason.

Mikko 50:44
And Gladiator that’s a good move out to pick something different now. So he picked Pulp Fiction, Gladiator. You guys ever watched Rob Roy?

Calvin 50:52
Yeah, no, but I heard of that. I heard this was a really good

Mikko 50:55
boy is like a, I don’t wanna say a downgrade from Braveheart a little bit. But

that movie we’re talking just like drama where I look at action. Great story, Rob Roy is a frickin good movie. underrated. underrated? Yeah.

Calvin 51:10
If I’m not mistaken, he was Irish, right?

Mikko 51:12
I believe so. Yeah. I think it’s like the Irish

Unknown Speaker 51:15
vers Scottish are

Calvin 51:19
also Scottish. I can’t remember. But I know it’s from that neck of the woods. Yeah. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about that. I’ve actually haven’t seen it. But I do need to watch that movie. So I will put that one on the list for sure.

Mikko 51:31
So there’s, I’m gonna add a little snippet here. There’s a scene in that movie. Like, I don’t like grape scenes. It makes me feel some sort of way. And there’s a scene in that movie where it’s just like, like I cringe because of what happened in the movie, but just just to let you know, like that’s there. And it’s hard for me to watch that movie because of that, but overall movies movies at 10. Okay. Okay.

Calvin 51:51
So how do you guys feel about all of these different remakes that are coming out like for example, Space Jam, two

Mikko 52:02
I don’t even want to watch it to be honest with you like that. And if they come up with another goddamn Godzilla movie,

I will kill myself.

I do not want to watch another Godzilla or King Kong remake. I don’t I don’t. I don’t get excited over Space Jam too. I know it’s different people I know it’s modernises LeBron. That’s cool. And I’m not that guy because he’s not Michael. I’m not gonna watch it. But right. I just don’t think there’s any use to making Space Jam to what’s the purpose of it is how I feel.

Calvin 52:30
I couldn’t agree more, Steve.

Steve 52:32
I absolutely agree. But I think the the challenge we’re gonna faces is that a lot of the large movie studios, they can only release penpal flicks which which are like the big summer movies, because they’re getting some more competition now from streaming services. True, true. new releases are coming out of there. You know, Shirley’s Theron’s last action film was on Netflix, the old movie

Mikko 53:00
Yeah, the old guard, guard, great movie, great movie.

Steve 53:05
Another example though of where you’re seeing them take existing content, like a graphic novel, and turn it into a movie as they did with old guard versus with the studios are doing with with the remakes. They know that there’s a built in audience there. So they’re taking that they’re not being imaginative at all. And, and we’re going to do this one with LeBron now. Right. And, and, I mean, I think we’ll be seeing more and more of that, you know, the fact that the comic books can do it. I think what we’re gonna be on Spider Man four.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
Yeah, yeah.

Calvin 53:43
You know, I’m a little I will say, I’m a little partial to the to the superhero movies just because I like them, you know, but what I will say with those, at least, was say like the Avengers world and like the Marvel Universe, they’re not remix each one One is a different story, but the Spider Man movies are Yeah, I was kind of. I’m like how many y’all go to make? But the last two are really good because they tie into the Marvel Universe and the whole end game story. And I actually think that kid the new Spider Man is the best one by far. Yeah, those, those movies are actually entertaining to me. And I also like they tied into everything else going on with Avengers, but up until him I was kind of like, we don’t need any more Spider Man movies. You guys are just not good at these.

Steve 54:33
The Spider Man one was bad example. Because I weighed the movies the same way I view the comic books, you’ll have 15 different runs of a spider man or, or have a bet. Just someone’s different interpretation of it. And the Marvel movies and a DC movies are all the same way. You know, I was thinking more of like Space Jam to where you’re just simply remaking Oh,

Calvin 54:53
of course. Yeah. Yeah, I know the point you were making. I agree. I think if you’re just flat out remaking a movie What the hell is the point? Right? One of my favorite my favorite horror movie is psycho. Like, to me, that’s one of the nice Norman Bates best. Yeah, that is one of probably the one of the best movies period. But if we’re going by genre because I think same as you guys, it’s kind of hard for me to just pick one. I could watch psycho any time like that movie is fantastic. But years ago, they did a remake with Vince Vaughn and and haish and a couple of people. And I was curious to see it. And watch it. It’s literally an exact shot for shot remake. From dialogue to the scenes everything like what is the point of this, if you will want to do it, switch it up a little bit. You know, what’s the point of remaking the exact same movie we can watch the other one?

Unknown Speaker 55:49
Yeah, that’s just dumb.

Calvin 55:50
I didn’t get the point of that at all.

Mikko 55:53
You know, have the mom kill in Norman Bates be the one on the chair. You know, something, switch it up. Right?

Calvin 55:59
Exactly. Do Hoping or what I really liked was a Did you guys see Bates Motel? Did you watch that show? Yeah, not all that. Yeah, yeah, I did that I liked because it was Norman Bates as a child and how he became what he became. That is right. It’s like you’re in obviously in the same world but you’re doing a completely different take on the story. So that I thought it was good that that was a really really good show. I enjoyed that

Mikko 56:24
a lot. Do you watch Gotham then on that note?

Calvin 56:26
I haven’t. I haven’t watched it.

Steve 56:29
No, I started watching it and I just lost it. But would you recommend going back and give it a shot?

Mikko 56:35
I can’t watch more than probably two or three episodes and not just tuning it off for like a couple of weeks without coming back to it like it doesn’t capture my attention like that. Fair enough. It just doesn’t like it does. I know it’s the whole backstory over everything. But it’s not gripping enough for me and I can be biased because like I hold Batman movies to a certain standard and it just doesn’t meet that standard for me so I stopped watching it

Unknown Speaker 57:02
we’re gonna write

Calvin 57:04
so now it’s time for the Chris Rock quote of the week have we decided on one

Mikko 57:12
man so many to choose from? He is what do you I don’t even know you you guys because the one I got on the one that I got written down is the too much food in America bit cuz I was gonna you know say that I’m a foodie and that’s the one that like struck me the most but you guys go ahead

to my fucking book yeah

fucking lactose intolerant that’s exactly the line I wrote down

you got too much food America too much food we allergic to food to food I think someone that are lactose intolerant

so we don’t know Do we know green meat? Okay, yeah, exactly though he no green me

Bologna pork. I don’t know what’s wrong with that shit. Yeah, I tried to hit a nobody’s religion,

but I mean, that’s what I had written down Calvin Noah, but I don’t know if Steve had anything on lock.

Steve 58:14
This one just kind of struck me recently. It was a only dumb people try to impress smart people smart people

Unknown Speaker 58:21
just do what they do. Hmm. Oh,

Mikko 58:24
what’s that from? Deep? That’s probably

Calvin 58:27
that sounds good probably from tambourine that sounds newer. Yeah. So yeah, I can’t

Mikko 58:32
I can’t quote tambourine tambourine is a it’s a little too. Yeah.

Calvin 58:37
Yeah, I haven’t seen that enough times to be able to pull it like that. But

Unknown Speaker 58:40
yeah, that sounds It was probably from there. Good shit.

Calvin 58:43
Well, you come in up into our final segment for the evening. Get off my lawn. Okay, what is annoying you right now?

Mikko 58:54
Who do you want to go first?

Calvin 58:56
Whoever is most annoyed. Most

Mikko 59:01
You know what, um, I’ll make this quick so I do sneaker reselling on the side every once in a while and you just can’t get shoes nowadays man like botting has become so rampant if you guys know what botting is, for people that don’t know it’s basically an I guess it’s a program that auto checks out shoes. And you can create thousands of profiles and check out thousands of shoes in one second to two seconds and it leaves the normal people that go into a website to buy a new pair of Jordans or whatever it is Yeezys whatever it is, and you just give them no chance to buy it because these bots just eat it up and what they do is they buy the shoe for $110 and then now you can’t get the shoes so you go to the resale market. And now they’re flipping the shoes for three $400 and gives no room for the regular customer to be able to buy shoes. Back in the day. People can go into a footlocker and go buy you a pair of Jordans and was just released two days ago. You go home you lace it up, you’re happy you play ball, you know you’re happy with it. Now 10 seconds into a drop. Shoes are out of stock everywhere. And it just sucks people resort to having to either bought themselves and learn that whole new world of bahding or each it kick rocks for a day, huh?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
Yeah, that’s annoying facts. Steve. Yeah, you know,

Steve 1:00:30
this past week I’ve actually been an extreme mellow rice. I haven’t had anything really, really bugged me this week.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
So should have been been laying.

Mikko 1:00:47
I could hold my last one out.

Laying pipe all week, man. I be pretty mellow too.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
All Is the Mrs. Rudolph? It was just it was

Mikko 1:01:03
an empty chamber makes me mellow to

Calvin 1:01:10
Steve we can completely edit this out if you want

Mikko 1:01:17
Oh shit. Oh man

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22

Steve 1:01:24
I really have man I’ve just been That’s awesome.

Calvin 1:01:27
Yeah That’s great. That’s supposed to be

Mikko 1:01:32
that’s what it feels like to be white

yes that’s how good it feels to be white

like perfectly right

Calvin 1:01:53
man that’s a clip right there we got a we go and put that shit together that is that is worth That is absolute perfection.

Mikko 1:02:03
Perfect right there. Sorry, Steve. Love you.

Calvin 1:02:12
Oh, man. All right, well, I hate the sound of mood but this dish it has been on my mind this week and it goes back to my favorite in quotes word of entitlement and entitled people. So recently on ref problems on my Instagram page, I’ve been sharing more in the stories right now I’ve been sharing more about just things that I’m doing on a personal level. Yeah, and recently I’ve been actually my trainer encouraged me to start tracking my food. So I’ve been doing that through the Fitbit app and I very quickly discovered how I’m not moving enough. I it’s not that I eat I don’t eat properly is just I’m not burning enough calories right. So I’ve been sharing And my story is, Hey, I’m going for a walk right now and cetera, etc. And it got to a point where one of some of my followers actually said, Hey, you should add us. So we can all do challenges together. And I’m like, that’s cool. Because the whole point of social media is to build a community to have when you have a strong following like that. So I’m like, yeah, this is fantastic, and a different way for me to bond with my followers. So this has been going on for a couple of weeks now. And yesterday, this guy sends me a message on Instagram responding to one of the stories and with a very condescending tone, I could tell from the beginning with this conversation was going to go and I could have ignored it. But I was like, again, this comes back to entitlement and I’m just not going to have that. So he was like, of your 16,000 followers, how many actually interested in this Fitbit content? And then he put them like, he’s like thinking emoji like is if I need to answer to you. So I could have dated him right there, which I have done a lot of in the past, I don’t really engage with trolls most of the time. But every now and then I feel like somebody needs a lesson. So I said, Why do you ask? And

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
why do you need to know?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
Why is this important to you?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
I just love the swab. Why do you ask?

Calvin 1:04:22
Yeah, that was like, Why do you ask? So Well, you know, used to have more meme content. And nowadays, it’s like you and your steps were like seven other people. No one cares to see that. Blah, blah, blah. So I said, so you speak for everyone. And then he could tell I was getting annoyed. So he’s just Hey, I’m sorry if it offends you, but no one cares to see the Fitbit stuff and we’re just here for the hotel related stuff. So I said, Well, sorry, but I don’t care.

Mikko 1:04:50
And premium,

Calvin 1:04:51
he said, Oh, well, you know, sorry. I brought it up. But Enjoy your day. dadadada. I was like, Yeah, good. And then he’s like, Oh, I provided constructive feedback. I guess it wasn’t received. Well Haha, and that’s when I was like, there’s nothing constructive about it. You’re not in a position to give me any feedback on what I post my page. Exactly right? This is This is my house and you don’t go into somebody’s house and tell them that the color on the walls is ugly or that you don’t like that couch right? You don’t you don’t do that what you do is you keep your fucking mouth shut. And then when you drive up in your car on the way home, you talk shit about people, right? That’s what you do. So nicely, I tried to nicely tell is that hey, listen, go just do yourself a favor. If you don’t like it, ignore it. That’s the mature thing to do. Right? For you to be so entitled that your opinion is supposed to mean something to me that you’re going to log into my dm. And tell me this like as if I’m supposed to give a shit what you think. Why do you think I’m supposed to care and then and then he gets to points like, well, we’ll just agree to disagree. I hate that line. I

Mikko 1:06:05
can’t stand that line.

Calvin 1:06:07
Yeah, the line in most situations doesn’t really bother me. Like, if I’m debating who’s better Arsenal or Chelsea? Yeah, we’re gonna agree to disagree, right? Like I’m coming from a bias that point.

Mikko 1:06:17
I have some conviction though.

Right? Whatever.

Calvin 1:06:21
It’s like, what do you mean agree to disagree is my page and you don’t get an opinion? Exactly. Right. You don’t get an opinion. And this is what I don’t think people get and this and he started to get upset because and I could tell you like, yeah, the longer the conversation went on, he was like, he’s like, Oh, I’m just bored a senior step count. I don’t care.

Mikko 1:06:41
I don’t care.

Calvin 1:06:42
Right. And why do you think I’m supposed to and this is what I kept trying to get him at. And they you know, then he started getting like, oh, time for you to relax and you know, maybe go for a walk. Like he was being a dickhead at the end of the day. So but you know, I just got him to the point and I realize he’s very upset that his opinion doesn’t Matter,

Mikko 1:07:00
right? Yeah. Everybody thinks

Calvin 1:07:02
that their opinion matters these days, and sometimes it just fucking doesn’t, doesn’t strike me.

As much as I do. I do a lot, obviously, on social media, you know, I live my damn life on social half the time, you know, between my own platforms and managing it for other people and businesses. I think this is where I think this is where some of the evils are. Because the fact that anybody can start a page and have a presence online and share their opinion, you think that it means something? Yep. And quite frankly, it it doesn’t always mean something. If you want to go on your page and share what you want, then yeah, it means something but I’m on my page. You came to my house. If you don’t like what you see, get the fuck out.

Mikko 1:07:51
Yep. Tell them, tell them

Calvin 1:07:55
and eventually, yeah, eventually you know, when When he got when he was a smartass, towards the end. I’m like, you know what, alright, you’re done. You’re blocked fam. Like, I’m not I don’t, I don’t like going there because it’s like kind of like I’m, it’s like a power play on people like, Hey, listen to my own Lego block. It’s not really, I don’t try to run my page like that. But when you think because those last couple of comments is like, oh, maybe you need to go for a walk. You would never say that to my face.

Mikko 1:08:23
Never Actually,

Calvin 1:08:24
I wouldn’t. You wouldn’t have said any of this to my face.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:28
Never. Right?

Calvin 1:08:30
So the fact that you think, yeah, this is really it’s really the only recourse I have because we are no, I’m no longer interested in you being part of the community. I’m no longer interested in sharing anything I’m doing with you. Right. So all I can do is block you. But this is where some of the dangers of social is was because people think they have the safety behind a screen that they can say whatever they want to you. And the other part of it is and Mikko I let you jump in here because you know I’m definitely on my soapbox at the moment. But what gets me to is when these they try to hide behind well, constructive feedback and I’ve had somebody in the past me Well, you have to take it. And I was like do I know? We don’t know. You know what, what makes you think that I have to take your unsolicited feedback, your unsolicited constructive criticism? Well, I don’t know where they get that entitlement that. I don’t know if they feel like because I’m some sort of a influencer, like a sort of a public figure in the hospitality world where they think now, you get to say things and I don’t get to, I don’t get to retaliate. Because had you come at me different? Had you asked the ask the question in a different way. You were you weren’t being sarcastic. You know, maybe I could engage in a conversation. I’ve had that before. When I was first promoting my my media, my media company. I shared some things I said, Hey, guys, I’m going to be doing a webinar and somebody said Well listen, you know, I would prefer that that wasn’t on this page. And I said, I nicely said, I take your comment under consideration. For the record. It’s not going to be here. I’m just getting people to sign up here, because this is where everybody is. Right? But when they want to see it, it’ll be published somewhere else. You don’t got to worry about it. Right? So I’m not going to jump down your throat for acknowledge and something like that. But when you want to come at me sarcastically, and then you get the same thing back. You want to play the victim.

Mikko 1:10:27
I think that’s what they do. Anyway, I think that’s the whole play. It’s Oh, let me go find someone that’s a little bit big online. Let me go say some insensitive off the wall topic, get a rise out of them, and then probably go show off to his friends. Hey, look, look at this guy. He’s all getting pissed off. Okay, I’m gonna go say another thing getting pissed off and I think you’re right, you know, these people and I tell people that all the time in Facebook I see engage in like, a lot of conversations with people, you know, differences of opinions and whatnot, and to say dumb stuff like Well, I’m gonna fuck you up or so you know, say something. Like, you would not say that to my face. If you saw me, and we talked and we had a conversation and you came at me that way, I’m not the type that’s going to back down from you. Neither is Calvin. You know, Calvin and I know each other from cotton. And we’ve gotten into verbal altercations with people, and we’re not going to back down. So for you to think just because you’re behind the keyboard, you’re lucky you don’t live anywhere near because if I found out where you live, I’ll show up at your doorstep. And then that’s where these people like kind of like, have this like weird sense of just strength and power because hey, they don’t know what I look like. They don’t know where I live. I’m just gonna say something off the wall, something insensitive. But guess what, if I find out where you live, and you live anywhere near my vicinity, I’ll come to your door. I’ll come to you and be like, what’s up, because you’re not gonna say it to my face. And you will not disrespect me in front of my face. And just because you think you can do it online is stupid, but you’re right 99% of the people. They’ll give their opinions online because they feel safe behind that keyboard and that Your right is scary because everyone thinks they get to have an opinion and the truth is, you don’t you really don’t have to have an opinion you don’t need to give it keep it to yourself. Like my friends and family always tell me if it’s you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. And people lose that nowadays.

Calvin 1:12:19
Yeah, you know the thing is obviously what I post is meems about working in hotels my entire feed is full of it is over 1500 posts probably at this point right so there’s plenty of content there I don’t mess with that. I don’t change it. I’ve played with some things there in the past and that’s how I discovered listen I need to make a different travel page I need to make a different page for right you create

Mikko 1:12:41
a channel for those that what

Calvin 1:12:42
we’re doing and self help because

right so I get that people kind of like things siloed on Instagram and that’s totally fine but Elena story just totally disappears in a few hours man like, and it kind of like to the point you just said if you don’t have anything good to say why say anything. at all, it’s a story if you don’t want to see it, if you don’t like it, just ignore it. I don’t understand where you think that I’m going to change up what I’m doing because of you because you’re that important and that’s that’s what coming back to the entitlement thing. Do you think you’re that important that you’re going to tell me this and swipe left brother

Mikko 1:13:21
just swipe left? Yeah,

Calvin 1:13:23
no, right swipe left or just quite frankly ignore the stories for a while I don’t really give a shit you know, I have I’ve got 16,000 people on this page. I don’t think all 16,001 to see want to see that. They don’t want us all see the posting about Arsenal winning yesterday. They don’t want to see all me posted out, you know, right. You know, fantasy football is coming up. But nobody says anything. It’s just okay. That’s not for me moving on. Right. I don’t and then you get these one or two people who feel the need to step out and they think they’re so important. Wouldn’t that I need to acknowledge your presence somehow and you’re right and you know, don’t give a fuck. Like people think I do this. I don’t do it for you. Okay, I do it because I enjoy it. You happen to enjoy what I’m doing. So we have a nice rapport but I’m not changing what I’m doing what I’m talking about these days because you don’t feel like seeing it. I yeah, couldn’t care less.

Mikko 1:14:23
Do you like that? I think that could be lost in our culture nowadays. Like, we don’t allow people to just be themselves. We go on to other people’s social media pages and we start judging and commenting based on what they do, but they’re just living their life. If someone wants to make food pictures, or take a bunch of food photos and make a living out of it, so what Who cares if you don’t like it? Stop following. Obviously you care enough to keep watching and keep commenting. You must like the content because you keep coming back. You know, just what’s it for Why are you following me stop falling. If you don’t like my feet

Stop following me.

Calvin 1:15:00
That’s precisely and that’s that’s the that’s the beautiful thing about social is you get to curate your feed and see what you want. You know you don’t have to follow somebody you don’t want to follow if, if you don’t like what’s happening now then stop following people. I’ve done that plenty. And you know, this thing you were saying before Mikko I’ve had friends people I’ve worked with that I blocked on social media now because of these type of conversation and especially with sports, it’s quick to you know, move into some name, Colin nonsense, but these guys I’ve worked with, we’ve sat in meetings and we talk sports. He’s a Jets fan. I’m a Patriots fan. Of course you’re gonna talk shit I ain’t mine. Right? That’s what that is. But then we get on Facebook. And you want to stop calling me a homo because your team beat me that week. You would you a

Steve 1:15:50
couple of levels.

Calvin 1:15:51
Yeah, just like you we let me get this straight. So all this time we were sitting at work and it was all cordial, like hey, yeah, we hate your team or whatever. But we got tossed I’m smack Of course, that’s the probably the best part of sports. Right? But it doesn’t cross a level. And it doesn’t you don’t start name calling. I mean, I’m 40 years old dude. Like, really, let’s let’s this act at your age. And I’ve had to I got to a point where I’ve just I blocked you. And that doesn’t mean if I see you in public, I’m not going to talk to you. It’s just that means on Twitter or on Facebook or whatever. We’re not having that conversation because you don’t know how to act. If you want to talk sports with me. Let’s sit grab a beer and we’ll and we’ll sit and talk shit because you will never call me a homeowner my face simply because you think your team is better. Yeah,

Mikko 1:16:41
exactly. I would

drop the xively I can drop my lever or something somewhere. He has an honor.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:49

Calvin 1:16:52
So on that note, we will end this episode. I think we had a great chat today covered a lot of topics. some serious some not so serious, some serious that we made nice or serious but that’s what we do. So, signing off, guys until another week. We’re going to get this on the airwaves but see you on the next midlife crisis podcast.

Mikko 1:17:20
Let’s go