Calvin Tilokee 0:02
Hello and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin, also known as Revparblems on Instagram. I’m excited to do this talk show with my best friends from high school and college. Steve and Mikko, what can you expect on this podcast? Well, I like to call it a talk show for Men of a Certain Age. We’re not quite old. But we’re the kind of guys that have to make sure we don’t miss our alcohol on a night out, you know, we’ll chat about current events, trending topics, and things that we just need to get on our soapbox about knowing us. We’ll be laughing the whole time. And ladies, don’t worry. If you ever wanted to know what your husband or boyfriend talks about in the man cave. Stick around. Now, keep in mind, we’re old enough to remember when Parental Advisory stickers went on CDs. We don’t know what CDs are. You’re too young for this podcast. Speaking of which, make sure you have your headphones in. It’s NSFW as these kids say. We’ll be bringing that flavor to your weekly on your way to work while you’re shaving. Or just sitting around wondering why your back hurts but let’s get this show on the road. Hello, and welcome to the midlife crisis podcast. I’m your host Calvin here as always, with my boy Steve and Mikko, bringing that flavor to ear on a weekly basis. On today’s episode, we’re on to 2021 we’ll also bring you a Chris Rock quote of the week. I don’t like that jerk. How do I know that shit? and as always get off my lawn. But first, how was the week?

Steve 1:22
On all great week? I mean, we just had the holidays. Got to spend a ton of time with people. Finally got to buy my favorite movie Tennant.

Calvin Tilokee 1:31
Oh, nice.

Steve 1:32
I bought it about five days ago. I’ve already bought it about seven times.

Calvin Tilokee 1:37
Oh, good.

Steve 1:39
I’m that into it. I am I am that into it. I get nerdy on it. pardon the expression I go balls deep on the physics behind it. It’s not all like, you know, real but I I fuckin find it fascinating.

Calvin Tilokee 1:52
What What is it about again,

Steve 1:54
it involves time travel, but like the main thing around it is reversing the entropy of an object and an entropy is basically an object in motion. So in our reality, objects are always moving forward in time. In the movie, the entropy is reverse so that an object is going backwards in time so instead of firing a bullet you’re catching a bullet. Hmm, that kind of thing. Again, it’s a mind bending movie. It’s pretty wild.

Calvin Tilokee 2:22
Remind me if you’ve ever rushed our when he was he wouldn’t do a breakdown did daddy’s Jackie Chan goes my Daddy wants caught your bullet. He couldn’t say catch. anyone caught a bullet.

Steve 2:38
classic movie.

Calvin Tilokee 2:41
Would you be told by my daddy go by my daddy.

Mikko Miller 2:44
The best part? outros are the little Yeah. Behind the Scene things. Yeah. That’s just like the best part.

Steve 2:53
I love watching those.

Mikko Miller 2:55
Yeah. Oh, yeah. All the fuck ups.

Calvin Tilokee 2:58
Exactly. Yeah, shit here. I was out there who? Maybe one day. We’ll put that together. Do

Mikko Miller 3:03
we should we should we live

Steve 3:05
show? Everyone? I’ve certainly see it.

Calvin Tilokee 3:07
Oh, for sure. Sure.

Mikko Miller 3:09
teasing teasing a live show.

Calvin Tilokee 3:10
Exactly. Exactly. You know, just last show of the year this episode’s coming out on New Year’s Eve. So it’s the final show of 2020. Looking forward into 2021. So we putting it out there now we’re doing a live show at some point in 2021. Oh, yeah. So anybody who wants to host that? Anybody who wants to be there? Hit us up. Because global vaccines not though.

Mikko Miller 3:39
Mandatory mandatory.

Calvin Tilokee 3:42
Vaccines? mandatory clothing optional.

Mikko Miller 3:45
Kind of Corona. I wanted that bar. Exactly what I want

you Mikko you know what? good week, warm week. It was like 6575 Christmas Eve Christmas Day, so it’s kind of crazy. And then, fun fact today it hailed and snowed in LA. Damn. Wow. Yeah, it’s kind of crazy. I show you guys pictures, you know? But yeah, it snowed in LA today.

Calvin Tilokee 4:18
That’s crazy, man.

Steve 4:20
How much did it’s not

Mikko Miller 4:21
a you know what? Not more than probably like a half inch but to see white powder. white powder on the streets, you know? And it’s not coke. Yeah, shakes people.

Calvin Tilokee 4:33
See Charlie Sheen running down Hollywood.

Mikko Miller 4:35
This story.

Steve 4:39
I just heard his his interview on howard stern. They were replaying it demeaning.

Mikko Miller 4:45
Absolutely. He’s crazy. He’s crazy, man.

Calvin Tilokee 4:48
I actually have a story about charlie sheen. So he stayed at a hotel I was working at one time and he comes in and first of all, he didn’t even like booked directly at the hotel. he booked through. It was like Hotel Tonight or something like that. So yeah, he booked like the cheapest room he could find. I don’t know what maybe, maybe he’s a hotel tonight VIP, too, you know? But yeah, he booked sometime in the afternoon. So it definitely was like a last minute thing. He didn’t have a reservation ahead of time. So this was the same day kind of deal. No joke. He comes, he checks in and gets to the room in a matter of minutes. The first thing he did was called the front desk and asked about the minibar. Hmm. Well, we were like, you can’t make this shit up. Like, what is this? He really is that guy. Like, that really? Is his life. Not that at night. I guess you had too many doubts. But I mean, it was within minutes of him getting his key that the phone rang at the desk. And we were like, How the hell did he even get to his room that fast? Yeah, he gets in the room makes a beeline for where he thinks the minibar should be, can’t find it. And guess what? Oh,

Mikko Miller 5:59

Calvin Tilokee 6:01
guy something else. But fortunately, that was the end of the story. There was no like, you know, nothing trashing over anything like that. But we were like, Yo, this guy is for real.

Steve 6:10
Great. Wow. Doesn’t screw around. Nope.

Calvin Tilokee 6:15
Yeah. Oh, no, my week was good, man. You know, the holidays and everything. So it was nice. I went to my mom’s for for Christmas. My wife and mother in law. So it was it was cool, you know, home cooked meal, chilled, played some Call of Duty been playing the zombies recently on that new Call of Duty. So that’s pretty fun. Kind of a slow week getting in touch with people and stuff on business, obviously. So had a lot of time to do that. But I got my wife a funny gift this year, which I meant to send you guys the picture, but I’ll send it to you afterwards. So you can see what I’m talking about. But I bought my wife a goat?

Mikko Miller 6:58
Well, I don’t even have to say a goat. A mother Damn, go. He go.

Calvin Tilokee 7:13
Yeah. So I mean, you would think it’s not like dowry, anything like that. We’ve been married a long time. So

I will give you one good for your for your daughter.

Mikko Miller 7:28
to my village.

Calvin Tilokee 7:33
No, no, you don’t get too good. You get one good one. So, so it’s Black Friday, and we go to Lord and Taylor and the Lord and Taylor near me is closing down for good. So they’re selling everything, you know, obviously all the clothes, but you could get like fixtures, you know, if you wanted those tables, that that they hang the shoes on anything, everything in the store is for sale. So we’re walking around, and we see this goat. And this thing is like it’s almost a real size goat, it’s almost real size, it’s about three feet, like the top of the head is about three feet off the ground. It’s made of wood, and it has real wool around it. So like where the body is. So my wife sees and she’s like, Oh my god, this is so cool. I want this. So I take a mental note. Look at the price tag that should set $600. And I think $600 for fucking go may be a real one. You know, right? So whatever time passes, and you know, I got us some other gifts and stuff. But I kept thinking about it. I was like so a few days before Christmas, it might have been I think was like the 23rd. So I’m like, you know what I’m out and about I was I got my hair cut and shit like that. I was like, let me go and see what’s up with this with this goat. Now, I do have to sell this part of the story that day for lunch, we went to my mother in law’s house for lunch. So my wife had a conference call, I was gonna go get my hair cut. I was like here, just take the house keys when I come in, I’ll either knock on the door, or I’ll just get the key from the front desk, I just get the spare key. She’s like, Oh, well, I have a conference call around five. So if you get in around that time, just get the key at the desk, boom. So I’m gonna housekeys that’s an important note to remember as I go on with the rest of the story. So I go back to the store, go still there. I’m like, bet, grab this thing. And the lady at the register was helping out a couple other people. So I waited a minute or two to get her attention and like, Hey, you know, I want to get this but I forgot my wallet in the car. So she looks at me and I was before I could even say hey, I want to buy this. She’s like, yeah, $600 I’m like, I know. I still want to buy it. Yeah, I’m like, Okay, can you guys you know, box it up. Can you wrap it? I need to like no, no, no box. No wrap $600 I was like, okay, she’s clearly having a rough holiday season. Working in retail. I know what I be. So I was like, Okay, fine. I still wanted she’s okay. I have to call somebody, fine. Come back. This lady’s waiting for me. She’s a lot nicer. And she goes, you know, I’m gonna give you a discount, and we’ll get this wrapped up for you. But you know, like, so many people want to buy this thing. I’m like, Yeah, what the fuck? Like, whatever. So why it’s been here for over a month. Right, right. Yeah. Now I got to fill out paperwork. Like they wanted my name, address or whatever. It’s like if y’all know what’s not real, right? Like, why do I have to do all of this? But it didn’t have any tag on it. So I guess maybe for inventory, you know, whatever. Got it. Yeah. So buyer to go fill out the paperwork. And I asked, I was like, hey, any chance you guys got a big box back there that I could try to stick this in? Because I didn’t want to just walk in a house with a goat. They’d be some element of surprise, right? So they go into back and start looking. As I’m standing there, no joke, about a dozen people come up to me. And we’re like, oh, my God, this is so cool. Like, are you buying this? I’m like, Are you serious? This shits been sitting here for a month and a half. Right? This lady comes up to me. She’s like, you know, can I take a picture of it? And like you. Okay, go ahead. So now actually starting to believe the fact that she said a lot of people want to buy this thing. But they just probably didn’t want to pay the 600 bucks. So lucky me, I guess. Right. So they come back with a box. It’s not big enough. All right. So now I’m heading out of the store. And then they were like, Hey, why don’t you go to a party city. They sometimes have like, really big gift bags like that. So now I’m going to Party City, and end up on the one end up on Central Avenue. Steve, you know, I’m talking about so I’m in Yonkers now, because that was a little to the load and Taylor. Instead of going to the one that was near my house, I was like, let me just run a here real quick. Get it? Go to Party City. No big back. I go to the dollar store next to it. Nothing. The guy had some boxes, but he was like, You know what, these aren’t big enough. But if you go to the store further down Central Avenue, where I used to work, they got boxes, head to that store, then got him didn’t store next to that is Bed, Bath and Beyond. They don’t got it. So now this lady’s telling me at Bed Bath and Beyond. Hey, in the very next shopping center, there’s $1 store, they got big bags. So the very next to her apparently men a mile down the street. Oh, so this is at least now since the time I bought this thing. At least an hour and a half has passed. So I just didn’t have finance. I’m getting further and further into Yonkers. I’m like, Oh, fuck, this is the last

fight if I don’t get it here, I’m just gonna go home because at some point, she’s gonna be like, wait a fuck are you you were going to get a haircut and go shopping like, and I don’t be out shopping like that. So going to the dollar store, I find these two huge bags. And at this point, I thought I had a good mental picture of it. I thought it would fit in this thing. So I buy these the biggest gift bags I could find. And Steve, you could put three of your daughter in the check. That’s right. Good to know. So now I’m waiting online at the dollar store. And it’s one of them local dollar stores with a guy knows everybody. Yeah. So every item he brings up is like boop. Oh, yes, this is very good. Just 299 but I gave it to you for 279 and any moves one item and does this with every single item and it’s like you don’t want to be mad at the guy because he’s clearly a really nice guy. And it’s two days before Christmas. But it’s like Dude, hurry to fuck up. So, I these bags, get in a car. Make it home. So now I get home and I try to put this goddamn goat in a bag. don’t fit. Shit. Well, I guess I’m just coming in the house with the goat and just going to get Christmas early. Right? So I text her at that park the car said hey, can you just crack the door for me? So she does that. Grab my shit. And I’m walking from the garage to the building. There’s like a little walkway, you know, get into building and now I’m like, you know what, let me take this one last chance. Maybe somebody in the building had a big box that I could use. So now I’m going to the Trash Room, hold them to go to my hand because now I got to make sure this shit you know, fits. So I get to get to the Trash Room all the way down on the first floor. It’s locked. Like a bucket. Alright, it’s now like 730 I left at like two. So I get to the door. I bring in the other shopping that I had to do because I need to get you know, groceries and shit like that. And I’m like, Hey, babe, just sit and you know, close your eyes. And she’s busted. She’s like dying, laughing. And she goes, I already saw you walking from the garage with it. I was shit.

I did all of that. I made all of that effort for you to see me walk in from the goddamn garage. And she’s like, you know, if you didn’t text me to crack the door, I wouldn’t have seen it because I had the window open and it created a draft. So I came to close the window. And then I saw you. I was like, you know, that would be my luck. I’m sure she did she loved, she loves. Yeah, it’s hilarious. And actually, and we were looking up, we always pay attention to stuff like that with like, when you see animals in nature, like they mean something. And apparently, the goat symbolizes overcoming obstacles and reaching your highest potential and data. So we would like, be what kind of meant to have this goat, because that’s been sitting there for weeks, and kind of went through a little bit of a pain to get it. So now we’re sitting there looking at this go like that go was meant for us. Yeah, you know.

Steve 15:37
So where is the guy?

Calvin Tilokee 15:39
He is in our living room.

Steve 15:40
I assume you named him?

Calvin Tilokee 15:42
His name is Gary. Yes. Love it. Yeah. I love Yeah, I got to send you guys a picture. You see those of you who follow us on Instagram, I will post a picture of me and said goat, so you can be introduced to Gary. Oh, but anyway, so Gary is gonna be our lucky charm for 2021. That’s my best attempt at a segue into the actual topic.

But we’ll start off with a simple one. What do you guys most looking forward to? next year?

Mikko Miller 16:22
No, Rona.

Calvin Tilokee 16:24

Mikko Miller 16:25
you know, that’s a generalization, but I am looking forward to probably being out more. I haven’t really been out much personally. And my wife definitely not like my wife. I think it’s been outside probably a total of 30 times since Corona started. Yeah. And just to be out, like that’s, that’s kind of like the pot at the end of the rainbow for it just be able to be out more and just kind of live a semblance of some sort of normalcy. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 16:57
yeah. Actually, speaking of which, Weren’t you supposed to get your vaccine today?

Mikko Miller 17:03
Yeah, but um, my supervisor, my superior is going to go ahead and go get his first and see what kind of side effects he may have. Because just in case he goes down, then at least I can be the second in command and take over. Because if you both take it this week, there’s a possibility we both could be out in the department would just be fucked.

Calvin Tilokee 17:26
Yeah. Okay, that makes a good point

Mikko Miller 17:28
that makes so we’re gonna try to stagger it as best as we can, even when our staff, stagger it, so that we’re not like, shooting ourselves in the foot. You know, if everybody goes back, I think the side effects that everyone’s worried about is the whole fatigue, like just general fatigue, that’s supposed to just like knock you off for a couple of days. And, yeah, we can’t have people we really only have like six people in the department. So we can’t have any more go out. You know,

Calvin Tilokee 17:58
that makes sense.

Steve 17:59
Do you anticipate any of the people who you manage taking advantage of the side effects and saying, Oh, my God, Mikko, I’m so I’m doing? I’m completely drained of energy and blah, blah, blah.

Mikko Miller 18:10
I would bet my left are not on it. Yeah. I mean, they’re probably scheming that right now. Honestly. Oh, yeah. I hope they don’t listen to this podcast. If they do, fuck it. You know how I feel. I bet my left nut would do it.

Steve 18:27
Fatigue isn’t really what they should worry about. It’s the anal leakage that they worry about. Side effects. Look, it’s like two or three quick days. That’s it.

Mikko Miller 18:37
Yeah. I love my people, but there’s some scheming motherfuckers man.

Calvin Tilokee 18:44
That’s like every one of those medicines that you see those commercials for? Like people partying and dancing. no side effects are like, blindness. unstoppable diarrhea. You’re liberal will fall out. And people are dancing in the club. Like oh, shit, like, so good. Like all of that.

Mikko Miller 19:03
It’s like that Chris Rock Band. He’s like, Oh, they got one. They got one. I got that shit. I got that.

Calvin Tilokee 19:10
I need that. Commercial be like you have a go to sleep at night. And wake up in the morning morning. Shit, what am I you Steve?

Steve 19:28
Yeah, like Mikko, I’m looking forward to just being able to go out to a restaurant or a bar, or anything like that with my wife. And you know, by that same token, I’m very much looking forward to my daughter being able to go back to school and play with someone else other than my wife and I, or my, you know, my mother, my mother in law. That’s all the kid plays with. She plays with four people. And they’re all adults. So I’m looking forward to her being able to do that. And then I’m going on vacation. I’m taking a couple vacations next year. Yeah, I’m already booked. Looking at Italy. So yeah, I’m looking forward to just being able to do all the things that I’ve not done this entire year. Yeah, responsible.

Calvin Tilokee 20:10
I sit, man, hopefully all that responsibility pays off. Yeah, for me, it’s pretty much the same. I think we’re all on the same thing. I mean, you know, obviously Rhona affected everybody. But yeah, for me, it’s just just travel just to be able to do that again. I think by the time we hit February, it’ll be a full year since I’ve been on a plane to go anywhere. Which, Wow, I can’t tell you the last time that happened. You know, we were in Mexico last February. That was actually my first time going to Mexico loved it. And we were talking about going back. And I think within a couple of weeks after coming back was when everything really started to hit here. And that’s it, man. And we’re the kind of people we travel once every couple of months, even if it’s just a little over a weekend somewhere. You know, so for us to not have done that. You know, I think you guys remember 2019? I was in Europe for two weeks. Yeah, you know, and that’s something we were starting to do almost every year, we’d get a two week vacation. And now we did not was like nothing, you know, a couple road trips to Vermont notwithstanding, but it’s not the same panel. Yeah, sure.

Mikko Miller 21:18
I mean, I think I saw you what, three times last year to two or three times. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 21:24
Yeah. I mean, a lot of that was work, too. But yeah, even that was like, hey, shit, I’m going to LA in February. You know, I’m alright with this. But I’m stumbling upon some things getting ready for episode today. We we came across a list from a blogger of things to do in 2021. So we, we figured, you know what, some of these look kind of cool. Some of these reminded me of past experiences. So figured let’s tackle a company’s. And maybe we’ll give you guys some ideas of things to do in 2021 when things open back up, and you get that vaccine in your system. Yeah.

Mikko Miller 22:04
Buckle up, folks. The first one to do.

Calvin Tilokee 22:07
The first one that popped out to me was zip lining. Have you ever guys ever done zip line? Yeah, yes. Okay. Yeah. So you guys have both done it.

Steve 22:18
Where did you do it? Mikko

Mikko Miller 22:20
Philippines. We it’s like a zip line that crossed over to like this little gorge. You could either take a like a little footbridge across it or you can climb up this little coconut tree. It’s not a coconut tree, but it’s like a little tower but you climb up it and just like zip line all the way down. And yeah, not just fucking fun. Like, it’s entertaining. There’s one in Catalina that I do want to try. So that’s kind of why like, I bought that on the list to this one. And Catalina is supposed to be like, ah, I want to say half a mile long. Something like that. Oh, definitely want to try that. But no dip linings. Definitely fun.

Steve 22:58
It’s fantastic. When I did it. I was out in the US down in Costa Rica. And it was you just went from my canopy, the canopy. We were staying at the base of this volcano and you went up the volcano a little bit. And then you started coming down. I don’t know how long the longest stretch was. But shit. It was gigantic. And it was over a massive Canyon Valley or whatever. But it was no, you know, you puckered up a little bit as you’re going across it. I’m not gonna lie. I mean, I I you know.

Calvin Tilokee 23:31
So what was that the first sip line you had ever done?

Steve 23:34
Um, no, I had done a couple of others. I did at once when I was camping. I was supposed to do it once in Thailand, but I missed that. And then I did it again. In effort were the other time was but yeah, I’ve done it a couple times it it’s a hell of a lot of fun. And like as you’re out there, you know, the wind’s blowing through your hair. You know, your feet are dangling conch you’re flying. I mean, if you could get hooked in like on your select the things hanging on your back, and you’re just sitting there coasting out. That’d be incredible. Yeah,

Calvin Tilokee 24:02
yeah, but Yeah, I know. You also must forget that jumped out of a plane before so what

Mikko Miller 24:09
have you kept the blank?

Calvin Tilokee 24:11
I did it once. But it’s it doesn’t sound like it was anywhere near like what you guys have done? Definitely not what Steve did. So I was used to work at a resort that was on a ski mountain. And they had a couple there. I did the one I did the shorter one. It was maybe a couple 100 feet off the ground. It wasn’t that scary. So like I walked up to it. So you know, you were just kind of walking up like a ski slope. And you know, you just kind of got on the right there. But I had never done anything like that before. I never been skydiving. I never did anything really with heights like that. So I’m not gonna lie. I did get a little nervous when it was time to actually get off because I thought you slid off or like they pushed you assumption like, they just like okay, whenever you’re ready, and I’m standing on the edge of this this wooden plank and it’s like really I’m supposed to voluntarily Just walk off easier. And yeah, I didn’t even jump I kind of just like, took a step and just let my body momentum just kind of like kind of like leaned off. So like that first second and a half. I was like, Oh shit, like, what am I doing wait till for this because this wasn’t that long ago just like two years ago. Yeah, yeah. But I did it and it was fun like once you just get over that initial step and off then it was it was fun, man. Yeah, I was like spinning around and taking pictures. I had my GoPro on. No, it was a good time.

Mikko Miller 25:36
There’s one in Vegas, you know that right? We should do that one. The indoor Well, yeah. Yes. Is

Calvin Tilokee 25:41
that a Fremont side right on Fremont Street. You

Mikko Miller 25:44
go from one end of Fremont and you zip line all the way across to the other end. Dude, I

Steve 25:49
would totally do that. Pretty. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty fun. Eventually, when you know, things open up and speaking of Vegas when? Next time you guys go to Vegas, would you stay on the strip? Or would you stay over by Fremont? Because they got that new hotel over there now.

Mikko Miller 26:05
Strip for me.

Steve 26:07
Strip for you.

Calvin Tilokee 26:08
Yeah, I would say same for me. But I’ve never been to Fremont. I don’t even know what it’s like over there. I was in a hotel.

Steve 26:16
I forget the name of it. But it’s it’s like the first hotel that’s been built there and like 20 or 30 years, and it’s adult only. Okay,

Mikko Miller 26:24
so is it SLS? No.

Steve 26:28
I don’t know. Yeah, I forget three months ago, but it looked cool. He should have like a huge sports book. You know, pool all that fun stuff.

Mikko Miller 26:36
Yes. Yeah. Fremont a little old is a little bit. Those definitely old old Vegas Old Town Vegas. So that’s kind of like where all the old casinos started off. It’s a different vibe. Remember that story? I told you guys about that outdoor concert that I went to where people just walking around with, like, knees on. And these are. And that’s Fremont for me. So Fremont holds a special place in my heart. You know?

Calvin Tilokee 27:00
We just got to make sure when we do our live show we don’t do it at Fremont because he’s my focus is gonna be coming in here. Yall said Clothing optional.

Steve 27:13
Walking in Porky Pig in it. Yeah. For anybody that doesn’t know that. That’s the top. You know, wearing clothes on top. You got nothing on the bottom. That’s gonna

Mikko Miller 27:32
I don’t know what a stupid song is in my head. That whole bananas in pajamas Song. Yes.

Calvin Tilokee 27:38
You got it, man. I don’t know that one.

Mikko Miller 27:41
You guys see?

Steve 27:42
I don’t know. I don’t know that one. I don’t know that one. If you get a few bargain, right?

Mikko Miller 27:48
No, I’m not doing that shit.

Steve 27:53
Put that fucking song in my head man.

Mikko Miller 27:57
Man is

Steve 28:00
the mecca licious flavor in your blood. Yeah. Craig Mac or some?

Calvin Tilokee 28:11
Shit. Alright, so next on the list. Let’s take adult ballet class. Would you? Have you taken a ballet class?

Mikko Miller 28:25
I mean, to be honest, I don’t even know if I’d be opposed to it. It all depends on who my partner was. If my wife wanted to do it, because we want to do some sort of performance in front of families and fuck no. But for for the sake of like exercising and like just goofing off and having fun. Why not? I’m not gonna be a spectacle out of it. You have to do it in jest. But I wouldn’t do it to like have some sort of performance and shit. I’m not doing it.

Calvin Tilokee 28:52
So when I took the improv class, right, you do all your classes by yourself, but then it’s a show at the end. So it was like that and you had to do like a recital at the end you you wouldn’t take the class fucking if the ballet class was even let me ask a question.

Mikko Miller 29:07
No. This is like a one on one type shit. You know, we you know we having fun. Another set of eyeballs on there? Fuck no. walk off. Walk away.

Calvin Tilokee 29:22
You’re gonna be sick that day with an angel drip.

Mikko Miller 29:30
Maybe it’s leakage? Some leakage?

Calvin Tilokee 29:36
What about you, Steve?

Steve 29:38
I’ve never done ballet. I don’t see myself doing ballet. I would take a dance class. I dance pretty well. My wife dances well, I’m the better of the two who know my work and I was you know, in college, whatever. But yeah, I definitely would take a dance lesson.

Calvin Tilokee 29:58
Okay, but no Now like,

Steve 30:01
I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that Calvin’s never done. A ballet lesson.

Calvin Tilokee 30:07
You are correct, sir. You’re correct. I have not. I have not. I did remind me of a story though, which is pretty damn funny. So, this coworker I had once the female coworker, she had a son, who at the time was probably about, maybe between five and seven, something like that, right? The kid’s father was Jamaican. And she comes in one day telling the story about how they have to sign up for different different things in school, right? So he comes home and says that he wanted to take the ballet class. So she’s, she’s asking us this at work. And she asked me, you know, from a guy’s perspective, like, would you let him take the class? I’m like, if that’s what he wants to do, let him do it. You know, I’m like, it doesn’t mean anything. I’m like, there’s a lot of athletes that do ballet because it helps with flexibility and footwork, and all this kind of stuff, right? I’m like, you know, if it was my kid, I would let if he wanted to do it, let him do it. Don’t stop them. So apparently, she went home and told the father to his Jamaican father that his son wanted to take ballet. So she comes to work the next day, and she’s pissed at me. She’s like, you know why you tell me that? I’m like, What are you talking about? You asked me a question. I answered you, you know, you know, I’m telling this funny. He’s like, well, ballet, ballet, barley, football, basketball,

Mikko Miller 31:35
barley. Barley. I was.

Calvin Tilokee 31:43
So yeah, it’s actually kind of sad, because apparently, you know, he talked to the kid and he’s like, oh, now, you know, I don’t really want to do it. That’s for girls. That’s fine. You know, I was like, and I was also Tom’s like, think about all the girls he’s gonna meet in there. Yeah, that’s actually open minded. It’s gonna be you in a class, a classroom full of women. Right? Come on, like this, that that guy you think in street

Mikko Miller 32:14
reminds me of that. I remember that white guy that went to our school, Kelly college. And he was a one of two male cheerleaders.

Calvin Tilokee 32:23
This is how you know, we went to a black school when you could introduce the story. Like remember that white guy?

Mikko Miller 32:33
Like, oh, yeah, I remember. You remember?

Calvin Tilokee 32:38
Not vividly, but I do remember. There being such a thing I do. Remember, there was a dude on the cheerleading.

Steve 32:44
So there was one of two white guys at your college and one of them thought, yeah, I’m gonna be a male cheerleader.

Mikko Miller 32:50
He swore up and down. He got so much action because it was a male cheerleader, you know, because the cheerleaders got close to him. And he was just like, partying with them all the time. Get drunk with them and believe that that’s his claim to fame. And he’s a white coming. He’s pure, like, white white bread. Not even like a dash of flavor on him. He’s white, like, lightweight, but

Steve 33:09
get the fuck out of here. The dash of flavor. Yeah.

Mikko Miller 33:13
The fuck out of here.

Calvin Tilokee 33:15
reminded me to Eddie Murphy. Like ever see Brooke? She’s white. She’s white. You look up white in the dictionary gonna be sitting there.

Mikko Miller 33:24
That’s him. But he was cool though. He was cool. But he you know, he swore up and down. He got so much play as a as a male cheerleader. Like, damn, I believe in Oh, I mean,

Calvin Tilokee 33:34
yeah, it was a straight guy. And you’re on the cheerleading squad? Does this the odds being in your favor right there?

Mikko Miller 33:43
Yeah, that’s true. True True. True.

Calvin Tilokee 33:47
See some some guys just too short sighted man too worried about what other people think. You know? Exactly. That dad took the son out a whole lot of play.

Mikko Miller 33:57
Now we got dry ball.

Calvin Tilokee 34:08
You said that shit like a man need a bit in it?

Mikko Miller 34:20
Right there. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 34:21
hat. Well done, sir. Well played, sir. All right, next one, which is, you know, kind of a decent segue as these humps involved. Have you heard a camel or would you ride a camel?

Mikko Miller 34:39
With my face? No. Oh, no. I’ve never ridden a rode a camel. Not that I can remember.

Calvin Tilokee 34:50
I think. Yeah, I was gonna say that’s true. It isn’t mute, get

Mikko Miller 34:54
like a circus. We went to a lot of circus and like carnivals and stuff while we were in Germany and I’m trying to remember it for camera was one of those things that we like, like wrote on top of I mean, I wrote on top of like a, like I’ve written a zebra. I’ve written a wild boar, but I don’t think I’ve ever found a camel. Yeah, that wild boars gotta hear that. It was called Fantasia land in Germany. It’s either Germany or Austria. It’s one of those. And we went there for like a day trip and had all kinds of animals all kinds of rides. It’s like a amusement park. And one of the things that they had was like, rare animals that kids could like, right on. And zebras was one of them. And then they had wild boars. And they had like saddles on it and everything and it’s like on like a little leash thing. And the guy just like walked around pulling the little rope. And the wild boar just, I don’t know behaved itself. I don’t know if it was a wild because wild boars have tusks,

Calvin Tilokee 36:01
right? Yeah, yes. I was gonna say yes, pig. Okay.

Mikko Miller 36:06
Okay. Come to think of it. Because you know, wild boars do attack people. So

Calvin Tilokee 36:11
yeah, that’s why I was like, yo, we got to hit that one. What the fuck? Yeah, it might have been jungle booking.

Mikko Miller 36:19
I believe.

Calvin Tilokee 36:22

Mikko Miller 36:23
Yeah, come to think of it. Yes. Probably was a pig. Now that I’m older. I’m really thinking about it. It’s probably just a big ass black pig. No offense.

Now moving on, moving on.

Steve 36:42
Why you see never rode a camel. Never never rode a camel wouldn’t be opposed to it. I’m sorry. Speaking of candles, when did your thing with Joe candles? run its course. Oh, my candles? Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 36:57
Probably when I couldn’t get any more that the magazines they stopped making them? did so. Yeah, so what Steve’s referring to Mikko, you notice that that’s all over my my room in college. I was a big fan of Joe camel. I just thought it was the coolest marketing ever. And I never smoked. which is which is funny because, you know, cigarette companies hate me. You know? I was getting these magazines. I was ripping out all the you get these like full page ads in magazines of Joe camel. I just thought he was cool. The shit. It was just a camel. Like in a suit smoking. Or like He always was dressed up different. And just in these cool situations like hanging by the pool with a Hawaiian shirt on. I just thought it was fucking cool. I still have them somewhere. I slapped them something I’m yeah, I’m waiting to like get a house where I can like make put like a big collage or something together. I still think he’s cool as fuck. But I never it just stopped. They stopped doing that when people got more and more conscious about smoking. And then, you know, with it being a cartoon and being more, I guess, attracted to kids. Yeah. So that’s when they stopped doing it. And that’s probably when it just ended because he ended I would still be doing that shit. Cuz I remember one time me and our boy, john. We are in Yonkers. Yeah. Were you with us that time? Yeah. It’s so we’re thinking about it. We’re at a club in Yonkers, I think is probably called Hollywood. No, that was newish. We were so we’re at. We’re at Club Hollywood. And we were driving back home. And we’re passing by this gas station. And out of the window. I was like, yo, they got a Joe Campbell thing. And it’s one of these metal stanchions. It’s just an advertisement. It’s probably decided to go smoking by about three feet off the ground. This metal thing But Joe Campbell and I’m just like, Oh shit, Joe Campbell. JOHN swerves, pulls into the gas station. And we hijack we steal this thing. Okay, take it. Yep.

Steve 39:04
That happened. That fucking clip. Real quick. Is club Hollywood still a thing? No, not

Calvin Tilokee 39:14
actually close on. Oh, Holy

Steve 39:16
Christ. Was that a good time?

Calvin Tilokee 39:17
That was a good time. You want to talk about the contest? For the doodoo brown contest? Dude,

Steve 39:27
it was like every week, they had this doodoo brown contest. And, you know, they play the song and you know, the guys get up and then the girls get up and then you know, it’s just like, you’re stripping your clothes off. And I remember, you know, there is a ton of stories out there about people getting up there and making a fool of themselves. But the one that stands out to me was there was this. I mean, this fucking guy. I looked up to him. I’m six to this fucking eight asian guy was he had been like, 6566 he was fucking gigantic. When they were asking for girls to come up, he didn’t even say anything. I just felt a nudge because like he was nudging his girlfriend and I guess I was standing next to his girlfriend and he was behind her. So nudge and I look over, and I just see this fucking guy. This girl look up at this giant guy in him just, you know, nod with his chin, like point with his chin like this. She gets up on stage she fucking stripped buck naked. It was been What? He said nothing to her splatter and strip. God it was it the guy’s pin pan was so goddamn big. It was like a bone. The finger the sides of this man was nuts because it usually erupted into a fight. You know? Um,

Calvin Tilokee 40:45
yeah. Cuz somebodies girls up there and

Steve 40:47
yeah, you know, and, you know, guys get whatever. I remember this one time. Another one other one real quick. This dude, drunkenly gets up there. And it was cold in the club. But he rose to shut down and there’s a schmuck looking at like, you know, two or 300 people cabin. And yeah, it was like the dude was hung like the character in The Hangover to where like, mushroom generous. And all these girls were like, you got a tiny deck and the women were screaming at this poor drunken SAP. And the fucking host goes Shut up. And he looks at this looks at these this fucking guy the nuts to get up here. I know. It doesn’t look like he hasn’t but he’s got him.

Mikko Miller 41:50

Calvin Tilokee 41:51
like See, this is why this is why is that we are days was before camera phones. And

Steve 41:58
God and like social media. Oh, God. I fucking cringe. It was so wild. Place was quite the education.

Mikko Miller 42:10
But for the younger players doodoo Brown was a song that was popular. What? Early 90s?

Calvin Tilokee 42:19
Yes. Oh, two Live Crew?

Mikko Miller 42:23
Yeah. doodoo Brown. doodoo Brown.

Calvin Tilokee 42:30
Oh, need to get it? Yeah.

Steve 42:35
Video by I don’t know. No. May then.

Calvin Tilokee 42:38
Yeah, so me. Oh, no. We had it. Man. Y’all just do that. That was just the Instagram. Yes. Open. Instagram is dead now. Yeah,

Steve 42:45
you had to go to a club motherfucker. You had to stand again. You know, with no coat, because you’re not checking that thing. You just stand in line on coal for that doodoo brown contest to come out.

Calvin Tilokee 42:57
Mm hmm. Alright, so last one, throwing it back. And also throwing it forward. Are we excited for coming to America?

Steve 43:09
I’m cautiously hopeful. I saw the Rudy Ray Moore movie that Eddie Murphy did on Netflix. I thought that was really good. You know, but yeah, coming to I mean, it’s been so long. And that’s such a good movie. I’m cautiously hopeful that he doesn’t fuck up his own movie.

Calvin Tilokee 43:30
Yeah, yeah.

Steve 43:31
I don’t think he would fuck up his own movie. But again, cautiously hopeful

Calvin Tilokee 43:36
hope. Yeah. I mean, it’s it’s such a classic. Yeah, it’s such a classic, you know, that. I’m with you on that. That’s this pretty much. I feel like it’s such a classic. It needs no improvement. Hmm. You know?

Mikko Miller 43:51
Yeah. And I don’t want people thinking that is the representation of how the original was. And it that would that would just be a damn shame because the original one my wife just watched it for the first time, I think a week ago. Wow.

Calvin Tilokee 44:06
Oh, wow.

Mikko Miller 44:07
Yeah, she was rolling. You know? And she was like, How come? I never saw this before? It’s a classic. Like, I know, it’s a fucking classic. Like more people need to see it. Like, this is like funny, Eddie Murphy. You know, this is like, funny shit. And something new that’s gonna come along, might just ruin that. You know what I mean?

Calvin Tilokee 44:25
I agree. And that’s what I’m afraid of, too. And I always said over the years that coming to America, you could just release that movie now. Like, if that movie was new, it would still be hilarious. Yep. You know. So it like it holds up so well. You think

Steve 44:41
they could even release that today? I mean, with all jokes and stuff that they haven’t like, but the Royal penis is clean your highness coming out of like the first five minutes. I mean, it was a hell of a scene. You made me long for a long path like that. instantly. I mean, yeah, I

Calvin Tilokee 45:01
don’t know. I mean, yeah, I mean, you do bring up a good point coming to America, maybe I would have to watch it again. But I’m a show we always talk about that you couldn’t possibly make again was in living color.

Steve 45:15
Oh, yeah. No, no way.

Calvin Tilokee 45:17
Living Color was way. Like, there was no such thing as PC in those days and it just wouldn’t survive. Like that. That’s one of those which is just timely, you know, but I don’t know. That’s a good point. I’d have to rewatch it and see if there’s anything like that. I mean, I think so. Off the top of my head. I think you could, but you never know these days. People want to get offended by everything. But most people ain’t listening to this podcast because they would have been done.

Steve 45:46
On the thing though, Eddie Murphy, the guys I mean, he’s a comedic legend. Right. And he doesn’t need the money. So if he’s releasing something, and plus, like, coming to America, that’s one of the cornerstones of Eddie Murphy right there. You’ve got 48 hours you’ve got you know, a couple of other, you know, classic movies. The guy wouldn’t fuck with one of his classics if you didn’t need to. So I’m, again cautiously optimistic that it’s a good story and that he doesn’t fuck this up.

Calvin Tilokee 46:13
Yeah, yeah, true. Well, I agree. We are hopeful for that. And hopeful for other better things in 2021. But now it’s time for us to get pissy again. Because it’s time for

Mikko Miller 46:36
it’s not so much what like younger people are doing now. Mine is more of a fucking it’s tall people that can’t play ball or any sports just irritates the shit out of me. You know like I know she’ll Jordan that’s exactly what I had written down. Montel I think an r&b and shit play pass your six nine

Calvin Tilokee 47:02
fucking can go on that’s one thing you knew about montell Jordan back in the days like you even where he could seem like okay, this dude can’t Who? people just like you had to you got to play at some level man.

Steve 47:18
People thought the music he made was good. You know?

Mikko Miller 47:32
Use exactly who I’d written. He was like the prime example of the person I wrote down. I put Montel Jordan singing this shit and not athletic at all. She just rubs me the wrong way. That’s what I put.

Remember real quick, we’re gonna sorry, Steve. Calvin, I know you remember college? The guy that wore Jordan shirt, socks shoes shorts headband wristband and he couldn’t hoop you know?

Calvin Tilokee 48:02
Yeah. That sounds very familiar.

Mikko Miller 48:06
He was like six five, fresh cut and Jordan had banned Jordan shirt Jordan wristbands, Jordan shorts, Jordan shoes and Ken ball for shit. That’s annoying as fuck. Yeah. Yo, Walker.

Calvin Tilokee 48:22
I’m gonna piggyback over that real real quick. Because you’re getting a lot of anecdotes in this episode. But remember, there was a guy he used to work at the gym, in college so he was I get like office manager or whatever. Like he don’t see make sure everything was good at in the weight room. He’d walked through the gym every now and then. And remember a time my brother came to visit on campus and we were playing ball? And for those who don’t I mean my brother’s huge My brother is like six five now you know? Yeah. But he was always big for his age. So he was when I was in college. He was still in high school but he was playing what else cuz he was like six to eight at that point. Anyway, so we’re playing and this dude who always he just like he he’s like a janitor almost he walked around swinging his keys and shit like that. Nobody’s ever seen this guy pick up a basketball. We needed an extra so he comes in like yeah, I play y’all even know I could play blah blah blah. So he comes out and just straight asks trash straight Trek, but he didn’t stop talking the whole fucking game. So and he was on opposite team from us and we lightened him up and he’s he made like one shot and he goes see Yeah, I don’t even know I could play ball was like hey, we still don’t know. Talking about

Mikko Miller 49:40
remember that guy that got hot garbage.

Calvin Tilokee 49:47
Oh, man. What do you guys see?

Steve 49:51
My get off my lawn is the same one I had last week these fucking Christmas cookies. And now man my wife.

Calvin Tilokee 49:59
Oh, We say lasagna

Steve 50:01
lasagna. Yeah. The woman left me alone with this fucking lasagna and this like big thing of meat sauce this Boland A’s that she made. I should you know, I didn’t even heat it up. I eat it fucking cold and then I was drinking the meat sauce.

Calvin Tilokee 50:15

Steve 50:15
I was like I put on I’ve usually put on 10 or 15 pounds this fucking holiday and I’m pissed

Calvin Tilokee 50:20
at some Homer Simpson shit right there is some Homer Simpson.

Steve 50:23
I fuckin texted her. I said you did this to me. You know?

Calvin Tilokee 50:29
It turned to this very minute

Steve 50:32
picture of like, a court size plastic container. And that’s filled like three quarters of the way. Bolin is I am drinking that. That is cold. I’m eating the COLD FUCKING lasagna. And I’m just I’m happy as a clam.

Calvin Tilokee 50:46
Okay, you said she left you alone so I do gotta know where was your daughter during this

Steve 50:52
crime in order for dead she was with her she was with my wife. I Oh, no. They were staying at my in laws. I was alone for the night. And yeah, that’s what I fuckin did. I think I watch tennis. And I eat like a fucking pig. So yeah, that might get off my lawn because myself

Calvin Tilokee 51:25
let’s see that’s the first you get the first self get off my lawn in the last episode of the year. You know we gonna leave leave that in 2020 you know get another first cuz I actually don’t have one this week. Oh, this week. I’m saving mine up for that. This week’s jerk I won’t even say I don’t like is just he’s definitely a jerk for this is Dwayne Haskins.

Mikko Miller 51:59

Calvin Tilokee 52:01
Yeah, those of you don’t know, Dwayne, Haskins currently is the former NFL quarterback for the Washington football team, because he just got released today by one of I can even say one of the worst teams in the league that should decent this year. But it’s a team that could certainly use a quarterback. He was a first round draft pick a couple of years ago. And they just cut his ass today. Because part of the problem is a few weeks ago, he got caught going to a strip club with out wearing a mask during a fucking global pandemic.

Mikko Miller 52:34
Jesus urine. I

Steve 52:35
mean, no one loves you. Because if they did, they’d fucking protect you from yourself. That’s silly.

Calvin Tilokee 52:41
ad is just reach my direct

Unknown Speaker 52:43
line now.

Calvin Tilokee 52:44
It’s like the, you know, aside of the obvious seriousness of this, I mean, you play on a football team, right? So you’ve now put a bunch of other players I think a team has what 5060 players on a roster at any given time. Plus, not to mention coaches, staff, everybody in that building, who has to work and support the family who isn’t making millions of dollars. You put them all at risk, because you want to go to a strip club. And then obviously, the comedy side of me is like, How good is this strip club? Yeah.

Mikko Miller 53:18
willing to risk your life for it?

Calvin Tilokee 53:20
How good are these strippers? In the middle of a fucking pandemic? You just can’t resist. And you go into raw maskless

Steve 53:29
I mean, Damn, that’s bad. Well, yeah. Where was people to protect him from himself? Man,

Calvin Tilokee 53:41
I don’t know. But I’m gonna read you the clip from the New York Post. Because somebody put this out on their Instagram. So it wasn’t him somebody else’s Instagram. And it’s saying in one story a woman is sitting on the Washington quarterbacks lap with both parties holding wads of cash without mask on. Another slide shows five massless women wearing his number seven jersey and sipping mimosas around the table. And then this is my favorite part. The person pointed out that Haskins wore his favorite sweatshirt that night eliminating any deniability.

Stupid Could you be he was like oh, for this? Well, that part of it part. You know, I think he hasn’t been great. And there’s been off the field issues. I think this is just one of them is just the most recent one. Probably the most egregious where they’re like, Alright, you know, dude, enough.

Mikko Miller 54:36
Yeah, so he pulled a Lou Williams, right. I think Lou William from the Clippers did that last last season during the playoffs? Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, he

Calvin Tilokee 54:47
left the bubble to go to a strip club. I mean, how again, how good are these strippers? How good are these strip clubs? Well, you can’t. In the middle of a point there’s a deadly virus going around. You forgot all places you want to be as a strip club. What? Yeah,

Steve 55:07
I mean, wow. If the strip club club compels you that much go to the strip club, but like, why not wear a mask at the strip club?

Calvin Tilokee 55:15
This is what I’m saying. I’m saying.

Mikko Miller 55:19
Yeah, I don’t know.

Steve 55:20
What’s hard up, man. Yeah.

Calvin Tilokee 55:22
Oh by those guys. But I don’t like that jerk.

Steve 55:27
I hear you. That is some silly shit.

Mikko Miller 55:30
Fuck Lou Williams to on that note.

He’s not a thing, but fuck him too.

Calvin Tilokee 55:38
For now it’s time for

Mikko Miller 55:46

Steve 55:48
Hello, everyone. Tonight. Mikko is in a hot seat.

Mikko Miller 55:53
Let’s do it. Let’s do it.

Steve 55:55
All right. I know that you’re into playing cards a little bit. Right?

Mikko Miller 55:59
Yep. Yep. Yep.

Steve 56:00
So this is this is one specifically for you. Back in October 2019. Someone paid $195,000 for a near flawless minted grade. It’s great. Admit nine. One grade under perfect condition. card at an auction. You know $195,000? Which role playing tabletop game? Did this card come from? Did it come from World of Warcraft? Did it come from Dungeons and Dragons? Or did it come from Pokemon?

Mikko Miller 56:44
$195,000 $195,000

Steve 56:44
for one card?

Mikko Miller 56:55
No, I don’t know that ship. But I’m gonna guess I guess. Yeah. World of Warcraft.

Steve 57:04

Mikko Miller 57:06
Is it pokeyman For real? 195,000

Steve 57:09
the carton question is the number one trainer and there were only nine of them ever made. They were awarded two finalists in the secret super battle tournament.

Mikko Miller 57:21
In Hawaii. It was in Japan.

Steve 57:23
Oh Tokyo, Tokyo Japan in 1999. You earned a card by getting into this tournament. And now only it’s like one of nine cards. I have a card 195,000 the second highest Pokemon card ever bought $183,812. And that was a Charizard. Ours our chars are

Mikko Miller 57:51
Yeah, see

Calvin Tilokee 57:53
this you might see my zero 40 Oh virgin, but you started making all that money from selling. So it’s a boy Jake Oh shit. I got give me some fucking toys.

Mikko Miller 58:06
Money new ships. Man laughing now haha, motherfucker.

Steve 58:18
For a card,

Mikko Miller 58:19
a man, there’s this value. Like I said, I got cards that are worth Seven, eight, you know? $900 and it’s like, just a regular old card and it’s this year’s card. It’s not even like an old card. So

Steve 58:33
would you sell those on eBay? Like if you were to sell them? Would you sell them on eBay?

Mikko Miller 58:37
eBay or get them graded and then there’s like auction sites that like bid for them? Okay, yeah, but eBay is probably the biggest marketplace. So you know, you’re not gonna get fair market value off of eBay, obviously. But if you’re looking to make let’s just say you have $1,000 card and you want to make like 700 out of it. It’s possible you could sell it off eBay.

Calvin Tilokee 58:58
You know, okay.

Mikko Miller 59:01
Yeah, okay. And Pokemon cards get with it. Shit.

Calvin Tilokee 59:08
Right. All right. He’s gone for the Chris Rock quote of the week. You got cow meat? What

Mikko Miller 59:16
do you have? What do you have? Alright,

Calvin Tilokee 59:18
I go in my mind goes back to my I don’t like that jerk. Mr. Dwayne Haskins and people of that ilk. Every guy got a friend that’s addicted to the strip club. I know. I know. Those guys can’t function at a normal club. You take them through a normal club to ask one girl to dance and they’re like, no, maybe a little bit later, man. Let’s just go to the titty bar. Man, he’s just stuck up man. I gave him $1 she didn’t do nothing.

Mikko Miller 59:53
This is hilarious. To nothing Mine is like my favorite. I think out of all the Chris Rock joke and I may have said it already, but I don’t think I have. Um, it’s when he talks about Hillary Clinton putting us all in danger. She put the security of the free world in jeopardy, and she needs to suffer the consequences of her actions. She’s the first lady. She’s supposed to be the first one on her knees to suck his dick. That’s right. Monica Lewinsky shouldn’t have even stood a chance. Hillary should have already been down to be like, Hey, I got it. I got it. I got the big ticket to something. pebble ball. avorite line, all his shit. That shit.

Calvin Tilokee 1:00:54
was like the face. He’s like moving his hand.

Mikko Miller 1:01:02
He’s like, waving his finger like spirit fingers.

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:12
It gives up useful

Steve 1:01:16
I take it back. Since my get off my lawn was was around the cookies and lasagna and shit. He’s going off on dumb shit. And he starts off with the we got so much food in America. We’re allergic to food. Yeah, allergic to hungry people aren’t allergic to shit. You think anyone in Rwanda has got fucking lactose intolerance?

Calvin Tilokee 1:01:42

I love it. That’s a classic.

All right, all right. Outro time this is Calvin aka Revparblems ref par travels rep bar growth Revparblems calm and if you want to know how I do all of that, and keep my sanity Revpar Media.

Mikko Miller 1:02:04
And this is Mikko the Filipino catch me on instagram Mikko underscore eats Catch you later.

Steve 1:02:13
Hey, in this a Steve you can hear me every week with Calvin Mikko on the midlife crisis podcast.

Calvin Tilokee 1:02:18
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Happy New Year. Our Packers

let’s go