Sunshine Suites Resort – Grand Cayman

When you approach the Sunshine Grill, you may be surprised by how “regular” it looks. It is a very unassuming place, but like they say, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. The food here is GREAT! They have some of the best tacos I’ve ever had, and they also make a mean Painkiller. 

Mahi Bites - Sunshine Grill - Grand Cayman
Start off with the Mahi bites. Lightly fried pieces of fresh Mahi-Mahi served with sweet chili sauce

The Sunshine Grill is located right next to the pool at the Sunshine Suites timeshare resort in a cute little hut. There is indoor and outdoor seating, with a full bar. No need to worry about your attire here, you can come straight from the beach!

Jerk Pork Tacos - Sunshine Grill - Grand Cayman
Remember those tacos I mentioned? You're looking at the Jerk Pork

We didn’t need a reservation while we were here. We came for lunch a few times throughout the week and never had to wait for a table. However, if you do, grab one of these delicious painkillers while you wait!

Painkiller at Sunshine Grill - Grand Cayman
Truly one of the best Painkillers I've had anywhere in the Virgin Islands

Be sure to save a little space, at the end of your meal you’ll get a complimentary tiny ice cream cone. Enough to count as dessert, not enough to prevent you from having six of them! They serve a different flavor each day. 

Ice cream at Sunshine Grill - Grand Cayman

Sunshine Grill is a great spot to grab lunch or an informal dinner when you are looking for great comfort food. They are widely known for the quality of their tacos and the mahi bites are a personal recommendation. No reservations needed, so just run over whenever you are hungry!